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11/5 Jerry Sullivan incredulous over Bills not giving ball to Spiller

Nov 5, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So -- You gotta be kidding me Sally with -- what's going on now with the coaching staff. Really I'm c'mon -- could I don't watch all the film either. But I can recall about mr. Lester a lot of teams load up the box and that's the way to beat this team wrote about that talked about -- on indices and that's what they're gonna do. They're gonna talent that can be viewed on the field but this is no these guys. Talk about their sixteen hour days and make without the mean nuclear physics to seven the boxer the -- that we were talking. And they got to be so complicated. And at some point just out there or do what we're gonna run the ball meant to say that's what he was thinking I'm not running to look at minus one. I've got a guy averaging seven point three yards -- carry but I'm afraid to run a good Fred Jackson 33 guys take to get a bounce some time but I wanna run. -- -- gonna play right into your trap an animal to tell people I did I was shocked. -- That might note that come October surprise out of no where mr. waiting to supposed to play the built you can't tell me that the first time that he CNET thank god. Now I I'm. And think of more frustrated now that I was yesterday because it sounds like they didn't prepare for that possibility it. And I also again. You know my change of personnel groupings you got two fullbacks on the roster you've got tight ends and that the guy who's here because he's a blocking tight end at least met you know if you if you're worried about their load up the box and you gonna run for one or no yards or minus one. Well that don't spread everything out and go at the all the time go changer groupings and trying trying to impose your will run the football on them in -- but it'll add on that win some battles. There aren't known wait till London to play it was witnessed any debt which is that note that can make some plays -- -- we can help get. Wind but it if you are gonna ride his arms. You know you're going to be disciplined and most of time. And I imagine they thought some of that you know on the early season last year. Well that's with David Nelson for whites is because people parts and and it hasn't occurred to -- that the league is put on them. And that. And that that stop it over. And that you've got to strengthen your two running -- -- billion neutralizing yourself I mean it is. Thirteen brought home run calls and 44 -- called I think it was really I think people laugh every night and I yeah I know. People on -- legal laughing at this thing. And I think way it did sort of -- and today. Well it would it's. Five point two yards or five point four yards per play for the bills and they had lower yardages in the passing game like it's just to me what's nots is yards for pass for the bills was six point one yards Perot run on. For the for TJ Spiller was six point five so but this idea that like. If you're running it's only going to be 1120. Capacity it's gonna be incomplete incomplete incomplete because -- or first drive of the third quarter or it's going to be a two yard classic what -- TJ Graham had two catches for three yards this is their downfield threat first drive of the third quarter at seven to six here hanging in there you come -- you get the first possession of the third quarter. Incomplete pass incomplete pass incomplete pass nineteen seconds off the clock on the north. That -- -- game. Accuse Sam you moment moment I'm going to ask you go to -- terrible I'm gonna give it back here. And I imagine -- bit apps that look we're gonna predicted -- load the box and -- keep Rollins -- after Camby. And that's what -- go to dissented after Camby. You know I admire a lot of -- Ryan Fitzpatrick we had some. Vigorous dissent on the putting yesterday here by the and I understand that it is weakness and that -- -- don't go -- prime suspect that it makes you look. Look worse. And the coaching -- help -- get a cultural continues to act the other morning get behind that. And affirmed their belief in him the worse it gets them because it sent to the coaching like I believe this guy can do it. And I got my little bouquet of its seven in the box I'd throw that we've done that he has not Brian Rogers is somebody. And it's just not good enough. You know that little book also says kick a field goal on fourth and one or whatever and yeah his answers to those questions were very. You know risk aversion to be afraid if if you have to get points the aptly points every time we do I'll watch the Steelers go four on fourth and two in the second court yesterday. -- I don't the Steelers also they'll try to fake field call it it didn't work. They law they gave the ball over on on downs and that's the wonderful watched them while they try to fake field goal they failed they went for two in the second quarter the week before its dislike. This -- it is it's like -- it's it's like there's this chart of what you're supposed to do and there's no. Imagination is even the wrong word there just. There really is no adjustment -- you know innovation and for for a guy that is is given so much credit for running an innovative offense and last year we saw a lot of innovation. That is completely gone and there is nothing left every defense has figured out this team it would seem. And the only reason that they actually do the things successfully is when they hand off to Spiller and Jackson. And yet they won't do that. And Sully I thought funny but -- piggyback off of that did you set a moment ago that teams figured the offense down I thought one of the things I liked about (%expletive) and and one of the things that's frustrating about once that is that wants that doesn't seemingly adjusting game and I thought champ was better at doing that and that's why yesterday the -- not running. The you know. -- taken by surprise and not having an answer by their game plan we asked him about -- 100 the no cracks at the red zone. I mean it's just that you know. It's just frustrating that now the offensive coach is in the same boat as the defense -- coach that they that the kids seemingly just inside again. This is such a contradiction that on one -- is so what -- and that Patrick on the other. It doesn't believe arm goes as close downfield companies that that the others recovered just today if you feel. You know lack of competence and ability to get big -- purity kind of stammer and hesitate elected like you didn't shoot. Don't know what that day because please doesn't believe in and that he talked about the when it wants to go out to be honest I got to watch the film -- how many times we didn't really start to seem a little dot to me. But if that's your idea of throw the ball on the field to keep -- honest about probable on the field to make plays and score points. But that that bespeaks his whole lack of state is that the only this whole mindset about crumbled on the field is just do it wants about keeping. Really. But like. -- for the bid for when they -- well. Houston what these implants soft they don't respect them enough in that situation to a most teams -- that we will give -- the underneath stuff that we know you can't do -- on the field. That he got to look at -- don't know whether it's food on the field and they didn't I don't believe -- receivers stepped in the end zone yesterday. And that would kind of -- like to me and number game and in the years ago where. No but again they called draws on third point old date and distraught and not lose. And never threw the ball in the end zone I was reminded yesterday this is Chan Gailey this invent the offensive coach. I think I a year since I believe that. 8030550. To judge Jerry Sullivan analysts here on Buffalo Bills football Monday at 88550. Q 550 Tony here on WGR with -- go right ahead. Hello Tony. -- will dispute with selling. Even know where you go from here are selling. You know knowing Jeremy and our interview with -- bringing up New England. They gash the bills' run defense they have a quarterback who can make plays and a according to -- all they have to stop the run is put another man in the box and actually have to stop it like that's the thing I chart I was you know kind of ask them like. It seems like teams don't actually have to stop you from running the football these have to look like they're going to -- the look that -- for daily to say. We would had you know one yard one yard negative one yard. Why would you think that that hasn't happened all year. Indicate where your cut in the actual leaving time possession I think after forty minutes against the team that -- and then the evidence opinion. You know another 35 minutes producing and because they. They wouldn't stick they're plan which talked over the line and during the week about that about making a physical statement and I think they feel they opened -- -- -- -- antenna. Hanging around there they are afraid they might actually say what they believe so -- that the coaches lack of faith in the running game what would probably -- wild. So that's I can say it's only that's another infuriating thing about why not run the ball yesterday you got. -- -- big strong physical guard nasty guy you've got forty Glenn you've got to linemen yesterday. Run the ball. And Soledad your glances -- A person -- and shut up so I can talk radio here about me. Anybody even here now so that was just I was saying they got they got Herbert and linebacker there was -- -- day. To fight against the team that was loading up the box it was the day you got to your linemen back. Right it's that it's like and other they're gonna just. Pretend that it's all about getting rid of the ball quick and make the most three yards throat and ami pro team in trouble and aren't. I mean Brady does that with with play makers and it and looks great put this -- it's just again like they they overestimate what they have the weapons that they have in the one that they do. Mean CJ Spiller has bloggers the highest average per carry since 1960. Of a player at this point in the season. That that's half a century and carried six times. And Jerry he averages are right keep reference in the stat because it's important heading into the -- he was averaging four point seven yards per carry after contact. So okay bring them and the box won't put his average dropped from seven point six in one game yet to settle for I don't know four point two which should be fine. I like how about second and sixth and then use the short passing game it's just. It date the it's her it's ridiculous to think that -- that aspect. And overall you can like not commit to the running game and it'll be -- -- getting better between attack development and he's getting better picked up blitzes. Is becoming a better football player and you don't want him to keep. You know finding out how good he can be with seven people in the box again at that whole idea just felt so sick of football speak in this side is that it's so complicated and we get a day like. Yes they were they the million dollar code can stand there and say well. They took -- they took -- not. By the way the the -- rushing average yesterday was. Four point nine yards per carry that includes a meaningless Brad Smith wildcat and the -- is Patrick runs. It with it was their fifth best yards per carry total of any game this season so on a day where he can't run you gonna get one minus 10. They averaged four point nine it was their fifth statistically the fifth best yards per carry in the game. All right throwing items -- in America. Sure that they've played well you know we look at those are all all yards a game -- play that it did not seven on the box and -- That's the way they think they announced that the there's no. That's like about that I don't know up all other cultures that way honestly I'd be little more inventive. Offense and other places you don't think ever. Stacked the box against the we saw the Redskins Tampa -- you think there are against an 87 in the box I don't know have to Martin was just running wild it I wonder about that. We saw out of the Redskins pre season game which you know looking back is so -- now when they had sixteen consecutive pass is not well I didn't give us electronic ball and -- the ball really that's all you have to do is. -- show all something and you won't run the ball ball. If I'm every defense according to the rest of the season I would do that every time. I'd love the bills to run CJ Spiller fewer than seven times against me and gets of formula for a win during the -- -- -- -- -- ballots actually in this game tapered -- there on -- -- it's like a different league. When I mean Belichick and it. So obstacles they are they're expected to do this the wolf that beckon and call will cover everybody and see if it's going to be the tablet and let him run. And you know they'll they'll probably whatsoever in what's depressing is it out together. A great quarterback and -- do this. -- You can make some it's gonna be depressing to think that with a great quarterbacks who have come out. Recently in years came out last year luck and Griffin -- -- -- missed out on that what do they ever gonna get a shot at different record. This year. This year that. Your. Knowledge that the rights NL looks pretty good it's over a guy like that. You know I can't -- their -- and their quarterback and we're late. Their quarterback is so all limited. And it. I know it's you know we don't like Google anybody but this guy what he is so all limited the arm strength the accuracy everything about it it's just. It's it's really bad. And you know that's like the one thing that is led me to give daily the benefit of the doubt whatever it is guy they went to the public to do more than. And it is it's really. Bad even completions. Are off the mark the pass to Donald Jones over the middle keys these receivers have to work extra hard even for good throats. There -- so few that are on target with a guy running to the ball but we stuck with this -- -- Edwards. Edwards even when he was accurate towards the end was inaccurate in the same is -- -- -- even when he's accurate it's inaccurate. We settle for his passes because none of them where they need to be. And it's it's time to maybe start stop making a big deal about the fact it never gets sacked. You're in big demand -- don't care if Beckham. Apparently amendment -- you want on the field and not in a burning on Purdue is not gonna make a big place a league not to throw short passes. And that but they're right at the bodily partly yards per completion but I mean a lot of what's happening there is what he wants them to do -- there was that is just the amplification of that so. But do you not big world probably at least. Yeah you're gonna have to we're cutting into one airline time. Probably backed up five flights as. Part.

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