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11/5 Ryan Fitzpatrick hopes to get the ball down field more in the coming weeks

Nov 5, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right it's Howard and Jeremy good morning thanks for coming -- is always. -- so look I'm every loss is deflating in the National Football League but I'm curious is it is it more so. More difficult. When you have a game where the guys -- not get an offensive touchdown or a loss a loss. Found -- a law of the lost that. You know -- in the game like this where. Offensively. -- would get some good things that didn't score any points you know settled her feel more civil. It's really to supporting us and offensive player. And you know our defense that well campus. Gave us opportunities and we were able -- in -- zone -- -- that makes it disappointing for us -- our parts. Brian you know I think a lot of listeners. Are wondering the same thing we talked about it we -- to get your thoughts on it as well the lack the lack of run plays I mean you guys have been so successful. With Fred Jackson or. CJ Spiller and Tashard Choice whoever's -- you run the ball very well this season how come so few rushing attempts yesterday. How a lot of it was just kind of how they played a person we felt like. You know try to take advantage of some of the war on one matchups and get the ball in the air was going to be more effective. And generated stuff because. We were able to -- to move the ball a little bit and doing just weren't able to traditional drives that I think we all know. When we're successful when our offer is going or make sure that Fred TJ you're getting their coaches and everybody knows that sort of try to. Defenses they're gonna try to take those guys who -- in a book that Texans have a good job of. When they try and do that I mean there's there's obviously they're asked to be a counter to that what can you do. How can you counter that you can still try and and run the ball and trying get some yardage in the ground game. There haven't missed -- system impatient with I think. Something more evaluate here for the next game so we need to. Can get better at because. Like I said -- -- you know especially CA in the way he's been -- as we get them enough touches so what you're down. Hopefully get better and actually. You think you guys give up too quickly on the running game. And again and I think it was more how we -- being defended and that we just felt like there. During the ball for the most part was going to be the better way to go so I don't know that it was necessarily. Giving up on it I think killers we thought we'd be successful doing other things and they if it wasn't one of those games where you fall behind. You know we called public and huge early and have to bend in the run game -- the one of those. You know and it ended ended the day I think we've also that at times but I -- -- worked. Ryan with with Greta halftime adjustments and a lot you'll come mentioned those and some players say there are really in a major adjustments was that was that their conversation about. On changing the passing game or or changing the wrong game because after halftime is when the -- Really went away and I'm I'm guessing what you saw in the first half -- the you're gonna try and change things for the second half so. Was there any change to the passing game or was it just an idea to focus more on trying to. Open them up via the pass. Not. The first half of what we did so we -- successful. Again. Having to settle heard the field goals. You know we we were doing fine moving the ball from the point of the twenty then we -- Stalin and so I think going into halftime and felt good about what we're doing. And the need to be more effective. As we got down closer and as we get to the -- and insist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unfortunately -- great now and -- -- some of the momentum that they would have good enough car. Do you when you compare this offense it's your it's your third year running it this year is it. -- other any changes from years one to two to three to make it less vertical it has. I think watching it seems like the number of oracle throws the number of routes that are that are going that way it seems like. But the numbers down which would you say that's an accurate assessment or is it is just things have been played different the way the teams defend you. Yeah I think that the numbers may be down a little bit I think we're. In we've we've focused. You know trying to convert on third down but maybe not permanent many. Down the field we've we've focused on. More of them the ball control I'll stuffed it at the end of the day that this part of -- early as well. Getting the ball to guys and let them catch him. Get the ball out not taking a negative plays not taken back. And so it hasn't been addressed in from the -- two years Brett. Is certainly something you can. Use and manufacture. Some more plays down field and this. It would it loosens everybody up and take some pressure off with haven't. Consulate go to 1012 play drives. Some of them won't be looking to do. -- you know a guy like TJ Graham. That we -- that the speaker we really haven't. You have a lot of opportunity so hopefully in the coming weeks will be able to try to get the vote. Good designed routes for TJ I -- yesterday we sought to catches for four yards it seems like you're trying to. Get him into space trying get him running through the full plot obviously he's of these fast receiver is it -- is it something you guys a few -- focus on trying to get him. Down the field without the ball seeking get to eventually down there. Honolulu we've got. Got -- as a veteran currently have been doing unfortunately he -- isn't just haven't come up where we've been able to. -- -- -- Yeah I mean you know are not changed drastically and you are -- we are we did a couple of what we've done and you know -- yesterday obviously but there's good options. And in terms of limiting the negative qualities in terms. Letting perpetrated. These days. You're paying taxes. And going down field longer -- That's something that ridiculous with -- past and success this year so just a matter of going out being consistent. You know you're always struck on the law -- this. Its currency here and defend what we do. Are often it is proven so. You're below market. Right with regard to like. Game plan verses how aggressive you are no there there have been. Times where you've been called the gunslinger. And yet at times it seems like the passing game is much more of a short hitting passing game -- when you go to a game. Yuen Chan had any conversations about how aggressive you should be or is it just entirely up to use your feel I I guess is wonder is he say like. I don't know take more care of it today watch out for this guy like where is there. As our governor Ernie sort of bomb not limitation placed on human terms of I gonna throw but it. Is there -- week to week any change in how aggressive you individually are are supposed to be. I mean you know -- and -- and I discussed although throughout the week. -- sit down on Friday and Saturday kind of discussed. Whether a particular plays -- thought process on third down there. What kind of going into the green what we think we need to be to be successful us pivotal week to week thing that we certainly discuss. Over the course of the week and really try to hone -- on Saturday before being. And maybe. Gut feeling that yeah yeah there is that it perfectly when he called the plays out there Colombia that. -- -- technically have the best opportunity to disadvantaged person be trapped. And a lot of console designed placed an attack particularly defense and Poodle he'll know -- I'm doing with the ball. I did ask about what it's like in game like I mean how much give and take you guys have in terms of hey you know like yesterday get where we're focusing a lot on the run. I mean are you guys. Going back and forth about should we try to run at you re not trying to run it into what kind of conversations go on in the game itself after you've seen what the defense is is doing to you. Terrible. Usually before. The series begins. All of talking about what. We're thinking about who wanna do the next series -- -- attacking -- ten. About but it definitely more of one side a consolation in the game in terms of getting ready per series you know he's -- different parts. And plays he has -- -- in clintons certainly are a result that. Throughout a game but. That's usually have a complex. We spoke to -- couple hours ago we were asking about the the red zone actually I mean more so the 25 yard line you guys got inside their 254 times but no cracks at the end zone he said. There of the plays were called but Ford ever reason bullets is. Protection issues coverages that Houston threw at you for whatever reason. We just weren't able to get the ball out there -- didn't feel safe trying to throw I assume. -- It's government we've we've played against -- -- you know they're cup -- truly. And he paid like we do and that they did a good job yesterday. That he -- something I can actually gains. I think. Some of the pride that we say as an offensively we've been pretty good in the red -- we've been pretty good when we get down there scoring position. Here seven point permanently and that was the frustrating thing yesterday. To -- -- drive down there and really stall not going to happen and so it was. One small thing here there every drive that is kept us from. Being successful down there but I don't know he could really point to one a -- a lot of them are going to have a lot of recruiters. Have to go to complete with whoever played -- a couple of that your job. Who's the best defense you've faced this season it's in San Francisco but you mentioned Houston you know they really. Took you guys out of what you wanted to try yesterday so who's the best defense you think so far this evening you've gone. I mean if you sit and AirTran is that you just mentioned. Would certainly be at the top of the list. They've built -- you know just look at that. How we spared -- -- -- both those teams in the points that we put up -- certain animal I think you have to say world -- Do you think again gone back to. You know -- -- about Houston loading up the box he said no opponent had done -- shown and done what they did yesterday you guys you expect see them more I mean you would you think. New England it's a copycat league new England and other teams and your schedule now -- Keep the linebackers in there even when you spread it out in and try and load up the box to stop the run and if cell. How do you counter that if if they are gonna copycat. And they they did some different -- I'm absolutely and I would argue we've seen before but it is a copycat league and I think. About being at all every team has their own identity as a defense and sorry I mean it's gonna happen -- -- Characters that to me there's there's stuff that we saw that we've dealt with before and there are -- was so. You know unfortunately. Just last indeed bill well I think we we've got to learn from -- got to get better again. Move forward -- I don't see. I don't either you come here this and I just think we've got to reevaluate where we're at. -- if what we're trying to do. You know -- CJ -- ball all that it is -- that there have been of this is that it'd be. Editor in the future. Rapids after with a couple more things rhyme mum and we'll get back to calls. -- three and five so I mean you know mathematically obviously you're out of it but. In light of how things have gone lately. There I mean it is it's what but here that we're not where -- -- -- You know I know there still are fighting guys I know being on the field being Hurt Locker room at halftime. You know just the effort that we put our treaty there are no moral victories. Footballer you -- -- preferred and that's -- -- that matter all that matters is what. And we didn't do various sort of broke. There it is looking in the pocket and give up no we got the talent level just got to figure out. Only to play more consistently and that's something we continue to talk about it. We know we can do it we we just to figure out a way to show up every week and do it every week together. -- Patrick Willis here on Buffalo Bills football Monday Ryan as always thanks very much for your time on the show today good luck this weekend ready for new England and we'll talk to next Monday morning. --

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