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11/5 Chan Gailey surprised by Texans defensive game plan for Bills offense

Nov 5, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning Jan thanks very much for your time. All right. Not my first question now she's going to be about the running game. You know CJ only six carries spread only six carries can you talk a little bit about you know why there were so few carries for -- You know I've. That's marriage. Possibility to get them. Many touches as an aid that was when the ball game. You know assuming that. They would play their defense today they -- in the previous seven ball games of the year and they -- when any change to bloated up the box and would not allow us to -- run a foot bomb and we could run the football but it would have been. You know one yard minus 11 yard big -- head against a wall so what we try to do was. Throw the football -- get them out of that they get about a load not the box. And and they never did. But don't -- I mean. Huge I don't know how to phrase is what. You you don't want -- react to what they're doing would you wanna make them react to what you were doing I mean you cute you know you try to run the ball and see if they can stop it I mean they might I understand your point it might be was counterproductive at some point you know they got an extra guy and as every snap and then. And extra guy but every snap could you could each changer personnel grouping dude you know maybe get an occupied interview and you can't change tad bit. What happens is you worked on one game plan in a certain number of plays and assert -- of -- And during the course of that week. And then you get the ball game that got some totally different out there and you don't have all the weapons at your disposal or two ago. That they'll make those adjustments on the fly you try to do that a little bit but. You know him we got behind him it was a it was a throw getting so. It ended up not like you -- it to but you know that's that's way it is and and you go into it and you say. This is a top they've entertained. In the league. You are they gonna change going in the game they can do so and different than they had done against everybody out. He said Yousef now and but they did they change for us so that's as something it. You have to be prepared for and you know got to do a better job or prepare for that -- I can do a better job of I guess what were were trying to -- and it sounds like a waste to stop the run and isn't even. But for the Texans -- and actually have to stop running just had to look like they were able to stop it now they spyware stopped and run a the one time they put them. The base people in there. Fredricka and they've put their regular people in his they've been playing all you all. -- We ripped off Fred rip off a -- yard run. Actually went right back to Britain the big guys in their extra guy in the box and you can count for extra guy in the box. It is. No way to account for. Chan Gailey was here from Ralph Wilson Stadium. Had you not seen that I mean is this the first team that at all I mean if you guys have run the ball very well all season. Have is this the first time a team tried to load up the box against you because I would think that a lot of teams would do that against you know I'm now. I was I would absolutely we kept thinking that it and and nobody had. So it was. It was the first time but even going forward if someone else shows that look does that mean that you won't run on that. No. Kids out of those fronts now with those with that -- now beginning now will have different ways to be able to run it. Now I mean you can't let them. And witness a copycat league ever buys them going to see that and say OK if we put the seven and about they won't run the football. So out of that we ought to have a different plane and -- -- in now. Knowing that people who might do that more more. Yeah that was my concern she and I mean it that you said teams see what works against the certain opponent so would you expect knowing that in the you know a lot of the teams now do the exact same thing and you gotta have -- -- Go against so how can you get the ball to CJ and Fred Moore with that -- being shown to you. Don't win those personnel groupings or have a different way to block those plays that we need to run verses of first group. Can you talk a little bit about. The passing game yesterday okay so you're you know you're not running the ball as much you go to the passing game. Four times -- you guys got inside that 25 yard line Houston's 25 yard line you had red zone possession three inside the twenty. But not a single pass all day to the end zone. Any reason why there were there were no cracks at the end -- Well we had placed set up to try to -- is only just for now. They -- Get him thrown in the end zone because sleepless does so because of protection or whatever this situation -- million. Just weren't able authority in there as effectively as we had been in previous ball games and they've they've played coverage it. Sat back and I got a good pass for election. It had to scramble out of there a couple of times command. When you. We've tried to run it a couple times and 41 yard. So oh. That's what happened. Are you calling the game any differently because -- you know that there's a lack of a consistent -- an accurate downfield passing game. That hamstrung your play calling not at all. How come there aren't many throws downfield but there was one yesterday to Stevie I remember one and I think it was on the sideline to Steve -- -- -- you know how many times Houston -- the ball down the list yesterday I do not off the top two. With the benefit -- time number times. The key is consistency. And completing. And and put the ball in the end zone when you get them. And that's the key to the whole thing is not how many times you -- -- them feel. It's whether or not you completely abolish -- -- -- and then can you run after catch sometimes. And make plays that way. Very few people thought downfield bombs away like old -- Monica. That doesn't happen anymore. The answer is though coach it was the Minnesota pre season game you know you guys hit that big -- the TJ Graham in that game. I remember watching the game that night in and Bentley and tasker were saying that they had talked to you about. You know divert the deep ball and TJ Gramm's role on this team and I believe -- had said -- -- you know you'd like to try that more often I don't know was once a quarter once a half. That you want you know you have to do that every now and then to try and stretch the defense isn't it doesn't seem like that's been the case. It has been the case that it hasn't worked out that. That's what we have looked at -- pitches and evaluate -- fences. With our profits about. What we need to know what we're trying to get done their best way to move the football that's that's not what we look at insane is the best way to get it done. -- wanting Houston did do was hand the ball Terrie Foster 24 times on. In terms of stopping him I know Mario Williams said yeah he thought you did a better job. I don't know you know you're you're talking about their offense vs your offense they had a committed run game it would appear that they they've ran it 24 times so. Is there a better way to stop that if they can stop you from handing to the running back can you do the same to them. Well. You have to put yet committed extra guy out of the box and when you commit an extra guy out of the box down there you can. You can stop that they achieve creative vulnerability on the outside. With your corners -- your safety so. You use have to they will then decide what are you. What are you wanna stop the most and if you commit -- totally to -- you can stop that part of it but then the other part of it becomes a little bit of a liability. So we're seeing is that these teams are 100% committing to stopping the run. And in this what happened yesterday that the your offense and Ryan Fitzpatrick in the office and they weren't able to that's what it was you weren't able to beat something that the Texans let you have. Oh wait we would did the first half and we did the -- Now when you we couldn't get in the end zone but we moved the football and and always give what we had to do the first half and in this site athlete. And if we get fully scored touchdowns. -- dedicate field goals. It's a totally different ballgame but we did. So it's not couple instances when asked about the one at the end of the first half. When you -- I think that statue was sacked and you called your final time -- did you want the timeout right away or or was that kind of a mistake by the officials what happened there. One of -- -- -- -- -- jumped up and signaled timeout occurred. So you had nine seconds left it any thought at that point off you take a sack the clock runs -- could you have no time out. But that you thought about nine seconds left say throw it at you know take a crack begins on its not -- throw -- out the back of the end zone and then try to field goal now. I didn't think about your week you were worried about the clock running out as India. You in the news. He got runs around you catch it in ban on Jews that have as the ball gets tipped and you get an interception. VMware -- conversation about why would you even take a chance why don't you just take the field goal in them that we be having that conversation if that happened. Forth into the Houston for you go for the field goal and you're just at a moment ago you wanna get touchdowns not field goals any thought about gone -- there did you wanna make sure you got point you've got to get points and take points whenever -- -- Unless it. Lightning game less you'd you'd think cute he got no chance if you don't score touchdowns. And and it's you'd like it to be one instead of ten. The aegis you make decisions now as part of the football and the other thing on ask you about and Dan Phelps brought it up on the telecast for a half minutes to go we are out of timeouts in the fourth quarter in the team was -- up was there any. You know thought about going to the hurry up offense there. Oil wait I think we huddled one I think we -- one -- there. Every this that was that the I'm scrimmage and we were -- and try to get them on the line. At that point in. Fitch had a special play -- called that. Mario Williams didn't have a chance that really say much after the game easier -- didn't really have a chance against him watch him -- -- busy with the offense. Did you get a chance to look at the the game tape and if so what they know Mario game. It was a productive prior yesterday in. Made a lot of things happen. It was it was a good day up our defense played played better played more physical. Got to from a lot a lot better yesterday. As a whole lot felt that the yeah I was gonna ask you the middle of the many frustrating aspects yesterday held them under your points average your rush yards average you were better on third down getting them off the field and you know I guess if it's only 21 points before the game what city got a shot to win the ball game but obviously you couldn't get it on offensively how frustrating was that that. New defense did give you a better effort. But it's not frustrate. And for the defense to give -- better effort that was a positive for the defense to give you better. Effort and have better production in the -- men and the bottom line in this business is production. And so we got better production out of our defense against a very good offensive football team and we need to build on -- We need. Take that kind of physical medicine and and play in the next game and build on for the next game and get profits but you know back on track in the rental. Ten there was a report yesterday from ESPN that the the injury to Mario Williams was a torn ligament is that true is that accurate. Not that I know of you know what the procedure once I explosion like they shared that you would know what the procedure yet. Sort of know what I mean they -- those technical terms. I don't have any idea about. They tell me it's major minor and that -- not my nature OK so it was nothing as far as you know is nothing that would have precipitated surgery earlier than the bye week. Not that I know now. On injuries. And you I don't Aaron Williams obviously let's start with them if there's anybody else yeah they're checking him out is chicken is -- out today. So do an MRI today NC glory years. I can't think anybody out right now -- and that was that was there was an issue after the ball game coming you know normal bumps and bruises but Steve east lake will be the biggest issue other than that. He came through the game but it could be the kind of thing can be a problem going forward depends on how you know it got hit that fat. Now and got a bad bruises what happened in the play through it and depends on how much it swells and amateur trying to down -- -- -- part of his leg all all those counts. Things play -- them you know -- this week you have New England this week a second matchup of the patriots the first one featured. 247. Rushing yards it seemed like in the second half they they expose something -- your defense. On when you went back in Washington do you do you think you have a fix for that. Well wait do we hope we do yes we think we do but you know you gotta go do it you can just thank you got -- -- and you got to go actually get it done so. But we think we've got to we think we know what happened in that ball game. Where they're able to adjust to what they were doing in and able to. Do a better job this time. What was it that you that you saw that was the biggest glaring problem Monday was the number one glaring problem and Boggan was missed tackles. And they were able to get the ball outside -- us. A couple times from you know wished they should have been able to get it outside and then. They were. Scheme block and as someone will trap where the where the item was pulled him back up inside. And -- met a lot of yards on that one but the biggest thing was missed tackles. Follow up and Williams questioned Terrence McGee was an active yesterday and I know he's you know had some issues trying to come back from the injury. What's the latest on him getting to get him back -- he had been playing well when he's on the field for a heads. That he's done a great job of trying to get back from that injury you mean that was that was a tough injury come back from them. At patella tendon is. Is -- hard thing -- and get back in and get back fully in this swells up owning so. We're trying to. Let it come down and receive breaking game on the practice field on a consistent basis if you only get a guy on the practice field. Once a week at best only consistent basis it really doesn't bode well for Elmore for the team so. Which ties safely let it come down enough to get him home price for the lone consistent basis and yeah I would love to have him back yet to degrade the left -- Uses week if Williams can't go Sunday what do you do that the other quarterbacks. Well right today Leodis. Would buy that spy. And he played there before and in India Ron Brooks. That we just got back and he played OK in the pre season that. I'm sure he's rusty and you get mister Rogers all three of those guys. Mud and play in January -- us from Ralph Wilson Stadium two and as always thanks -- much of the time good luck against new England and we'll talk to next Monday all right take care.

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