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Jerry Sullivan Has Seen These Bills Before

Nov 5, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jerry Sullivan Buffalo News sports columnist were to begin Jerry. Probably was as -- -- -- football team and it. But I already is the only ask that when they lose. Well on YouTube and we've grown we've got that you know after all a signature road -- event. I'm dead I'm dead inside. Kind isn't new but I -- well. A few weeks ago -- Q you put it. Wait what is. -- that aren't an out of body experience and just walking along next to my bills and self. And I was I was Smart object that was that was. It was because I don't. Even even -- What to tell people anymore maybe I'm feeling the same thing I walked along beside mine biggest. Bills -- critic columnist self what do you think you don't you don't wanna do is rock were well. At this point. Maybe it's right to do it I might -- -- and don't wanna rush to. The quarterback isn't good because once your -- then like you're just like well we're screwed. I. Natural that changes soon. -- there. I'm there he's not good no -- feeling that way about the owner for a while you write as many have all this time right. Yeah -- out on their two I don't know whether. Kind of been there but I've seen the virtues of fits in in a situation where it's supposed to be they're going to be kind of combative and again and again another guy that we now. And they were fooled -- believe in their competitive with him and then the defense thinks it's like it's it's so many things wrong with this team. But really. The problem years. A coach who thinks like your coach believes that would certain things happen. You'd quarterback picks that the other team part. And that means you have fits throw forty vehicle 44 pass plays entertainment plays yesterday as if you've got Aaron Rodgers. Who by the way has seventy touchdowns and eleven picks his last one -- four games. Is a guy and I'll bet. If if they're stacking the box at seven. And you tell him to throw over time. And they're happy with -- -- I mean -- Atlantis does come down to the talent of the quarterback in the receivers and I mean Stevie. Notwithstanding their their pretty weak group but. They're asking him to do things it's -- I've wrote about it today like -- -- shows an out. The sort of exaggerated belief in fits while the same time. Acknowledge these limitations. Like I'm gonna call these plays and and -- at that Iran but I won't throw the ball on the field. And I think at seven in the box. What's Kate what are your cable doing down the field against that. You limiting yourself in within this passing attack pitcher with the -- four yards. In the air yesterday's seven in the bucks KK you stretch that is not a stretch the field type situation for some things. Sorry -- but let's get to some calls pretty quickly here's one I ask you this before we do. Yesterday's game is I think on the forgettable side and and most the conversation seems to be about to them the bigger picture the the signature win again on the road you know eluding them. Mean it wasn't a blowout. But most of us don't seem to be in any mood to make that point. Now on I'm and I am glad I I sat there yesterday I think and -- -- -- I'm Bennett at a game in a month so I'd forgotten. Dreadful it is waiting for all the east timeouts and TV things and nothing happens how much of -- FL game is just nothing happening. And then that the game itself really wasn't very interesting. And that and that. Houston after abide still seem to be looking past the bills there at the plan the bears' next week that's 271 team that's going to be great. And they just seem to be going through the motions you could tell when a team that good and that will coach has -- penalties that just not right. And so. You come I think you'll pretty good effort by the defense but that that's how far the standard as drop which we talked about last week that a game -- really should've given up four plus yards. And and it seemed like he played well that's that's out that's the standard is change the quarterback. Had a one point 68 rating yesterday which was better than Andrew locks. In in -- And it's it's great defensive effort they gave up a hundred yard rusher audio receiver I know they were kept them in the game but that's the type again you would've maybe said that. You know. Kind of an average effort you would expect from this team or worse if they were what they're supposed to be -- to a total of nearly a -- defense but you wouldn't X. You would've liked that game. From this defense in August units units that you're supposed to go down there and play better than that you're not supposed to make sure Bob look like Aaron Rodgers or Brady. Mean they're pretty and I know we're just saying is that it is a little blob feeling. About the game was like they used to seem to be toying with the. A lot of these road games have been not events yet this one -- losses immediately for. Like it's it's over and like doing this and opens up in there and I do notice that it is not. Actually if it's correct to say that the defense kept them in the game. But yet the standard -- that stood out to me was immediately after the game. They give -- six dollars holding a guide to the low hundreds is a victory no as far as what does that coach you know like -- -- what. This is not what we don't march April may in the summer were going to be old well. That's what two years ago was most sound like -- did. -- -- Reacting. To the pats and niners games -- historically bad that this seems like an OK effort. What it is mostly to me is the drug teams that kept games close and your guests most of think or not that that minibus did. That that meant something good that they were improving building towards something we learned that they really weren't it was just. They didn't have it. And that's what I feel now about this team -- -- sounds just like Dick Jauron only he has an accent. And Fitzpatrick everything is short as has been true for a few weeks year -- the titan game where they were able to mortgage have a pretty easy. Defense opponent. The feel like they're just you know kind of going into this game yesterday playing to keep it close almost and have that smell too and I thought. I was reminded of a game and indeed yesterday I said that well us with that this -- with -- game and -- they never threw the ball in the hands on the whole day that they they kept running on third one which is that the difference but it was sort of like fixed line you -- closely -- -- yet conceding that you did you couldn't play. Aggressively. On the road against a good team and that it's kinda. The way -- looked yesterday although you know you could say that passing 44 times as aggressive but -- -- even think the whole thing is get my head -- and now. Gailey suddenly seem very conservative. Usually losing. And what he said after the game was staggering. Well maybe now -- we're gonna have a plan when a team put seven in the box really you should be coach in the NFL you shouldn't be head coach he should be fired right now percent. Are you kidding me sixteen hour days this coaching staff and you just. All of them happened yesterday we better start working on that this is the NFL guys your coaching twelve months a year and you know plan ready for seven in the -- You kidding me. What's -- the reaction to that's unbelievable. Two weeks to prepare. No two year. Errors as -- if month. Even doing this this team you watch the film the last eight games last year teams did that may not quite expand everybody has nabbed their talent but. He's been daring -- to throw the ball down the field. And and not letting them run for a year now. And to save it now you've got to go work on it when you're three and five and thirteen and 27 and your forty games. That's incredible but that's what you get is -- the bills fan you know that's what you get him and body next amateur hour. Here's Jerry on the phone to be inching our way Jerry. Yeah -- Okay entire election -- Gary would appear to get a reduce a hand and you know it's not a cubicle at least put quote one of the biggest hoaxes ever pulled. Industries and the bills and go straight during the Europe I reached. I can't pretend that it too early to have a you know watching a sports or other game. The -- yeah it was good there was no -- you'll. Maria also -- what when he westerner you would dearly like I care to care really Rome. In -- the prisoners. Outside of these guys -- stating your hand enormous gut feeling like the -- you're still the -- At least Chicago it was a good doing fired the guy a year out. What's his name on. That it -- on here you know. It here -- -- -- -- than that you're around but at least you feel good. It's been out of here. Well I think Peter I think he might want Alec Baldwin right there when I'm not sure I'm -- sort of you took us. Not sure. I enjoyed that the united. That opened up. That sounded the third sounded. There's an exasperation. In there and an odd really and it appeals to me yes here's Jim next hello Jim. Yeah -- This is what's wrong with the Buffalo Bills organization this is I mean this is -- stereo typical example. I guess you would call. Twelve straight losing seasons they're playing on the road and they're satisfied. The kick a field goal on fourth down why not just go for you get twelve straight losing seasons. Just -- or what do you got to lose your only gonna get thirteenth straight losing seasons. I mean no guts no glory who cares who wins I mean I can't -- and -- I despite demand. Okay. -- well on but I mean you're the fourth down guy at a I remember thinking about going there not because -- it would have been a good idea just I never even thought they would consider going on fourth down. They had fourth and two at the four. On the first field goal. And I go a hundred times out of a hundred and if I'm the bills and all the caller just said that it's -- 150 times out of 100 if that's even possible. You have this point to remember. The coach he's not here for all this losing the players it's different for us it's all these years in a row. Of mediocrity that's why which which you want I think is a man that is ever gonna well it's not happening now. Is for an owner to take ownership. Of certain of these kinds there's certain mentality is within your team. And that's the kind of thing that leads me to it took questioned. What important -- say that I think it does have importance that Wilson. Is at age 94 you know so removed. From the scene it's not that he always. Did it right but I like it when theirs authority I like it when. The boss can shape the mentality of an organization. And if that happened I mean someday look I need you to. I don't know I don't wanna make its -- owner should go on the field and and make decisions but. A coach is protecting himself by kicking the field goal goes nobody blames them for. That's why they do it all the time. It is possible to hate the not going for four -- -- mobile Maurer. With the with the following sequence I hate that they didn't try to ask -- Indians when nine seconds ago. More more than not going on fourth until the before outline its kids. -- -- You're playing Houston. As Spitzer at the end they've been pretty good at that he throws a lot of touchdowns because -- get some close to the goal line is supposed to be good at that again. Why not and what they do -- at 32 I don't even remember about a I go to games now. And I've just -- third into an empty back field teams do then I'm like. Really what what does this game become. What happened to third and two. With that we can run it twice and get two yards maybe in and then we do that well in the -- to announce fourth and do. In the -- example there were talking about I think it was started longer nature Jones underneath and he got it to fourth and two and then they kicked but you're right to a nets. That's what the bills are right I mean that's a lot of teams tend to do I don't think there has to be a bad thing. Let's go to food Dan next a look -- They got sort. No -- have a -- at play here with the bills. I'm twenty years old. They've -- all my whole life. And the head coach and changed yet pat players change he had general managers change tech section people change for -- -- But the one thing -- changed ownership. And loud -- and thought that leadership comes from the top down right. And wrote oh sorry Dan. It beats you pause tonight I'd made a mistake in coming off Jerry. But does go to -- on it's it's and got it seems like. It's been years since you felt. Really comfortable ripping him because of the -- as you know his help and everything it that in the mean -- We've got to revisit the whole. Marv Levy Brandon all the mistakes that he made -- -- -- the fear of empowering every anyone not getting a real general manager and there. Now you got you know buddy nix coming out in defense of Jane -- last week when and just about any other time to thirteen 27 year in big trouble. Proceed to say some of the things and coach the way he did yesterday so it does go to the on this -- to sort of a vacuum of -- At the top it's just to me it's just -- depressing. What a non story it is in this league though. Like almost the only mentions of the bills are these compliments. That. Imply that there -- thought of as a minor league team. Yesterday. I was shown on Twitter Jason -- in for a CBS. Network in the middle of the game giving the bills compliment. Compliments for staying with Houston on defense for doing better. You know the the a lot of things Peter King says. Are these. Weird sort of compliments good yoga chain Gailey is like coach of the week for the win in Arizona. The -- that the mentality is they're not supposed to be good. And and that is true with in a league where these same reporters. And columnists always talk about all anybody can win anybody except -- I guess. As far as gay -- record I mean doesn't even get a mention on any of the however many ESPN. Football talking shows there -- it is anybody's ever come up well in the hot seat you don't -- -- Name is they don't care they acknowledge the nothing's gonna happen with a Ralph Wilson or that there's here's this patronizing. Attitude toward the bills select pour you guys and that's that are really. Aggravate people miss -- this idea that buffalo was this great. NFL I'll post the signature. Team I don't think that's the case anymore and that's that scares that should scare you. It's -- -- be completely again this year in this is most of the playoff drought years they just do not exist. They exist locally. But I don't know am I wrong about this almost never hear a word about. Do you think Tony Kornheiser. Who I think is excellent knows who the bills general manager is. You banana and who the coaches just. It's not even a story when their coach is thirteen wins in forty games -- read or go late -- and that's the biggest Horry. In the NFL is whether he should be fired you know Dallas. Every week there's all these analyst talk about whether their coach should be fired. Buffalo. It's just -- which don't exist in this has been true how many times note. I've listened to you make that point. For it Jerry win without Jerry would well yeah it did it it's. Can you talk about the Dallas it it could view what you get. There there're like I imagine you know the court at your -- that -- that point is that -- like bully you your -- You bring the order into it like I'm. I'm shutting down -- -- up -- up though. You're right we're stuck. -- -- -- The guy who is he was kind of -- about Dallas and Philly and they do this and that. But I'll tell you where that is relevant right now Dallas and Philly will go after show on patent if he's a free agent coach an opening -- million. And buffalo not in that conversation. I don't think I mean it was just a total fraud to me when there was talk that were when -- city would pay. 78 million for -- and whoever came along three years ago and I don't believe at all you you get daily in -- you got a package from liked who. Or three million U really think you re gonna pay them money -- -- and social on page. And that's where that's where they're not in the same league Mike is what you say they're not the same league as these people. And as I was my -- to be -- -- -- it's that you might not be in the league much longer. And when you see that kind of attitude YouTube that make you beat me to war we'll take more calls here.