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11/12 Jerry Sullivan discusses who he is blaming for the heart breaking loss in New England

Nov 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. Solomon. I got a bone to pick with you. I love is solid but seriously this is -- authority officials right not that well but I'll get that later on your column today. It's on -- Did you see the defense yesterday -- Always write about them every week and that was it actually have a weather and that's why they lost the game. But I Billups again event that book. They now have scored twenty points a mortgage or their losses to -- Defense Department -- -- I -- I'm accustomed to it. We didn't close the pick he's not good enough he's not a franchise quarterback. But yeah -- four games did this scored 28 points. And not one mention if you could have gone if you can go back and you view lowered into this you go back to August and today. Third nine weeks. They -- X amount of points stable scored twice Abramoff five times it will be rated fifteen to only get 87 point five with seventy touchdowns all of a record day. And you probably sit six and -- that's a winning record yeah. So I mean it's really hard and I wrote a -- bottom Sunday to a target to judge and I kind of mood. Moved away a little bit but he could and other -- -- -- into France says guy we can acknowledge his shortcomings but really what's the story this season. What's the part of his name that didn't live up -- expectations that the defense yeah Atlantic entirely and just they might -- pressure once but it. That I remember one place and it from his way to his -- abrupt Mario Williams I don't know what happened but he didn't really chill -- on -- in my area. Pilots like there was anything great. Yeah and I guess -- from either that I've moved on mentally I've moved on from Fitzpatrick. So for me. I I look at the defense coming pack I think most of those guys are going to be back they're going to get a new quarterback I think. But I think most of those guys are coming back so they got to find a way that defense have to get better or they've got to find a way. To make it better or I don't I don't know what because the defense is killed the offense is putting up as you said enough points to have a winning record but the defense is killing them. He gave up 37 point duplicate play Obama played worlds better than I did the first Nolan on game. Made that it decent second half but -- -- -- if you look at it through the nuanced. Part of my columns Sunday's news like. I would suggest that the general manager's decision to start talk about friends -- quarterback. You know men might have a motivation had to try to take away from probably messed everything and also up in his defense another part -- -- that you have sex. Yes that's -- exactly the guy we thought it was this year when people so they could win might attend and so without real. You revisit the fact that we know. Levity was he wouldn't want to revolt but. This season he would have been with supposed to be good enough so who's what's the problem. 62 point 5% above and we know what -- Delhi that natural ball on the field. And the -- going to yesterday to have like 121 yard pass to wideout but you know what Tom Brady and -- -- passed over 25 -- yesterday. Is way to win in this league and we thought that. At an average mid ranked quarterback could be good enough for this game and -- defense has been a disaster so that's good to want me to say I'm always willing to say it. He had no luck because again somebody that has that that's the troubling part because I'm I'm pretty sure the going to address quarterback plot. You know Mario Williams was invisible. And you know the linebackers continue to lack any kind of ability to make plays even Nick Barnett who's the best of the bunch was a liability in coverage yesterday. The quarterbacks can't get an interception to save themselves and they -- this team has no takeaways in the last three games while once again. Did it I can't get off the field on third down and it's not 313233353. At 6373. And ten. Hey they just I'd I'd like I have no idea what to do about these guys anymore. And -- among one touchdown and they would have to -- people come. And Darius man and -- at all get blown up 101 -- but I did watch that play it. Don't -- amount and they've got a feel of the mystic and mystery to me do you want the guy who brought in you know merry men and drafted Aaron Williams and it and -- and Merrill it was from a million dollars you want him to pick -- -- quarterback they're just a question. He did he did find speller so you can argue well we no offense but I. In the cooperation and it is -- sub par including the coach you know and you come out and have a six penalties in the first ten minutes. You know we talk about coaching and preparation what they've integrated play that game the players got together quickly but I mean -- kill them. The point on the -- bacteria I don't disagree with that. I wonder though if you know they deserve credit for not taking one to this point is not the guys that they have passed over ever really been all that great the best one is Andy -- But other -- that. You know if they eat or bad at picking quarterbacks are panicked about it could take Colt McCoy who didn't work out in Cleveland. Anybody else really most of the guys that they stick Don. Really didn't do much -- the colossus it's only Dalton and even his team -- in what four and five not to be energized he he's good cornerback. But maybe it just didn't think he was good enough. Doubt that they haven't been lucky clear they have been bad enough -- -- wanted to pack picks and trade up. To get the -- -- at the point where I would I would trade every -- he's acquired her progress. And that includes the likes of momentum Barnett but then that's that's stepped up. So yeah they've they have -- that and they can get a plant that quarterback that good enough prominent how many years do away we're not talking about. You know home Matt Ryan type guy -- -- really solid defense I mean they've got all kind of problems -- it just seems like they're. This woman against the -- he complained that the brought an upgrade or -- gotta -- -- -- third year. You know that -- done nothing but I don't. Here you can claim upgrade defensively when you're number sale of the worst defense and in team history and it's difficult you have to pay and a hundred million dollars -- that's gonna. Restrict the ability to pick up other guys elevate -- you know have depth of limitless and I kind of money I mean the money always -- ultimately got no. But they don't they don't see the final step for guys. -- it's because you're a second one other quick points I wanna bring up and again it's one of the it's one of the many frustrating things about this franchise that you can actually. Look at our strength of this team CJ Spiller and still be unhappy because they're under utilizing CJ Spiller. They absolutely are I mean and -- makes it typical out of date on the left but -- Beckham walked just a second second. But the bad nowlin on defense so it's. Target judge them overall against that good if they're bad they're bad last year and put up 34 the worst defense. That's definitely in given up forty airplay is so it was a game more than it should play this way and again where that. But the running attack mean. They have been good against the run away and so with a good running day and it's. -- and now programme well so where do you find the extra carried it 35 person down but still. Another week where he has on the ten carries in seven plus yards -- carry people on the legal like which just -- on nine. -- the most explosive running back in the league. And you're not getting them enough touches again you combine him and -- -- integrate. You know sharing of the load but go back to last week. And what you don't hear your demeanor in not getting the ball a lot. Couple plays I question that but how well how long do you go averaging seven plus yards to carry. Before you say you know what let's see if they can carry twenty times and average picture of the Kerry. I'm Rick -- and other word out. Well it some. It's tough because when Fred Jackson is in on -- team available and puts up good numbers it's it's not it's I don't know undermines the at the McGahee Henry thing which started and the bills had a good season when they finally sort of given up all the McGahee and got to -- like Jack Henry is still good but. What does he do that's better and the answer was nothing at that time in right now. The only thing you would've said would. You know blitz protection pass protection may be short yardage up the middle and now we're watching you know as -- -- trouble with that he beat matches Steelers fumbled the goal line in his home. So -- I -- at the point where. If you -- to have. If you don't ask any other coach in the -- but what do you credit to the bills are used in Spiller. And I would take other coaches would say something effective he might be the most. Explosive offensive player maybe in the league but we don't get to know it because he only gets nine carries in the gets. You know five receptions how come he doesn't have twice that it's. It's not the biggest problem with the team but it is the most frustrating one I can't believe that they don't give the ball more. -- a man and a winning games and -- it looked date if Fred had a good day but this is a league where more and more. Defenses will want you to try to march 14 place -- at some point you have bubble boy some bad gonna happen the -- a guy could score quickly. That makes such a big difference one quick touchdown yesterday makes a big difference and actually there are five or six times. Every time still ahead -- bought but he might like that he breaks one of them it's a different game. So bill listening at number -- is limited chances of making protect a home run play. That then makes all the difference it makes became easy you don't have to go down I have -- try to -- from the one with seven guys trying to strip the ball out. And he hasn't broken once -- awhile. Maybe given 25 typed it what are the chances I mean I thought he was that he was so dynamic -- it just couldn't tackle the guy he's always dynamic. Yes I mean that's you're point. So -- may have come Annan met them in averted the threat again a guy like who who brings a lot to the table. He's a very good receiver any runs hard which you know that that matters but again. I think that's where teams that score -- in this league are under better teams that get the easy touchdown -- there it'll be greeted some of that early. But they're limited just touches and that they have to think about that and it talked with -- -- -- the leader a popular guy and that there -- some -- they're afraid of red and also. Yesterday it works properly but that's a bad defense you judge what how it's working but how they do against. The best teams -- just how you judge that how he does on the road or at any time against they're really good defense and they failed that test. So the one guy you seem to have who quit it looked like he can break one against anybody good or bad defense is. Is Spiller. So give more chances and you might make you WD winning games which hasn't been very easy under Chan -- 8030550. To join us 8885 minute that you can't that he -- himself I'm sorry that's not enough but. -- canceled statement a senate last year when it at a going to be in the year six still saying we're not good enough to not play. Really extremely well and win that's what he -- welcome -- Good enough to play extremely well and when I mean you're saying you don't have enough elite talent. You have an elite running back who can make it easier. And you're not allowing him to make it easier okay come tying that quote this whole issue. Thank you mr. so you're 8030550. To join us Jerry Solomon -- is Thomas with a simple ball Monday -- out with -- and WGR red. I wouldn't think Clinton called you know yesterday. Our growth slowed a little blip I told to -- wooden the blue children who lost the game because. -- -- big issue devastated those earlier Jimmie was talking about. McGahee can -- scenario. Became painful -- that a political ballgame the running game got a little ball game when he got inside fifteen. 42 seconds left in the game he went of course he does that make this race -- and -- -- -- he went to a spread offense. -- -- Barack and try to let -- let him throw the ball in the hands on the group that once had before on the goal line he can lead to produce great passes. This concludes is really trying to -- -- that -- -- that's in the NFL quality that quarterback which is that. The running game got -- we decided that he could you need to -- over our head off anything he could have did get the running game. I wouldn't -- -- yeah. Time -- Osama that he was under half a minute he's not trying to prove anything he's trying to win the game well I've got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the red zone throwing touchdowns and finding those guys so but he postal rookie. And I'm at the I don't think they should get the ball to those hands somehow. And again topic he had had a play on a ten yard and all second half and your support team unity can do it if if he does get tackled me and spiked the ball. But that the decision the bad decision I am trying to prove lack -- Specter belongs Italy -- In my little credit but the going to repeat what the mistake. And if you that he does have a little outside belief -- -- but that that's the guy you have a feel that the point and at that point and it was like he -- -- rumored that previous record first down then they scored. In those situations that he still does believe that can make those throws that that -- be able to complement fine but don't -- trying to prove you belong personally. 8030515. To join us a Buffalo Bills football Monday. Angelo you're on with -- here on WG yarder right ahead. -- appreciate it cost just football at all. What will -- to. You are cute they move. All you really don't want to call attention to the post or pressure -- it broke up all the the note -- -- never caught the ball that now it's and that route grooming habits -- Greg I grow up. But it should -- we don't have that double play. -- return to coaching this second look at the beginning the problem. In the in the journal editor Richard prior to that target looked at and. I think officiating this -- was bad -- I know you put it out on Twitter stop whining about calls about the officiating was terrible. But the bills lost the game because they couldn't stop anybody -- defense but the officiating was putrid that that one pass interference the ball is thrown. Way out of bounds was not catch double about the holding call for sticky tacky and I thought couple -- through the pass interference calls were kind of sticky tacky as well thought it was disgusting. What it was my great appreciated Cambodian senate. Close to -- to sort -- penalties you've got a bad day yourself. A little bit it and I'm -- I used to think dissident and basketball. Give bad defensively. You'd you'd my neck at the benefit of doubt people. Officials may be possible only expect you'd have to screw up and we'll make those kind of called against you so. You're defenses. Historically bad. May be officials are gonna debut in the gonna favor. The superstar. Tight end who always scores touchdowns. You know at home so that. That's part of but yeah I'm not gonna complain about official officiating -- game like that we win the game and we've been it's been twelve years and sure there are bad calls a long way to wanna game at -- have a good enough roster have a good enough GM I have to give up coach and have a two -- quarterback. -- I good to running backs you know he can't win games but just too much talent one position figure that out to you created the problem. Coaching matters cheering out there's there's much doubt about it and maybe you'll see it very very obviously without might Antonio replacing. -- -- That. I think get I don't know what Stillwater I and I -- he Jackson wines -- road games with Dan Tony. Is the right coach this team might I think right now if they couldn't bring Germany when the play points that a match but. You know they're they're gonna play up tempo all the way you know people wanted to -- and play mean I think when you get. That much -- to get -- people wanna show. -- they don't want some Princeton offense that they attribute should an obvious right off the bat. I think they're calling has his his shortcomings he doesn't care to play defense some sort -- the match. But it will be more or show up there and let's see if they're young and after this sustain that the type of play you need to have to win over the long -- They don't sweat so this story I saw -- it's generally -- like it was Phil Jackson's job to turn down the story I read this morning was that. The lakers picked the -- Tony because they were worried that Jackson's triangle offense would not be good for Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. And since they just got rid of a coach whose problem was the offense watching good for the team they didn't wanna bring Phil back. That's so that -- in the triangle not easy other players over the years we've had had trouble with that I'm getting the impression that Dwight Howard isn't very bright. I mean the principal offense is too tough for hope for -- really you know Kobe is the smartest guy in the game. And and they don't wanna run the triangle it is is -- -- is that partly because -- not a matter -- -- -- and I don't think he's very -- And maybe they want something that he can just -- on the floor. And it'll be uniform to see is the guy and now -- all pressure on him people say that Kobe has a lot of power there but Dwight Howard has a lot not to. I like check your schedule is you are you on this afternoon or not. I'm not I'm get some more I'm -- -- Newport -- -- matters and driving so I'll be out tomorrow to our rescue Tuesday at five. Yep okay thanks always -- -- -- like their departure -- constructive and you know the nuances penetrates to view and I appreciate that my. Well not really good nuance guy am on the meat and potatoes I miss the -- most of the time so I'll try. There -- no -- I had pretty yesterday I would enjoy manager. We got a flag that -- We can't fight I don't even know I don't know I've -- -- -- -- because everybody always every week you don't know how to -- people on Twitter doesn't always -- solids -- massive problem issue do. -- -- isn't just responding to -- and that's just. What's -- -- that don't work. You don't not a right at people all that I can I don't I. I do not so I didn't know we are in a fight yesterday and I honestly got I just found out yesterday it you can put your little -- -- -- computer. And listen to stop on your computer it's sullied and I knew that. Just an animal hospital on the volley all right that thanks Ali by under the water.

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