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Jerry Sullivan Responds to Critcism of Stevie Johnson

Nov 5, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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-- But I I'm just -- little thing you know talking athletes and coaches would look at. But I thought you seemed to have some questions about a Twitter war now I didn't even. Does that only follow Germany which I should just the summit tweets that are between it to me -- allies who got on him but that was it. Battle going on about Stevie Stevie dropped the past you know it's like news happens it's a million dollar receiver. And then Jeremy comes with this. Accusing people of having to a role like criticism. It's like this that role lightly we have we people criticize patrols after his antics that's all I -- enemies -- -- to go back last year and the year before which still. Follow him around but a -- like I praised him earlier this year for grown up a little bit but now if he did they were -- ethics -- there. -- about to be the 47 year old -- trying to teach you the 57 year old you trolling if you're not a troll. It is trolling your remote you're looking for low hanging for -- looking to pick a -- trolling musical on Twitter and it did after something like people come back you -- that you've been to. -- That would come as a reward for all the all right draw the old guy can know like I don't really come -- like you know -- -- trolling -- here. Ripping across the -- trying to -- -- with -- language -- to criticize the anyway the to criticize it yeah it is said I'm sorry no. I'm sorry Steve. And I know. And all the eye rolling know what do you earlier I didn't know about the front loaded gun and I quality. I'm glad Jeremy call and a boy tell me what you meant by trolling -- not that I. You're. Us. Horrible whatever that was -- -- Going to pick a fight with a guy that rarely as the big game and he drops -- pass and missed both the apology tonight. Steve make it seven million a year is that a hundred yard game in forever and I know most of them both that I guess that the quarterback. But I guess I don't happen to think that he's -- seven million dollar receiver. And so he's he's really wide open to -- and here we go again -- -- -- know you well you and all of the going rate for the best receivers like double right. There are many -- make it fourteen mile year once you you'd get a list out what's Brandon Marshall make. I don't have a salary it's Pat Fitzgerald it's that. Our help would -- as evidenced by an. Seven slots in Summers that slot in about where fits slots at the quarterback problem I don't know I would probably. Well I think Johnson is really good. There are so many plays game the game worries mean you don't even see as much of it is there must be but he's open and Fitzpatrick misses some by. Lot we must because the targets -- there meanest. Pat -- the targets are complete you see it every game this is early is a passing throws a three feet over his head. The elections Stevie wasn't. Running the greatest routes in the world there's some of those I don't. Bottom line for me really though is. I think fits make quick decisions that's that they like about him I think a lot of times Stevie gets open and that's sort of made the decision to go to somebody else. And then you look at TV always open well -- I'm also thinking that the idea that is so wonderful if it's never gets sacked is a little bit overrated. If it ever gets sacked the you know make big plays what's the big deal anyway you keep giving him -- that. -- no the -- here's here's Mike with a solo Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our natural right stuff. A little moderately cute guy trickle back in the nineties and poverty -- I wanna say and -- an -- not a result. But stressed the quarterbacks start this thing all over and opulent look golf America. Andrew Luck he's been draft that are ready to do that I think that it's well. Guess what that's the spirit thing you might never again see a draft like last year that's with if you wanna be more depressed. Griffin and -- come on the same year in your you know you've had such a wonderful season but winning five your first seven united polls to pick up those guys. But I mean who in this draft I mean Barkley. The blooms off the rose there who else's I don't follow. Did you ever worry that loyalty for five touchdowns and -- but -- -- and your records on -- but yeah I but the former college and that's really nothing energy he -- okay yeah yeah I think you -- watch guys play -- ago they have the -- can we make the throws and they do all that and there's guys. There's not there's not walk Griffin 12 in the draft. Right now anyway it's filled the beginning of November sometimes it takes a while. So laden you know we'll -- They duty when. -- it is time for them to find one I mean if buddy nix knows the football player when he sees one. There's got to -- guys out there the Russell Wilson pipes or wherever that he he's so Smart. -- if it's not if you don't get the top. 23 guy like -- Griffin -- -- find the best guy out there and draft -- -- in here. Or take a chance on somebody rather than taking a chance on defensive -- -- all they do is block. Field goals. Or cornerbacks who are average here -- take a chance on -- a quarterback. Okay -- but you never know if you so brilliant you know football. Let's start to wonder about buddy next. Starting -- Erin Williams Jerry got hurt maybe is gonna be out for awhile but. That traffic was not going well either one pick before Dalton to before can't predict. I mean I don't know how good -- it is going to be Dalton's OK they're down this year. That's what you mean I think what and pay off for hitting on a ball -- I'm Bernanke right. I would draft the same for like three years -- three year. And it sounds like a joke to people and I don't know not really kidding when I say it you can't win without one. Andrew Luck was like thirteen for seventeen on third down yesterday. He's just. These changes -- anything there you know bill polling in the greatest GM ever has gone and like they're not even miss them as they get the quarterback. And god in -- in. Reports struggle bit yesterday again but that guy's going to be great and -- college players how many times he's getting hit but yes yes Charlie is next going Charlie. Look at. There's one played -- really stand out budgets move might Aqua I think at -- -- a couple times this season I actually got to turn the TV off I'd just lose it. It's third down into now I don't know all this this is bad coaching here is an intelligent decision -- players what. Certain to which you played ten yards off the line of scrimmage. Oh my god I just snapped he just knew if you're gonna throw one out pattern get the first. -- remember that playing. I drove me -- You have to do out the Dodgers and Don you -- he just -- yards and the trojans turned out. To get rich. But. In the Texans up. Twelve points with eight minutes left aren't even doing that because there's so convinced that the bills can't beat them down the field. They were planning that soft coverage -- sell off in the NFL teams have. A two score lead they -- in respect them at all. Yeah is it tough on those of us who took the points. I did I did and even if the bills to break up the pass some of the third touchdown it -- seventeen -- nine and that's leader and -- mean you take the bills it's that -- think it's exactly the kind of game feels like it copper and they don't cover that's why is stupid. What's the bill makes one of the in the field -- at nine point game in the cover and not the fact the fact that I lost in the papers that my point. No bitterness and Bob that's not me -- your best bet this week. Remember that -- Chicago. Should I know why guys don't edit we all. -- no. Idea instant I have a system. If the team looked good against the bills go to the next week seriously as they always make things look better in the and the line tends to fluctuate slightly based on. Recent perception the buster theory -- -- they also beat Pittsburgh -- you had that thrown in too well about them. Good teams in that way to turn around -- Up and down a ball -- -- at a decent when yesterday. I guess that there was no better than the bills what is legal c'mon. That Houston team is the best team in the AFC. Mean I'm going to kind of win that motion adds that he had that. I like him I like that Texans they. Could've done more yesterday I felt. Andre Johnson does not usually have that game but the bills this week in the secondary. That looked like a team that had another year. And you know I I made the point a few times during the week and yesterday. That done this is what I -- accuracy but the point spread. The Houston just doesn't throttle people and people came back to meet with their scorers. In order scores they don't just kill you like New England has been able to do at times they're not bad. But they're good I mean they do get to those scores you know their winning double digits most of their wins. The Baltimore game was a difference was different but they. They give to that point where they beat you soundly they're covering right that's it in short they're covering -- -- Houston's -- so I like -- may have playoff experience now they will have home field. And I don't know what kind of environment wise but I think they're going to be tough to beat. I think -- team with a great quarterback beat them and they'll face one Manning Brady. Mobile -- perhaps that Denver was Houston was way ahead on Denver. This year got close but Houston got the win in Denver that's pretty good. You mean Brady I can't come back -- -- on that and go play this year Aaron Rodgers and again I'd. Seventy touchdown Roger last 24 games he he had six touchdowns in -- that's right Roger after pushing went out people don't talk about that the big loss for them. And maybe that's why -- kept throwing yesterday as he didn't think their defensive backs for that great -- visible units on three yard passes. Broadest challenge them down the field with that for Jordy Nelson's first big game of the year. The Ivy -- do that the Houston defense but again how many quarterbacks are there in league in the converts it can do that. Here's rich next to get sports in a minute I rich. -- -- -- -- Our alum I'm like how to handle Lawler and others -- so much go to my -- in my head but as our current two point. I think it was truly feel powerful words in my mouth but I figured they thought about trading your tired after two. For -- QB -- Griffin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of -- Patrick who really do anything having to talk about point seven. This stop the run. Well the other the puck stopper -- because you're not going to be compete or not but the extra -- -- there and I'm like oh god. So. Nothing -- probably you know it might try and -- might otherwise not like to trash three million. You know ointment of practice squad. You know you know a rich thank you here's another angle -- to -- on Friday buddy nix on Friday WGR said Washington. Paraphrasing Washington made the group and trait we had more needs than that we couldn't afford to do that we had more needs. How about the bills needs when they drafted CJ Spiller. That's the ninth pick overall what were there needs to they have -- needs. Mean they were starting over people gave them credit for what they release that they had an expansion roster at that point talk like that. You know it's that you have more needs even and were they didn't have indeed was the one position. Where they made the -- Announced the one position where a bad team has too much talent is -- it's -- wasted. And -- he shouldn't be here he's really good look at that carries yesterday. What what's the point he's not even a starting player your team has been tailored for. This whole time you know the better part of this whole drought that explains how it happened. And don't you don't you -- you're justifying. Not making the offer the rams. That the Redskins made because you have more needs my goodness yet more -- than that two years ago. Mario Williams was -- tour at the time this year's draft. What are you talk about needs it yet more needs than that you drafted CJ Spiller when he had Jackson and lynch here -- -- I think I would trade every player but he makes his draft of the bills from referral. Right now. Now that outlandish. I waited -- you would do it a growing every player he's acquired in any other fashion police to Barnett. Merriment all of them every player he is acquired since becoming the GM would trade one of those two quarterbacks right now. -- throwing Merriman and and now nobody wants them back -- this. Affair.

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