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11/6 Sal Maiorana questions Chan Gailey's decision-making

Nov 6, 2012|

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    stunned by the kings nine to two Anaheim beat Philadelphia for one New Jersey appropriately wins total one that. They beat Edmonton on the same night that Marty broad durst jerseys retired also Dallas beating Minnesota for three in OT Calgary with a 43 win over Toronto in football there were reports that an arrest warrant could be issued for bills running back LeSean McCoy at some point this week after he was involved in a bar fight. Philadelphia police have reportedly completed their investigation into the alleged nightclub assault. Of two of the city's off duty police officers and in college basketball UB falls to Toledo. For updates at the top and bottom of every hour or right I'm Matthew Collin WGR Sports Radio
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    that certainly earned it 803055188. By 52 bucket you wanna get back. Trent dilfer's comments on cam Newton's post game. Are interesting and new and quoted Vince Lombardi. Fatigue with the wrong way to that next and a beach here.
    I applaud him for not panic you go back to 2005 when Peyton Manning lawlessness and it was a divisional playoff game. Made one comment decree criticized protection of his team he's still regrets those comments. Trent Dilfer speaking audience in radio he goes on to say after that. He's still regrets those comments to this day and talks about regretting saying that after the 05 divisional game he said. Let's just say we had some protection issues and try to be good team it puts it waited report. And Dilfer says that it was that. Comment sticking with Peyton Manning's speaking to him a little bit. That let Manning to be. He said he he changed he wanted to then beat the best teammate he put that. It was until 2005. That loss that post game comment. The Manning decided. I can't do that anymore I've got to be the best possible teammate and I'm gonna pride myself on being that best team so. You know for anyone saying that Cam Newton might have to mature. Maybe you are right. And Peyton Manning went through very similar process that in 2005. Learn a lesson and changed the way he approached him losses in post game press. I do think you can learn a lot from post game press conferences about a player about a person. I'm not sure you can really take much away from a Super Bowl loss when a guy's facing that after what he had just gone through in the level of frustration. I do give him credit like Trent Dilfer for not making excuses and not trashing teammates. Because if he had gone into a full analysis of everything that went wrong
    story's plot for many people's decided before the outcome and hypothetically. If Cam Newton and got up to his post game press conference exude in confidence will be back. We didn't play our a game we

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This football season. Our current or reply and I won't. We are happy we're all act as an article this week on your favorite quote from the season to this point and it is aptly point you can always go back and highlight the best -- the season. Well you're absolutely right here at topic. Yippee you're here. The Ivy -- cookies every day with the way. What highway -- -- out if the bill hadn't missed the playoffs thirteen straight years -- agent would be grain. Having ulcers all of his departure ships were fifty. And it's very very flustered hired and I know you guys are tired of it and I know you've been hammering -- the last couple days. And it's solidly what I wrote this warning that really is the first time you. And I out of -- -- Gailey got IIII like kept going into this year I thought they are moving in the right direction. And yet what happened on day really was the tipping point me with Gailey I lost they -- bat not a that was the most. -- and I accept -- prop problems. Asking her questions and listening to the response to why. They were spread formation and he's got all our party why they hit debt. Because you want that Ortiz. You can't beat you could chuck green just because they equate a street or while -- in -- street Y. You could make an adjustment that that would really really. Partly to meet the lightning. And I'm really start the question now what it's got to do anything I'm will be orchestrated. You and I I agree Pol Pot Hamilton and I were talk about the salad with you I mean if you wanted to -- guy whatever term you wanna use for me -- yeah I think. I think it started around him the Arizona game I said that I was angry they won the game and I remember writing a column how I was angry after a win tonight. You know brought up all the things that that he did that I didn't like in just since that it is that list is getting longer and longer and I guess. The frustrating part of it is is that we're back to where we always are we're sitting here talking about it's time to find a new coach. And you know if you wanna start breaking down buddy nix is perhaps we can start talking about how the -- haven't worked out the way I thought there were going to either and it's like you're right back to where where another GM another. Coach other quarterback other rebuilding and it -- it's that it's it's never ending cycle. Yet here I communicated Irene and and in -- typical point last week and he's right. You can't keep starting over three years which is what this stretch I have done it with the collapse duct tape plots. And I understand what you're that they got a problem pick the right I don't want. I mean really how are finding the right coach and get that they've ordered eight they've failed every time they've done it I mean. I am the problem the problem we all know. There's bit off what is truly graveyard for coaches there's nothing desirable. About coming apocalypse and we -- buffalo -- your. Common NATO -- a -- all my life. People don't wanna come near being a football coach adults and what the -- being -- or your goal at this stadium is in disrepair and yeah. It's just not a desirable situation and if you and let's face it if they do it that fire Richard -- And maybe -- survive I don't know what are ridiculous status will be. You have to -- An apple all run and it probably going to be pure locked but he doesn't. Even -- the -- has waited too. Maybe -- hotshot college coach who actually does know what you do when it comes in here and can turn it around -- for the opening in the air well but I can they don't really. -- -- -- Who want to come to block well it take on the app with what they have all the it is -- I don't see it happening so what are we don't wanna wait till. While I was sick about this yesterday Mike likable -- we're talking about micro bring up -- I tuned in in the middle of the conversation was something about Italian -- not relevant. -- -- never even mentioned on like network games unless it's like Dallas is on its failures Brian Mormon who was cut by the bills and I was thinking but it's not the network's fall mellowed at all. They're willing to this year was the were you know Colin coward who's been you know buffalo. What basher and against Tennessee say pick the bills is his breakout -- in the AFC John Clayton still defends -- Peter King thought I mean. It was across the country everyone thought they'd be much better and that's that's why I'm I'm I'm -- and their -- around thinking for years we always thought well it's not the worst franchise in the league with the alliance for awhile. Or maybe it was the raiders or maybe it was the Bengals and now they've made the playoffs or maybe now it's. Maybe -- the jaguars who knows but you know with with everything you just said Sally and -- The GM might be the wrong guy the coach I think it's the wrong guy the owner of the stadium believes the future of the quarterback the defense isn't as good -- and to sit around we it has to be like the -- -- it's not 32 it's 31 when it comes the laughingstock franchises or one or two I should say laughingstock franchise -- and -- place nobody wants to go. Yeah you're right it does feel like -- Dario were recorded during this weekend you know -- premier. Year after year here or there while the bill. Late Tom -- -- -- it looks like it's a different week it really looks like the patriots play in the major leagues and bought what was Tripoli -- You know we -- with -- like a regular dry in five and older to get an extra looks really uptight Peter came in your division. -- you can't compete with the team -- division. You know what needed to open and used in taxes and the Baltimore Ravens or whoever they can always feel. Like the -- are a lot or below every almost every team -- -- -- states. I don't know -- our best 32 team you know now they are up from the same poor kids in college they pretty much all the wall. Coaching candidate it's it's really baffling I don't when you guys why this team can't get it right what how as cap figure. I don't I don't care what their draft for the last three years. I mean I'll look at accurately probably gonna be bought. I'm not really give up a Marcel -- what are barbarians done to -- -- -- -- pixel art and -- last year get a good. The year but on the top five guy mantra out. Why didn't go to Pro -- as a rookie. Certainly not going the Cold -- this year what what are they actually. I had that schemes so deficient. In evaluate talent both on the field and in the coaching it's really real frustrating. Let me ask you this that would get your book -- I want to mention the book you have out about the sabres. Who knows what will happen with the coaching buddies said the other day he's not plan on changing coaches but it's the -- team at the owner gets angry and wants a coaching change the B a coaching change but when you look at. The team how much of his coaching in terms of fixing whatever the heck went wrong. Is their talent there's foul and it's bad coaching or do you think it's a combination of that coach again we have all over -- the talent on this roster. Well I think it's -- combination power but you know I've always dim -- if you follow it all looked in the at all. I've usually been about players I mean it's I know what -- -- very important. Obviously there but took me. I always go back to it but if the player on the field who were dropped it after overthrowing receivers are taught to -- on you. You know -- blocks whatever. You know -- -- it obviously that you eat though they put you in the right position and make plays and -- scheme called out. I always thought that the players I have violate any even a built in particular and what state that they do not have and -- Star quality players to get it done -- got orbital flight with Patrick in the lower hurt a oh quarterbacks we Balkan agree about now. They've got a pretty good running backs obviously. I don't Jeremy -- BP I'm not a big Stevie jobs and then -- probably could be convinced. Chair beside Stevie if you had a real quarterbacks on the ball and maybe you're right they can work really excel. In that situation beyond -- they have not. Thought that the wind is pretty good at it they get help -- by the fact that the accurate quote quickly and that on defense. I don't know what it would be I really don't they've got guys who have the -- and they have the pedigree and solid part. It's not -- out though I think they've really number 11 and foremost they Arctic if you're in the top level talent. You know the cartel that support issue to content per playoff record doctor -- would make the playoffs. -- full time job is covering the bills for the Democrat and chronicle that can be a little bit on the depressing side so. Went down needs to pick his spirits up he writes a book that'll cheer him up and wanna talk about the book you got out now because it's perfect. Timing with the holiday season coming up 100 things sabres fans should know and do before they die talk about the book in the -- you have the question of what what what I should do before I -- Other that while -- the Stanley Cup around the guys. Yeah let it be nice to public -- get back the plan that would be they'll. Quote it's great to try it looks. Called me last year they did it that -- -- series of books and one powered. NFL hockey stick with basketball and other baseball. But the good news column and ask into the sabres looked. Restraint that -- -- -- -- the liberals -- but I said he asked who they would love to do with favorite book ever about the bill -- I don't need the aggravation itself. The book out what are -- is basically a collection of 100. -- their sabres and you know what do. And it's a collection of the that the greatest players in team history -- its -- greatest incidence. And then should do part of it is. How do you get involved with the franchise is besides -- -- of the -- so you don't -- a public statement like. I actually like play in the street hockey at the board go to the other favorite alumni functions are -- hockey all -- -- are the it's kind of a weird guy. To each individual -- that the books are about. I know you gotta have a book signing in Greece on Friday night are you planning any book signings involved in the buffalo area. Yeah LB at the although all over Barnes and Noble's. Where they transit. -- in whatever but wherever they are simply out there. I think in this number on it that they could someplace else and have a lot -- thought I had put. I will be there signing and talking favorite icon talks over I'll believe it or not. And the bush is the book out now for our you know purchase is it out at stores and never occurred. It's an historic now I'm in Ottawa and obviously they haven't done. It almost -- -- get into the e-book to left thanks for your Kindle or fear iPad. I will deadlock and mean you know you got kids that a foreign mills college and all that stuff so you know good luck with the book -- Our our throat yeah thanks hang in there but it it. O'Meara and with -- from the ruptured Democrats.

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