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ESPN's John Clayton Not giving the Bills a chance in NE

Nov 8, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was politically with -- deep priorities here. We are talking football but let's get a hockey deal done. Well should I why wait around until we Escude and focus on right now let's get added yeah. You know it's OK so it is. I think the -- talking at the extent I think having covered but six of these in the National Football League. I try to get that optimism that they'll -- it they don't get something done. They've been break a couple of days they break angry and then they get something done I have maybe I have had no knowledge of the negotiations. I think they get it done and we. It all all the big guys that cover hockey that we follow on Twitter. Seemed to say that today was a review these important day that it today went badly that they could go to -- again for awhile. But like a week or two weeks whenever it would take a while bought out today and badly but there's been no indication. That is going well or or portly it is it's just on goal but anything. A lot of times in these talks and I know from. Covering so many of them I mean it's even it has not done today and they leave on anger. You know that's that's basically not a dead to deal is one work. Don't have to rethink things go back to their corners come out swinging and then get something done but haven't you get that just the overall feel. That it's moving in a positive direction and I think that's the back. Sake of everybody it's time to get this game and just get this sport back on the ice. You really want an arena feel the currency -- really -- -- so yeah that's like you really. I they -- but that's what I want I want Edmonton c'mon baby would permit -- I. -- John I compliment you -- stalling us before getting sued bills and their game with the patriots this week for however many years in a row been talking to you. Were inclined to ask you do you give the -- a chance. No unfortunately I just think it's -- it's that bad match up just from the standpoint that the Patriots offense is -- multi. Successful weather is going to be with the run. Whether it's going to be throwing the football they're coming up by a week they're rested their profits of wind doesn't have. The injuries that it had before the bye week and it just also add up to be what 2325. Games now won by New England so. And I hate it you use certain gains were. If you know going and it's it's going to be Vanderbilt -- -- against Alabama. Okay well they contrived it's not going to happen. But was not Vanderbilt but does New England as such it is in this in this series. You know that's why John you know you US that the odds of that how we're doing and I -- mom -- mall mall right. Not better than that really as a retains the football because of that -- and then. Vanderbilt. There in the NFL league spent a lot of money -- -- I shouldn't -- the -- games. -- -- Again it can anybody forcing the defense being this bad -- about the same distance so baffling and at some point -- they get there is getting better and trending better and unfortunately it's just not happening. -- is that token pick to click against most -- -- be able to turn and out of and the one thing is at least it's the AFC. And you're in contention -- western Kansas City. But if you're in the get this team that isn't it odd that notion that -- elite. They can still make a run at it made us start this week it is still make a run at -- -- Could -- when's -- gonna make it somebody in the playoffs. I love the idea of that line you just delivered being on the letter head somewhere the AFC where you're in contention unless -- Kansas City. Lest we forget Jacksonville but to better -- your way. Jacksonville home to Indy tonight the AFC we've talked a lot about the conference and how it's right this year for a mediocre team or two. To make the playoffs what's your latest analysis of all that. Content right the defense says it's the right because it's rotten. Yet rotten and I think you concede that. You'll let's say that they -- -- having just seen Indianapolis and just incredible story which octagon though and Andrew Luck on Sunday. If I look at the team that has seven and eight injuries and very well could lose to Jacksonville and keep everybody's help a lot of getting that six playoff spot but. Know that the trend -- is continuing. Where the NFC winning 63 to 65% of the games -- in a conference games and if that. Percentage is gonna stay pretty much up with a five game going to be in our conference games this weekend. And so that then -- down everybody in the AFC to that point where you know you can get eight wins and you know teams. Are starting to get injuries now very serious injuries and started to sort things out. But you know the one thing that buffalo in two things about class -- -- they can at least tightened some things up. Get let's turn overs because and I know that Ryan Fitzpatrick is not Matt Cassel. But it's just -- solid period independent one -- two interceptions every week. John what is your sense of where the bills are at with their head coach we will we spent some time today talking about this. You'd get things percolating how much reality there is behind what's percolating is debatable but. Like I know -- Sunday and Monday. The cowboys and Eagles around on nighttime TV in their bowl three in five and I get up Tuesday and people are much Sean Payton going somewhere Dallas or Philly. Today the story about John gruden. And -- the bills at three and five and no they don't have the Eagles roster and they don't have the Cowboys Stadium nor their older but expectations were high. Here and do you have any reason to think the bills would consider making a coaching change if the are not you know winning team this year. I don't think so because I think the one thing that you concede. Is that -- dealing with off with the off and get more out of less. Because. Don't you look arise they OK so what is really there I mean is there. He's stud offensive lineman on the team yeah you might say. -- the two young interior linemen were taken in the one year of the trap and Eric Wood and it would be -- -- to predict that they're they're not bad. But the rest of the group having you know Cody Glenn aside because he's still so young. -- is not overly talented on the offensive line. I mean you look at the receiving -- Stevie -- -- -- come on become a very good receiver but it. That is it was still trying to figure its way out. But I think that the team makes the offense better coming to one think -- With that scheme -- -- that would find its Patrick wanna get a or the potential of putting up 125 points a game that's encouraging the problem is giving up thirty points a game that have to be addressed that after the effects. You know a third John -- respecting that there's nothing specifically. I -- disagree with that you just said. But a couple of football blocks point -- in the coach year for forty games they've won thirteen. They've lost by twenty or more in twelfth. Mean you know they have almost as many terrible losses as they have wins. This is what makes us feel like we're not a part of the leak. If we we can't even have the two we need a new coach conversation. Because you know like the point you made about the offense. That's that's the whole -- whole problem here. No -- like that led to very fair point the very realistic point and also to. Then you start to think about OK you know that you and there's no doubt that the bills have been in the cycle always looking for that next coach. And a lot of times what ends up happening is it never it never built any. And the you can. Look at it -- the franchises. Don't traded away running backs once they got close to the end of the contract and then the quarterback problems at all those different things. And ultimately it still comes down to the quarterback. And -- the -- the quarterback dictate where the team is going to be. And you think about OK so now what kind of coach would be able to come that there more than likely it's going to be an assistant coach is not going to be Jon Gruden. It's not going to be a big name head coach it's not going to be Andy Reid is probably going to be some assistant -- defense. If that -- does not have the proper quarterback. Throughout the years to figure it out the third year then becomes the critical one because. There's no progress and the next thing you know he's replaced by an and so yeah you're right cabinet. That's the cycle but I still look at the medically and what I see from -- -- and I still like what I see because offensively in a legal offense. He's still getting more out of less is now matter being backed up by the defense and still. I'm not willing to wash away this scene that means somebody's going to get eight may be in that -- -- debate the bill. Could beat the colts could be that -- but somebody's gonna make it. Like candidate Nate you like utility -- Indianapolis and Miami. In these now five and three having beaten Miami good gains last week. That the bills play those two teens after this game Sunday that's their next two opponents. So obviously. You know they have that's what you want right -- that those aren't. New England caliber teams you wanna play these -- you can catch -- Exactly because but it ultimately what -- looking at in the ANC. Is that -- and it wasn't like I thought that the the bills were on nine win team. I was gonna be a clam up -- Caribbean nine -- team but are -- going to be at six went in Oakland nine because of the schedule and this is the schedule. That is then there because I mean none of these teams are great. And in Miami. Yeah Ryan what Bryant and it looks pretty good committee. But there's nothing partly it's a receiver position they have nothing at the tight end position. The other defense it's okay it's pretty good as little bit better than most -- indeed their defense isn't very good drop but supply is very suspect -- got a great quarterback in Andrew Luck. He go to Tennessee their defense is terrible giving up 34 points a game. Mean you know when when you look at most polls -- CE SPN dot com poll whether sporting news whether it's. USA today. All of his seat is six AFC teams at the bottom. And about nine of the worst thirteen teams being AFC teams and so we get a chance to play all those teams. You know you're never over -- sports talent you always have against the wind and you get a little political winning streak and you could maybe do something. -- how would you feel like Pittsburgh is kind of stabilize themselves and and and risen above. Opt out of being in question is to make it they that they will. Mean maybe want to win the -- -- behind Baltimore by one. Or certainly be a lock to make the play. I think airlock to make the playoffs and I think stepping up against the giants firmed that up because remember one of the reasons of Baltimore as a leader in division if they've gone to an elegant Cleveland. And Pittsburgh has not had a chance to get that second win against the Cleveland Browns when you really look at the way things go in that division it's been pretty much the same thing. That usually Pittsburgh and Baltimore will split. And always will be Cleveland twice and a pizza fanatic like I usually. What ended up happening for a while is that I'm Baltimore's -- only able to split the Cincinnati. So if you go by the one in the division which I think is going to happen for both teams. It's a matter -- -- one game break here or there they get in the division. And so with that in mind. Still I still think the Baltimore right now has the edge Canadian tiebreaker with a division but in the end I think Philippines and it went eleven and both are going to be in the playoffs. Yeah I am not sure if you did say this you might have the Steelers haven't played the browns at all yet. Right exactly. Ethnic and yet that's the difference right now in Hawaii Baltimore's held the lead over. Over Pittsburgh -- -- like Baltimore had all their good early games at home -- when you look at them ecstatically. What you see is that Baltimore does not play well on the road. And if Joseph Flacco goes from 67% at home don't like 50%. Still they are struggles sometimes running the football they play closer games they still want them because they're playing Cleveland plain Cincinnati Indian like back. But you know they don't play all that well on the road at home their experience and they're tough and they get. -- good no Ottawa action their defense plays better than their talent all the different things. The Pittsburgh won on the road in between New York Giants. Richard that's a great job especially with the the flight issue and everything that that was a great way -- and that that complete call on Roethlisberger to mean to one of the guys are -- that game you know that debatable point bouncer. Well I was about I hate the -- -- look but it display. That was a -- -- play him in touch and edited not a bad upon which could have been an interception or an incompletion. John -- with us tonight Indianapolis in Jacksonville. We rescued similar questions recently I know but. I'm just curious to know how much surprise. There is around the NFL about the play of -- Griffin. I I sense that there is some I'm not sure there should be. With how many more rookies have been playing over the years and how good these guys were purported to be. Do you find it curious at all when people say either surprised or is Nolan saying that. I think people were saying it -- I don't think they should have been surprised -- what I want the training camp talked to Bruce Darrion Scott Andrew Luck. And try to formulate what I thought. And so what Bruce put in my mind was like I said what do you think Andrew Luck for over 3500 yards because that. More than that support thousand -- if that's I think that really you'd think he'd be at 4000 yard rookie quarterback because absolutely as has so why do you say that. Which is first up look at the talent around -- got Reggie Wayne. Now you don't made up lead and Donnie Avery but he's the deep threat. That I compared to the -- -- Robinson Mike Wallace not as good as Mike Wallace. But the former second round pick of the rams has proven to be a decent deep strategic people like Hilton has done a nice job working out of the slot. They picked up to the -- the top tight ends in the draft. That worked out -- they may not have much of a running game but they haven't tested high in choices there. -- the wind isn't very good but you have Andrew Luck surrounded by weapons. And I think you concede he is so talented and I think is living up to the villain named one of the highest rated quarterback. The company neither since Peyton Manning -- Joseph and John Elway. If you were surprised you probably didn't think true it. Knowing that he has talent and it RG three. He did different unique type of talent but he is so good and so accurate a -- to start of the future and probably start to the president. And by the way -- through half the season is on pace for 4800. Yards. Up passing so your guys. -- you said it was resistant it was perhaps conservative anyway at 40. Well it's like anything else -- -- if you wanna be credible. You take the under. And and so to think B article rookie quarterback for over 4800 yards well you know he's he might. But let's -- it -- -- you are correct you on pace to do that. The job where you don't this week. I don't -- being in town I'm probably making a bad choice because you know any time I every time I watched Tim Tebow come on the field. Just because you're watching him throw makes me get -- you know -- is going to be a bit more of a running play. While jobless statement you say that transports and urges the buffalo Bob. And no impact on what it looked at Tim Tebow is a great football player at the moment I fear for what's gonna happen in his career because him and I think he's. Not getting its chance to develop whatsoever. I made only on the field 55 plays this year. I think he's going to what two or three passes somebody he's not been able to do hardly anything as a player and so are. Still as I think they're wasting him I thought it was a bad move and the -- I think unfortunately and some people are paying a price for. John thanks your time. --

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