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11/5 Whiner Line

Nov 5, 2012|

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    cam newton found at 1:41

    you'll be out. In the NFL the New Orleans Saints beat the Carolina Panthers 28 to ten rough night for Cam Newton just ten for 28 their college football. Florida State over Louisville 42 to 31 and the NCAA upholding the suspension of running
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    Carolina Panthers 28 to ten on Thursday night football rough night for Cam Newton goes ten for 28. Within interception college football game as Winston. I goodnight 400 yards and three touchdowns or a state beats
    ball. Reading was below. Below are about below. And about OK below Kyle Orton Colin peppard. Ben Roethlisberger Andrew Luck. Matt Stafford. Cam Newton Joseph Flacco. Andy Dalton Aaron Rodgers to appease. Russell Wilson Peyton Manning Eli Manning these are all guys who throw the ball deep. Less than Kyle or less than adults like percentage of passes the go over twenty yards. Per pass. Those are the guys there like those are lots of good names there. I Peyton Manning throws the ball three yards every past teams and the bills actually showed you it's anyone in that. He's a retirement it's better guys they're a little higher Tony Romo Tom Brady Philip Rivers Brian Hoyer and you're Brian Hoyer. Matt Ryan it's about 20% of the time. At present is that the guys that throw
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    Panthers when he did that on Thursday night football rough night for Cam Newton egos just ten for 28 with the interception. College football Florida State comes back to beat global 42 to 31. James Wentz
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    your on WGR. Yes I am. I'm ready CPI all in and Kyle Orton . The problem that I hear it is. My hesitation is what you see when you. Google his name. And I find it
    a compromising position either. Might the first thing I it is that Kyle Orton too along. OK you government drunk at the partisan offseason. I seriously dark beer. Mark every part of its annual battle is

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. Super. This is covering rallies to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 550 this season. You GR well -- underline that -- do you buy the premier group wind may be easy. Remember who we could -- -- paired -- partnered -- do we. Well -- boards although it's -- school would inject -- hole with a local Portland -- war we're fighting out for. -- -- -- -- -- -- In the history. Of yup well well in Washington or that we've -- in coverage and yet if you want to go there. -- is why I don't good. And anyone could probably pay and upload a trick play. Out. So I ever got outdated or Obama you're pretty I guarantee they'll ever built. Pop art -- bet -- from what are our deepest soul called. Kirk. Kirk corporate. Partner. Are not under. A lot out. So what about. Trier and so oracle real -- -- -- he's probably the best efforts that we care. You Stewart passed prop beer for every colonial -- here. New Orleans I hope he's OK to go where you can walk through boom doctor -- despite injury he charitable what is wrong with coaches I got. Output ever hear well it covered for so. Well it repeating it here -- very qualities that no one can be so the. Visited Bosnia. Now -- secession. It just feels I knowing that people are enjoying themselves without us Ozzie nothing crazy all legitimate points -- it's true it's actually reasonable it's hard. He is gone and you move on. Pink Cadillac it would. -- do believe. You know relax CEO Edward boo whoever they are rare enough for a further gain what you what brought Weaver. There are issues with archaic and -- good person wouldn't call weird due later in Baltimore all their own or good. Not a ball and you need to score too can't he be given aid didn't you know he's. No absolutely no urgency to compete or whatnot -- -- all eat but I -- Good people and try to go up forty peace and Gerri although it and we'll move it up again ain't. Old Jewish political -- Walsh. Law I didn't. Actually it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rigged I'm not here to -- blame anywhere but I believe I would point to the head coach in the play caller on the -- -- Does it kind of feels that sounds like the play calling is like now like it was bingo. He -- wire -- doubles as you as it turned the handle and insight RA. Do that now. Apparently none of those woods feels like the media and those little balls it's that run on them were coming all right today. Yes maybe they don't put them like water too in there and the other ones at all to have ice formations -- would -- as a joke during flights. Well actually I enjoy watching football virtually. While watching -- more. Patriots this week that should be the -- they're gonna want her. Yeah every idol tonight you want to root for the Eagles. To beat the saints. Anita -- he seems a draft a quarterback ahead of the bills but. Definitely -- for the Eagles you'd rather have the Eagles picking after the bills than the saints. Yet an -- quarterback that so. Eagles you never know all they fire Andy -- that's right opponents and the Eagles are more likely -- and they just bring in a new guy and he -- -- court may -- so. Go to Philly. That's right it's week. Eight. And we're saying who to root for in the Monday night game we 0390 sorry I was. And tried earlier and earlier -- nine it's the Monday night game between two NFC teams and -- -- roof total to win. The now hockey's comebacks yes very sound Milan on brought to by the -- group one made easy the premier group one of the weakest twisted cabernet. Just 599 for a 750 middle of the bottle only 399 after mail in rebate. The offers were the specials a premier once dot com.

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