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Fired Up Roundtable-2 Bills Signature Wins

Nov 2, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Wrote this morning go win one of these two games you've been told us since mini camp since the draft. That now's the time we're done. This is the third year we're -- lose and we can't we got us we got to get over the hump we got to turn this and we got a challenge for the playoffs were a better team Bubba -- Abbas. -- We can forget about the first seven games if you go win one of these two games in Houston or New England get a signature win. Which. You know were worsened her -- are wearing while trying to figure out when the last signature ring on the road was. Will won't go around the running -- I'm -- and I did not -- take a minute. A couple things first congratulations to Christian from Irving he won the fifty dollar -- possibilities gift card. The opponent the last time the bills had a 100 yard receiver was San Diego. You guys know it I was like that is Jones he has going on I didn't know it happened twice last year. Second time Stevie Johnson over a hundred San Diego is not happen this year bills one of three teams this year. Yet to have one. The Christian ones that end the round table brought to you by wide goals quality old world family recipes and 1880. By blue cross blue shield of Western New York the official helped plan the bills reminding new healthy changes everything. And by twin village recycling. The area's biggest buyer of iron scrap metal and more. What do you tell me TJ Graham doesn't have one. The pre season doesn't count may -- Minnesota -- the other big catch. You trade up for a guy and he. Doesn't have a hundred yard day -- -- -- stretching the field with Stevie could money not now. I'm being maybe it's a big he's regarded diplomat. The agency's project so in that particular case. A game and I hope they throw the ball deep to him a lawyer Moya Moya one case I -- -- -- third year that's great about the project because course. You know buddy would never fired -- it's the third year we wanted to -- the other guys did the old days which is flip it over every three years which by the way that they do and other cities. We have a -- year like this you don't wait three years. Aren't people I think if they don't if they go fireball here like they don't get in the race and and they end up with six wins again. I don't want putting it anywhere near draft and quarterback now watching -- coach him. But I don't know that I'll get that but I think that's what's called for you you would have you you put your team on the field. How are -- wants to break on the semantics of what the goals were this year. The theme of the summer isn't just us paraphrasing that it's time to win. Without time to win what an ominous overtime to win seven games time to win. Mario Williams Mark Anderson big investment Stevie Johnson why. Fitzpatrick to varying degrees investment Kyle Williams probably report that. Fred Jackson this year like let's -- I think it's because of what the conference looks like if they -- on ten and six this year. And not made the playoffs because there were other teams that Orton Pittsburgh Baltimore Cincinnati -- the jets all those teams are just better more advanced that's one thing we do not have that. This year eight they could do it. But here's the decision whether you like it or not yours your decision either buddy next to Doug Whaley channeling. Because of a fire buddy next where is next guy. That's plain and simple what's going to happen. They're not going to go get anybody. That's that's the way it's going to be Doug Whaley was brought here to be the next GM and he will be the next. So that most of the choices. And I'm not so sure that wasn't the real choice for GM. Until. Well society needs someone calls major whatever someone is that he knew I think -- that may be -- brand I don't know this but. I don't think the buddy -- is a -- Joyce. And it -- it was somebody I think Whaley was the guy that was I was called for young upcoming Iowa with buddy what is really need. To do sit at the feet a bloody mix for three years to figure out how to find players this league really. He sent their Pittsburgh along an opposite young man's league. -- like in baseball with 32 year old -- management team but we'll have a sit and learn from buddy nix what did you learn by the way. That never give up on Shawne Merriman. I got -- you guys got me fired up but I don't. Think it was us. I don't bigger is not eerie to see if it's just say you're invited I don't really think I'm my own needs stimulate -- -- All right we brought it up. And this is the conversation we would have had before the niner game. And other games through the years winning here in Houston ten and a half point underdog. Would beat the -- best road win since when. Affiliate my parameters I needed to matter. A game they want in Cincinnati that always comes up doesn't count for me because they were four -- ten or something going into that game 2005 maybe. I need it's a matter and I have to go way way back. I think you definitely got to go back to one. I don't think we have Warren is is there one in the late nineties I mean I'm thinking like Kelly at quarterback the team. But -- taught that there -- -- forgetting one that it would be my standard you know if the officials are now called pass interference. In the end zone. For New England. Decade in my cabinet which is opposite. I might wanna go back to you that -- was 98 early on I 98 polite political legacy all of that was an opponent. A playoff team I think with that every year after. But come with one of these -- -- Ahmad. It's the only original games where they would qualify signature win if they either be used to doing well weeks IE I want to think so because Houston is the top team in the conference they've. Heard some status at this point. One reason why dole I think this will be a competitive game is that I guess I don't put Houston up there and the patriots. I think it would be it would mean to court here I think there're good team and it has the potential. To turn your season. There's like. If you know forever report you know fans are on the ropes about what this team is like -- how good players feel they've gotten slaughtered when they played good teams. If they waiting. Room with a good team. Army world passes but I mean threw punches with a good team and came out with a win. And be that kind of thing that spins them ended in wood nine it and when he. So I think that we look back at it if if the story went that way they when when these two games I think that I would call. You you make up for the Tennessee loss here yeah. And either one I mean you have to go way back it's going to be a wind during the season that propels you wouldn't legitimizes you against the great team. I can't remember the last when they've had against a division winner there really mattered that that Cincinnati game on Christmas that team was fall apart. The bills had lost six road games -- I don't count that game. So to me it's either. I love the Baltimore game Flutie won in 99 which happens legalized here they were five point over 500 on the road people want to run a mile. As a team that was great the next year that he's being questioned -- that went to Washington and they weren't good so maybe there but really if you if you really want I mean you know -- last. Signature road. Win it was the 1993. AFC title game Miami going on twenty years that. Which also I think their last road playoff. Yes it is January -- -- three. Left and what you wrote this more than the longtime right. That's unbelievable. But true I I happen to agree with it there they wanna game in New Orleans the end of the -- two seasons I think of all time for this. Kelly after the game did nothing who thought we would win here he was defiant you know we love those things right just. Resilient always the word for them. I don't. I don't give them all the big games. You know it's a long time ago I'm sorry but late ninety's they won in Baltimore they want in Washington they once NC they want in Saint Louis none of those teams was very good. So for me it's. I'm with -- the playoffs count I'd pick the same day because it would. Three years ago the -- jets team on the road that went the FC title game. And they gave up 300. Yards rushing met and it took six titles as they Mr. President didn't that you are and the jets were seven and seven through fourteen games that your two point booty or mark doesn't the bills are good guys but I watch the Cincinnati -- that means so that'll. That it might have propelled. Perry fuel into the coach's seat for weaker but since we're playing this note. Some -- it's determined in retrospect. If that if the season still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that was when we knew they were good. We don't know them in good in a while silly it's hard to meet the criteria that we -- Someone unambiguously established over the course of the conversation but it ends. If surrounding the last block bills -- when it meant something to that you want to talk about you know twenty years ago. All these games he's broke when they. Make -- -- and get the -- This -- Diego game that won for the conscious what are. What was that who remembers it what distinguishes it from ten or twenty or fifty others you know it's equally artist's signature. Road loss I did the work and road losses of the millennium -- Whatever and the the first ten years it was hard to Whittle it down to ten. There was a 48 to ten -- did the heat from the Dallas game where they. Let's -- complete report past that. Various 48 at ten losses to the charges almost embarrassment that the -- Lee and I mean -- 35 in Kansas City. And acknowledged that plan that -- that they -- as everybody yards at halftime about all time games like halves of defense which this year San Francisco eclectic. -- -- -- And so that that was and now the finalists. Have to think about his Arizona's New England if you wanna say the bills and no chance in the next two weeks. Well just always remember that game Arizona's New England because I gave Arizona absolutely no chance in that -- either so. It can happen in my predicting -- I with bulldogs absolutely not. But I'm not also I'm not dismissing it that it can't happen because account. Yeah look I I recognize that this is that to me like I like to talk myself into his good -- -- like -- despite how sound sometimes. Over here in the side of the room. And before the New England game I was doing that has ever since -- in the -- we NFL team go. I'm totally beaten but I either get on the field a good team and they are just -- -- -- I'll make a prediction I'll make a prediction there is no way bulldogs for this this year the bills are sweeping the dolphins. There's no way they're beating that team toys Miami. I think is just good. The fact they have a rookie quarterback I guess if you're just really old school you care a lot about that I don't care that much about it he's incredible. But he's good enough they have a good team what they did -- the jets last week. Compared to what we've seen the bills how we seen the bills play against the jets I think really should say a lot so. They swept the bills last year to you know we went to this season counting Miami is one of the -- teams on their schedule the bills have two games with them. I would be surprised if the bills won I'd be shocked if they won both the I give them credit for winning one. Miami now given the fewest points per game in the conference I think the bills and also if you want to predict a sweep up that go -- and right now. If we're looking at the defense they don't doesn't matter whether -- practice does not stop Reggie Bush. So there -- not stop the running game. And bush was you know for awhile there at the top of the conference as far as atop the NFL as far as rushing so it. Probably when he about it with the quarterback is once they get this run deep mystery.

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