WGR550>Topics>>11/7 Russ Brandon breaks down what it is like going through such a difficult time during this Bills stretch in the season

11/7 Russ Brandon breaks down what it is like going through such a difficult time during this Bills stretch in the season

Nov 7, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- soured and Jeremy happy after Election Day Dario. Hey guys are you don't did you did you make it all night into the post game show last night -- to doze off at around 1030 wondering what happened in Virginia Florida and Ohio like -- a sort of saw how it was -- and so I decided noticeably. And they could still see everything you need to this morning anyway after it. On -- Russ I'm depressed you got to cheer me up this. You can try to cheer me up to the left -- up -- Well I do have some suggestion but I know that's gonna -- -- and I. I'm sure you guys do you know we start with that you know you're the CEO our rights that we get we get this phone call. And I will relate to you and it's not one person is just the typical. Let's say this vocal take the CE LYK you fire fill in the blank guy right so you are CEO right what can you do. Well I think one of the things that it is interest in women when it comes of that and I know you guys are aware. How different teams are structured and and I think where you'll find many teams in the NFL are structured very similar to how we are. And that's you know as a CEO my responsibility. Is to the organization of business administration. In really the day to day operation. And obviously our report directly to mr. Wilson. The general manager. Also reports body were also reports. Mr. Wilson in he's in charge of the football operation. The 53 man rosters and coaching staff. And everything related to personnel. And in our structures very similar to if you look at our division. The jets with mark Tannenbaum is in general manager in -- -- the president. The dolphins might diss the president. -- wireless general manager in their structure to -- the same way because the football operation reports -- to the owner and and that's how we're structured currently. And and that's how we run our business and I think that if you looked cross leave its majority a majority -- clubs do. In the business side go to the elements in the football I just kill us -- all due respect sir. Well you know it goes hand in hand and we certainly. You know mr. Wilson has a great pulse on the organization he always has you know I've reported mr. Wilson for sixteen years I've been here. And he's very focused on I'm every element of the business. And and it's always really we've always been structured that way guys. With the exception when Tom Donahoe was in charge back when Jumbo it was a GM and I ran the business suit it was a very similar to how we do now. You'll like this is a better. The setup is that most of the league has it set up this way you think yeah I mean if you look at it you know even in Houston last reported play their their structured exactly the same we are and you know really when you know we talked a lot about this you know a few years ago when. There was a clamoring to have a football general manager here NH actually guys at that time. The structure was very similar to how it is now. They -- ran the business but. And Tom motor was running in the draft and in running all personnel on which our guy. The only difference that was you know coach Ron also directly reported to me owner. And and now we have body in here who does that handles everything and the football sides so. You know obviously. Where we we all know we're not where we wanna be you know Ryan and you know I'm very upfront with you guys about that whether fans. Feel the pain that everyone here in the organization does this is this is no fun. You know to be sitting here at the halfway point in the position that -- but all you can do is buckle up your bootstraps and and fight for the last eight games -- and hopefully have a different outcome that's that's what we're focused. Russ Brandon Willis here on WGR Russell asked about mr. -- a little bit that this week. Bud Adams came out and basically read the riot act everybody in Tennessee. And the owner in Jacksonville came out and and and -- did something like that you know to the fans that they were gonna get this done gonna work are gonna fix this. And I don't know what you can or can't tell me I mean I don't coaches are vague about injuries -- merger with CEOs will say about on yourself but. You know we we haven't. I don't think we've seen a public appearance of mr. Wilson perhaps since the hall of fame. Ceremony. Is he okay it. Is -- on top of the organization is what I mean. Is very much on top of the organization Howard you know I talked mr. Wilson all the time it's not every day body talks to him every day. You -- converse is with him much during the course of the week. He's he's very involved up to speed on everything. And you know in that same really it is the same position and I've always been since I've been here in the organization he's very involved. I guess and I don't know how much -- it would really accomplished I guess some I'm wondering like you know. If I can hear a statement or something from the owner he's I would assuming I coaching and the other day said he's not happy but I guess side. I wanna hear kind of like a Bud -- like put everybody on notice. Well you know as you guys know mr. Wilson very passionate about this football team and and he's is in slight chance said you know he's not happy and then. And understandably so. But we else you know our our focuses on the next week. And in the you know how coaches were coming we have they go from one week to the next and that's how they have to bear to live in Mexico owned. And you know obviously as a CEO of the club I'm well aware of what's being said out in the marketplace and and the fans are upset the media is upset. But you need you everyone needs to know that everyone that works over here is equally as upset. Because you know that this is not wider in the business here in the business to win games. And it's been far too long. We made a lot of investments coming in this year not only would bring in Mario Mark Anderson which is well documented. But trying to keep the core this team together with all the signings that we made. During the season last year and as we entered free agency and obviously keep and a guy like Stevie Johnson. How do you sell tickets she said you'd you know your your role is to worry about the business side you have a primetime game coming up. A week from tomorrow against the Miami Dolphins. First off. Is again going to be sold out I'm sure but he wants an awful to be blacked out or not. Well we're making significant progress and where and when you say how hard we sell tickets in -- we have a very large ticket office here who. Works at every day and -- we've had a lot of success over the past few weeks in selling tickets are not only the Miami game but to some of the games later in December. And been aware -- we've got about 2000 tickets left. But we're very confident that the game will be done and primetime Tuesday. How come music you've had a lot of success in recent weeks selling including the December games what do you oh that -- really it's really you know a combination of what our ticket office does but also. You know Howard it's our fans are unbelievable in the passion that they have. You know we work at every day but you can't get there if you don't have the fans have backed you up and we've been very fortunate and over the past decade is whose world document we've talked about maritimes. To be in the position that weren't. It's it's not easy and you know hopefully people some people in -- -- others it's doom and gloom out there. Have but some people understand the fact that were really. Our game out of out of first place if we win this weekend and there's a lot of holes -- if we go unless they came to the air -- you mentioned. Doom and gloom I mean -- let me backtrack for a gets it to that what kind of feedback do you personally get from fans and do you respond to emails phone calls letters. You respond all that stuff. I do I get a lot of feedback. You know whether I'm walking into the coffee shopper. In the local supermarket are really January -- especially in my kids' games. You know everyone has a comment but I will say that what amazes me is that is the most were fans are always you know hang in their positive. You know constructive feedback. Sometimes but you know we get everyone here. I get a lot of emails a lot of notes and in a lot of phone calls and and try to speak to everyone possible and our staff does as well. And you know there's a lot of times people just wanna. You know there one event and and I don't blame on one event I've -- better -- them. But everyone here one bills drive -- from our fans and you know -- and our customer service partner ticket office on and so forth -- you know we really work hard at that. I suppose you can't as the CEO -- but you can't have days we wonder if this is ever gonna end but do you ever have those day Israel like you are under a long time and you've seen some winning. But lately -- it hasn't been an idea that you wonder like when you're ever gonna get out of this cycle. Well you know I try to remain optimistic as well as everyone here and in the front office does. Because it's what we do. Is that difficult on Mondays after tough losses of course it is. But you know it's. Get ready for the next game. Putting on that don't show that we have to put on -- Ralph Wilson Stadium. You know that remains -- focus in as I've mentioned on her time as much of a fan is our fans are out there and and I sure we share and a disappointment. But I also. The don't think about the time when we can have this turned around have some sustained winning. Keep working too hard towards our goals and understand that there's no better place to work in the NFL the buffalo because -- passion -- fan base. And when that lights which goes on. And it goes to the way we all want to go -- nothing better. Russ Brandon bill CEO this course the bill to place Sunday in New England our coverage begins at 7 o'clock with pregame show is they take on the patriots. How do you guys handled it and when I think you guys I don't mean just. The business side at the football side the players the staff everybody around there it is. As you know -- it's bad and this is really depressing this week the Tennessee game I think started it. And and you know the questions about Spiller again six carries and all the stuff this week people are really going off the deep end and not about -- and play calling. When it when it gets this bad. With the negativity from the fans and the media how old does it affect the day to day life at one bills drive and hollow I guess. I don't players will say hey I don't listen to the shows and read the paper how do you guys make sure it doesn't negatively impact your football field performance when he gets as bad. Well -- -- question because. I I know you probably don't believe it but those guys really don't listen -- -- what John Edwards Greg never had a television so yeah that's on it and these guys and in our coaches as you know we get here in the dark and we leave in the dark. And our coaches are very insulated. You know and what they're trying to achieve. Players truly very few of them if any do listen. To the noise that's out there when it's going well also. You know it's very routine businesses you know. Now I will say. I will say I'm on the front office cited from media aside you know personal and his whole group. There's lesson of this stuff all the what can pass the message about getting the ball to sell our and I somebody should be less than tennis -- and headed guy who is in my role and all of our senior people here -- our staff of course we. We understand it hear it. You know I I hear a lot from fans so. I those -- tea conversations and dialogue but. You know coaches and players are so routine that they they're very focused on the task at hand. And that's really -- you go about it really the bunker mentality. Could you do me a favor. I don't know where your offices in proximity to chants both right next store right next door beautiful -- could write too down just a few times today. Walked by the front of you don't want I don't know a -- and you know is it just quickly like Heidi I mean not like really blatant runs you didn't like could I just keep going like if you plant. Now I think you guys very did them Monday we're trying to but he got he doesn't listen suffice. -- -- Well yeah -- record being a journalist in me there so god get me beat out those guys are mean there there -- so focused on what they do wanna. On a day to day basis and that's like we -- you know coaches coach and and GM's -- of the. Personnel but you know that's part of the frustration Iran not telling anything you don't know that's part of the frustration you know the fan base within a point. Fans will -- we're like Gregg Williams wasn't it for somebody and then it. You know picture Ron and Michael Larkin and it seems like this game. Like I thought it for me Russ it's really weird. I I think Jim's done a good job for the most part -- on these last three games on back to Arizona it seems like each week. Something happens or there's a philosophy that I disagree with I think. For a lot of people. In -- not gonna tell me yet you know you're right we're gonna fire again but for a lot of people Sunday this Spiller is an electric football player. And the fact that there were 57 offensive snaps and maybe your best single offensive weapon. Had six carries was like a breaking point for a lot of fans there's no question -- -- dispensing. Yet no I think that you know one of the things says is positive for you guys in the relationship that we all you know with with your group. Is that you get to directly have that dialogue we don't with the coach and with the champ. And it in and get answers from them and -- whether you agree with number you don't. In the -- you have. Some insight to write what they were thinking about so I think that is somewhat positive. I agree and you know what the sad thing is it's now turning into a negative but I agree with what she said the premise because. I made and I said maybe that's one of the reasons why I didn't have this feeling about -- the last two years because we didn't come on the show on Monday is now. When you have that one on one with them and we get an idea of how he feels about field goal attempts in two minute or two minute offense and you know. -- two point conversions and all these different things now you hear it first and the like I don't agree with this this and this and I'd like changes your judgment on somebody. What at this point -- three and five and I know you guys as -- and organization a look at say hey you're still -- it in eastern in the playoff picture what positives. Do you think the football side can try and build on -- -- tries to keep the -- from mope around a feeling sorry for themselves what positives do you think he's trying to build on this well. You know that's -- -- things you just mention it is the one thing that gives you hope and some determination movement forward is being in this building and seeing. Our players go about their business. There hasn't been any had dropping from opening within the organization. Have been very pleased just to see the focus of these guys have. The belief that they that they have. And and that's what we don't know we talked about this last week and that really comes on the leadership among some of the veterans. Knowing that you know when you look back at how the NFL structured. And you look at. You know team like the giants last year -- Six and seven or wherever there were a player away from being out the playoffs and and then next thing you know they're in the playoffs and and they go on obviously when the Super Bowl but. No one that. You're still in it until someone tells you are viewed -- your mathematically eliminated. And we know that these last eight games need to be far. Far better than our first day. I we'll have a cup men's lesson with the update portion of our weekly segment with you what's going -- what Toronto. Same same story haven't a move forward haven't been up in the marketplace. -- too busy down here so hopefully here in the next few weeks be up there and try to wrap that up. So you still talking -- yet nothing's finalized with the guys you know there's violence at this point but you are still anticipating an agreement what we do anticipated -- -- and we've made some good progress. You know over. The last month or so. But we have nothing to report on on a new deal. You had mentioned last time we talk that the about this extensively with you about the number of games it would be played is it still. More one regular season home game or is there a possibility of multiple regular season home games up there on the same calendar year. I'm pretty confident on the that the focus of the -- Agreement will be very similar to how it is now of -- -- still. And again we've had good progress but we've also been. Very aware acutely aware of the issues that are going on downstate -- and and that of course music either focus right now and and no we're gonna let that be the focus -- for the time may dip well stated no reason to push that -- it is not in the big scheme of things that those leases. Not important compared to what your status dealing with -- for an agreement tomorrow. -- -- is always for your time good luck on Sunday I forgot to mention this are you going to watch the Syracuse game on the ship. A second -- going to -- -- -- -- -- that's right now I'm in Germany and hired them tickets I thought they could fly out and I think I have a seat on the deck of the history you know. Net net actually intervene are going out and and we're gonna check -- on nine it's generally something out right in the news it is something that you are -- veteran they're kind of busy -- you know -- Not once analyst Howard cocoa and you -- I was going I'm just trying to hit little levity with my viewing mode right after that event at a thanks guys thanks trust doctors in Russell Brand bill CEO joining this year.

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