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11/9 Buddy Nix breaks down the search for a quarterback

Nov 9, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buddy good morning how are you on this football Friday -- good morning how are you guys doing well thank you very much. -- -- wanna talk quarterback with you last week you know you talk to us about quarterbacking you know you wanted to franchise guy and placed before you leave here on how aggressively will you plan on getting that franchise quarterback. He Norris assigned -- I -- we've had every year I think it's more emphasis only at this time -- you get as bad. Have we go in day every year hoping wing draft a quarterback coming in every -- everybody wants our young that that. Looks like again they can be a ranch in her way of years and then we said that from a first draft we'd like to be able to do that and that then changed we're going to look hard again just like -- the end. Last year and a year before and try to. Put that guy and place how much you've been out scouting how much have you been looking at quarterbacks at this point -- try to see -- a top bones anyway and and not just that position bad. The top gadget every position. Have you seen. Well not only getting undo all I've seen but do you you know that. Top ten or fifteen habit to have people are talking about and that folks is downgraded and I go by our gas you know that grades we give her own woman. Then I don't look at just say you know it's hard to sit -- in the draft. And -- get back. With confidence. And feel good about it if if he hadn't really sink -- you know -- I trust our guys we got its gaps they're really good but I just a lot to say my guess that's. Oh screw that I'm always go do it and as long as I and get them more -- won't do their promotional stuff. But he say it's been a planned you know from the start. Each and every year you have an emphasis sonic can you afford to go another year without addressing that. Why -- -- cannot afford it I mean our main -- get paid probably. I mean how long can you wait needed teams do this an awful lot it's it tends to be every couple years the team shall go on that fraction. Have all young guy even if it's not a first trumpet but have a guy that they have. As someone their there grooming for that position so. Let me just -- be as honest as I cannot -- -- I think we really need to address it this year and that thing we -- game. If you can't create -- you can't go out I -- I've got to make this gap player if he did you then. -- -- Vienna you know in a beggar man so. We don't warned that we try to guard against sad but. But we we do need we need another one in there and we need to do that this man. With regard to the class itself there are some saying it maybe might not be a good class and -- is early which you say it is a good group. That's coming out or not so this year you know I think TP go by. The last couple years and that. And high on the east top jazz that there's not as much of that. That doesn't mean it there's not an -- Rodgers out there or. Tom Brady somewhere. And that's what if there's not a -- that. Is sheer power. Andrew Luck tied. And you got to and then you gotta look gain in the other rounds. Do you come what do you look for when you go out and he said he's seen all the top guys at -- said you'd like to see the guy in person so -- you nobody times have changed used to be you know years ago you draft a quarterback and think. Yeah at a few years to let him sit develop. Now you get a quarterback and -- -- on a lot of instances document as a rookie and succeed as a rookie so what you look for now when you go out and then look at these top quarterback. You know I think it's that that news no doubt in my mind that's hardest position to evaluate and and -- hardest to make sure your -- don't but. Yeah obviously got the physical qualities -- EP solving game last night. That that gap for Indy it was probably what you look for madame -- you lack -- He locker got establish our own arm all of those physical buying million mobile enough to get out trouble. Don't necessarily have to be an option runner but that and that is athletic enough. To slap. And step up in the pocket and -- gas may -- aboard the sex are you look for all those physical -- -- accuracy I think in anticipation. Is probably that that two most important things. And evaluate new quarterback I think. In this league if you wait -- like guy gets open. To throw the football is too late so anticipation. And accuracy. Throw in the gal opens we got to use that term in UC Goodman to convince them. It if there again if he got a white -- he's clearly say their numbers to throw for abolished in light there. The defense organic so and that that's something that Guillen that you have to see a gal over and over and see every throw. The intangibles. -- worked so hard at the quarterback position. You won't leadership you won't Smart yak. -- -- -- -- -- -- Can step up and nannies get to respect even necessarily have to lacking but they got to respect the game. And and know that he sputnik team first -- all or most things are more important at that position -- and it all up but more so. At the quarterback position and that and that's what makes it's so hard as you don't know some of those things. As hard as you work at it you don't know some of those saying steer you to lose too late you already got. Built gym buddy -- -- -- and I'm I'm sort he will take your calls 8030550. Baldwin's open if you want -- can call right now get some folks important segment is over -- 305 -- to be talked about. Let me ask you this that and I know you said you're not gonna get into specific names but you gave us the list of things you look for. And I think -- a lot of people believe. Right or wrong that you don't get that quarterback in the first round in Iraq and get that -- -- quarterback however Russell Wilson was taken in the third round by Seattle he's doing very well the Seahawks right so if you look at the guys out there. And you had a list of the traits that you just described can you find that guy with those traits. Beyond the first round in last year's group. Yeah you can. Yeah -- Kiki and and again -- that process is about a third of the way through shall we got to get through the rest of it and things fall into place by the time we get. April we will have selling them -- it to work out we'll have scouts and every work out -- will. We don't know is much -- can't bottom right yeah I think -- gas. -- Flacco when Diego first round birthday went for extra tenth overall I think tip over the neighborhood. In the air Matt Schaub when they go first round third round third race. So we got gas spread out all over the league that are being successful. That didn't go in the first round or the first fabric and -- and and that that that is the hard part -- I mean if you got. Luck RG 3 a K am coming you know back over the buzz again as every year in. And it proved to -- the actor on those guys and but you know I don't see one of those yet in this draft it is it may develop -- own. But but there is a lot of there's a lot of good players and a lot of good quarterbacks. Like oh I think like on eighteenth Islamic a correction that I didn't think the that's in that. And I didn't picture Baltimore being bad ethnic tenth he went eighteenth yeah. You know a lot of this thing as -- we talked about this before and then everybody knows yes a lot of this process. Is. Locker that drawl I'm mainly. A year locating in DN and banks fail just right for you indeed they had their bad year they had their first big. And have are as close Eugene yet probably -- -- missed gab was sent men ready for the first -- came. So EE -- You not only have to play really bad to get to first big but to get you became. Beat the franchise guy you don't rad estimated so. It it has to follow ride or you have to give up. The farm. To move up in that position. When it comes to giving up a farm in the jet's data for Sanchez a couple of years ago moving up to six the Redskins that -- for RG three last year and you said in years past -- That you joke when you're that you give us two picks every around continued so many things do you assess your team is needing fewer things this year making it. You know not saying you're gonna do it but maybe in a better position in years past if you if there was a guy that you had to go get. Absolutely you know -- I think we've we've had we can't pass rush issues obviously are not a lot of those things are. A -- take some time to work out but but we got Blake but people in place we get we get corners in place we got a left tackle in place so. I've done all of those things are not. You know huge priority so -- just Salina -- that get somebody hurt. So you are aware of where a lot further loan and you know I know it may be didn't show up on Sunday every damn bad -- but I know we our. You know what I I actually do when asked about that one blessing on this quarterback thing we were just having this discussion and now I'm curious. When you bring up like last Friday you know you said. I'm not leaving here without a franchise guy in place a guy of the future all right so we get over the sect or like that -- has done again a quarterback. How do you are you concerned or do you have to be guarded in your comments at all. About a quarterback of the future when you have a guy who has the job right now you do about that at all aria and I cannot doctor. You know I I am guarded probably sometimes in two -- these bad. It it it hat -- -- hasn't changed coming -- made it sound like an ad that it really hadn't changed in them. You. It's the same as it's been every year -- no Sammy UK. If you've gotta you gotta have guys secure developed and ended you you feel good about it every position. But he further big picture now. Last time before the New England game we had -- that Friday we brought the whole idea you know to -- game and all this other stuff and you know use the jets and dolphins -- measures himself about about where you are relation to the patriots. Two part question what did you learn about your team from that game and where are you in the whole gage game concept thing with the patriots. You know I think if you go who if you were to go by the score of last time we played them I. It's the first game we played them last year you know from day you know you'd have to say we had column because we've made him. This year you'd have to say would AMOCO because we didn't -- but. We we played these gas -- that they are that they are. Amazing to watch a laughing -- its -- error. That control it Tom Brady and isn't it that way he controls tamper with a gain in. And runs that offense is I have never seen it awful and you know hopefully in this division I don't see it again for awhile but. This guy's. He's a master what he does so. Our our week are we where they are yet now we're not bad we're positioned by opposition. We're certainly we've certainly gain enough. You don't real 515 to join us -- gym buddy -- -- this from Ralph Wilson Stadium -- your -- with buddy go right ahead. Yes thanks Brad -- -- on -- -- a lot of public comment. I recently about the bills trying to go in the direction or a quarterback in the future. And it just I think this -- it would granted that we were hoping and thinking that in order to win it this year that the bills were going to be. In the playoffs this year and it's -- here what are your thoughts were about the bills making the playoffs this year because I think that's really what the fans were expecting. Well you know I think. I'm like -- it. That's what I'll open fortune and -- I don't much think weird that there were still open we got a chance in. We we need if people talk about getting on Iran we need to win more access that's -- -- we need to start with -- and at where where. We're close -- we are not there and -- keep from Regina and I never. Promised a financing that thing except we were working to improve our team and trying to get better and and I think we're making strides it's not just fashion Xenia was won't. But I think we're we'll get to. But it would you like to see CJ Spiller get more carries. You know on a bad after the coaches obviously. -- AA you know which camera. Dale where if we if we went out and ran in 25 or thirty dancing getting hurt their first thing out here from you guys as we. We ran him too much so. You know it's. He. He'll get to Obama. But they can't promise the afternoon guys that I promised Howard and I will not lowered value at any point if he runs too much I'd rather hear -- -- -- -- not enough after -- promise I promise you I'd rather you run them too much than not enough agree. You know we need he is a exciting when he gets remaining make she. -- braves have only seats over. That's that's employees. But in actually this year it one last thing -- buddy I wanna ask you that you you know we talked about this with Russ Brandon a little bit the conversations that you can keep it -- Ralph I think he's on a daily basis. It's a week where you know the titans owner came out and blasted his franchise the jaguars owner came out and apologized for the fans. How much how often do you talk to Ralph because. I know I'm curious I'm curious what the owners thinking. He hasn't said anything nobody short from a little long time what's the owner thinking is he unhappy what she's saying that you guys that you can share with the bill stands. Well I can't change a thing with the except that I didn't talk to him every day we talk about tomatoes we talk about football. He's passionate about it. -- -- my we both Levitt and we like talking about it and that's about all -- day. All right buddy list and good luck on Sunday against New England nimble -- Q I believe we're talking to you next Thursday instead the next frontal -- gained against Miami and they are.

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