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11/12 Whiner Line

Nov 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. This is to bring relief to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 550 this season. You Ciara -- underlying. Rock do you buy that premier group wind may be easy. Why would you ordered relief worker who has -- global wearing everything equipped to coordinate with the Cobb energy center club average period. And extreme doesn't have any linebacker which you can lower cornerback Richard. -- African country under for Auburn gained almost double the -- -- -- -- calling during. Here's why. He should have I think a better defense than the previous defense coordinator had last year I think he has more talent and they're worse than they were last year. And Super Bowl ring in the nineties hasn't really paid off right now for the bill. -- up bomb. There are numbered for ways to answer this there's actually online article from skip Bayless yes I know. I don't why it's I don't -- -- -- wants that it's one of the things that done -- is not a case about. Dave Wannstedt. And then -- pro or con con that basically he is. You know just tremendously. Not good. And my other answer comes in the form of what Jason Cole told us -- this week last week. That. He's maybe the worst ever to get into that position of power he's never done anything. Remotely. Successful offensively with how Jimmie Johnson. So you know sometimes. Media members will talk. Negatively about someone it's a little over the top. Sometimes media members will be kind of protective. But Jason Cole of Yahoo! who -- of the dolphins. And many others say that he just doesn't really have any good ideas. And as on creative isn't a good motivated a lot of things so go back to listen to the interview it's about trying to find a clip of it -- if I can before you -- the wanna partner. Really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This thing about anti climactic things still. Sometimes the build up to and it's fun. About the watch a great relief for now I have to and ending stinks you know I got many ending stuff but now it's kind of fun they still played a whole hockey game that night now -- -- -- -- -- a lot of thought I lost that game in a shoot out right they go again. But it was a great game was fun. But yet. Does it call battery -- it -- Gaza and the one it's like it's like anchorman. When they have the fight with like public television all the other news -- -- And -- it could try to fight. Lucic. It was on in the day as I watch it again and -- it was great. -- They're -- -- -- to hurt her completely stick it alone. Jason -- there's our -- worse coaches I've ever seen through rose what are -- position go to you're not very good. Because they are -- slowly but they never -- -- positions of authority. I'm Davis. And you're very unimaginative. And inspiring car that great foil in Dallas. Or are changeup second engagement coming employed there. The bad couple. And and David commanded a nice -- and sell guys will get picked other don't worry again Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy do caller not -- worry about. But bit of nobility and our people play. Harder I think you -- are bad guys. Seniors. Mileage -- -- goes and hurts them. They're very well those are her hotly carpet tour. You -- as there are people of the fox news' Bob always -- the -- school -- the creditors penetrated. Voting fuselage ones Saturday or Sunday 1980 ship and -- -- -- have been accurate but bowler. Let's see if that's correct. October 31 1987 was a Saturday. Mean. What say you now sell a -- GL. Ha ha I'll follow it what was the anniversary of the of the write about it trade yet they -- members and -- school. Maybe south Sunday school maybe they say maybe salads and not a good standing had a good extra school fossil. There's this citizens sound bite. Where it's just that that is going. Yeah yeah. But I can't. I'm trying to remember what the -- 01. Off wolf asking what. Four GB. What's. -- I actually I do remember that but I don't remember anyone saying diamond in the rough just like you are calling it a diamond does a regular -- it on the green but he was not. Like you know just plants that ring but you that it search form in the Roth who's like this guy's really good maybe he can be a diamond. And you wrote in to buffalo on it Chariots of Fire with. White horses and everything. I thought that was a bit. Because coordinator what it's optional what so let's go to will be date or perhaps we should look into pure good people outwardly do or your. Well good object which was wild. It will surely the well idled him worthwhile the waddle I brought you by the mayor group one made easy -- -- -- Italy Colombia crash are today. Tuesday night nine birth 750 buildings that bottle only 699 after mail in rebate you can see all of -- would be specials -- one -- --

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