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WGR550>Topics>>Aaron Schatz Sizes Up the Pats for Buffalo

Aaron Schatz Sizes Up the Pats for Buffalo

Nov 6, 2012|

from w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- we're giving you a little extra room with this this week. Happy Election Day -- C'mon now. -- hope they'll step into the stereotype. Aren't -- that -- is fond of Election Day I always I always was me I'd also like it for that the answer ending. -- on the fact that OK first ball I -- fond of the fact the aberrant. Because. He's your New Hampshire is or less. All all all all. I mean I'm happy for the fact that Massachusetts you don't have to wait a lot more credit and it. But. You -- not you know I like politics and all that but. The biggest thing from you stack this year it is hold -- stat person -- the argument the happening is not a sport Yates over all the children having that politics. Yeah yeah like do you feel. The Nate Silver thing your you know your. Familiar with them obviously maybe even work Arnaud are well equipped and are you feeling a kinship here watching this happen in a parallel situation -- By doing -- deal and yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Because. People having a lot of the same responses. That. They have two watts. First of all the accusations of audience. You know. Of course -- accusations of don't buy it will only come from the people who feel that being biased against not the people look nobody buys work. I mean I get the same thing people think I'd like this and apple TR 8% to LP. The fact that some people -- just. -- ad hominem attacks that you know. That he's too thin area and a minute or so whatever. That's totally like you know you look at your mom's -- it can't get a girl I also like it. He ought. -- -- senate. The football outsiders -- The football side -- the writers are proud to be accused of being a homosexual in the nasty language possible. So you know that's that's out there and have to do that. And then the other is. Legitimate. There are legitimate. Complaints about my step to legitimately think you can question about what IQ and there are legitimate complaints -- -- -- to. From -- 80% of the criticism of this site has been. The other -- the biased up yet -- to. For folks who don't know Nate silver's crunch some numbers and in -- Ralph Nader's going to be met president I don't know for folks who don't work -- well yeah. What what are you got probability just like what IQ probabilities you know I mean when I say eighteen Texaco and it's impossible. That doesn't mean the other team actually I absolutely say the other team can't win it. And the same goes for his prediction for the presidential race although he has -- -- now Obama winning. As a much bigger percentage than we had the patriots winning the Super Bowl in 2000 -- itself. You and Robert rock I'm not one he might be proven wrong on this one out well. How speaking of the odds. One quarter where the bill for the bills' playoff odds -- -- -- in their record. And their remaining schedule and how we -- What the tiniest unit of measurement you can. -- Millimeters bowed out ball that they are. We have them. I know we are not dot ball actually get them my 2%. And the reason why we have not that small you might expect is because. The SE. Second wild card just no -- -- right now. Partly because we -- we Indianapolis is not as good as there has director. So. You know we still upload -- 9% shot the -- 12%. Miami airport corporate. A lot of teams that could get that second wild cards it's it's so long shot the greens in 2727. To twenty that this. -- granting -- to Pittsburgh. Yet we have this pretty amazing. Right now our playoff -- important I -- he missed it with over 90% chance to play Austria. I look back the last three years in the last three years at the same time we had three team. Or eighteen and six teams projected in the playoffs with a 9% of the overall cure is not. -- This has this is based on based on their rating and our stat sit on the remaining schedule based on what it -- losses are right now. So -- -- that the point we have not had a playoff spots basically -- up into more than a close. You know it we were predicting election would have won tossup state. Carl we also study group second if you want cards. Does it mean any thing or is it a fluke. I think you just look at this here it worked out. But it certainly means something going forward your team in the senate seat that is one of the teams were predicting that the playoffs. You change to the late in the White House really love. I mean we sort of -- a coming down to. Seattle. Dallas. Detroit Minnesota but the second wildcard in the NFC the Seattle a little receptive are. These campuses to win that division. And it Seattle in that division that was the probably -- the wild card. And you don't so we have high chances in the playoffs were New England Pittsburgh and Baltimore Houston -- Giant Chicago. Atlanta and Tampa is now. Errant shots of football outsiders dot com -- those students a Green Bay. Our green. Green Bay as the Pittsburgh -- -- -- I don't think I don't need to be cute here thinking when you mentioned Indianapolis. Maybe not being as good as the perception and or the record. That might be eighteen you'd get email about because there's that there's an inspirational story along side with in Indianapolis this year. But pragmatically. Let's hear about them the bills will see them and if they are to make it interesting this year. Perhaps that deem will be -- you know very important game it seems like it would be. Yes it did -- look it in the next couple but the New England that's hard this week and right I mean. Shown that -- all be able to be in personal impressions bills next week but it. At the top. But after that Miami Heat they can do that indeed Jacksonville Saint Louis that -- all winnable games they could go on Iran if they could figure out what the heck is wrong with. Yeah I didn't -- beat Miami. It was known that the Miami it before six with Indianapolis probably there at six and poor pocket 500 that might be pretty important and it. I know -- racial story inspirational stories or not. But it's not my job June you know. Support inspirational story I sort of expert and but he felt it would create typical eight the playoffs. But I don't think it's like. They were quick on India -- biggest story to you is Reggie Wayne's season MM Sherlock and the Taylor he has works right into that -- Wayne has had a resurgent year. Yeah -- -- out it that we go to. I'm telling you something which is in part of his drop last year what was that they had no quarterbacks. We can't really blame them for that. -- -- -- amount content only have a report I am but by our staff last year even with terrible quarterback. You still slightly above that which -- So we're -- to be pretty good this year is not that I put up much of a compact. The thing is that the agent wide receivers if they're really hard to figure out because sometimes they make it disappear gradually. We like Jerry Rice did and other times they just settle all of a clip. We will -- it. By the way Arens speaking of receiver Stevie Johnson here. That -- distribute the whole thing. The all 22 this year is more people. In including media. A better chance to see how all the -- is for receivers for defense of action notice. And -- to some including -- here and some of our our guys Stevie Johnson is in short open all the time. Do you run. You remedy that -- Do you have any different way of analyzing receivers from this surges like give us something on Stevie Johnson did to show fans well how good he is really. Unfortunately. We don't have the manpower at this point. To mark on every play would be all 22 whether I actually opener. I don't cavity stats to will tell you that he struck league because they're not -- him or whatever. Whether -- open all the -- these cops fewer than 50% of targeted past. But like I mean I'll be their next week so obviously she is open. Not to New England is the greatest secondary to compared against. You know I I don't I don't have any indication that it doesn't force that we just don't have the manpower actually just watched -- ultimately to track. When guys are -- and they're not going to I would love to do. Yeah -- -- while we're here how lomb. Where where is his quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in your I mean your rankings so far this year. I think I've got four quote Fitzpatrick a little bit -- however actual second and I watch that. We have -- We have to Patrick -- Seventy. So that's pretty much in the middle right. But I would tell. You know I don't know -- -- fans are with exactly how you go about doing it but I I I'm I'm pleasantly surprised I'm not surprised he's that high. Touchdown. Touchdown passes you know. President that we have their offenses that average. Basically you know. All right errant shot for -- problem sir. From football outsiders to tell us about doing that we know -- your team and you know them as well as any other team better may be just. With that the points you've made in the past about. The secondary we talked about to -- last week. How does this team strike you. And we saw in -- we saw the first game between these two we saw that bill to -- on the first out. Built app on the findings first -- All. You know. That big the big change for the patriots will be when they can get to leave on the field to see what that brings but that's not this week. And the built -- have to deal with him which means you know I could still be able to just keep -- concrete -- secondary LD Lamar. I also don't see any way that they stopped the patriots are running the ball constant. You wanna give us all right sorry yeah that that was the story that first game. And I I've heard enough for the stance that they are they not leading the league in rushing attempts. The patriots. I don't know what they're leading the league knew -- -- but there I mean you know that they're running a lot more than they have in recent years that's for sure. -- before you go Philadelphia such a big. Topical team around the league -- can you give us from a a stats. Perspective if they really are what basically most people are saying about them. Bad badly leaving. That badly badly I'm glad that at the end of the summer before the season started we. We get some adjustments to a tree -- previews. Projections and we ended up project predicting the giants to -- -- position instead the Eagles. They are massively under performing the 26 in offense and our ratings. They're fourteenth in defense the defense has declined over the last few weeks offensive and that's for the whole season. It just kept -- at that want to I mean as far as possible. They're just playing badly and I think that you know sometimes. He even the best coaches comes into the vocal line and I keep it just sort of got to -- got overall interest -- him. Aron enjoy yourself at the game on Sunday we'll talk about it next week. It thank you very much -- shots weekly with -- Tuesday's four from football outsiders dot com I've got New England fourth in rushing -- sorry. But still it's New England. Right I mean how do you think bundling you know that is team on the ball crazy you think about the -- team that -- you. And this year to have them fourth in rushing attempts. The bills game was not any kind of aberration for you there one. How're you doing. Both -- view. Here on Election Day with social media you enjoy.