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WGR550>Topics>>Stevie Johnson "We're still in this thing"

Stevie Johnson "We're still in this thing"

Nov 5, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- might JD power & Associates. Buffalo Bills football Monday here every week on WGR. Week nine in the books bills all the Texans. Stevie Johnson joins us now for his weekly conversation -- hi -- It. -- you feel first thing. Fires are the Oscars record. You know old. Gordon ordered -- Like we we could that we could be. Where -- repeat the street. And well what we want our news. It was. Well you said during the week you thought you could beat their defense Abaxis probably what you're. At least partly referring to now. On -- says this is get to enemy do you feel like there were chances to do that that weren't taken advantage of for one reason or another. Yeah definitely I think early -- early -- we. We we did we do -- -- -- a dollar and we didn't do your air are we sure are. You know minor things like her movies. You know. -- -- -- play here or there we got a cure we got -- curator and entered their daughter in doubt the difference with the carry anybody's face court that there. Electric bill goes in there about the cost. Did you feel all like. I mean either one of the situations that you've got the pupils at the end of the second quarter there. One was a fourth in one or maybe fourth and two at the four yard line and then the other one there was time left. I'm a second -- play the YouTube maybe could have tried some kind of a fade route or something that. That -- -- -- you -- low wrist to have the clock run out idea but still get a chance to get in the end zone. With their frustration from the players. All over the way that all people that. Yeah definitely we had we got a place -- a aware of it would be your your linebackers in the I would work -- seven are a lot of whatever. Yeah if we jump off sides noted that past Sudbury appear to be here so our backer. Well you know we have got an outsider's -- back to elect as well we're fortunate you know whatever. They have now now they come out they saved their lives and got the rest of fallout. There you go to our effort to build although it fell out or that -- -- the difference there if their order is wondering whether -- not so. We go to adequate. Open -- to a couple locally. You know you probably don't need me to tell you this but as someone like bulldogs that talks to the fans all the time really what the fans wanna see is the attempt. Right like you're down inside the -- on the second field goal for a halftime you're at the seven yard line. The fans want at least -- to walk away thinking that you've. He took a shot in you know you're that number one receiver on the team a lot of people would probably say -- to Stevie Johnson no matter what. You know there I I don't like the thought of putting words in your mouth here but there's just got to be some frustration with wide receivers if that anybody on a team where. You know you're you're an underdog and game. And my goodness you have to go for it here. Here we do we are we off but got frustrated don't doubt about it you know still we still frustrations -- the says you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- into what don't want whatever it is scary that -- or what do I do what do. -- way Florida -- without disputed behavior where of course record by a certain little careless. And go what about you -- -- epic they go that somebody do. Of course you have got all the while -- fortunately nobody bit. About computer where it looked big on the field. Just routes -- we got Lucy and PPP led start -- I'm not don't have the power but our doctors say subject a -- -- a lot about Eric if they made it to go like that -- -- both as well. And they if there are. Or much below or the other bit of that it be a little bit better so we will see what your lap chart of the week. How much have you been in. Consciously you looked really -- walk in the line with regard to that Stevie I mean you had the run ins with their coach last year. Over the penalties. And a mortar and if you -- dole. Like you should and shouldn't be EU do we in this year's as a as someone trying to lead or affect any kind of change. -- a little bit but I think if -- work. Coach will be -- big. It's maybe see you you big Serb side they allow water and all the old out of the picture there are. It may hurt you know. We don't we don't read. Put your route to other Bob we'd be here is -- you're at your other well no no authority as well. If that played or India or you're just there. Okay it doesn't work you know about the big topic -- boot order at your whatever but most of our puppet of the workforce so. You know it why not why not try though. What you were on my advice call me because I'll give you a strong opinion what I think you should go to items don't really wanna do it right now bottom look. Just got to ask you this too with regard all that you know you're into November. That your -- eight games in nine weeks and you guys started in July go to think maybe that the time has passed for. Ironing out communication issues like these. I'm at that they are the that we you know ultimately. There's got to commuters got builder that we hear people say. And alum you know must there are cases they you got -- ultimately -- And everyone got involved. We have to do. Are also you know we got -- Ochoa has as one a week. Throughout the week barely -- would be playing well and we employer. Also or or off real well and he is also got to put everything together you know and he's cocky market where buy dot org dark -- -- that. And it's got to make make -- quite a bit because. -- a lot of good criticism. Pointed at yesterday's game particularly is with regard to. Not getting the ball to the Fred Jackson CJ Spiller much at all in the running game in the second half. And I'm wonderment -- everyone who's involved on the office from daily through that Patrick has been asked about. You know what Houston was doing office a little panel books you were giving -- just how surprising. What they were doing was if at all and -- I guess we'd like to hear your comment. -- -- -- -- -- it -- do what we read all around -- the first. It was it worked out the very remote bomb and we got we got some dark about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- great -- -- -- And I am an -- we have the board barrel on what you are because. If like OK now out there. You know far far away you're put up points went oh -- there you know there are so. You know what they've read I figured you know quick credit -- -- -- -- Where these days. And they go that route you know whether it. You know or little deal -- could -- -- -- -- Based dvd -- do you think the team is still together. And I'm not coming apart at all. I hear nothing a lot of doubt a lot although it. The pardon right now they're still asserted that there -- also I would offer start you know vote curse goes. -- the word and then it is no one. That you can use your computer got a lot of flawed and did not happen this the bailout could look like tablets where you -- that would have got no doubt about that. You know and we we have got -- -- -- -- -- -- and heroin until we got to -- a -- if you -- -- there's no. Well well bill we still live very well on the -- got that nobody got prepared. Should be what -- -- Kamal argue that especially when you do that. Stevie Johnson with -- us here. Today and every Monday after the games on WGR. You know it's it's I ask you about the fifteen minutes togetherness at this point. We'll get baby back to yesterday but what what can you tell us from the inside about. About what's going on lately and really all season with Mario Williams. There's been a lot of talk about him obviously. We've got this. -- this mysterious wrist injury injury even today Chan Gailey is saying I don't know about any torn ligament you know let's. Dramatic sidebar to this season here but do you feel that ultimately gets -- one ask you do you feel that. Williams is the extent that he needs to be one of the guys yeah. I mean is that a lot of the a lot of pressure on him and -- -- you can -- first -- -- the first few -- before and -- -- -- called and they -- both. Target for that -- He I think I think you'd do you mull over the parliament in -- he'll be backed up trouble or. I don't know about but the risk injury to the got the surgery. What you know say he says his poem is so low water -- Let me show these shows are -- -- you'll be is the real world -- -- player -- You know there's a patient -- Is he. A like is he one of them is -- a good teammate is he a guy that. You know a lot of teammates enough teammates are close to do you feel like you know him very well at this point. Yes vote for the most part you are actually our case but he is like like Freddy your fairway out -- -- vertical our -- Belcher especially what are your. Vote would be your first year here are you never Lugar -- To a locker room though you'd be open -- -- -- lovely -- you need to get -- if not update you know we do better as the year of the year ago lot. I would guess every guys differently Powell bomb from your experience is guys do change of him your reference spread in fits of course you guys have been together. You know since you -- got here but every year there's different guys like is -- gives -- some guys just immediately you gel with -- as soon as they get here. Do do you gel with some guys right away or does it always takes some time for a guy like. Are you happier I -- an -- there's not situation you know. Here and everybody will click ordered by the luckily we all go to the buses. Rome is yields. -- all lives you know they'll say it also thought that they are. You know he's been doing Google you're better off. Stevie how about your leg yesterday how -- -- heard it and what did it mean to you were the rest of the game. -- They knew it was either. Can turn yellow and also I wouldn't. Among them are not -- slipped and then the guy I'm about that is when you need and a very much. In you know there always ma 00 energy -- -- -- down there you know you lose. -- -- Drop in our game and you are in they are really could easily could you can go back out there run on the but you're not a war -- so if -- I'll be I'll be back I'll be ready yet. What's your plan for this week what are called was -- not said ideally may -- Stevie doesn't practice Wednesday right what you should be OK for the weekend as your coach says you know all of us here a couple of yeah are you aware of the fact that you're going to be -- this weekend are correct me at all. You figure I'll let you rather of play you Lipitor or -- well. You live with structure and outlook where they come back a little bit Thursday Friday. Important. You know we get we had to begin a lot of. You you are not one who it seems to be really from just talking to you this couple years now -- just watching you play. Who wants to come out of the game so for you to come out of the game yesterday and probably took some doing -- I think. You're did that it's definitely very. As far in the locker room one down rebelled passionate -- Are elevated what I needed to he is stressing me out that low draw it to me that all of our allies in the Kosovo we wouldn't do wasn't wasn't working so. -- -- -- You know I'm thinking back to -- earlier I was joking -- -- saying call me if you want advice about how to like. Handle getting a message across your quarterback your coach but it's gonna say it is gonna say it and see if you react to it. That there's a part of me I'm always likely that sort of defend a coach who seized the boss and in our. Our worlds as employees like we never make more money -- the boss and that's discount of that. The pecking order I'm used to but. Meant Stevie isn't a party that just gonna want to go off. And thanks you know do you really think to yourself you could -- missing you do ever but you can think yourself I don't break these people. I'm. Here for longer maybe you know I'm I'm a star thing like that you them. Of the other on on -- -- up to about the person or player groups could you vote would go to the globe -- I tell you lob over. I literally you're not marked as Marcos in the daily. Whatever what are reshape yourself on the cooler recall move runners on the matter no matter what you pay more in that particular if you be here next year note. Does not not a award -- I'll -- out like all of off from in the locker room and all of -- The amid a got a lovely you know and I'll I'll talk -- -- many players you'll fare -- book. I'm it would not at all auto deliberately moving -- pictures could you know brokered fed up with the army you have reviewed by blockade to -- will vote. A bottle bill where you won't -- You know what what I hear what their real. He could but I'm on the other. Not the person to go -- my blood my -- you -- to a virtual. -- I know we talked a couple of weeks ago and you just kind of reminded me of it by Zain you know the -- at somebody or or whatever. How to -- choice after the 49ers game stood up and and and addressed the team. In the room. Has there been after a game like yesterday I mean our our guys among -- much you can reveal here. Is there anger in there are there guys yelled at one another or is it just sort of you know kind of an acceptance. This truck that wrote this frustrate you know we want to blow our own -- you know -- and everything. Board you know nobody. Directly. You know provide direct -- -- like you're going to Europe that you dude you know until recently nobody ever done that yet. But as far as getting the message out there and put in the air let me the most been out there. What but just emotional period. Are there are clearly they are everything right now -- -- home. I hope that the -- -- for political and then there would we're. Without you know there are valued in -- live law you -- -- -- because well. You know where that -- we've still got up -- the season ago and it is because they won't believe what we did it all Logan who goes will be will be fun of that oil couldn't shoot. -- -- -- Before you go here's -- time you you were in London last week like during the -- I -- that'll go down. -- little -- you know is that they would would come -- -- -- so there's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whereas now we know each other -- a mirror and bring them in the NFL and other civilian and bill affirmative. You go to. The game of the patient game and influential result there. Triggered -- -- you want producing news and just the bigger the vehicle market -- there's sort of well -- and if so you're. Stevie last thing on New England mean you've read. Some results against them and the end of last year the offenses had you know three at least respectable gains. In a role against New England albeit -- were losses. What what's your attitude about. Going in there the me I think for fans we -- -- -- the bills win there since twelve years ago today. -- it's obviously been a long time but I'm guessing -- not like intimidated by them. No wind we've -- got there we are similar about -- but they bought this does lead group will dissipate as it was a live up finishing. We've been able to -- a total war. He's got a terrific yeah we we get that purple quarter then it is operated -- had come about with. Eight income those those of who we got a little bit yeah. There will be okay what do we know bill ought to be low blood or work. No advocate that we got an estimate how it is and you know well we go to. All right Stevie thanks for your time any questions for us today look -- -- you're done all right talk to next week or -- Stevie Johnson. I'm looking up a bunch of old games.

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