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Fired UP Round Table-1 Bills Opionions Aplenty

Nov 2, 2012|

Sully and Paul Hamilton w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Leave bills roundtable the octagon we -- because tables around doesn't really work either. Paul Hamilton and Jerry Solomon joining us to get that powdery stuff on their hands. LT need for a hopefully yeah Russ you and boxing Greece. And kind of and oily greasy hands that pissed me. Yes. Consult the -- do in the pregame press conference talk voice. Over in. Britain where a medical. Iowa you pray daily that bad go -- -- attitude. That is Rambo and -- The -- gates. We'll get a little closer that would please you can't have had votes -- educated -- -- -- the basketball talk about putting and it sounds like he wants to draft a quarterback should he get the chance to. Might be a question we can get to hear. Thank you talked to -- -- said. Go to the Cam Newton drafted if there was a franchise gathered taken he told fits that so it's not a big shock. He's gonna do it sooner or later he feels the surgeon adds Rodriguez it's taken this long you've got to do it at some point that does raise the question of should they've taken a shot. On some Paul Miller cap -- -- and tried to hit the -- license so many of their second third round -- the word out anyway at ball. Itself. What what about the fact that he said. Mean when they decided Fitzpatrick was their guy that he's our he's our guy he's the guy that can take us to the promised land he is our franchise quarterback. Really I didn't think that then -- You know you got -- head coach who thought Trent Edwards was the answer now luckily after two games you figured out he wasn't. So then he decided Brian Fitzpatrick is the answer in that hasn't worked out a long ways Bryant Vince young and and -- and whatever so I mean do we trust these guys to be able to find that quarterback. Vote to trust some of the the other defense. Because I I think that I don't I'm not accusing him of that because but you'll answer questions about in some ways missile that's thought exist. A diversion from the fact that he's put together maybe -- defense and it L history. It historically bad defense is the story this team right now but. I -- -- it that cornerbacks is an issue. He's ultimately well sure but I I would I would maintain it and I'm glad you put that way if Fitzpatrick will have in the years having their defense was in the middle of the pack we'd be fine. I mean you you still want a better guy you actually at quarterback and it might not change what he said today on the radio but. They're there. They're probably not beating new -- Sampras is going anyway by you know maybe you're in the game with the jets. You're certainly beaten Tennessee your defense is respect. You may well let's revisit New England. Now this wasn't Fitzpatrick fault but if you're up from the ball the one yard line -- possibility. And the middle of third quarters 128 to seven now if -- scores -- that changes the whole complexion of the game but still you get the ball just right to. Starting -- just right yet to start the third quarter. And you go down -- and get that drive and -- a 287 other patrons can pull that come back then I mean my money is will never know put my money is probably gonna. They stopped him and then got the ball back and scored the touchdown and and they couldn't stop them after that. Well. Using yesterday's show for this to. Right now with them at three and four in a mediocre conference and still winnable enough looking games down the road. Is is that how we ought to be thinking and talking about. How to get this team to the nine in seven record date. Looks like it may be good enough maybe even a lesser record is good enough or Jerry is that. That there is there score on the eye test -- -- that -- you'd rather be talking about thinking about the draft already. While married at the draft but they are felony unitas and Uga defense it's this bad I think if anything people just can't accept or even. Reconcile I'll add this defense is and how embarrassing it is league wide they're they're not a team you can do anything in the in the playoffs I don't think they'll get there. Even though eight -- get their suck apart you think it's going to be magnate John Clayton raised seven denying that there I don't care what their record is right now. And -- I -- they might go play well or so due to play well a very ordinary. NFL. That it wouldn't surprise if they played well down there but there that is there a bad football team at the like Italian and there are a lot of bad there are many good ones. In -- you know what else going -- this -- there's a lot of struggling quarterbacks. Or -- play is is not good right now look around the league and -- can talk. You know numbers on me so much that there are a lot of teams that aren't happy with their quarterbacks including Cam Newton. How happy ending with with rivers and San Diego it. There aren't many great ones out there right now and that's why it's -- discouraging met in a year a year where outfits could certainly get in the playoffs. That they've got this defense. But the thing is did they draft talent but they drafted a bunch of football -- I mean because all -- hear about in the seventh game of the season. This guy -- he's not filling that gap he went in the wrong place. Now we've gone through six weeks of training camp and seven gains and a quiet week and we still got guys going to the wrong place. They can't. Recognized on the field where they're supposed to be he got Nick Barnett who should be in the middle but the camp put him there. Because you can't put anybody else outside that nobody else to put up their CO -- -- -- is there another one who is now where he's supposed to be wedding supposed to be there. Mean you can -- does have some physical abilities he doesn't get to the sideline as quick maybe one -- What is doing and why it's dark it's not. Stopping the run like what he supported in college maybe it's a little bit easier but why it's dark it's not in the right place why Shepard not in the right place. Why -- these players not in the right place not in their gaps. To stop. They're right that's exactly right look at Johnson -- But Johnson Roger have been stopped the line of scrimmage but Barnett went inside. And and you can have driven a truck through that hole and you got a guy that has -- -- not to them but -- nets were exposed to me now. Tackling has been a problem too but at least he has a chance to make the tackle on the play entered into no gain -- I'm just wondering. Do these guys just to our football intelligence. Or all or is this scheme to whom. GAAP unaudited I don't know it was probably about feeling again. That's. I don't ask me. -- -- about gaps as military academy with -- for ten years then because we've seen. Europe the Euro at least until -- with just horrible run defense is always better than the players I heard this from possible has been the guy wasn't good enough. Quick enough and he wasn't quick enough to get. To the gap and had proper -- -- -- 330. Yards the jets they're not good enough that another coaching isn't enough either but I gets tired of here -- about. Gaps that they -- Because there aren't getting stuff that's -- football players. Don't don't you think wait till the finish here this defense is suddenly good really actually agree it is not getting through -- is that they seem. I'm committed suicide that's how you want to call it blogs that and I wish they'd brought up right they're just you know and and his -- I don't think they preparation marketplace you wanna talk about draft I don't think again I don't joggers that brought in my column and hired -- next. Well didn't know anybody else and again when things are so obvious get tired of talking about it. They ordered out of the background did to make the run the team. I'm gonna use them and have a general manager football now but he surprised. That it would be like this. And that that guy would be the one to pay a hundred million dollars to Mario Williams. Mario Williams let's talk about him this would be a week where we wanna do that even if the opposite were true of his season you're. A candidate for defense of player of the year witches. Not where we are and I'm pretty sure. Who they -- in this room. -- in this room gives it a good chance -- much of a chance this season for him of being salvageable. That he turns it around with this wrist thing. A new attitude whatever it might take. Who was optimistic about him going forward this year. Although optimistic the word I think it's a possibility. And you know I have a question for you guys they came in with that. You target -- I get tired of the blanket statement. Well I don't care about injuries -- common whatever you know injuries -- an excuse. Not a midair timeout marlins' lone wolf find out we don't know you know we'll find out in the next three or four weeks if it was his wrist that was hampering his play. Because he says it's better so I expect better play if we don't get it then likely wasn't his wrist. But. Why in sports Tenet never ever ever. Be an injury. The Buffalo Sabres last year wasn't their only problem had to play 45 games with nine guys from Rochester Americans and we're gonna fire Lindy -- when we lose them -- Really. The Los Angeles Kings have to play. Point five games with nine guys remember only team in the next month and half with six guys they're not winning the Stanley Cup I guarantee it. Then so why why is it never ever. I -- and I would say it's never ever -- last year it holds water with the sabres are on the portable Mario Williams ball. The thing that I've been wondering about an open minded to the idea. That the wrist has been bothering him. I just don't think the team is respected and all and that's why I'm wondering about. Daley's response -- to continuously I would think it dearly bought this guy's wrist is really bothering him he put -- billboard. So that he could defend the hundred million dollar man which waning era and take them off the field first and Margaret you're he would defend it it was the first one -- -- OK but Mario did not he's minimized it. As as being just a bump and bruise and like I think everybody's injured and all that kind of stuff. And I mean all possible you guys enter you among big league guys roll their eyes at him so. I don't have a lot of respect for the injury is why he's -- that bad I think -- so all I don't think it's a blanket but I think in this case. When my sense is that the players don't respected that the coach doesn't respect. In the. It has to disagree that no matter where what are -- what team what player it's always I don't wanna hear the -- injuries skews suck it up and play. Now the other side of that coin is of Mario was injured so badly why did we wait till the bye week why did you just miss a game. Why did you go have this done after week to miss a game and and and that instead of you know have ever in the first seven games go this way. You cover the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills. 22 teams that chronically under achieve that keep inferior people in place running the organizations that always seem to get her cell I know at some point. It's hard but I have always often. Gone the other way I don't like questioning. Injuries and sports over my career -- field to dangerous thing people killed -- in the -- before big game and I I got the low. But in this case. It's got one thing with always on and report -- I don't care what the lying head coach for me I just want to vomit listen to Kubiak of the dateline. -- -- I don't I I don't recall being injured over the years go back and look at -- and reports I did it you can do that now you go on the the web. He had seventeen different parts of the body aired over the years down there. At some of the -- that last year had a tackled him at all but legitimate but he always hurt. And players are rolling their eyes and he's one guy or ideas don't wanna get a pass because this injury but he I'll apologize legal threats the way and it's great. Back at Mike's question I don't expect. In the these guys were just hope for good goal of the season that good Mario Williams would make them. Close to lead defense and yet and even medical student. I don't know if the injury is that it. -- to find out him but at least. Is it possible goals what I'm saying and why is it -- I'll still stick to it just seem you know I talked to fans like you guys do more than I do. From it just it's it's always the blanket -- don't give me the injuries suck it up imply let's fire the coaches anywhere let's do this anywhere. You know and it's just why can never just be the injury. I went there in sport. In the case of Mario Williams I've wanted to see more hostile and I just think if this injuries -- works in sports too if this injury. Were problematic you have been taken out of one of these earlier games. And there was no reason why the coach would've wanted to. Forcing him to stay in the lineup to have him practice all the time all the things that happen that's a lot of why I think it's dubious. Paul Hamilton and Jerry Sullivan joining us here Mike Hsu open the Bulldog. Going up until six Buffalo Bills Friday roundtable. We do wanna interrupt our conversation quickly -- to tell you. That they have canceled the marathon reportedly. Despite all the talk the last couple days about how it will go on controversially. The New York City Marathon reportedly is being canceled and we'll give you more information on that as we go. So Jerry you're saying. You're up all this stuff about how bad they are you still think it's a game here. I've gone a lot of games Paulus to -- week. All thought they get blown out you know we pick him in the paper everybody picks doing -- -- -- -- minutes a game it's the NFL. Are -- any team is that good anymore or that bad. And we've seen it many times and Houston. They're very good team. Cushing is out that the best linebackers no longer playing so that that's gotta hurt them and maybe it's that I have a narrow. Field of knowledge here I saw the the Packers wouldn't score 42 points and I would you heard your comment the bills' offense is pretty good -- should be get a decent up at the line two very good running backs. It -- has been you know at his best gets the ball to people I'd like to think. Because I like good gains that they go down there and what I'm going to hang of this team and sometimes just rethink your team is great they think and it proved that they're not -- -- who shop. In this disease is he's so great is it that much better than fits in back the point of how many ordinary quarterbacks earnestly. And with their second receiver I am not saying that a win -- it's going to be a one point game I just have to believe that. I think they're ready to deploy a pretty good game down there. The bills were last in Houston in 2006. That was a one point game by the way at the -- won and by the way just -- it's kind of under remember Houston's number two receiver that day was Eric Moulds. Unforgettable fact we'll continue here until six on the roundtable we wanna take a Mormon here to give you a chance to win. A gift card from keybank -- a key possibilities gift card. You're on the roundtable. Keybank unlock your possibilities. With focus on stats here's one. 100 yard receivers. Who did the bills play when the bills last had a 100 yard receiver. Receiver getting a hundred yards in a game no don't say it who'd they play -- in that game. First correct answer at 7166449878. Wins this key possibilities gift card. Worth fifty dollars from keybank -- the bills play. When the bills last had a 100 yard receiver in the game. Regular season game. -- -- -- -- Did it happen in the pre season I don't know and I don't care Andre -- -- the regular season. Now playoff game right that's totally cleared up now I think.

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