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WGR550>Topics>>11/7 Ruben Brown talks about Impact Buffalo and the current Bills

11/7 Ruben Brown talks about Impact Buffalo and the current Bills

Nov 7, 2012|

Ruben Brown on Schopp and the Bulldog

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    possible men. Are right. Absolutely and if you take. Alexander you tick Mario Williams and their ball let's say they're both motivated to play and are both playing at the top of their games. Mario Williams is is IE. Hugely better football player. But not for what Rex Ryan joint. But Rex Ryan trying to do Mario Williams does not that he just doesn't we showed it to us even when he played well last year which wasn't a lot. But he when he did it wasn't it was still meant well he was difficult rod it best but. Even if he's on top of things I think for what he is trying to accomplish. Mario Williams that that particular talent didn't fit. This particular talent who probably isn't half the football player fits perfectly. Yeah and you really
    distraction it's a media story. And I think the biggest thing with Mario Williams . Granting your point about fit on the field. Is just his attitude. And now that they cleanse themselves of this. Super high
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    a second ago. Something like K and everybody relax now again about Aaron Rodgers . You dot. One of the challenges of this job is like trying to stay sane. And not. Short right along with these. I hate the word narrative but like that's the word that people know for this. Like Erin Rogers is bad now always good oh why is he bad always good. Where if you if you're really pay attention and you
    what it is as like well yeah I hear Aaron Rogers good Aaron Rodgers is bad air routers telling him what to relax Aaron Rodgers is Rangel about ski sweater. Metaphor rising telling gullible. To relax spend is that a word Matta for rising I don't I
    Levitt charge show right now did last night proved to you that Erin Rogers is good again. I feel like that question. Number that the beautifully rattled off. If year old like me but the ads for our test. OK I do you do about your early actually I had to draw like the turtle or some guys play rates it was that one guy forever. Do you feel like you have a talent for drawing. You feel that Erin Rogers is good again now. I mean what intellectual level are they striving for. Well I know it's ESPN I know it's football did plane did reckon up touchdowns and yards against Chicago prove to you one guy. Thought Erin Rogers was bad and now thanks Aaron Rodgers is good because of that game. Who is their guy and I know I know I know pretty well there is that
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    was not good. And the bills got pushed by the dolphins again Terrence McGee scored a bid to keep scoring. To win that game all the way to the end. Media 4535. Score like that epic

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'd love to talk to Ruben brown and here's Rubin I Ruben. Was armed guards. I'm doing a pretty. When you guys are stationed there are you guys and have our bills officers these -- recorded. -- -- sometimes yeah but it was -- that night actually we do our post game shows there and where there're a sometimes on Mondays for our show but we're still love our neighbor you've been here. -- -- I mean -- they predicted PR -- and look now locked in the. But first the you know -- were well we're a world we're all -- now I don't know one minute it's in excellent it's an old rule -- the laud. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what they need to do Ruben. They need to win someday. Mean it's yeah I think it's tough to run them beat I think it's up front those guys 'cause. I don't know how every one of them feels about a -- do this but you know they know I think enough to know that when. They have to win first you know. Yeah yeah you know. The ball that you played the more you seeing -- out our worldly. It. Movie Star Search for a few more when it -- -- -- You are lucky you'll be nice to people what -- -- -- and -- movement. But it also. Erik -- maps which would determine. -- -- -- -- Mike wrote a column today with a with a number of quotes from bills coaches through the years here dating back to 2000 -- the entire length of this. Non playoff. Drought this playoff drought we've been you know non playoff drought. And in the course to do that Mike mentioned you came across a quote from John Hollis that I thought really doubts about I loved it I want you guys fill in the blanks in 2000. And so you're still on the team Rubin is a pretty good team right pretty good team that year winds waves last year and -- last year. And Miami beat the bills badly late in the year was sort of the beginning of a slide to the end of the season. And he said you know as the 44 nothing or some score like that at halftime policy exit something like. And I don't know we've never been behind like that you know this franchise ever been behind like that this doesn't happen here it doesn't happen here right right and you know as a while ago -- we've we've. We've theater and now it has been brought them. Kind of yeah well let's let's cheer things up here. Tell us what what you're doing what's the what's the reason for your call or re promoting today remember -- -- well foundation has seen belt where a a group of -- -- Maximum performance awards. -- And they offer a league camp. You know all of our kids our our our kids in the -- com our best -- community. With some typos -- Newton story in archery me. Thank god it. -- Going to be a speaker there armaments the you know opened him with some our sports activities or are openly accused of acute on the pain that I did well -- -- by earlier part of there really -- with their ability. They're given our -- care it started day. Are all the way to Beijing two days and we targeted since Saturday. Will be our figured into its full foreign training and strokes and fitness and strokes and and you know mainly some type of sportsmanship -- And how can how -- kids -- really parents find out for their kids about how to qualify how to get in on this from. Are they go to there's go on mine it and look up in impact buffalo impact so. But that's the name of the program. And are basically say is that it's army gave them support. They give him a lot of schools that they need in order you know host the program and speak it and do what they need. Order program be struck. What sounds good -- honey do you feel about the the future of football and I'm with kids you think it's getting safer and how much safer does it need to be. Well it is it's great for our young boy tomorrow and that's why our army gives him are what steps are getting you involved with the impact buffalo program. Through our -- -- older and the general. Our maximum the maximum performance charity and and we all been talking about a cute that they are -- game you know they're not -- -- the way we are we -- you actually know. Hold it. -- people so. Situated got to be there. -- -- -- These -- -- it is in at gitmo are more special are because we know more information. And it is he. You becoming safer than it's ever been. In my day -- -- -- We want yes certainly any guys you know guys have always you know you're you're you're you're you're each others -- your head is going to be at risk I'm wondering like what sorts of things. You as a dad and as a former player and as a former office of alignment involved in thousands of those collisions have not met. Where you think about. Would win when you're when you're trying to teach kids like how to how to do it and how you can best protect yourself. Well what I'm going to be focusing on in this campaign and our own they're they're on the road is. Certainly Q it's got to be aware of their parties are aware of their parties -- -- -- it. Making partner receiving our parents and agree to and that takes a lot of you know they're they're young and would start young would the process of teaching them. -- -- -- -- But they have become aware of their bodies how to -- around argued it. How to hold just created the problem with your seat and did little below you know and that sort of a -- ever learn. And those who matter we just trial and error with the settlement -- -- rampant overlook it. That doesn't hurt normally keep doing what their church had been vetted more. -- but now we are more -- -- are going to be a part of you now teaching cute. This straight these are again. Ruben Brown with a exploit this. I love your voice it is he this is a guy Rubin sounds like deceitful. And whatever he's talking about this is a guy people listened to a thank. Robert Brown joining you're welcome. Okay this this year's team you know we kind of touched on it you know it's been going. Do you think it's a team that -- and turnaround. It's always possible that you all are bent on change their terms of error and are being north chiefs they could sort of an hour. And its armed guards at the smallest. Little itty bitty thing that pushes you over age. In my -- where we are gonna. The failure helps the most. Regardless of what are you give it will be gated -- -- at a meter 400 yards in the win. And you can build our. -- -- -- The lead there also are. Spoiled early years of the build our pursuit assume we're probably and I played -- whoa where'd. And when things went our -- understandable what's normal for what went on our future cargo was lucky. And he'd do came here with its attitude like look. Judy don't they -- global. It will probably in this way and -- didn't struggle and I was wondering if you would not come through. But it when it stayed there and and it's dark armored you were like whoa -- All award -- her -- well. Are back in the course and if it's possible. Are -- arbitrarily yes. But they got it figured -- quick with a win it. You know you were talking about yours your sons and and a and a part of this conversation we've been having today. Is. Of about like -- you know. The appealed the bills to younger people. And I -- talked about like safety and I think kind of thing in your kids would be event and -- special sort of circumstance given me you know their dad played. For not only the bills but also the bears like you say. Are they pay bills and other friends bills fans. Majority of their the bills there in Mario. All of -- you would start our fair. -- but he loves all of which means there are weighted on the you know he's a big -- at this. It is much of the through my daughters is it as a financier -- computer. Well what are younger so aren't you look you're due out tomorrow it's -- He took Larry FitzGerald throw. Yeah they get a different experience. With what barbarians that normal on it grows up impossible you know. -- that was -- There was but it you know. So we got are all there in Pittsburgh in the hope we reached build it. Who all of the current bills are you are you the fondest of the unit for how they play or maybe you know then like who won't you admire -- like on this team. Well fortunate enough to know -- with regard to -- a lot. -- this lard and all of them -- this bill respond to each and every one of the guys are lucky enough there's some arm. Wouldn't take care of their -- -- -- -- iron. Errors are being told me was beyond. Our own. And Carol see -- you'll see him compartment earned. Our our limited have been running -- even though I don't know people. Well CJ has created story. Are ready to -- -- -- Lebanon and always been afraid to loosen them aren't. About -- we got some great. And in our jobs market Anderson of the my solitude all regards and alike like BP like -- it suits. Unfortunately not wedded -- to -- for more. You know it's -- what you said there there have been times more in training camp and lately right wondered if they were too nice. Don't you wanna have enough that this team doesn't necessarily -- there's a correlation but don't you wanna have a few guys. On your team sometimes it it were linemen -- -- -- -- personalities in the there was John Fina. Yeah eight there you know a bit. If we it's evolved it really and I got the speed extra extra base and they acted very. And I think is -- -- that's the art technology. From the days it was very coward that merit the car -- -- -- it to burn and be. Our came here in ninety aren't they -- better so are cowards -- growth through. So where it is now. He beat Garrett are the same type of person that -- You know he's got -- and there in the -- our you know -- chairman we were almost hurt. Duality you give -- the -- that these guys that are more termed them voted. Oh in the craft and and the spirit. So they don't really -- are that they. Other guards are there you go stumble or -- ago about the digital world and are your liberty. But. It big game is involved. It's little -- change the way I -- and so survive. In the community. And with each. You know if it. Wait it's an architect Oakmont last year's they would do you. -- -- You don't do you do you think. If you're talking there about the fitness in just how different it is not support from a scrutiny standpoint but. That the guys are so focused on being in shape. Is it possible. I mean I guess anything is possible but. Giving its right to think that that could take away some of the fun of the plane like make it more like a job. And make the team less. Passionate public what -- about like winning in in succeeding because it's -- a year -- thing where. All you're really doing is taking care this machine that is your body. -- had -- -- that are still believe it and you know and our affiliates would it is our project. It would. Yeah I mean you know it's not it's our. I know it's much is that money is there bush -- passed there's very. Good bit -- soon grow and bear. Even though the money was great because basically bill and and spend a lot more return China and their bodies of these. At optimal seat in -- level in order to do to which they -- So are it's not all of the fact that the -- you spared there. You get a more active in your reality be prepared and started. For me because they always are for two years I will. You at least any of them. You know it would probably. It's that. Four -- bring -- -- a great athlete is the lure of -- an -- -- and -- are the and you know it's it changed in away. In from -- out forever commitment to start with it's it's foreign it's different. Calm it's football. You know it's horrible. -- Rubin we would talk to you any time. And please you know that the lines are always open for your time we've got -- -- you talk about let us know who we'd love. I appreciate it Garrett listened. Are passed the word and Ruben Brown foundation. Is supporting their impact buffalo program. For underprivileged she -- to give them knowledge and education. About football sportsmanship. After eight -- out there on the field when would get used to people that can't afford it. You know the people who can afford it very -- about next Uga should you know. Yeah yeah which are may help everybody you know give everybody shot at their heritage and our. Sounds good to meet thanks for your time all right all right guys you are prepared for the good work all right thank you Ruben Brown. The Ruben Brown foundation impact buffalo. They're not as good. Tells good yeah sounds good.