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11/5 Whiner Line

Nov 5, 2012|

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    on swing passes too often this year the giants to undermine the Miami Dolphins game. When that happened with a a couple of different times but you gotta slow play to got to make sure you break down you have to watch it develop. Not over pursue and then all of a sudden you're the only one there there's a cut back angle against you that the bills are very very aware of the screen it doesn't mean they're gonna stop it. But I can tell you this they're gonna work out a lot this week they're gonna go through everything they need to go through to be able to stop that they don't that it's on them because they're well aware of it it's not like it's gonna be surprise. I'm introspection we have for Alex Smith's Al Wynn Howard are talking about it earlier. I think I was reading Smith's overall numbers since going to Kansas city's 24 and sixteen is a starter consistently quarterback rating around nine. But when we talk about Alex Smith we always talk about him as a very beatable quarterback a guy that a good defense. Should be able to shut down at a museum and the way before you hop in let me add in his stat line this is this is the epitome of Alex Smith against the bills. Three games. 65%. Completion. For an average of 200 yards a game. With three touchdowns and no picks. 200 yards is not a big number he's you know three TD passes in three games is nothing really great. But he hasn't thrown a pick he completes I percent to patches and yet you walk away you look at those numbers go that's not that great and yet you lose the football and Alex Smith . Yeah he's doing the same thing this year and I mean you look at his numbers now he's just under 64% this
    they're getting good blockers in space they're getting downfield blocking it and Alex Smith to answer your original question Matt. I've yet to have a lot of respect for him in the way he he's very
    field by Kelsey as you word against gronkowski again. Goes back to Alex Smith so I think it's really important when you're defending Travis Kelsey to make you get a hit early if you it has
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    of thing. Paula cured it is that you're a guy rocker Damon Damon Huard was the top passer for Kansas City you know six and I think we always seven accounts it was February I think

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