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11/11 Chan Gailey reviews his teams loss to the Patriots and gets ready for Miami

Nov 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chan -- here in studio at stadium -- thanks for coming over this morning first off and this year time has always. Everybody wants to know about the last play of first did you get a chance to look back at the the game and review everything. No I have not. I looked at did look at the last play. Legacy you know what happened on that 'cause I figured I'd get asked when you show so when Batman that that's only play a look at the whole ballgame what happened the last -- Well Maine and that we had it was more of our plays to try to get the ball you know in millions only had. Three gash running toward the end zone and man. Day. It's one of those where. It's a judgment call for the receiver to go deep or go in front and it was a gray area and it's a rookie and -- I can't tell I didn't ask kids. Betty thank you going across his face Saturday thank you -- behind -- and and it's just who is. It was a gray haired dude Aston about two or three yards state in the end zone and L rookie Michael flatter angle of -- -- Michael flatter angle in front of amen. 88 if they sell I'd like. Ike TJ deity might keep it at the same and try to go behind me and and -- over the top -- -- -- And publish it out of abroad may actually Bobby should be given the given in the different different look different throw to cut. -- that you knew you wouldn't want looking back you would wanna get TJ the I'll read -- you more more about a concrete -- idea yet right. Yet not and I give him the gray area and that. And and you know and give some better option tougher for people. On the field. What -- that the timeouts with the injuries how much did it affect what you -- -- called some plays differently oh yeah I am looking cholera strain you can call that you can dump it down underneath and -- -- try to run with that you can. You can even run. And you can run the CA and seeking get them there so. And it makes him a lot of difference. What she did. There's no gray area in the rule book I mean like I clearly Donald Jones of Fred Jackson were not faking injuries I know -- the rule isn't yet -- you you know you fake an injury stop the clock in fact that's I think some of from the Steelers. Which is was fine maybe a week or two ago correcting an injury -- there's no gray area no interpretation for the officials anything nothing. Nets and and they'll put that judgment on the official religion and real Andrea it's not -- entry. Talk about -- Patrick game because it kind of was like the Tennessee game -- I thought he played better yesterday that it did against Tennessee he plays this good game. But at the end of the day he you know he gets nailed with a critical interception. Yeah and yeah I hate it for I -- -- for him because. Eat each make him he throws forty times in the -- Basically one bad throw and that's what everybody remembers and a -- hate it for him. And you know it we just. We just gotta I gotta help him flee if we have that now and if symbolic -- candies -- all -- that but. -- just would like to not put him in that situation. That often used only knew it then -- -- not fair to him to Satan. -- go -- the big play. To come back to have to win the game every week it's. He's played such a -- get get us there we got a -- take that pressure often meaning don't play from behind all the time don't price rumba. And in not haven't. They'll be able to run the ball -- fourth quarter only need to end if we got to leave you know. All that stuff we just we got to get better overall and and where we're capable which is not very. Yeah I think to me -- the frustrating part yesterday was Fitzpatrick plays well your running game players willing to put up 31 points in New England but the defense give a 37 and that reminded me of the Tennessee game as well they dating getting takeaways the only forced couple punch yesterday and they again at some issues on third down and couldn't get off the field. And a is -- played better in the second half and and that was encouraging but. -- the turnovers. Thank you only turn it over and get -- I don't know 1520 yard touchdown. Drive there to hear people certainly got the ball the thirteen and -- thing you know that. And then. -- -- one drive there where they were they drove it eighty yards and had. Thirteen total yards off in two or something like penalties were 65 the chargers and yards as the drive in. So -- This little things like that that we got to try Adam. It would have to avoid with -- Get the word. Make a run at all we gotta we gotta more dollars -- Beating back this a missed opportunities like Scott Mckelvin -- it's on the same dryly yeah that -- -- -- -- -- -- ends up getting three points and then try and early in the gang you pick one off like dad who knows what happens it might change a whole momentum of the game and you take lead into halftime and and the price that -- -- -- -- and you -- again. -- Gailey was here at Ralph Wilson Stadium all right I know there's only so much you can or can't say about penalties because the -- I guess we'll find -- but. But that some of them sticky tacky. All I guess so I mean I've had people tell me that but I don't know I'd like a set much of films so don't you know don't look at the film -- Yeah I was yelling at the TVC -- -- Debbie Allen at the screen here I probably will and then. That thing about it is. I don't want Brett always too many brain cells on those gas cause I can control. All you can do is all you needed now and and what we gotta go take care our business and hopefully. The officiating department takes care of their business. I get some of them I mean I mean there -- you know guys were pocketed jerseys we asked about the the Gilmore jam on Lloyd. -- I wasn't sure about news yet because the balls in the air you can't touch the guy at the one yard line at the -- when the ball's in the air. The one pass interference with the -- untouchable I mean I got out of all the fourteen penalties. Honestly that's the one -- right but you gotta be kidding me that's what the ball beneath it and couldn't get on the TV screen in the replay. And -- so far out of bounds death that one and a long before it. Where that is it probably stuck in my -- little bit. Channel this year injury the report forget about that he had I guess Fred would be the main. Read them namely Dan that I don't know. He feels today he was not feeling well last night. -- applying coming home. So we'll see how he feels. Today in that give us a better idea he may or may not feel good enough. To play on the short week he might be good on normal weight but only short week you might not be rating you look look out hole when he went down how I united asking that I don't think anybody it was said he wise that didn't hear that anywhere -- that's. I think sometimes to to -- bailiff AR with a look like. It was an elbow to the head -- or form whatever and it looked like when he at the ground he was -- -- it has not been determined as a concussion. They they said concussion like symptoms. So I don't know you know whatever those they do they do this whole battery of tests now. -- they run the gamut to make sure the guys okay. Hit the fumbles not necessarily that I mean -- period ahead astute new ball make him out but. Yet another fumble in the game yesterday fumbled against doing informally as -- Arizona which is not like him to know that many fumbles are you concerned. I don't know I don't wanna say concerned but. It certainly uncharacteristic. I mean if there's one guy you said hey. I depend on this got one out walk out on the field. Do all everything right the winning game it's Fred Jackson do you trust set out with with everything. And so I think. Everybody area every coach every player is shot that there's two that we've had two -- three -- the issue. It's hard against the find a bone to pick on a day when you put 31 points up on the board offensively but that's my job. CJ got was very effective yesterday he had thirteen touches but he had ten yards on the average for all of those touches. More can deal look back and say you wish you -- more touches on the never tell me that's all good things were happening now about the threat wasn't doing that he was still. The thing we've got we've got a lot of weapons and that's the good thing is that was staged pretty good and Scotch and -- pretty good and Donald Donald Jones is coming home -- Fred to pretty good player so the -- Hill and an -- I don't I don't disagree with what you're saying -- and is CJ is a dynamic player I agree with that. I think sometimes when you start to force issues too much. And then ye that's where you get into problems. We design things for any home. We design things for Fred. And I had the way I look at it is if you combined the tailback position. That's. What the production is at that position so really what you say -- -- is. Do we delete Fred on the bench more and play CJ -- And that's always the question which which one is which. At one point and you bend at the two of them had worked out the rotation it was gonna be every two series I think you are is it's still that way it's and it's. Go more -- feel now with Kurdish the running back coach if if Fred goes a long series and then CJ goes in and it's three and out then CJ might go back. We're trying to keep -- where we don't beat them both they'll -- one -- more than another round ball game. -- try to balance it out but again. There's certain place where we put we put certain people in there who agree would you suggest that if you gave the ball the CJ. What you're saying a moment ago too much that the numbers wouldn't be -- that. That part of the reason that he has so much success is the function is the way that you build -- the offense -- think that I think that to them. We. The reason. He gets he we try to balance it out as much -- -- some weeks I think he'll have more touches another week Fred may have more touches. That's not by design. That's just the way it happens in the game sometimes. Which are likely need to run it in that situation and friend happens to be in there if we feel like -- in there might. We got a screen call down they both runs grange will they've both run the ball well so. No we don't make that much disparity in some of those things that they're someplace that we do well CJ and therefore there's someplace we duo of Fred and therefore so. I just think that it is going to work out as time goes home that. As some some guys wanna get more room. Some days get more in his -- you may not be an issue at all analyst for the right can't go -- -- that was my next question it did you think it. Could it ever get to a point it could could CJ. Do enough maybe over the course of maybe maybe Thursday if Fred tickle me over the course of a season where you know you can eat you want balance but just think. You know to Aqua balance I gotta get this got -- balls many times as possible yes could come that is sure -- and is just like last year where. If Fred really couldn't get back but if -- had gotten backed that he was playing such a level that you can get CJ on the field. And it's -- just find it such a level you might not be able to get Fred don't feel as much as you won't. Then and that may be the case semi that's. That's the way it is in football do you look at some of the there was a place Spiller made yesterday I think it was the screen I don't -- -- the left side and it looked like it was like three yard loss. Yet and he makes a guy miss -- down the silent ever look back at them -- place to go. Addict did you add to that and gang but I really do I mean. Say you know. That's just amazing play. Breaks a tackle is stronger than people think years. For his size and and just exposed and the side as passive I think we said over the phone and in the next series you know before the -- issue. Can't I know he's forgotten had a chance to to break down the tape of the game but it -- it didn't seem to you couldn't seem watching the game the -- has had perhaps his best game of the season. I don't know. They are pressure -- Sampson know they -- in Iran so much of the time. The satellites in the defense but maybe did I don't know his stats. Good hitters out of a couple passes you know you -- he had happened was in on the second thing that he you have a sack -- that. I thought it did a nice job of some of the run play well -- You know we did some good things -- let about two to three runs get out of there. And I think their secondary didn't give up but really long pass and we have one point four yarder maybe that was the screen that they threw over any ran all the way Welker ran all the way back a variety definitely over pursued and and we stopped what they want to do an -- leaders at the back to orbit. Yeah I thought I thought we did a good job and not giving -- the deep ball. -- -- brought the secondary is not safeties with the quarterbacks were taught about this in the first hour one interception all season from the quarterbacks combined it was Mckelvin. Yeah I I don't know I guess the question is how is that possible all those passes that -- only have one pick and how do you change that yet. You know I don't know how that works and then maybe it -- -- budget may be getting on the first half and you get. You know in the second half the season note. That you expected tipped ball or something somewhere -- you get long and somehow. You know if you cover a tight -- throw it then maybe that's it tasted. No I think -- give a lot better he's played in people tighter he. Yesterday followed 85. Most of the day and that was by design and think it and he's getting to the point where. And they be can be that gathered. That follows a great receiver -- seat loading into against. Is -- -- -- gonna do it a little bit more now conceded that I thought a little bit and Houston game flip in the corners and cut -- -- step and you go get that guy. We did it we did get to a jury -- the entire thing you know and I think did. We dated this -- can -- think that something that we can we can do a little bit in the future you know you don't do it every snap they achieved that to do it enough. Words -- come to your advantage out there and tell us think that you getting back to work at it even more so because of the short work week what kind of challenges does that. Provide for both teams dealing with such a short work week. But at least we ought to travel they have to travel. So. No got a lot to get done initial breakdown we have. Normally you know they come in and lift and run and watch film and or go home today and NTT's dolphin start by Wednesday we have to. We have to practice. You know today. Was gonna actually do walk through the night. And give my little game plan the coaches have to get -- stuff organized for the for the practice and game plan and then. Any and -- rice's goal what do you do a bunch of it the weeks before. You know you do note that the pipe -- part but. Watching -- a -- -- -- game plan it all runs together for me if I'm studying new England and then I'm trying to steady Miami news. They all run together also was that Miami has alleged that Yang was bludgeoned to remember what I wanted to in that situation so. I have a hard time doing that. But now we got tomorrow practice and then Wednesday to -- and by Thursday so you've got a lot lot go -- -- and a short period of time but dated June. So that makes it even ten thanks very much I'm good look at their ads take care.

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