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WGR550>Topics>>11/6 Paul Hamilton dissects Bills/Texans game

11/6 Paul Hamilton dissects Bills/Texans game

Nov 6, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They're getting questioned and if they don't have answers and they've they've just don't know what to say. I think -- really struck me with Gailey. And I don't I'm trying to remember it was the day after the Tennessee game and we are out of the stadium. Boy Hampshire. We'll play it was her. Have been enough plays down the last 34 games right what like what why did you do this two point I don't that you like it was -- not going for two points. And he's explaining it and I'm listening to it and I'm gone. I EI AG has she's just like lost he's he's lost me he's he's going on he's rambling there's no point to it. And I and I swear I now I am and I'm thinking he just he doesn't know what to say anymore because he's got to eat these out of answers as that go to the bills he looks at and goes is almost like you looked at through him that there's that has to do it that's really at this it's hopeless. It edit and by the way. As he was explaining something yesterday he did come out -- And we would have gone for two points. -- -- -- Before the ten minute mark is that a lot of is that if they scored yeah if it let you know the red zone that we were up two point. If if they actually got a touchdown in the red zone well let's I guess I mean -- he's adjusting his philosophy. But -- -- I -- -- we're talking about the -- -- on the fourth in two. And and he's not talking about. Points. Right -- and he went -- your private time it was done he was talking about the scoreless human right. All we scored if it was seven nothing when that play came up. And you talked about 149. Here or whatever and you know well if this whatever you wouldn't they invest -- That's the thing. It wasn't. I'm with the I'm just click. On my head against the law on. If you were when they would talk at the same thing here. Mean score. And it was it was just the rhythm of the point being to what he was saying I have let my question was. Is that -- the decision or do you just have a philosophy. Of -- we -- we have to put points on the board and that that. I urge you back in the game is there actually you know word decision civil war well -- hope that should not. That is you know what are we need to do here. And that's when he got into the score and and and everything and endorse and he was left to. That matter the opponent. You know -- period at all. Here if you're playing. A team its own -- Unity golf for a third posted here elect had nothing to lose. Playing the best team in the AFC in you know you're trying to keep pace or whatever. And he said no that doesn't. It -- it would. And that's I Paul gonna get calls -- second industrial by fifty -- and that's the frustrating thing about this Paul is that for me personally. You hate I hate reaching the point when I think. Now I'm -- this guy who's next. You know -- you got there were Gregg Williams to get there were picture on you get there with Mike Malarkey and now there which and alienate and I've been there with Dave Wannstedt and it's. It said. Because you want to believe every time they bring in a new head coach. He's gonna make it work where the other guys didn't and for me this last month these last few games. The the comments all the different things we've brought up the not running CJ Spiller it's all come to a -- in and you reach reporter like. And it's time to find another culture that's you know that doesn't mean they're gonna do it by the lake his buddy nix said he does -- coach every three years what it says that it's got that point again that we cigarette talking about who lost faith in another head coach and another defensive coordinator. I couldn't just get this right I agree with the odds are. You changing everything every year don't get anywhere but. What if what you have -- that right. You don't stay -- it just to say we're not changing. Well I think that's and it's just it's not great. And it's just he's gotten to a point during games where you know he can't switch things up. Well Houston that things weren't expecting. Well that's what game planning of how about. You know when Whitney Houston game planning with their defense Wade Phillips. Is trying to club with something that's going to confuse you. They could try to put something that you haven't seen before. That's the NFL that's football. That's what teams do. Okay. So big they're doing something you're not expecting. Why -- we have to wait until after film sessions on Monday to figure out. Well why do you not expecting a team to focus on stopping running backs and making your quarterback beat you Paul I expect that every week. But that never showed -- -- -- Germany. -- we haven't been at their political. Success. In regard to 6 in the morning watching film every single day and they never showed that line. Well they've never played against CJ Spiller -- Fred Jackson who might be you know the best one -- The attacks -- actually respect that they also not played against the quarterback that throws it down the field as little as Ryan Fitzpatrick does. -- You're sort first passes that are that -- to a 22 yards in the air. You know and -- exists. You know that's that's what bothers me is he just doesn't seem to be able to think on its feet on Sunday anymore and I am sure that was the case the whole time. I whatever this problem now is coaching and they want. Died while I agree with you I and that's another I'm a 100% with you I never. Felt this way about him until about a month ago I mean that's that's tonight maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention maybe it's because were doing the shows in the this year and we hear him every Monday with -- us. But quite honestly I I never I never felt this way about him that. That and an earlier this season -- it was an issue because the game for -- either way. I never really felt this way about -- I've. More and more of his decisions and his philosophies and his comments. Have I disagreed with them more and more bullet just over these last few games and I don't know why that is. The program well the reason is and this was the thing in the beginning that and I said that they always do let's give -- a chance to find out let's. It was in the back -- my mind that the Buffalo -- hires a coach to run Merritt seemed to run their offense cigar IQs. Play calling taken away from a Kansas City Chiefs. Whatever those circumstances work it still happened. And that that concerns me greatly. That you know he was the offensive coordinator Kansas City in the inside really took the play calling away from. 8030550. To join us Paula this year we'll get the injury update and some other notes from yesterday just a moment. Mike your -- -- WG are right ahead. Like that if this started Gailey is so locked her keys over thinking things and it cost because schemes. I mean yes you are -- Americans installer that was urging her particular security. And a quarterback they're actually -- can't -- on the field. And he actually thinks that the passing it was about a decision to go let's and that team if he's over thinking things it's costing you games. Plus -- us that yesterday Ryan Fitzpatrick yards per attempt is lower than CJ stars. Consider that for a moment think that's that's not that the only person never I guess we have to wait for -- to get ahead of -- and -- the galway ferment that's I don't know and it's just. It doesn't make sense and Paul I wonder look if we're talking about it what about the players right I -- of a few weeks ago a couple weeks ago you know everybody's call and fire lines that the players have lost faith -- -- that one of the players about -- and if you are wondering. -- I never think guys on this day. He's got the ball you know there's that Patrick after the -- saying we gotta get -- more touches -- that the players have to have some -- still. -- Fitzpatrick. That the cute that you look. You hurt do you ever overthrow talked him out of a field at all. And just say you know we rather Tuesday. If he's so no I well I will never Oakland secondary just change -- of the -- -- was it was almost like. No I would never do. You got to -- I think that's part of a healthy coach quarterback relationship. And and and not to say you constantly undercut the coach. But that you should be able to go up to the guy and say you know hey let's gulf port here. In align it IIII don't think -- just take. I don't know maybe that's just me maybe maybe that's not how it's supposed to work I would think I'd want my coach having. My quarterback having an opinion having confidence that they can make a player get something -- or say coach look we need to get the policy stance let's let's let him. -- out there and show all -- Jump up and downing new wave your arms and -- kind of stuff that just go work means sitting here between -- -- you know. But what I don't go for he knows -- and well we're we're sitting on the two yard drive that would not been replaying the best team in the AFC what. But let's let -- go for distress you know put it we just got to drive together what we drove the football down to this point. Finishing the half. It opens up the wallet -- a no no I don't come out they're short assure my biggest jump up and down and you know being an animated about it that there's no reason -- cynical or say -- -- 8030550. Join us then -- -- with -- on WG -- right ahead. Everybody united Arab preferably Agnieszka it would listen to him and his. Speech there. -- colts -- his life right now in fact. Does it this day nothing he would be dislodged early if -- -- really Delaware. Had to -- line. -- -- And what isn't going to let field though he should a look at that first down a touchdown why not throw -- pass into the -- into the end zone you know. This person is a lot. He stated -- -- really got me was when he took British commonwealth since I can make -- what he's telling him. Yeah well he didn't stay that. It's better they do it anymore in this game. Because. The worst. -- -- -- -- -- -- At first the end zone living up in -- that Paul. Because we've we brought a -- and yesterday you know the all the trips inside the reds on the didn't throw a single ball into the end zone and he maintains. The plays were called they had called plays for cracks at the end zone for whatever reason -- protection coverage issues. They they they weren't able to take those shots army that would be more that's on -- is it more than -- -- actually did. Have a play called for them to throw the ball on the -- -- may have checked out. Before the plate and started I mean you may have seen thumping of Alaska would inject out of it. For his reads took in somewhere else. Blows it seems like. As a result we take him to have to pat. Just over the line discouraged and hope somebody breaks that's it and what what frustrates me watching that offense all the time -- its third innate. And that -- for your patents. And it is and that's that -- that's our offense our offenses -- it back -- and let let our guys make place. Well. We're told this you little -- background. And and we we can't make that work what what came in the national football it when the other number one receiver and linebacker cam make that work. I mean it is just and Wade Phillips and you're supposed to overlap and am so well and we've got another developed back -- -- basic answer. Because as you know we've they they're not gonna -- pay for. -- -- -- the break I know I'm late but I did wanna make sure I asked about the injuries what was the if you -- over the news from yesterday. That the most severe -- guess is Aaron Williams right. That is going to be out for at least a couple of weeks so although they did say it's not as severe as they thought it was going to be. So that they were actually thought it was good news that. You know won't be as long. Anderson apparently has set back -- talked Anderson on Friday he was a pretty happy pretty upbeat everything that. He would -- back to what we're seeing a doctor in the may have to have another procedure done. They always said if not he's -- ending if he does have to have another procedure that it's just. You know I'm gonna put them back where he doesn't. Not looking good for this week. To get him in their peers. Can be anywhere from two days two weeks. I guess depending on how he response or whatever so. Is that is totally up in the if felt like Terrence McGee might give it a try this week. -- really doesn't know until we get into Wednesday Thursday practices. Where he's that -- full week off really helped to a lot of whatever so. He was just cautious and in talking about Terrence McGee and mr. -- there. Stevie -- -- in the. -- -- -- Might not practiced Wednesday but he expects him to play on Sunday. Very good. Now the question is where they get the ball OK well thank you mr. Hamilton is always a pleasure chatting football with you -- -- volume today that forum this year.

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