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11/8 Paul Hamilton talks Bills injuries and coaching

Nov 8, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. Hamilton now. Well are good are you. -- you dusting off -- hockey notepad by any chance. But after what do you think. -- -- plans even thinking about hotels and travel plans and schedules and everything. It's still probably a long way to go but. The fact that there are willing to stay at the negotiating table with something they haven't from willing to do at all. First two days and now going to make it a third I mean that has to mean something positive I would think. If there -- spin their wheels you know it seems like you know what the NHL doesn't just get up and leave itself. And they haven't let's go to that. As far as I know they haven't -- -- the Bloc's goal. You know I've. Very Arab I don't know -- small progress or whatever but he would -- think that's part that's progress. -- on the bills. Let's go through the injuries first and I guess I should start with Stevie because as much as we talk about. The passing offense and it's issues it would be even worse with a hobbled less than healthy Stevie Johnson so what's his dad. He's supposed to practice they will see. -- that was here said that earlier in the week and Chan Gailey had said that they had. Chan Gailey also said the reason they activated easily was there weren't sure about C. You know the same breath say that helped -- -- Sundays so. You know then they'll just have to wait and see immediately gave -- like he won't he be activists he plays. That that's so so let's. There's no guarantee but. You know they're being cautiously optimistic about it. Any other injuries of note I know I mean you know Williams is out Aaron not Kyle. And we know about -- -- -- anything else. Back our practice the other medical problem. -- in -- report that. Up up and does happen that you have to practice on Wednesdays. So well. -- -- felt like if they've been serious -- has been arrested or. You I had a chance to talk college yesterday I was this that you always show and the Bulldog I read some of your article was well I. I l.'s feel like like I should apologize to -- and like he was lecturing me is I'm one of the people that thought. Well it was that they give up you're poised to give up you're rushing yards they did a better job. Getting off the field on third down I mean they still gave up a lot of yardage and he was angry when the concept of with the defense that it was brought up apparently. -- It's tables and -- fly out to the question because. If you remember on Sunday when -- -- -- -- same thing. That was better who cares. It's still get up 100 yard rusher you're 400 yard receiver. You give up 300 believe it was 74 total yards. Yeah you know that we've lowered standards so much around here that ripping it and -- -- and every vote -- -- go beyond -- -- felt -- awful yesterday you can't really give her some before you heard. You know that kind of things so. You know all the -- if you -- that is no where. Because. So what we were we know but federal -- -- because what you lose the game it's not good enough. So you know what we do it wasn't good enough so. Yeah he wasn't interested in moral victories you want an additional well was a little bit better he's interested it's still like good up because it when the game. And that effective you are still some Longo plays being made. And if they would just. Be where they're supposed to be. You know in those those longer play -- our party's -- so. The hope that that's pretty much where he worked on that topic it was like you know I don't really care that we are a little bit better. I guess I and I'm glad he feels that way I guess but for myself but when I've seen that those same defense give up 48. 455235. To Tennessee. You know and all the stuff they've done that I would look that that say it maybe to get better and I guess. Point is that if I say they were better I'm hoping that means there on the upside now they're they're moving in the right direction rather than continuing to get worse. You hope that the case be hard to get worse ball got there at. You played eight games then. It is taking guys. You have about a week you are. Six weeks of training camp yet ultimately you have everything. I just don't understand how these so be out of position. Mean help is still you know what -- what -- best political hole and you're supposed to go like -- -- a lot. Her body effectively going over here. -- you. At whether culprit hoping harper -- -- they all do your job of urban industrial doubles we find. I just don't understand that had don't get it now. They talked about the last two league game. And then you know we've we've talked obviously about tackling. That might have been the worst tackling game I've ever seen of about local team. -- said that it was they had figured it out. There were over there would be gig gave up over a hundred yards after contact the patriots. You know where an original concept was made so. That's. You know that was one of those big are seeing everything has. If you tackle better we just make that play. Wrap it up and make that play it now we're talking about the different game now we're not talking about 52 points because. There -- ordered that there were many opportunities to get off the open that. Are you had to do was finish the play. Finish the tackle. You know you're you're very you may you may contact. You're ordered it if you put the person to the ground. Now you're up field because it's -- -- let. When you're giving up over -- hundred extreme yards. Because you can't tackle. You know that lists that. That I remember that -- but I just. I know I can't I can't come up with a worst tackling game by this by the Buffalo Bills. I got to follow up on that -- -- to grab a call minimum and a follow up on the scheme in that game and -- what they were true what they did against the way. Brad you're on WGR with Paul go right ahead. Good morning I feel I guess what -- -- couple comments and I'll hang up in and a commitment to your reaction personally I do not think we should change. Don't you know GM armed capabilities key to think that in this league. And you look at the good teams Pittsburgh doing -- it equal -- Steagall and now. I don't mean these teens and has the ability we don't. We need stability and also. I don't think in the lounge in public that. In position to take full speed to admit that this road -- has not executed. And I think -- you cut the -- we needed new defense of coordinator. Any way to go up the lure him away we know he's good at what he got one at -- He's not gonna come back but I agree with got a defense according to what he's not coming back which you. You got dumped by this team and -- on a suitable content you're gonna come back to buffalo so he's not coming back. Paul I guess on unconscious and I -- yeah I should -- about our topic in the remind me to get back in the New England thing but basically. You know I don't and I don't know anybody just. I'm done I mean you're Don I think I can't speak -- but I think we've had this conversation before. But the concept of the bills every three years firing coaches. Fourth year which Iran. How do you balance that -- OK but the guys not the right head coach -- it's time to move on. I think if you if you don't have the right person. The cup that the budget next talked about I think is right. It -- -- it's very difficult to get somewhere when you're changing coaches every three or four years or. Changing GM's an -- that that thing but. What if is that like. I -- do you see just you're just stay with the with the wrong guy just because the stability. But -- up buddy -- now. Well well that might want change coaches in which he's putting knicks would have to let it just seems like word a situation now where. Our sports teams involved well. The longest body next is that GM it felt like ten -- as the coach bloggers does reduce the GM we know there always be -- as the goat so. It's all the sudden it seemed like we we've we've got a couple of stubborn and he comes here in buffalo. Paula you know there is it's more likely Gailey outlasts next. -- mean when next doctor is about a quarterback by the time he's gone I I don't like to -- meant. He might leave after this year but leave a -- leave at seven with the coach and quarterback in place and and -- -- scissors and some I. He's been fired Georgia because they hired -- it sounded like all right buddy -- going to be -- jumper. -- them -- years whatever it might be but it -- like short term. And here's the next guy and we wanna get have been here we've got to get acclimated and at that type of things so yeah I think that's very reasonable. You're bringing up the tackling in the prominent problems in the New England game and a lot of people had issues with that they stayed with the kept with the nickel I mean that maybe it was as always our number to refer to the -- Nicholas little people. But the fact they had smaller bodies on the field. Today a do something differently today if -- has got to run the ball they try and stay with there. Based personnel like Houston did at seven big guys in the box we have I mean I think that's one of the subplots of the game on Sunday. What does ones that do this time around because the last time they stayed with their philosophy and it burned. I think you have to be willing to change of it doesn't work. And that that was one of the things that really. He's tied up being sent over the -- that were standing there on a Monday afternoon. Listening to. Whoever was speaking going well and it was Chelsea. -- what that was. Mary was talked into it and today he was awake all like it is what every -- just stayed in the -- defense that like. That those decisions that -- mean need to be made during the game -- muted. Not during not during the night or next stay in the film room. And that type of things so. Your game plan. We have that's exactly what they're going to do I think it's going to be. It but there are gonna look at is. What we gave up 400 yards extra because we didn't apple. So what does the scheme was the fact that we were putting people to the ground. And if we put people to the cloud. That is going to be a whole new ball game. So guys just. Whenever whenever the game plan is being flexible. If it's the same thing on offense worked really so what we were expecting Houston to do that. -- now boast except bodily. That's -- I'll tell you right now and I'm not football genius. Ballots that you could do something. Through the bills on Sunday they haven't seen out of self. It always does whether it's about a week or not but he said two weeks to -- the Buffalo Bills. Guaranteed. You're going to see something from doing a patriot you haven't seen before. Maybe. Be ready for that possibility. And be ready to handle it on Sunday instead of in the -- on Monday. Yeah we don't don't react they react. -- and and they react to slowly sometimes. I'm -- it's a pleasure chatting with you sir as always I hope things work out with the NHL and you know you can start earning your keep again. Yet tell me about it -- Paul have a nice day sir. I'm Paul and this again if you want the rundown on the injuries and more on his conversation with Kyle Williams -- can read -- articles that WGR 550 dot com.

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