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11/12 Stevie Johnson talks about the bills loss to the Patriots

Nov 12, 2012|

Stevie on Schopp and the Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stevie johnsons where this now from the stadium most TV. Are you today. So how does that gain yesterday sit with you. You know -- -- -- right now you know Marbury mood known to things about the Miami Dolphins and other stars tonight. Oh I haven't done that yet. All right you guys here you -- hostile media got a game Thursday it is -- of weird it's weird week relocate to ask you some things well yesterday the oil. You'll. At the end there of the final play. Is there. Is there a moment where you guys are down there where Europe it's easier same like do let's go in the game I want you sort of mean I'm gonna -- I think note no -- we didn't say that. But I think how how they game was supposed being played out you know -- like -- like that that film was already there how we moved the ball and we is certain guys and cause car we call the plays in you know we we just thought no no whose -- win and we couldn't be star about it but -- defense and you know we thought was going to a game and didn't have -- right there. -- please tell us as much as you can about that play. How -- exposed to work maybe. You're you're match up on this is much as you can share please. You. From up from my perspective it was me I believe -- a on the left side in and we had a quarter and a linebacker cover me would have saved the atop. And you know the way -- read the way our rim are router preview are pretty much. Had the linebacker stick MEU which he couldn't in and in a quarterback play off like him like a three or something. And then. The safety -- near saved the was really looking at CJ so we I mean I believe. I believe -- it could have been open. In the with the right pass soccer have been -- assistance is to safety broke you know sieges route. Much known on the backs -- we got to play out that it has very good you know it has been good to his game which is based -- -- across a row -- Without side guy an image aside in at their receivers so you know we have we have options you know dependent on how how we ran a play ran around. And you know I believe I haven't seen it yet but I believe it was there. But loses you know who went to it was the wrong way is it. Is it basically. Is close enough to it -- right to say that the options you speak of come down to how New England lines up. But Fitzpatrick is making his mind up you see them on -- play it's a quick almost token look to your side and then it's zip rights to Graham. On the right he's doing that that way because of the alignment. In new England's defense. I believe it -- that day that day Helm was was. You know how how to get out of plays played out early in the game you know we we ran the route that Graham had. Would obviously would different with different players. But how how little how it played out throughout the game he knows -- okay maybe -- a -- game. -- receiver but same -- was was still it was still win. Our beat beat our defender and you know so I think that's what that's what's -- saw him and that's why I went that way once. One more thing for me on this with due respect your teammate TJ Graham Stevie. A lot of our conversation so far and at some of yesterday is. -- not not even with respect so much to the the history with New England but just the importance of this game. In sports you do your best players have to be. The ones it calms down to everybody says it does that make it more frustrating that. You know if if he'll say -- I'm not trying to get to that -- your teammate here but he's a rookie it does that make it worse that the team came down to a pass to rookie. Every year I mean then that my natural my natural filling. Is is that what you which -- saying -- to try to -- mr. would you term sake. But. Yet they ended at the end of the day I feel like you are re sorry to -- for reasons. I'm not even a sale will meet will must sell well you know we got we got Scott who could go to bought two guys who got down we could go to ball to I'm confident in TJ I think Tuesday. Given given. If dilute the minor -- that he had that it had to pay attention to. If you if you -- made that I mean he would have bill we've been talking -- at TJ Graham's game when it's -- down. But you know since we didn't get the win we're on the up and nobody in the open nobody ever buzz but. You know I feel like in this situation against the patriots know -- him a must win game does go to his go to -- go to. Scott does go to meteor or wrote down -- In his in his game and you know is missing weapons let let us let us make or break is again you know him. -- -- -- have been a progressive would have been complete you know TJ. It we will be talking about about you know it with the things they ran right or wrong about the about the route you know you out so as it is what it is. That gives me right back to the first thing I ask you about which is the -- do you get in pitches here you said no not and that's a two way she just felt like you got the momentum and you're gonna go win the game. We've talked a few weeks here recently about. Your emotions and and in you know injecting. That into the team in some way is this a moment where maybe your you're thinking looking back now you wish you'd gotten in your quarterbacks -- -- like -- I'm the guy. Did like I'm I'm gonna get open give it to me. Yes yes and though you know it was said there was -- in the can be in the beginning not to be a game -- -- begin of the -- -- third third quarter we win or fist once a -- few times enroll all big downs and I just telling my got some you know I got to. In and week and we had to come cardinal almost third 2000 of those four downs so you not figure is a roll and roll over. But you know it it his -- his three was a -- You know his re wrote was a role at all and at into the game you know -- from the outside looking me you made though he visited him. Recessionary through but. The -- I mean to play was there and you know just 11 will. Simon there in the -- you know the game would go a whole other way. How about how Graham mishandled it he came out right after the game and said that was that was on me we were coming just in about it in wondered I was wondering whether we even here. About it but he came out noted what does that what does that do for him. I did it doesn't -- you grow because this is these early is early in his career. There's not there's not gonna break is not gonna break his his his career are his name here. You know we we know we've known as he has the ability to. Become. You know of a player like like myself you know as would some incredible speech. You know both from the come out and say that was was bill was mature -- -- You know who we all know is not is not his fought military and has -- we will see you win as a team you lose this thing. So we ought to take you know no matter of oil whatever happened on the last play from his -- is what it is in the you know the Buffalo Bills got the laws that TJ grant. Stevie Johnson with -- us here on WGR. CB arching -- saved before the game. To a question about how long it's been since the bills won in New England that he says are our young guys don't know any of that history with the guys who were in high school. You know. Just a few years ago like it's just pretty much not relevant. To what do you guys like it would be relevant to the fans. Is that is that true view and if it isn't maybe you guys some you guys were veterans to know about the history in -- -- expenses the bills won there that does that make it and harder to like overcome them easier to be intimidated those kinds of things. So. They nobody's intimidated by. You know it's that or a record you or anybody in his in his believe you know. But -- one of more intimate affairs that also you know because I got I think our. Are making careless if if if we lost thirteen years talking are like really care about is the -- that I've been here you know sand in that that hurts that hurts enough. It did happen to have -- -- C. I've only been here five years five for five years -- seeing the people you know be you know what in -- what these people. Of buffalo. You know it's that's the hardest thing for me like if I was a losing game that's the thing that that be that army must have in the face. These these fans as -- pay any money that's a currency -- cheerful as every day I mean we know. We know what has been like you -- be at play here where we say we took these losses we wanna some -- and we've lost too many you know in and enough feel for the -- they can. Sewed up and try to improve you have to put out an awesome effort but. You know they they -- their supporters every week so that's that's really what we want to do but as far as as far as the directors go with -- been -- so many years. I think we only care about the years that we've been here put -- work Steve he had three and six does it feel at all like the -- get away from you guys. If had a couple a couple more -- we lose this if we lose this win or lose lose if we basically we lose vessel is pretty much is pretty much. Is gonna star Phil right now no we still have probably too horrible to more lives view of -- but for the most part. -- Tennessee exco YouTube could get to into the playoffs in his division you know on 99 to seven. He goes may be Europe's we don't wanna leave its of that but I think this team to really go on a heater and they'll win -- win these games and angled Singleton as six. You always got to. We haven't we got a book further we got -- -- I know we believe in a -- we got a really really believe and and really not care about those lies and abuses. And he I think I think we can do without. I'd say nine and seven has a shot if as long as you beat the dolphins in the polls in -- via everybody in our image in nonconference B it is yeah that's right I agree that. And so Fred Jackson won't play Thursday -- TV -- just found out about them even I'm even though we haven't got those soldiers -- them. Well how about that last drive you make that catch -- that's on four downs and it early that drive via. That's big and then now you get a couple real nice plays took a long one to Jones that he drops and is heard on. Then eventually Jackson's -- what -- a dramatic. Series of events there yeah who -- through those rules while but that's. Yes that's that's off. A ball ways you never knows -- or -- -- Go from big plates to have particularly to make him a big plays today. You know you fumble whatever uses about five people fighting -- those. But that game I mean when I mean that that wasn't as the average team that was going to abuse in the us this New England pages -- I think every. Every federally appreciated -- that game you know for the most part. You know we reached we still got -- -- -- get these wins and scratch these. Moral victories or whatever you call. Our TV well good luck Thursday evening your your body will be our right for a quick turn around here you think for them I actually felt good. And again I was I was sore -- I was somewhat hard now and I felt like that this whole season so. Hopefully we can we can go -- -- more I mean working from August if all right thanks your time talked to next week two men.

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