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11/7 Bills update from Paul Hamilton

Nov 7, 2012|

Paul Hamilton on Schopp and the Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What seems on now Wednesday's we often had. Some pretty -- he. Item 22 goal with with Paul and a lot of it has centered around. Mario Williams. This year especially last week with the bill's going off to play his former team. Today I'm not sure exactly what that is its roster moves yesterday we talked a little bit about. Let's let's go to Paul Hamilton for more on this in my in my Myanmar oil in the wrist all right it's -- and -- Gailey years said he didn't. All about a terror there -- heard nothing about a terror but Mario. Said the doctors said there wasn't there. Yeah absolutely. Chan Gailey last week when it was brought up to him about the -- it was brought up on ESPN. He had heard nothing about actually knows more than a class treatment that she Monday we discuss with them. Mario Williams never. Only one time has been -- you could find him on Monday -- -- in the building. It's so he said that he had not heard anything about it fair but. Mario Williams -- -- day he said that he would know the actual verbiage on it but the doctor did calendars of light there. He did notice of periodic but obviously is something that caused him not to be able user. But I think you have got to train staff to give the exact verbiage yeah. Paul I don't need to make him you -- not a on any of this. At this point. But I'm wondering and maybe what your best guesses as to. -- did the dispose daily. Or that met Mario what like what's the worst case and are Mario. Went off on his own and did what he did in the team was not at all in the loop on it I mean what do you suppose really happened here. He claims and I had no reason to not believe -- that the training staff was totally build -- Chan -- would like you to believe that he has no clue what the training staff is doing let him know when a player is going to be a practice or going to be -- -- game. If they're not you that we have no time. That's what he wants beautifully. I don't. So so that's that's what you're being bad. My -- Experience especially at one bills drive and this goes back about all this goes back to anybody. Lying. To help the team is not lying in the opinion of an NFL. That because you're trying to help the teams so it's really not a lot you can call that life just because you're not telling the truth because you're doing what's best for the. Yes this is exactly how my parents raised me so I believe so -- basically just going to. Not get specific about injuries because he doesn't get specific about injuries like that that don't ask me I never know and it stayed that way right. And that might -- probably ten that. I mean don't sit there and try to insult our intelligence and and that at the end of the F -- resent this which she has done before it's Iwamura and you know I'm not gonna tell you that. Well why didn't why did we bother with the last two and a half minutes that. Why didn't she say when the question without you know I'm not gonna tell you that what Barack. Why why did we have to listen to the half truths. No truths. -- through. Whatever it has game in the last two would have been. -- -- -- -- What else today Paul what was interest thing out there. But -- Williams was an outfielder pat often happens I think he's been. You know last year -- the ankle injury Phil appears to bother a -- to get anything serious. On Wednesday what happens as you talked to change illegal war practice we do see Johnson was going to practice but. We did knowingly about Kyle Williams could be. You know he didn't talk about what we got he's not gonna offer the information so we created a readout 53 players and ask -- and practice. So while Stevie K it's not gonna practice -- but Chan Gailey said he hopes to have him on the field bike to borrow. And not looking good for Anderson we -- that on Monday. Don't be shocked if he if he's somehow got himself out on the field on Sundays so. I would Kyle Williams the other injuries we basically knew about. Paul I'm glad you brought up Kyle Williams because I've heard some comments from him in sports and I'm not sure you. Were you at the blocker review their talking -- Laws and actually I'm in the middle of composing an article for our web site which. Will be up probably within the next hour -- to comment but yeah. You know I I I said -- -- -- kinda ties into what I wrote after the game month pundits like. Okay -- And I'm not impressed. You still give up 100 yard rusher is still give up on 100 yard receiver. You give up. I think like 370. Total yards. But in the expectations of the Buffalo Bills. At a bad. But in the expectations or real NFL football team that's horrendous. So I I've posted the columns -- okay. You were better does that mean anything to you is that is that good is that bad how do you look at last Sunday. Because the -- it's not good at all he said they'll wait and wait and that's -- -- look at it -- have waited waited it wasn't good enough. That's what about the kind of -- a -- year unfortunately I don't know and enough people of that locker room believe it. Ability last week he got -- predict that this spatter that. You know whole intention really was talking about tackling at the patriots last time. It was horrendous that gave the patriots over a hundred extra yards. Breaking tackle where a guy should have been down those guys or download it probably won't stop some of those drives and rolled up in the second out. Think it's up to 52 points and maybe your set up 3128. Game. At the end and have a chance to win it but if you can't tackle and -- do -- giving -- people over a hundred extra yards. After her initial contact. Kyle Williams was furious about that is that it can't be but he also talked about. Forget about hold -- predict -- hold yourself Republicans have a hot you know if you don't have higher expectations for your own performance. -- a little bump anything. You know at all. Sorry I just wanted to jumping up on this this because worst were talking. For 89 minutes here about. Players and an earlier coach's comments to the media. How do you think really runs the room to borrow from from hockey -- this Kyle Williams. Say all this to players does Kelsey say anything like what he said the -- players. Won't -- the real leaders I guess is the question. I think they do but I don't think -- and there are no Fred Jackson absolutely have a lot of respect that room and I think he's vocal about it I think George Wilson as vocal about it but. You know what George closest -- getting started taken off the field Purdue Norris -- -- for 1520 plays and once again. Chan Gailey has no he's very satisfied with George flag really. Here it is so if your status Barbara Jordan's play -- -- pulled out for fifteen when he played. And he says because you -- last year and they BL. If they can take 1520 plays off of and they and that lasts longer than that he's in his career is going to be healthier. They go to they go to such lengths to avoid the slightest most almost meaningless controversies. Right I mean right -- just we really just can't say -- of the stomach. The the temerity to say piercing looks better than will and I heard -- we're we're trying to see if he can't be better than him even. I'm Sunday when when -- the value approach Jordan and in the locker room after the game. Afterwards he was injured he said no and George wanted no part of the interview eskolaste blessed -- coach. So if it worked because you're trying to save his career 1520 plays I don't think George Wilson to be that hot. You know after after a game are. Right I think I think the isolation you heard from -- can say about that is trying to put in not not. Not criticize or not come off what he's criticizing respected team leader is is what it really you know and. -- I question why are you dissatisfied with Georgia played uses no I'm very satisfied -- -- like. It's just that the north is a good football player he's worked to clear out from the rest of it -- read about my. Maybe I'll do another column tomorrow -- -- woman I did today as well as we're talking just watching Rob Gronkowski score -- touchdown against the bills from the game here in September in you know toward rules and sweet. Its goal. -- -- does -- you've never played a game against the Buffalo Bills groups were touched on. Yes and lucky for Paul he doesn't face might juggernaut to as we -- all right so it's all talk though. What what do you think is the the real scoop on whether they're still you know unify later confident you know the important kinds of traits you'd wanna see in a team at this point. The third each other's necks or anything like that -- never -- that from the team I think they are fairly close game but I think they need more guys to realize. You know Daria because he seems like a happy go lucky guy you. Has has some talent was highly touted bit. You know -- use it need to pick it apart too much you know you'd think that many players that need six in the -- If too many players who after. Eight games. Still are not in the right places. If that happens you went through many -- you went through all PA. Director training camp in front -- we keep -- games. How can you still be -- places and not be where you're supposed -- I don't understand how that can happen. It's not that difficult they keep telling us but I don't doubt it that the defense the bills are playing it's not that difficult. And they just game after game after game. Guys are where they're supposed to be. You know we talk about this on Friday. During the roundtable Paul. And I'd I'd I'd wondered if you happen to catch the quote when there was it a long piece that -- -- -- in the news I think on Saturday. About way to maybe it was Sunday forgive him remember the but any. Phillips talked about. Mental mistakes and not wanting to hear about mental mistakes and I Alec copy and pasted the quote because I thought I was legal -- conversation from Friday during a roundtable. When I read it. And Phillips says we try to get our best players in the field that don't make mental mistakes I cringe when I hear people say we made too many mental mistakes. Maybe that's coaching you know if we have too many mental mistakes. Then maybe it's not taught well and we have a teacher in school among all classes failing maybe you're not giving. Your point across and reasonable enough manner that they can comprehend it. And a solid. I really not that it needs the -- harder on Dave wants to at this point but I read that from issues. I wonder I wonder how much of it is that with -- Well two different defensive coordinators have not -- to be able hammer home that point to this group. Mostly this group back there a couple of new guys this year that would never had any exposure to George Edwards. But. Does that tell us something. That maybe and I brought this -- the mark Kelso wants Sunday I mean there's a former poke player but who better to ask. I mean are we look at it guys we're just football stupid. -- just can't you know art talent that they're athletic. But they don't have the football smarts to get them through what team and they they they they go left when they're supposed to go right and what they do go -- to go to the right places that look great. And make plays. But they're not enough plays made during a game and next thing you know some guys off by an 83 yard run. And then you make a bunch of plays and then in the fourth quarter and next thing you know they got same guys that gone out of 55 yard run. And you know you'd take out of work place sure if fans about that. We we can't take out those -- plays and they happen each and every week apple. Single week. Paul Hamilton good service Paul thank you. All right we'll talk you next time what year is it.

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