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11/7 Joe Buscaglia gives his mid-season evaluation of the team

Nov 7, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We say Joseph -- how you doing. Well Rory does -- whispered -- don't -- and you allowed just got a hangover it was first no. No power no it -- yes responsibilities. Are number. The magic words that I think last night his responsibilities to go one night leave of absence happy belated birthday. Thank you -- I appreciate their. I'm 45 what he's saying you know 45. Or rewrite or greater -- six children I'd get up there. Now I just try to hang on. -- game -- the eight. Okay whatever someone says how young they are is like the flashback to that year where -- wasn't what I was doing at that time so I did it thank you I was their Joseph through bars to law through the through a window. And Gillette a unit was -- for it Joseph threw it well he -- you guys all know it. When Joseph gets drunk he gets it just don't even know the nearly quotas as birthdays. Did you -- not where you have all in Batavia downs -- have a little bit too much to drink to try to hop on one of the horses it was really out of control. -- was a senior generals currently -- group therapy well there -- no word where in talk shows you don't care about facts we just put stuff all right sounds good plays don't bog us down with or miniscule details. I gave up 305 it to just about everything out of the way okay. It because well actually two things one it's November which is typical this time a year has bills fans. And you're the last two games we've been talking more I've been talking more about the draft. And -- -- Virginia has a feature espn.com. If the draft were held tomorrow. And he has a breakdown of each team and who they would take with their first pick. I know the guy is doesn't really matter Joseph he's got taken some wide receiver from Baylor. Does he not watched the bills play when our teams why when he puts his -- up together. Yeah I I don't know I think. And I think he's that I could see that feature to that he did have quarterback will host its second for some reason. I think it would go away and why is a good quarterback linebacker. But no how about that he. It ended -- blow it wide receiver quarterback. That -- well. I don't. No YCBS that as a I mean I'm sure he hasn't. Hate to close attention to do to the -- this season over him. He is I would assume these kind of busy watching him go -- ball pretty heavily throughout the weakened. Perhaps over here a few NFL games that we excel. I'm not really sure why that you -- less wide receivers without me because it's not. I guess I I hope I just say jump my problem is if you're gonna do it. Wireless wide receiver when it doesn't matter who if you have the wide receiver what's the point you don't have a quarterback to get the ball anyway. Right exactly so that's why they need they need to address tech quarterback position first. First and foremost of anything on the -- to -- on offense. That the first road so popular -- draft you have to believe it's going to be a quarterback just based on. Distaste over the production that added loving support gay. Through -- guy in place in its. It's -- -- even one up pennies there of them than I have Opel is -- except but. But if they work. -- they don't go quarterback I think it would probably be defense more than anything I don't think it would -- -- first round -- our receiver if they can't properly utilized in just like he said. Joseph with a C and Paul be out of stadium today getting everybody covered for the bills patriots the injury updates all the news of the day. I get to injuries in a moment and talk about the roster -- yesterday Joseph but I wanted to ask you about our topic. At the midway point of the season what's the biggest surprise for you what's what or who is the biggest surprise what or who would be the biggest disappointment to this point. Well I think I'll start with the letter of the biggest disappointment this season has spanned. The overall lack of success of the peace and I don't think that there are. Her with questions will be because you know it's it is there -- say that when when you were shut up earlier. Well I'm sure the defense as well earlier this ball. That this is that. This is a defense that a lot of people believed in coming here and they have a lot of young pieces. That they believe. We're going to. We're going to go out and be able to help this team win right now and those young pieces are -- -- well. Quarter Williams just entered help but he has been. Has that -- good Kelvin Sheppard has been average. It means that they have I don't Brad and at their house so he's been. And then put it -- but also weak at times. You have -- of satellite which. Which really hasn't been able to stop many people. And so this is I believe that would be the most disappointing -- of this team so far and that really sure that anything else comes close. To be perfectly honest with you. The biggest surprise of the -- that. We'll see. But probably have to go -- But probably have to go with how -- well the offensive line has played again this season. And four out of the five pieces being as solid as they are. Putting it up rookie left tackle it and being as it's as consistent as he's been. I hadn't you know looked feature re having another great year -- -- -- coming into his own this year I think. And the play of the four of the five offensive linemen have really been pretty pretty solid so far and so this is I think that that would public customize my surprise. Peter John mentioned I was reading a piece of football outsiders. It's an espn.com but I think it's an insider piece and it's what's wrong with the bills defense. And they know they do all stuff about Mario Williams though they said he graded out better in Houston. But. Point -- bring up his starts. The talk about a hole in the middle of the defense of -- the bills are allowing opposing runners to gain five point seven yards per carry. In the middle of their defense up the middle no team has finished a season worst in this statistic since 1951. Even if we limit teams to their first eight games. As buffalo has played only one defense -- the 1970 merger with this bad. And their point is that Darius has been an even bigger let down the Mario Williams what are your thoughts about the. Well I think Marshall -- has progressed in a few different games. While I didn't exactly see his game against Houston. -- -- There have been games this year where it just really hasn't worked out him and when you're talking about the two defensive tackles what Kyle Williams does. Mostly is the U focuses. You know penetrated the backfield and and and getting back here during the quick jump up to step in and disrupting things why are so sorry this is more of you know kind of you know plug the gap. That really. -- -- The types that. Player that Kyle Williams is but he's more of a guy that it should. You know either pushed back -- The line of scrimmage a little bit or don't stick hold that line of scrimmage and and try and straight through -- and be able -- Stickers are about potentially bring down bulk carrier there. Or at very least open up open up the hole from the linebacker get there as well so I think Dario has struggled. At play -- this year. There bird it's not bad as good at this season as it was last here. I don't want to discount the fact that that he did lose his brother -- on -- earlier in the season and I don't you know that's the got a but it talks they will be become actual and so I don't want to -- that part of that. He has regressed at times this is that but he also has pretty good about is the Arizona game Arizona was was fairly different and so. So there and there'll be times where you see him go up and down this season but. You know. I think. If he doesn't get it turned around. And become a consistent week -- week out player by next year that's when we construct to be really concerned but -- right now he's still young player. -- do about it that you are so -- lose 21 years old when when he got hit with the bills so he's still a very young football player and still probably learning so. Sure there's there's more that. That it will be alerting him in terms of consistency and etiquette oh. They -- a question about -- I I know -- we brought I brought him up with you recently in and and in the answer was really isn't much of an option behind him but. In terms of how he's playing. Second year guy you don't even have a full season under his belt -- you know last year no with a lock -- no off season workouts and all that stuff. But in getting back to what about targets in the middle of the defense in the runs and how much is Doris how much is shepherd. -- another guy who you just don't notice very much and the middle linebacker should be involved. In a lot of plays around the ball a lot and he doesn't seem to be I don't notice him enough so. I know the options are there but just specifically talking about Shepperd good at and shepherd bad what are you seeing so far for him this season. Well I think. Anytime we talk about it Dave Wannstedt defense you always stick about the middle linebackers and those people and as well. And those guys usually to back up to statistics and and they're pretty good at at putting -- stop at the line of scrimmage or just a couple yards doubles field a -- place. -- to this point. Oh I just. Actually be a struggle at times that. Get off blocks weren't struggle inside the site. As you -- get swallowed up by the arrival but it's not always as well because a lot of time for a few times there's. There's a -- -- Probably should be. But it taking out someone else that their kids to shepherd and that forces afterwards but at the same time. That's what football what area should be able that. It would compensate for that who. Do exactly what are talking about a partial partners you know keeping them one -- free. And it and so that way you can you can straight to the two golden ball carrier revealed that they are slow in doubt or bring him down by ourselves. So this is. I think. -- -- You have seen some Shelton at times I like like -- any goal each -- you know certain outside runs and then you know the the type of ferocity gets here as long as you don't. That trying to get off blocks -- and so -- thing. Getting -- -- as has been a struggle for him. And I think that's something that to continue to work with the -- because. He disembarked the type of impact player that they would have hoped for from the middle and exposition and that they want to sit for three. Joseph this guy -- it is industrial 550 Joseph liver roster was yesterday let's start with Terrence McGee. -- guy you know I was hoping was gonna get healthy enough because I think he could be the starting cornerback opposite the Stephon Gilmore obviously that's out of the question. I mean he's been limited all season so. I guess I I would say how big losses this CI I think it is even though we're talking about a guy who snaps were limited to. A high of I think 49% against Arizona and probably in the teens or whatever for the -- I think that is a big loss because that's a veteran guy you can cover even if he's only out there for when he plays a game. In terms of what they lost. -- what they had any of them this year considering them considering the injury it's not a terrible -- -- Because CD he did struggle at -- feel what it felt Serbian itself like. He went up earnings are shut down guy that he needed he -- get beat -- -- types. And you know a lot of it has to do wished his shin injury and and not being able to really move away he used to but in terms of what he could potentially that. Yet they lost he would have been the circuit -- packet as he was OK there's there's no doubt about that my mind but there -- A keystroke. That early -- LC and and you know they just got to a point proceed and where if you regressed during the bye week and they and it had a setback. Well that. Probably wasn't going to get any better ready that you were -- but also. And it's tough injury because the senators. There's the guy that probably would be starting early -- that's just it's still want to upload them encouraged this year for currently DN. I'm not sure how many more chances he's got left. To go back in and be able to have to play this game because -- mean this is yet another year that system. There has been cut short by an injury and work he's coming -- but -- ourselves. I'm not sure how much more time yes plus. Like what -- call it quits that you're here who knows but you know it's in his body spray about it and and it's been there that -- you're sort of sad because is a good player. The the -- with peers are not trying to say the bills are better off when a guy gets hurt but he has struggled. I assume because of the injury so is it. It probably is the right moved to shut him down and and say OK Chris terrorist and giving a shot. Yes and by the but the thing is Chris Harrison has a very good opportunity here ordered to take that -- elect and I've I've firmly believe that because. We -- tears did. Struggle. A lot this year and you know there -- -- Forget the injury and and it's fair to because he's had that. Get slash groin injury that there has been bothering him since since -- offseason but. You know this is this the guy who has struggled mightily this year and that they're putting in -- second year player who who has stepped. OK I mean he's been a little above average. This and he struggled against Houston because she -- He drew the assignment or ticket lot of question -- you're just not going to win that battle twenty times to arrest a guy that -- portal and a block or put. I think Chris Hairston is. Have a chance here that means you appreciate healthy and shall see he can. It's part and -- they Billick for searched a bunch. Over the air -- -- -- stripes so well we'll see -- that they can play his way to a permanent spot at that right tackle position because there's no doubt it's been a weakness. They need to find civility there and and and so I think you get a big big chance here to earn that job. For it for the long term basis smoke report. The mysteries and one thing I know him longer run up on the breaker but I wanted to ask you this. Will we -- anything to measly now. You like I mean he's solid steel went out Ruvell Martin came -- and so I think I think they would much rather have mark as easily -- -- that situation more what sort of rebel mark. Because -- -- as more pay I guess the ceiling or he's got a higher ceiling yup in in terms of being able to do it. But. You know temporary opportunity has them because. He's still he's still -- practice squad all season long for recent. I didn't have any old Diaz and that's I was more curiosity than enthusiasm. Right now yeah I think I think you probably get some snaps before a group L mark what. There are so. At the end of it and it's and the bills that made free roster are actually forced to strip what makes for roster -- -- Now they have two slots open so there's going to be something happen and pretty soon here. All right thanks Joseph and again happy belated birthday. Thank you -- -- appreciate it.

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