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11/8 Paul Hamilton talks Bills injuries and coaching

Nov 8, 2012|

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    Wed, 17 Sep 2014

    That's John Krzyzewski from the Associated Press talking about the change in the Adrian Peterson's story Howard Jeremy Matthew gear and a juror. Okay. Run a scenario by you let me know what you think. The Minnesota Vikings come out Monday they have their discussion conference also denied the ownership management everybody gets together they talk about what do about Adrian Peterson. They come out Monday the general manager meets with the media and says basically where reinstating Adrian Peterson we're going to let process run its course let the legal. Side run its course here in the meantime we respect due process were reinstating computers. Everybody goes nuts what are you doing wise agent Peterson playing. The vikings then realize ha we really need him to play could you wanna win football games let's reinstate him and see what happens when everybody went crazy they thought. But we can't do and for hours later. Watching not even 24 hours later later that same day he goes on this exempt list because they realize well let's see what happens right. They basically said we want to win games we want to play. Let's see what happens if we were reinstating him and see how bad it is and when they realized everybody was upset they thought. OK it will put among us examples. I don't think it actually happened like that. I don't think they say let's see how bad it is I think they've made a mistake. How did you make that mistake felt that. Wouldn't they learn from the fact that the NFL just made the same mistake right right don't we all make the same mistakes are parents do. Like they put him and learned in the NFL if you and I and everybody sat here yesterday saying while. First there was Ray that Ray McDonald then it's Greg Hardy the Carolina Panthers by the way over the week admitted you know what we screwed up were deactivated Greg didn't play on Sunday he was convicted by a judge on domestic violence but let him stay on the roster and all of a sudden Sunday morning he's deactivated. So the league learned at a rate rise the Panthers learned on Sunday about Greg Hardy. On Monday the vikings this Sunday night the vikings are still thinking you know we'll just reinstate him. If there's. If they said we'll do to see how it goes over that's the dumbest why why would they reinstated Monday morning and by Monday night say he's not playing because they blew it and they found out that they blow. You really believe yet that they thought this was like let's reinstated as how we asked what how could you see what what how would writes the what the Panthers did. It with Greg Hardy and then state. You know what it'll be in we're gonna reinstatement and they ought to be blow back. They probably thought there would be an underestimated it what their plan was to publicly shame embarrass their franchise. Just to see how long ago. I think they want to play that they wanna win football game mission of their franchise you said that you believe they did it to see how goal I believe they wanted this they wanna Adrian Peterson the I think aside. You know what how. How bad could this be let's reinstate him. I agree with that and then there they go up oh boy I agree with but they should have known better experts note on the suggesting that you elect. Let's see if we can get alive they wanted to in the plot. Yeah I think they wanted and the play which is going to be blow back you can. I know there in the business to win football games with if you sit there Sunday night they make the decision to Peterson why are they doing that process. August he's their best player. And they want to win football games the random during the business of selling tickets and you can sell more tickets if you win football games so they reinstate that having this discussion over the Watergate guy on the roster to Adrian Peterson. Some teams are what about the the 49ers in Ray McDonald who the 49ers will not bench. Noting that when he he's been accused of one. Domestic violence a party yet not going to be matched. He says we're not gonna flinch because of public pressure. The that the vikings here flinch because of public pressure you know it probably should things they because of the governor well governor comes out and says he should be suspended. You know I got this whole thing everything about this seems like the NFL sports but mainly the NFL. Is not staying in it's a lame. And it's about to get that he's the freezing Jim Rome term. Like a crack back. Into it's lane you have left the sports and and an entertainment lane you'll come into the Euro affecting lives ruining lives. Influencing. Other people in the but wait a minute NFL you're a little too big here. Let's make sure you stay in your lane whether it's the advertisers that are doing this whether it's the national organization for women. Trying to get Roger Goodell fired if it's congress there's a woman who's gonna introduce a bill trying to eliminate the tax. Exempt status because of the Washington Redskins name but to the NFL has like twelve little battles and it seems like the open the world of I don't know if it's the Minnesota governor or people for Child Protective Services are all these other and it entities that are obviously the exist for a reason. Are all kind of jumping together and saying. It's it's time that someone puts the NFL back in its place because it's getting a little too big. In a little too powerful and a little too reckless. In the way that it does its business and I know these are just like in in what but it isolated cases of random individuals. But the fact that it's sick it's it's starting to become a recurring theme and the commissioner is. Vacation he's gone he's the commissioner is nowhere to be found him. It's not surprising you're starting to see the other elements of the football world. Governor a state major advertisers. National organization for me. Things that have a little bit of power here. Jumping up and saying like you know it's time somebody told you you deserve to be. Discipline punished or if nothing else called the carpet for what your league. Is represented. I think it's if you brought a different parties yesterday I think and I know we've discussed this before we discuss this with Donald Sterling. And some other issues Weathers sponsors quote pull their advertising. And Anheuser-Busch comes out publicly and says that they say I think to me that makes what Nike did made no difference Nike basically came out and said. Were pulling Adrian Peterson jerseys. Out of stores and in the Twin Cities. you can still buy them online I mean Nike didn't say. Bush is a major major major major major sponsor but still other but well that's said this is if you really want to make this and that if you're in charge of what she said it would would associating with the national football is what they have not done of course that they know. They make a ton of money off of advertising on national football against what when you think once someone of that. Nature I mean good sponsors sport I think that's an owners go to Roger Goodell and say we need to do something about the. Yeah I I don't know that I believe that either I did mention I mean that the opening part that I Anheuser-Busch is doing public relations and they're doing it wonderfully right now. They find out the people are Matt. No one's gonna not by their beer is gonna not mother before. Because of they advertise the national football now so why would Anheuser-Busch started to make a statement to get credit for. But it it to me I wouldn't give them credit for all any out of a lot of credit if they take his kids they were dealt with these guys this is unacceptable. Okay I'll give you credit for that just issuing a statement to me doesn't make me feel any better about I think they're getting a lot of credit for. I mean you you even said you believe I that it matters within I think it matters with the league is now the league is looking at a company that brings them. I don't know million designs upon millions upon millions. At a sign contracts and that in most cases with the sponsorship deals as with one out. And the clippers deal and last night by sports business reports on they can't pull their money they've already pay. So they can pull out and have lost their money but to me this is along the lines of in all. a corporate brand tweeting. On 9/11 like it's gross it's I get it something's happening you wanna be associated with something good. So Anheuser-Busch in this case sees that people are they issue a statement he no money they take no action. You remember when Molson that this with the NHL. When Max patch ready got hit by Zdeno Chara Molson and Air Canada says they threatened to pull their funding if the NHL didn't clean up its act in what happened. There was no funding pulled. And nothing changed the NHL it was a block. Where's Molson wears Air Canada. Two people out of their advertising deals with the NHL considering all the head hit the continue to happen in the sport these statements these big. Nasty threats and for attention. So I may be able skip arm jaded or skeptical or whatever whichever level is Anheuser-Busch makes the statement that's fantastic I'll give him a lot more credit they do yourself right but I don't believe that the Because the NFL ratings and if you notice our. Monstrous again the rating here in buffalo over the Sunday games like the biggest game pierce in swat. In one year's it was huge. But if you're going to if you're looking for something. I would put more weight in that than the governor of Minnesota I don't think the governor of Minnesota making a stand yesterday and I know we can bring in the political side. And maybe I'm not I don't fully understand how much political pressure can be placed on the NFL in a factually. Believe yesterday that there was announced that the NFL has a new lobbyist actually to help them deal with Washington and and politicians in Washington DC with congress what have you. I would put more stock in in the major sponsor than a governor or congress because the major sponsor provides millions of dollars in revenue. So if I'm the National Football League and I'm trying to figure out what to get these guys. What could light a fire under their rear actually do something about this to me I'd put more stock and responses that I would. The governor spoke out congress is gonna do this the national organization of women is doing this at all these different these different groups speaking out I don't know off. The National Football League gives food unless they start losing money the whole thing has the feel. All of a crowded auditorium. Where there's a big debate raging about like. So what should we do about this problem and everyone's yelling Anheuser-Busch is yelling off in this quarter C foster's yeah I thought it was kind of spot on. Alcoholics anonymous with domestic violence well Foster like I get a beer companies gonna tell us about morality. And someone after Foster on that I thought that's that sounds right to me like. In all pilot appears much as the next guys that angry but it's really at the center of a lot of problems but it's up to you it's not I mean they're providing you the beer but decide how much you're you're going to drink you've never gotten drunk somebody right now but and if it did it's not the fault it's your fault not the NFL's fault and Adrian Peterson did heated. Right but getting ripped the beer company the beer companies are causing domestic violence only an NF isn't causing injury Peterson's understand that an agent Peterson should be suspended for what he did it right in the legal system will take its course just like anybody that falls on a line in the beer. Market as well. So the beer company coming in and crying morality. Play. I don't know. How much morality is does it have but the morality there were about the bottom line they're doing the same thing again at the beer companies were about well it's bad PR for the NFL and were an NFL sponsors second Costas beer sales. I don't think they care about morality they care about the outcome. I don't know I think I why would a bigger bummer I don't care. Al why they were about their income has their their sponsorship of the National Football League which is now under siege because of all of these things that are going. his visa. Did any are you a canceling your credit card now but neither why not why else do you think Anheuser-Busch. Sits down their board gets together it's as we've got its restatement because of the morality of the situation no I think it's advertising. have much less respect for a while I that's what I that I don't think I think that's I think that's. Disgusting well that's why they're getting a lot of mentions are getting a lot of attention maybe they're legitimately trying to tell the NFL you guys need to do something about this may be because they are. Partners their business partners and one business partners and the other we're worried about your business and it's affecting our business are good then why make a statement public. If you feel that way it was if you don't make the statement public. There is no pressure on the NFL we don't know what don't know if if you're Anheuser-Busch you contact the NFL and you tell them. But listen I'm not organized to put this letter out into the public was gonna tell you we're concerned and we point yeah. that's not advertising that's talking to the NFL. You issue a publicly I saw it tweak it a Here's Anheuser-Busch to talk to me about morality and tell me how they are really. Upset about this they're not doing anything yet but just telling everyone how mad they are and not doing a thing. I have a problem a problem it. I just I fully admit I might be on this but it's public relations one a one. It's well that Anheuser-Busch won't stand for this well by that's tell me they want for. It just one pull advertising or two threatening NFL are privately. They only go public. For the attention. But what they need the attention they don't its advertising. I guess that that's why. Did they don't have the PR problem the NFL has the there's no PR problem with Anheuser-Busch they would have to get together and issue a statement to help public relations that. They're not under fire for anything. That's why. I think legitimately I think if they sit there and think could this affect our bottom line. Is this a problem are we gonna get. Any blow back in the site I know this is where you're getting right now I don't think they have a public relations issue. But there issue would be. Can we'd lose money because of the NFL and all this going double week. Get people boycotting our product or do something about beer sales because of Nashville like OK if it's possible to you know what. Let's get on their case the whatever reason they chose to make it public as opposed to just behind the scenes let's call some owners and say guys this isn't right senses. I'll come out how many times he thought about the beer companies that sponsor him well but not not today saw the story right. How many times to get Applebee's on nine I want to think of any sponsors but 9/11 is Applebee's we will never forget today didn't think it's to get the right brand name in your head well that's even that's even more that. Exploitive. Facilitate guess that is excellent and it's even more exploit native and it's it's it's it's terrible it was at the child or show that did a little A little spoof on the enemy is did The Daily Show wanna About brands tweeting how you know we'll never forget and flags America it's like that those are people those are just advertisements. And a lot of times that makes me feel kind of gross so here's Anheuser-Busch why hadn't thought of a single time. Until they issued a statement. And in the AP story it's also notched Anheuser-Busch it's mcdonalds here you go here's some commercials McDonald's visa and Campbell Soup. No more Campbell Campbell Soup commercials with the players and there because if Campbell Soup didn't say they're concerned people myself buying Campbell's soup. Now know what's gonna have a how many people are boycotting a sponsor of the NFL the the person who's most important is process is missing and the commissioner. where is he. Maybe he is legitimately on the edge of getting fired. Would that stop the angry mob. It might. It would it would it would it would for now but then it there's still has the larger issue of how is the NFL gonna handle these players now. And who's who's the next commissioner and how to they handle. Suspending players with with these incidents it would stop it for now because this is all on his watch. But that they would still remain to be seen what is the NFL do about all this stuff and and what I say what is the NFL do about it I'm still worst. Talking about. A very small percentage of players in the national football. But that small percentage of players has been mishandled in terms of discipline by the NFL yes he gets fired. I think the sponsors that are but he also backed off for now. And on the pulling advertising point. They've already paid so I'm I'm not even really trying to get after the beer company or or in criticize them for this. Because pulling funding is generally something meeting can do. I'm not saying they shouldn't say they shouldn't give a statement because. You know I get it if enough companies dude do this. Then that the public has made more aware. Of the potential for the NFL to be affected but they actually start to do it it's just well and then it's Nike like for me I'm I'm not impressed with Nike. Nike pulls the jerseys in the Twin Cities but you can still buy his Jersey so Nike can still make money Beijing Peterson you just can't walk into historic you have to go online and buy it that way. So there's there's your point if you if Anheuser-Busch wants to don't don't have. Blanket if you will make the statement. There there that's to me right that's a PR move. Were all of these out of stores in Minnesota. But only its logo on our Nike dot Congo Guinea pigs hamsters because we're still making money if they computers and there's your there's your. So Anheuser-Busch of their Nike then. The heck Anheuser-Busch as well Nike's Nike did means absolutely enough. Nike wanted to make a statement they would say we are releasing Adrian Peterson. As one of our clients we will no longer sell any Adrian Peterson products. Any place website stores. It's all gone. But they didn't do that. so energy bush that is is in the same boat as Nike really do something about it then don't just issued a statement a the jerseys from the stores say. Were done with this altogether. Eagle 30550 to join us 888550. Q 550. If you have any thoughts on the vikings reversal Anheuser-Busch Nike all this stuff. We've got a couple people on god god John John good morning. morning are and I look what kind of hypocritical what they do because I don't know. Tax number for certain but and that it has come to light how many victims of domestic violence or child abuse. never criticize the well I mean they really. What sort of product America and well. Well. Yeah but it's up again I'm not good at it okay drink responsibly. And vital today if I go beat someone up I'm not blame in the why should blame the beer company on the one who did it. Don't get drunk you can't control yourself. I mean that's that's. A huge conversely and let let another beer drinker there was never in the war if the Arab ceased to exist. I'd be fine I'm not a beer drinker but I'm not blaming the beer companies are summons and I must go one up on beer ceased to exist I'm not sure sports were you know what I did and I I don't know I don't drink beer but. Yeah I I I don't look at Anheuser-Busch and say. You're the reason to blame for domestic violence or date rape. Can't control yourself drink responsibly. Very simple. Marcel in Toronto but I Marcel. They wanna go look at all the comedy it really adds not so. Sports entertainment is a microcosm of society. And and we don't speak on the war on anything with Ray Rice with child you know what happened Wednesday. If you guys were accused of child at the molestation just accused of it that you guys be stuck working where it hurts. Probably I would be I would think I would figure them and Marcel if not outright if not outright fired. I would think many businesses but at the very least put the employee on suspension even if it's suspension with pay you'd be on a leave of absence if you're not right fire. Eight that okay that's fine OK okay I'm getting that brought you understand their big it doesn't fit into this is a problem on the world. As it could have been banned from time. Children and leave the core group we have no all requesting that they do that that's where I am radio. But do you work radio and a half. I walked over what is. Crossing lines and one shouldn't cross the lineup that they don't. That Jerry do I do it sounds what does that sound a lot like these kids today Ellis knocked it hot hot. And morals anymore is aside let's that's additionally you can say stuff like that and if you believe it then great it's great but it's just not skate it isn't and it's case by case and now I'm sitting here. If I don't know it depends you know Marcel. Everybody I know the parents the kids I know a lot of families right through elementary school middle school high school now colleges we meet parents we meet kids. I don't see all these problems that you're talking about so I don't think the world has run amok and we have no more moral battles IC plenty of families that have moral values. And and edit it onto your initial point. the NFL is a microcosm of society from the standpoint we have problems in society. Some people will drink and drive some people take marijuana there will be domestic violence all of these things happen in society. And they also do happen in the NFL. The NFL is different in certain ways. It's entirely possible that if one of us had some of these issues that some of the NFL players fire had we would be fired right away. Entirely possible that that our company would say really didn't accuse us of smacking your wife your fired. It's entirely or at least suspended at least suspended. With pay or who knows what pending investigation. In the National Football League you can get a second chance you can get a third chance or. You just keep playing no matter what you know we've whether you're accused or convicted you just keep playing. So it is a little bit different than the real world 8030550. To join 888550. To 550 got thoughts on this we'll talk bills today obviously as they get ready for the San Diego Chargers got some hockey things to get you today because of course the sabres on training camp jacket in tomorrow. We got without your morning lot of snow 8030550. And W. Neil sports that are ESPN sports that are talking about the governor of Minnesota coming out yesterday and the vikings reversing course. Over the course of Monday and now putting. Adrian Peterson on the exempt slash. Commissioners permission list. Until his case is resolved now arraignment is not scheduled until October 8 so for now what this means is he is Bart Peterson. Is barred from all team activities the vikings issued statements that after giving the situation additional thought. We have decided this is the appropriate course of action for the organization and for Adrian. We are always focused and trying to make the right decision as an organization that's part of the statement released by owners Ziggy wolf and mark will. 8030550. To join us 888552. But if you have any thoughts on that's Anheuser-Busch issued a statement. With stating their displeasure with the National Football League Nike came out yesterday pulled the agent Peterson jerseys off of the shelves of stores. In Minneapolis Saint Paul. But you can still by the age MPs jerseys on the line so we got comments on that and let us now 803055888550. To 550. As the pressure intensifies on the National Football League. You wanna talk hill's charges we can talk about at the apple mentioned the finance committee wanna get that I was just curious. Have you ever. Paid a bill online. Abuse on bill that of course right all right just collect and you click. So it is like you know you go to the to the online you click the company. Jeromy he's now credit card ink will be charged 3499. And just hit okay finish to get a little confirmation of so your ago click on like NFL. One 400. 000. Comments 000 point 00 look at a for second ago. Ups and I I feel like it's probably more like nuclear submarine permit he had seen a time. Access kind of like I'm ready 12 I'd term because I was I was watching at a meeting last night atom fertility and I flew down to New York got the finance committee. And he's talking about okayed the the finest you'll meet. This is expected should be any problems invited Fridays usually to have that the owners and see if they have the money if the financing is. It's just a brief refused public and could click this button and you guys this like. Adam says and this is simple wire transfer them laughing going supply treasure of port for. Does that mean you think. And caring got to bring up the credit card 300 dollar send. It Colombo and argue short message from Boston at least like ten of them. Are you sure one point four RU really killer you realize you ventured one point four billion dollars click yes or no if you're on the finance committee probably push for these meetings that take place on some sort of yacht somewhere. Like the owner must present like in the masters dinner when you on the owners on the New Orleans got if you're gonna do that yet take us out and show us will verify when you want you click them. He does that right down to Boca I'm pretty sure that the goal is on a believe the sabres have been on it when they played games down in Florida. The that's that's the funniest part of this right that's part of the reason the finance committee meets. They've already vetted the ownership they've done all their security checks they meet is to find out okay what's the sale price once the financing. What's your business plan who's in control are gonna be issues with financing. And he just says ballots they say financing. Financing financing here's the one point four billion dollars elements. Write a check out the national football leaguer is that this he's not financing anything. They don't have the coliseum pouring 200 million or barring it from this place this is you sitting down with the bank when you're out. Buying a house. And they say OK so a lot. What what company you want lender would you like to deal with you wanna check rates you wanna see that. You know it does wanna pay for the house. Here here's a 150000. Dollars really need we decided now and move on I don't need to go through the paperwork on the lender and all that stuff. scheduled for today the finance committee will meet in New York. The members are Robert from New England Bob McNair Houston Jeffrey Laurie from the Eagles Miami's owner Stephen Ross Casey Clark Hunt. Indianapolis were represented by someone other than Jimerson because he's under suspension shot from Jacksonville. And everything should be okay as long as there are no red flags nobody is anticipating anything they will make a recommendation to the rest of the owners. In October 7 or eighth at the fall meeting in New York. The full ownership group will vote on Terry and Google and its expected full ownership will follow the recommendation of the finance committee. So that's the deal. And that okay that's all taken place an eagle 30550 to join us Indian buffalo earlier on WG jogger right ahead. Morning gentlemen. More. It's it's pretty much Immediately this is all about. Adrian Peterson and rarest thing. That comes down to money. There are two superstars in the other and rhetoric down those and make money. And society in the community didn't step up and make this big deal to that is and I don't think red Dell would have done anything. I think you would just. Let it slide just makes money. And I think that sounds good PR. Could Pierre referred companies like Anheuser-Busch to. The Nike to stand up against it just you know make profit little they don't get down. You know any. And any problems with sales anything but it's it's it's although morning. Recess so I see it move. Well yeah I mean if it would be for for sure there Roger Goodell futures tied into weather at the owners and losing money. Right I don't think the owners with the owners take any kind of moral stance Roger. Morally we disagree with what you did in fire might know that only there's pressure economically and employing. Bad seeds for a long time that that are over and over again and the Whatever I get that there is. Value to what Anheuser-Busch has done some theirs. Some value of ten major sponsors make statements it's bigger if they actually say. As long as you know our next contract is up unless there's a new commissioner we will not signing for another botched deal. With the NFL like take an actual live a real. Okay what is it like done because the statement reads along lines of you know were concerned and were worried. Well would you like to do that yet to remedy the situation How make it better. But these are shareholders saying make it better when you're a serious by the CEO I don't know I can actually hold anything specific we're just. Everybody's mad and we are mad where is the threat that actually is an actionable thing to do well I suppose you would say either fire the. Commissioner over pulling Iraq or we will no longer advertise Richard lake. It's pretty much it. But that's the problem with that this is what you bring up that you're Anheuser-Busch. You don't really want to do that. Because your advertisement with the National Football League the most successful professional sports league in the United States brings you. A ton of money and exposure. The Donald Sterling one conversation guide on Twitter during the break for a show. Remember Donald Sterling this is the best example public relations advertising ever. All those companies signed advertising contracts with the clippers Donald Sterling had decades. Of oppression of minorities. He was found guilty of it. Netflix several major cases. This is a bad person this is a racist this is a guy who has. Cheated people out hot housing because they're minorities but we will sign contracts advertise with this team. Wait what he said something bad and people are mad about it until we ought not stand for this we will not stand for this were pulling our advertising and remind the contracts sign the bills paid. They did it because now's the time to do. In those companies didn't lose money. Those companies benefited from that and they were willing to be in bed with Donald Sterling. Way before that for decades in the same is the NFL. All the other problems the NFL sent over the. been planning yet but now there's a video of Ray Rice and now and right after the video Ray Rice comes a story about a star player hitting its kid or disciplining did. Eagle 30550 to join us 888550. To 552 chime in with your opinion on the vikings and their reversal in the sponsors in the pressure on the National Football League. bills chargers to why don't gonna get to that as well in the 7 o'clock hour. We Are giving away tickets to see John Mellencamp he's going to be performing at Shea he's not John Cougar town Malick as group that was he called himself now. I think it's just Mellencamp probably not John Cougar Mellencamp is not John horse John Mellencamp there have been three different at least three variations of the tickets to see him where. Saturday may fifth for an art center value a hundred dollars courtesy of AEG general contest rules apply. You'd like to win a pair of tickets call 644987. It will take a pair of winners right now callers ten and eleven. 6449878. If you wanna win the tickets to Sierra. John Mellencamp. Act. She days. Also if you don't win the tickets to thrust out at Ticketmaster dot com. That is Becky dale from prevent. Child abuse Minnesota and her comments on let's go on an agent Peterson again the latest is the vikings have reversed course yesterday. They reinstated him after a Sunday night. Conference call. And then later in the day. They put him on the exempt slash commissioners permission list. And the team issued a statement from the owners basically he is by going is barred from team activities until this child abuse case is resolved. He Raymond has not scheduled until. October 8 Howard Jeremy Matthew here to chime in on that eagle 3055888552. By fifty coming up. It's promoted in some bills chargers wanna talk a little bit about. To all in a tweet I got yesterday from a guy. But I like treated him back we'll talk about what the discussion was all about it coming up at 7 o'clock ESPN has its NFL power rankings of good good news. And bad news today. The bad news first. The bills are behind the chargers in the power rankings and are also behind the But he beat. But here's the good news kind good news. If the bills. Beat every team below them and lose to every team above them in ESPN's current NFL Kingston they'll make the playoffs. They would lose the Broncos. Twice to the patriots once the Packers once the chargers. And fire power rankings pick the bills yes if the power rankings picked the bills. The bills 115. Other two games better than maybe we should have the power and that the bills rather than me and I'm not so sure they should be behind the patriots. But the patriots are there are currently on reputation alone. They beat Minnesota. Who's not good. And they lost to the dolphins. The bill's ability badly so patriots there on reputation which we hope that's power rankings are on the provinces to be there I can understand Chicago being there and it's. win over San Francisco but remember true. I think it really is great I think a lot of people unexpected error caused him to go to come back in the pack a lot this year. I still think I still think they dish should be able to make the playoffs they still like Africa still like their offense took a lot of hits on defense I don't think they had to make the playoffs maybe. Arizona could be Arizona's to a known good enough to make the playoffs and last year is on ten games Arizona beat the giants that doesn't count there's nobody that's half the wind Nelson beat San Diego that counts. Giants when you get partial credit for like San Francisco's at Arizona this week to be good. I think separation set Sunday separation with the thing about new England and power rankings remembered as someone complain about this to me the other day. Remember where the bills were in New England were like doing still ahead of the bills while New England was what were they after week one. I mean they were they it in a pre season where they have dropped to. So there ahead of the bills probable because they were what one. The something spots ahead of them before the season began. I mean it it's like a college football poll you really have the the read the and after rise from nowhere in the picture put up the plummet after two weeks which is probably. The 49ers final five games of the season. Seahawks. Raiders Seahawks chargers cardinals. Very good that NFC tight race could be pretty tight on the As I still think the niners will be good I mean I'd still. Again I think they have plenty of weapons on off that the questions are. You know of the suspensions the injuries Navarro Bowman is expected back at some point this season. All the Smith got what nine games so might. As long as they do you know they don't go under in the first two months of the season. When they get those guys back defensively I think this since reporting that's still children pleasant there's still one of the better football teams in the national football conference which makes of the better teams. In the NFL since that conference is the better conference. 8030550. Yards when we get back. The bills up. And were all excited right everybody's happy. And I got a tweet yesterday during the from a guy who was basically wondering. Can get excited. In all the whole. And down this road before we've been to know we've been what now we've been five and one there was. Five Edwards it was a five and chew with Fitzpatrick when he beat the Redskins up in Toronto. So bottom. I wanted to talk about that little bit when we get back right I'll tell you what I treated guy we get back and talked about it as well 830550. Join us. 88552. becoming governor showed that. you'll be with us at. 8 o'clock they'll get back to practice today. And of course we'll start focusing in on the San Diego charges will be the latest from Joseph at eight and when it's time to talk to you Poland's grab 1 o'clock bills chargers. 30550 to join us this morning.

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    And Seattle so many who would have paid pretty good attention to Larry FitzGerald yeah I don't know what their defensive schemes like but my guess is. You know what is it some attention it'll depend on spot in the field I would be surprised if Mike Williams gets some once he gets on civil -- But they might. I don't know -- variants suited you. Whether it's been a
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    Tue, 16 Sep 2014


    antonio gates found at 10:47, 18:09

    to the -- check out Doug wrote asking how they're gonna stop Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers when you get a chance okay. It's it's one of those things it's like Michael Jordan I don't know if you can
    forty minutes I don't know who the bill's gonna match up on Antonio Gates . But if you can just get through these four games with a split. Beat Houston did it to go on the road
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    Tue, 16 Sep 2014


    darren sproles found at 7:32, 14:46

    my fault but that's a little window into the coming instant trivia Darren Sproles . Is gonna think of their Sproles his career best games. 8030550. To join us we'll go to Kent in the -- thanks
    is the Eagles looked at home. That made it 22 to one Darren Sproles with his night last night became. Twentieth all time. In NFL all purpose yardage. Darren Sproles twentieth. Gentlemen I'd like to top ten at the top point from music into the guys that you miss it. Now this

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. Hamilton now. Well are good are you. -- you dusting off -- hockey notepad by any chance. But after what do you think. -- -- plans even thinking about hotels and travel plans and schedules and everything. It's still probably a long way to go but. The fact that there are willing to stay at the negotiating table with something they haven't from willing to do at all. First two days and now going to make it a third I mean that has to mean something positive I would think. If there -- spin their wheels you know it seems like you know what the NHL doesn't just get up and leave itself. And they haven't let's go to that. As far as I know they haven't -- -- the Bloc's goal. You know I've. Very Arab I don't know -- small progress or whatever but he would -- think that's part that's progress. -- on the bills. Let's go through the injuries first and I guess I should start with Stevie because as much as we talk about. The passing offense and it's issues it would be even worse with a hobbled less than healthy Stevie Johnson so what's his dad. He's supposed to practice they will see. -- that was here said that earlier in the week and Chan Gailey had said that they had. Chan Gailey also said the reason they activated easily was there weren't sure about C. You know the same breath say that helped -- -- Sundays so. You know then they'll just have to wait and see immediately gave -- like he won't he be activists he plays. That that's so so let's. There's no guarantee but. You know they're being cautiously optimistic about it. Any other injuries of note I know I mean you know Williams is out Aaron not Kyle. And we know about -- -- -- anything else. Back our practice the other medical problem. -- in -- report that. Up up and does happen that you have to practice on Wednesdays. So well. -- -- felt like if they've been serious -- has been arrested or. You I had a chance to talk college yesterday I was this that you always show and the Bulldog I read some of your article was well I. I l.'s feel like like I should apologize to -- and like he was lecturing me is I'm one of the people that thought. Well it was that they give up you're poised to give up you're rushing yards they did a better job. Getting off the field on third down I mean they still gave up a lot of yardage and he was angry when the concept of with the defense that it was brought up apparently. -- It's tables and -- fly out to the question because. If you remember on Sunday when -- -- -- -- same thing. That was better who cares. It's still get up 100 yard rusher you're 400 yard receiver. You give up 300 believe it was 74 total yards. Yeah you know that we've lowered standards so much around here that ripping it and -- -- and every vote -- -- go beyond -- -- felt -- awful yesterday you can't really give her some before you heard. You know that kind of things so. You know all the -- if you -- that is no where. Because. So what we were we know but federal -- -- because what you lose the game it's not good enough. So you know what we do it wasn't good enough so. Yeah he wasn't interested in moral victories you want an additional well was a little bit better he's interested it's still like good up because it when the game. And that effective you are still some Longo plays being made. And if they would just. Be where they're supposed to be. You know in those those longer play -- our party's -- so. The hope that that's pretty much where he worked on that topic it was like you know I don't really care that we are a little bit better. I guess I and I'm glad he feels that way I guess but for myself but when I've seen that those same defense give up 48. 455235. To Tennessee. You know and all the stuff they've done that I would look that that say it maybe to get better and I guess. Point is that if I say they were better I'm hoping that means there on the upside now they're they're moving in the right direction rather than continuing to get worse. You hope that the case be hard to get worse ball got there at. You played eight games then. It is taking guys. You have about a week you are. Six weeks of training camp yet ultimately you have everything. I just don't understand how these so be out of position. Mean help is still you know what -- what -- best political hole and you're supposed to go like -- -- a lot. Her body effectively going over here. -- you. At whether culprit hoping harper -- -- they all do your job of urban industrial doubles we find. I just don't understand that had don't get it now. They talked about the last two league game. And then you know we've we've talked obviously about tackling. That might have been the worst tackling game I've ever seen of about local team. -- said that it was they had figured it out. There were over there would be gig gave up over a hundred yards after contact the patriots. You know where an original concept was made so. That's. You know that was one of those big are seeing everything has. If you tackle better we just make that play. Wrap it up and make that play it now we're talking about the different game now we're not talking about 52 points because. There -- ordered that there were many opportunities to get off the open that. Are you had to do was finish the play. Finish the tackle. You know you're you're very you may you may contact. You're ordered it if you put the person to the ground. Now you're up field because it's -- -- let. When you're giving up over -- hundred extreme yards. Because you can't tackle. You know that lists that. That I remember that -- but I just. I know I can't I can't come up with a worst tackling game by this by the Buffalo Bills. I got to follow up on that -- -- to grab a call minimum and a follow up on the scheme in that game and -- what they were true what they did against the way. Brad you're on WGR with Paul go right ahead. Good morning I feel I guess what -- -- couple comments and I'll hang up in and a commitment to your reaction personally I do not think we should change. Don't you know GM armed capabilities key to think that in this league. And you look at the good teams Pittsburgh doing -- it equal -- Steagall and now. I don't mean these teens and has the ability we don't. We need stability and also. I don't think in the lounge in public that. In position to take full speed to admit that this road -- has not executed. And I think -- you cut the -- we needed new defense of coordinator. Any way to go up the lure him away we know he's good at what he got one at -- He's not gonna come back but I agree with got a defense according to what he's not coming back which you. You got dumped by this team and -- on a suitable content you're gonna come back to buffalo so he's not coming back. Paul I guess on unconscious and I -- yeah I should -- about our topic in the remind me to get back in the New England thing but basically. You know I don't and I don't know anybody just. I'm done I mean you're Don I think I can't speak -- but I think we've had this conversation before. But the concept of the bills every three years firing coaches. Fourth year which Iran. How do you balance that -- OK but the guys not the right head coach -- it's time to move on. I think if you if you don't have the right person. The cup that the budget next talked about I think is right. It -- -- it's very difficult to get somewhere when you're changing coaches every three or four years or. Changing GM's an -- that that thing but. What if is that like. I -- do you see just you're just stay with the with the wrong guy just because the stability. But -- up buddy -- now. Well well that might want change coaches in which he's putting knicks would have to let it just seems like word a situation now where. Our sports teams involved well. The longest body next is that GM it felt like ten -- as the coach bloggers does reduce the GM we know there always be -- as the goat so. It's all the sudden it seemed like we we've we've got a couple of stubborn and he comes here in buffalo. Paula you know there is it's more likely Gailey outlasts next. -- mean when next doctor is about a quarterback by the time he's gone I I don't like to -- meant. He might leave after this year but leave a -- leave at seven with the coach and quarterback in place and and -- -- scissors and some I. He's been fired Georgia because they hired -- it sounded like all right buddy -- going to be -- jumper. -- them -- years whatever it might be but it -- like short term. And here's the next guy and we wanna get have been here we've got to get acclimated and at that type of things so yeah I think that's very reasonable. You're bringing up the tackling in the prominent problems in the New England game and a lot of people had issues with that they stayed with the kept with the nickel I mean that maybe it was as always our number to refer to the -- Nicholas little people. But the fact they had smaller bodies on the field. Today a do something differently today if -- has got to run the ball they try and stay with there. Based personnel like Houston did at seven big guys in the box we have I mean I think that's one of the subplots of the game on Sunday. What does ones that do this time around because the last time they stayed with their philosophy and it burned. I think you have to be willing to change of it doesn't work. And that that was one of the things that really. He's tied up being sent over the -- that were standing there on a Monday afternoon. Listening to. Whoever was speaking going well and it was Chelsea. -- what that was. Mary was talked into it and today he was awake all like it is what every -- just stayed in the -- defense that like. That those decisions that -- mean need to be made during the game -- muted. Not during not during the night or next stay in the film room. And that type of things so. Your game plan. We have that's exactly what they're going to do I think it's going to be. It but there are gonna look at is. What we gave up 400 yards extra because we didn't apple. So what does the scheme was the fact that we were putting people to the ground. And if we put people to the cloud. That is going to be a whole new ball game. So guys just. Whenever whenever the game plan is being flexible. If it's the same thing on offense worked really so what we were expecting Houston to do that. -- now boast except bodily. That's -- I'll tell you right now and I'm not football genius. Ballots that you could do something. Through the bills on Sunday they haven't seen out of self. It always does whether it's about a week or not but he said two weeks to -- the Buffalo Bills. Guaranteed. You're going to see something from doing a patriot you haven't seen before. Maybe. Be ready for that possibility. And be ready to handle it on Sunday instead of in the -- on Monday. Yeah we don't don't react they react. -- and and they react to slowly sometimes. I'm -- it's a pleasure chatting with you sir as always I hope things work out with the NHL and you know you can start earning your keep again. Yet tell me about it -- Paul have a nice day sir. I'm Paul and this again if you want the rundown on the injuries and more on his conversation with Kyle Williams -- can read -- articles that WGR 550 dot com.

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