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11/12 Ryan Fitzpatrick on a tough loss and preparing for the Dolphins

Nov 12, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are joined by the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick here Ryan good morning it's -- and Jeremy. Welcome to the show as always thank you for your time let us today. Yes good morning Astoria. Right. Is -- these interviews are very fun you know the last few weeks. Haven't had come after losses -- talk about being. I'm healthy and so it's the most important and it just. Even more fresh and I would assume I mean after a game like Houston the offense doesn't score that that's the pressing. But -- it may be more I don't know more or less frustrating when you know the offense puts up thirty wanting -- still lose the football game. Well I think I think the biggest frustration for me coming out of my game and the fact that. It would have a chance at the end of the game. Down by six to go down and score in. When the game encouraging and then couldn't get it done. And I think that's where most of frustration for me comes back. What did we were talking to -- Couple hours ago Ryan he talked about the play -- it's -- it's that last play at that says it was a judgment call for the receiver and it's up to TJ Graham the run. What kinda route or I guess that the weather goes underneath there in front of the defense of backing you just talk about from your perspective how that play. Started unfolded what you saw and how it ended up. I mean first I'd like to point out. And that shows a lot of maturity and for TJ come and take shoulder the blame for that play -- there's no reason he had to do that. You know just one of those things that the onus is on the quarterback there to make sure that everybody's on the same page to make sure that. Because expecting out of him in that situation. And yeah I mean it was. It was a judgment calls is our ability to wander over top. Out there out of its opening go under and over -- them that was that was kind of disconnect there. What they had what you look left first right -- on that volume to your left at the beginning of it. You call the guy I mean I Davis. You know cover Q type. Shell. Middle linebacker is -- in the middle field and so I wanted to hold that line -- of the middle of the field. Maybe even get him to move left to create a little more space. Turkey due to cut that ball so he wouldn't -- blown up front cut it. -- that I mean with a plan to get him the ball or is that where you you know looking to see who was open and you felt there was gonna work the teacher or did you all along we. I don't know I -- whitbeck -- -- that the way they're playing it. That's where gonna go to ball. They have their own it is -- manipulate. Mike linebacker so that he would be after the play. And you know he. Didn't you call plays and it got ten different options depending on what the Penske and what they gave us there that was that was the number one option. TJ it's said -- -- the route was supposed to be coming may be crossed the face of the defender -- we talk about and want to get the linebacker out of the plays -- because the the throw it. And the route is essentially supposed to be shorter than what TJ actually ran a little little close. Those with a linebacker play India if you look at the linebackers almost -- -- he -- complicated place -- -- and so he's standing back there. Essentially -- three in my allies in turn they go to work or the ball. Do you. That when I'm trying to member around we talked to training camp about the design of the opposite thing I think you were talking about how. There's a lot of flexibility or may be his responsibilities. On the receivers in this offense right admitted there's a lot on them to. They don't as I mean that laws are at the right spot it does you know the route isn't as important is on their at the spot where they're supposed to be when you throw the football is that. Accurate or what maybe describe what their roles. Yeah I mean and generally amateurs. But I think in any offense. There's so much trust between quarterbacks and receivers and they -- having to throw the ball on time having to throw the ball. Was somebody in your face. You know trusting that you guys are gonna be on the same page that that happens time and time again and you know that's something I feel like. Yeah this year together longer just get better and better. Yeah I mean you I mean obviously you have that with Stevie Johnson Scott Chandler. And then maybe Donald and everything. How does that affect your working relationship with TJ Graham after yesterday I mean is that something where you might hesitate to -- them down. Now not at all I mean I think it's you know the playoff experience to learn from but it it's a learning experience and he just. It was partly learning experiences and I've been through -- -- Steve. In terms of different routes in the way that we thrown. You know sometimes. We learn and practice and been able do it on the field sometimes unfortunately had to learn the hard way on the field and gains and let me just charter of the learning experience and move forward to use the guy. That I mean he's so willing. With all this stuff it's just it's a learning process then you know for him to accept the blame tells me. A lot about him so -- -- a lot about it because again. You know he didn't have to do that. It was a judgment call those that's not assume that he didn't know he is doing. But I mean that maybe that makes me even more likely to go back because I noticed that he'll hold himself accountable just like nobody else does. I wanted to ask you about your minds -- guest today jobless guy ask you this question during the week and we we aired the interview on the pregame show yesterday. You go into the game off the game where -- you know they often didn't scoring touchdowns. You guys have lost four -- five games you know a year where I received the comments but he -- has made the last couple weeks about addressing quarterback of the future. And I was wondering you know where your head with that -- and is that can that affect. Your focus. I apparently it didn't mean you played well yesterday did you feel that it was a difficult week to prepare we were we able to block everything out. They had that and you know whether it's stuff -- me I think if I don't think you can let it affect you can. Can't have all the outside pressure and -- Effective although it is something that I learned that kind of personality that's something I've learners have played league. You know just one of those things where the media is so quick. For the sky falling everything's horrible and then you gotta win streak and also you're going to be Super Bowl champs and all of that you can't keep out -- -- And that's something you describe -- -- try to teach these young guys and so these young guys if he can't. Sit there and read every article we'll take it harder and you know let each of you just go out there and play. And you know for us it's been a lot of rough. Last couple weeks and it's it's been loss after loss. But you just go out there it is quite -- and that's the only way and I -- do. How do you assess -- the big picture three and six how do you assess your chances at this point. I mean it's. Obviously tough. You know we didn't expect to be three and 63. At six obviously is not the ideal situation. I don't. If we can get some momentum going here you know -- -- it would be. Well it's gonna be on short rest Thursday night. You know will sit -- -- help and -- today that. The dolphins play a tough game as well on Sunday and so. But we can get this went on Thursday in just excellence the other in -- happen. Do you when you play. A game like India when you play Brady and you play New England is there more pressure on you. Do you feel more pressure that you've got to put up. More points than normal when you're playing against a guy like Brady and that offense which. I think over the last six games now against the bills is averaging about forty points again. But I that think. In any game. It anything you go out obviously first quarter production -- With these guys. In Egypt necessities diocese. -- got to be able to convert third down and stay on the field keep our defense off the field. We've got to -- scored touchdowns Rosenstiel goes that's always huge emphasis of the seven points vs -- -- news. Always huge -- the patriots but in the big sitting in. You know something unfortunately that we didn't do a good job yesterday. His food to the turnovers I mean we know that there are great offense we know he's a great player we don't need to give them more opportunities. The mayor -- out and you know -- the fumble early but to me that essentially gave them seven points and we've never ever were really to recover from. Yeah you guys are good on third down Ryan but RC and you look at. Red zone as they get seven red zone possessions. Four touchdowns and yet you know Fred's fumble and interception at the end I guess you know they. They went 45 in the reds and you guys went 47 and exposed to wanna cut through everything and make it as simple as possible and it came down to read them. Yeah I mean you know -- The red zone possessions with interception into the game obviously. Everybody knows what happened there. -- tumble. It was tough but you know that being said they get the ball down their own one our defense. Has them go three and out and we get the ball back and go down and score. There's so. You know you can point all the different things murdered in terms of what we didn't -- -- strip overall we we did a pretty good job. But being able to get the seven point. You threw the ball well yesterday. You know we obviously we know about the pick you threw the ball and had success and you were very effective work in the middle of the field but they get a pretty good day throw the ball like fifteen to twenty yards downfield it can you take. Any positives. After a gut wrenching loss like that at all. -- very you have to be how many get -- we will learn from it and learn from your mistakes happen bit. -- got to build off of the positives and there are some good things happen and McCain for us not to look at. In terms of the way that we moved the ball terms in the first downs you know on the first on the very able to get terms. I will be able to get Stevie Donald's got all the guys involves. The success we've had in getting presidency to the ball on the production they had. There's definitely some positive example -- magazines and stuff so you just hope -- -- -- The less blessing right about that the the getting everybody involved we talked about that this morning which -- well -- was specifically about CJ and -- talk about how. You know the different weapons he likes to get involved. Last week after the used to game you know you're pretty point it's it got to get TJ more touches. He had more yesterday but he's only had thirteen. Touches out of seven. 71 are so offensive snaps. Did you think it do you think you got enough touches for Spiller yesterday and I guess. Well let me start there did you get enough touches for -- yesterday and I got to follow up on that. Well I think. I think you could never. Give him and not enough taxes and we've all seen what you can do with football. And if it weren't in prayer playing thank you look at it collectively. And how many -- they got in. I don't have the numbers aren't firm in terms literally touches they are collectively that so we tried we try to get both of them. You know big number touches and it you know we can we stay with the running game will -- -- second happy in the we're behind you constantly. And you know trying to trying to play catch up its its hardest -- to run game but we we still -- able to have some effect of runs and -- so those guys. There was. Thirty. Three touches combined CJ at thirteen Fred had twice a 33 touches and like I think you can answer my follow up I was gonna ask you granted it's different in each game plays out while you leading argue trailing. We'll we'll determine what you're doing in terms of play calling but I was curious if you have a number in your mind which you think you'd ideally like to hit. As far as touches for CJ Spiller on a fairly regular basis. Now I mean you know we sort of game to get sixty plays something's got eighty like -- Last it like yesterday so I don't know that there's a specific number specific percentage. That you wanna get in the ball and then in each game played out differently. They're really just got to continue to find ways to get him as such as in get him in space because. The guys. Actually electric and you know in the end at thirteen touches or whatever he had yesterday made some huge plays for us. I've got alleged on this one short workweek you mentioned it. How does it affect. You in particular as the quarterback the short workweek and in general the team when you've got everything condensed and you're playing on on Thursday night now. I think I think one of the biggest issues just physically. It's stuff and you know that we -- figures. We're going into this game just like Miami and will both played on somebody and so. Physically it's tough to recover from a game that quick and especially. One where there was a lot of plays in a lot of fiscal hit some things going on. But you know we're getting is this being a division opponent. There's there's -- familiarity there. You know these guys do have a new coaching staff and an outlet. In terms of the players in the -- guys were going against. There are some familiarity celebrity. Something that makes it may be a little easier as we move forward here but it it is stuff especially on the coaches in terms of the hours of they've got a lot. The next few days you know you don't believe me. -- Fitzpatrick this year. On bills football Monday and get ready for Thursday's game against Miami Ryan as always thank you very much and hopefully things go out Thursday next Monday segment will be more enjoyable for. -- --

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