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John Murphy's Review of Bills / Texans

Nov 5, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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    possible men. Are right. Absolutely and if you take. Alexander you tick Mario Williams and their ball let's say they're both motivated to play and are both playing at the top of their games. Mario Williams is is IE. Hugely better football player. But not for what Rex Ryan joint. But Rex Ryan trying to do Mario Williams does not that he just doesn't we showed it to us even when he played well last year which wasn't a lot. But he when he did it wasn't it was still meant well he was difficult rod it best but. Even if he's on top of things I think for what he is trying to accomplish. Mario Williams that that particular talent didn't fit. This particular talent who probably isn't half the football player fits perfectly. Yeah and you really
    distraction it's a media story. And I think the biggest thing with Mario Williams . Granting your point about fit on the field. Is just his attitude. And now that they cleanse themselves of this. Super high
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    a second ago. Something like K and everybody relax now again about Aaron Rodgers . You dot. One of the challenges of this job is like trying to stay sane. And not. Short right along with these. I hate the word narrative but like that's the word that people know for this. Like Erin Rogers is bad now always good oh why is he bad always good. Where if you if you're really pay attention and you
    what it is as like well yeah I hear Aaron Rogers good Aaron Rodgers is bad air routers telling him what to relax Aaron Rodgers is Rangel about ski sweater. Metaphor rising telling gullible. To relax spend is that a word Matta for rising I don't I
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    was not good. And the bills got pushed by the dolphins again Terrence McGee scored a bid to keep scoring. To win that game all the way to the end. Media 4535. Score like that epic

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sorry John Murphy go join us in just a second Chan Gailey is finishing up at the stadium and we have. The voice the -- John Murphy joining us here on WGR hi John. Since you just as I'm assuming. You -- just that change Daley's remarks anything standout from audience say this afternoon. That's pretty -- a lot of you have been injuries. They put my notes discordant note here. -- -- Mark Anderson. I have a setback last week and they're not quite sure you'll be very unlikely to play this week Erik Williams could have missed a couple of games -- -- -- -- then. Stevie Johnson in a practice Wednesday but they've believed to be okay for the weekend. It struck about. -- -- -- There could be you know probably -- -- week whether that's going to be torture during it not for the year for the track for the bill and no question about history is being questioned about where they are -- secrets -- Yeah and a what are your thoughts on where they are mid season here John. Three and five I mean it's no shock that they lost this game yesterday Houston that's a very good team. But the game was some. Games club is close in the fourth quarter even I -- it was it was better to be ahead. You know I am wondering how how down they might be at their inability to make even one played on the red zone and there. -- -- -- -- -- These major complaint that common thread -- the reds so the lack of production of the reps on the children for Specter were so talk about it into their retirement talk about again today and there really would probably would've been a different game it's. Credentials -- -- say they you know they have issues. I think they. It's a pretty good steps forward -- Shoring up their defense of issues and yesterday in what they just couldn't get anything done at all essentially especially through the air come in you know it it just. In hindsight you'd -- you can only use the numbers just do it but it just doesn't make a lot of sense have you know. President Ichiro on the run the ball totaled street kind of second effort in this just. And I part I had a couple questions of it's about what he saw what looked there were yet from the Texans defense that prevented. -- that running the ball even but it was you know seven to six or fourteen to six and -- richest ritual just urging to think that they're such weapons on offense what virtually unused in the second. John Murphy -- -- John do you sense that there's any. Mom and arguing going on or just sort of disagreement between some of the principal parties here Fitzpatrick in Gailey I thought. After yesterday's game that. Each gave answers to questions it's sort of fingered the other -- his guys are not obvious about it. Do you do you think they're as football guys like to say on the same page right now. I do I do I didn't hear -- I mean I was in the opera mobile. Chin and right -- -- depressed so just today it looked at that trade trips. Public that the transcription that I didn't see real obvious that this agreement among them and I don't detect any. Sort of rift between them I mean there's always interest in the wake of -- victory or defeat like that there's always going to be. You know people say we should the administration know that but I I don't detect that. John ha -- you already commented on it that the three carries for for Spiller and and Jackson combined. I feel like fans are I think I certainly am kind of discouraged by Daley's explanation. For what Houston did on defense that that took them out of it it -- would you be that easy to stop you from giving the best guys on your team the football. I agree and I think in a lot of it goes to get open or you're gonna really let other. He senses that mean that obviously defense is the impact what you call what you really wanna let the other defense the -- defense dictate to that extent. What you gonna do offensively I mean that's that's the typical question I don't know it's it's stayed at the ready answer for that yesterday's topic it did. You know you don't want you run into opera quality don't wanna. You know have. You know your team not meant to make you move the ball or make employees because they've got to meet him on the parchment look like to me about what to begin again today most of its. Look like for the most architecture and at seven the barks you know that eight or nine chilling out -- an additional how hard it is to look. To try to -- set -- and you know what the -- thirteen devices spread it out and so they can. Enters -- formation their so called passing platform -- to run the ball and they really are thought -- -- -- -- -- -- yesterday's game. You know I'm I'm glad you mentioned that specifically John because that's the seven Mike for years we've heard you know it's it's football jargon but I mean it it it it makes sense of the eight in the box eight in the box that's the big. A big key you see that you -- maybe try to beat somebody over the top because they've got that safety cheated on their in their jury man. Seven in the box is like our goal is that is that that a regular it seems like that's probably pretty standard. I think it's standard here I think it's standard and it was you know there was some. They're based personnel would appear for the -- -- and to -- nickel defense in the Texans but -- -- they're based personnel for the most part in the that'll just chose not to you know noted there are passing opportunities as well and and the bills you know try to make the best of those opportunities but I think they. Again wrongly because of the league game -- who chose not to to keep -- -- against that based personal. -- one more question for you here on -- on Mario Williams when the bills lost the jets after the game although I gonna have referred back to it argue. Admitted you thought that Williams was a bit total death in the post game comments he made that day. And in and out that that the -- -- is already enough. Negativity in in the fan base in the air with a steam right now but. He talked at length after the game I'll tell you what it sounded to me like. He was relieved to have the game behind them I won't say shouted happy I mean he did say a few times. Were upset that we lost but I think you might have been married. Wonder you are what should. Well. I didn't bother me too much I would say that that will generate there. And there was a big media scrum dominated by a Houston reporters Houston media which Houston based questions in fact that I would get frustrated because. That they were really upset about the game they are stolen his return and to -- Did you talk that it did a lot that you talked Antonio Smith that. Were you waving your finger at an -- that I think that's sort of set the tone for everybody used to -- response from her away and I think. It was a big deal for him to come back to a place where he played for six years. I think people are pretty well actually what it was probably his best game since he's -- -- awful -- but. I think beat the Colby you're referred to I think sort of dictated by the question that in the question brawl you know Houston center for some separatist. It. Yeah he was asked we pointed to after San curtain up and says you noted -- -- emotional -- -- Robert. Okay John well things are taken to thanks for taking some time out for us is always part Parker wrote a truck Orton. John Murphy who show tonight starts at seven Monday Night Football is Philadelphia. At New Orleans.