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11/13 Paul Hamilton discusses Bills/Pats game and injuries

Nov 13, 2012|

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Hello Paul how -- You -- Paul thank you for asking. I didn't know where to go I wasn't -- and asking about the last play because I had moved past it but. I don't know what. I'd just like it's over caller. CJ Spiller had was moving towards the center of the field he would not have gotten out of bounds that that I can believe. Yeah no we were to about that earlier that if he doesn't score they -- had to clock -- line of scrimmage and clock the ball. That's finding a beltway think that they did they can't do that. I I just want to say they're getting out of bounds was not going to be an option on that play. He was open enough. Probably -- get a round -- and he would -- to make a play that appears to make it to the end zone either. You know get through a couple of guys -- make a move over or whatever which is possible we don't know that would -- with wouldn't let America. There would have been cut to spike the ball that's the way they would add though that it would -- to be get up to kaleidoscope it's like ball. And it would have been on fourth down which whenever they would had one more crack. I think they run the play for Graham again they don't run the plate thinking he's gonna throw up pick. They run the play thinking hopefully it works if it doesn't they've got two more downs after that. Yeah today. You know of the -- -- I look at to as a player before where -- -- Jim Burke you see you know it could have made about a Roberto. -- a lot of -- about spot last two plays. Let's -- injuries right off the back Fred Jackson out for Thursday's games so we finally gonna see twenty to thirty carries not touches actual rushes for CJ Spiller. Well I went back and look last year. And he'd he'd never got twenty series we've got in nineteen and one of the games. What Fred Jackson was out. He had what. One -- and one game and I think when he and the other. The where he actually got up to one -- because. I would call. They started using choice. And I know it was driving me crazy. Angola -- laced it right Pollack wasn't like a goal line guy. Now it's like flip it out I just I just remember last year it's it's like. If you care trust CJ Spiller. To what the ball when he some odd times are without work. But I do remember that that while we now we've got to get choices of the rotation. Yes Spiller is capable of carrying the long -- Ends you know you're doing that themselves just today that. You know we don't think he's fragile -- if we think that that giving him the ball 25 were given the ball thirty times give -- -- -- it won't do it. It's like okay what would do that we don't have to. -- -- -- choice in there now because you know projects that are ready and maybe once or twice or but he -- now. They haven't -- economic series. Because what we always just due to running back. No. I mean what CJ Spiller basic feature back if he if he needs a blow for a player to vote which Ortiz and that don't make -- part of the game plan. All line yeah I heard I read your article last night and you had the quote there from Chan -- about 20/20 530 carries whatever it takes for us to win. And we played it back on the station a few times this morning. I listen to that I just shake my head. You know I I hear the coach say that the guy who's the head coach in the print and the play caller say that and -- like. I don't actually do it I mean they they didn't do it last year when Fred was injured they haven't done it this year when CJ Spiller has been leading the league in yards per carry. They say will do whatever it takes for us to win he's not fragile and yet when the actual game is played they never backed that -- And last year he was averaging well over five yards secure. The it's we are we revisited. -- -- it's been drive me crazy we've talked about. You know. Bucky Gleason with where it was asking some questions about it and why they can't Q. What the two of its Jackson Spiller in the game went to Denver. Why can't they go out there and impact -- played together. Well because what a world -- would have probably got first the first quarter that he got to scrap the whole game plan. Yeah you're good football coach. Your job what. They -- in the world if all the time. You -- you can't figure that out. You can't figure out that. I would rather take that chance. And get my -- better players on the field a lot. And navigator -- but they -- he -- -- worry about you know once you're once they don't -- -- what heated through about it and have what gets hurt. -- -- -- The national football league's not what worked -- -- bowl game plan there's always so many plays you have in the game went above. It's just been drastically. Well might you might question I mean look that there's frustration on both points the frustration that went for its healthy CD doesn't get the ball. As often as he should but my question policy even when he's injured. Why don't they give the ball because as you pointed out -- article you go back to last year when when -- went down enough. Miami game and Spiller was the -- got the rest of the season and still never had a game we carried more than nineteen times. And you know we've been in the game this year against Kansas City. Fred Jackson's -- he's not playing in that game Spiller and that -- fifteen times now to blow -- maybe they just thought what's the point of making TJ run all day but. Yeah I it it's bad enough they don't give the ball and Fred's healthy and he has less touches but. If you know here they are we're sitting here on Thursday night this is it here -- here's finally the game. Where its work court's time for CJ Spiller and I still don't think they're gonna do that on Thursday night. So Miami did he carry that well but he caught nine. But I didn't when he -- touches. I want I want one he carries bought don't want punches he's a running back he can average he makes big plays on the ground I want more care and so I'm I'm I'm I'm demand that open. The ball out to him in any such as the although it's probably just to promote this. Yeah. The I'm more selfish I want runs. Any at what else is -- an injury wise the -- besides Fred. Well Anderson had to have another procedure and that means which is gonna be read two or three weeks for them. The shortly may cost them healthy they're embassy. Because they did have a walk through last night a walk through practice. And then go out. What. Should more active they amounts Wednesday's practice because it's not it's going to be like that if it's their only practice of the week. Today so. You know it will be a while we -- practice for various that they just don't know what else is going to be able to get ready and be able to play by Thursday so. This status totally up in the air. Wonder what they'll be able to do with them. 8030515. To John as Paul Hamilton with a -- you can read Paul's article. With the developments. From the bills on Monday including injury situations but WGR 550 dot com. Brandon you're -- with Paul here on WG jogger right ahead. And and it had an indymac. Oftentimes I think you might have more -- played about an acting out a cute but we are putting up points. You know it's a rare you know you're there or not get enough I think the story and it's been shown time -- -- -- but at the peak at the the issue. Mean we've got guys that can act that can score TJ -- You know is one of -- but that's just bet -- one of them read that data -- back as well. Channel or break player -- is a great player so. Mean if if it was. And it sure don't get the all ends -- every major -- part of the ball and I think got a complaint that. But it could be better I mean if if you if you have a guy who you think you're right and I wrote my column was that on Sunday. It was all about the defense wasn't about that Patrick's pick it wasn't about why they throw to -- it was -- this defense is terrible what that hack. But in that scheme Paul I think it's legit if you say you've got to running back who going back to the last half dozen games last season and what he's done this season. Has elevated his game has blossomed -- turned into this dynamic offensive weapon you wanna use him as much as possible. That the concept of the game plan is to limit the touches for CJ Spiller it should be to increase that touches procedures bill. I think it's both to be quite honest here. The the offense that as well as they played they didn't finish the game. They didn't get it done it when it had to get done that happens time and time again with this soft. That when you -- when you actually got that -- problem. The ball's overthrown. There's a fumble visitors there's apparently there's an interception something. Something goes wrong -- it was all you wanna put it on but something goes wrong when you have to have a play from the -- So it's for me it's both the offense and would be that. But -- Paul throughout the offense can score 42 points but when they can't get it done when they have to get it done. That that's part of the problem too. But then you're asking for a perfect offense because your defense is so. -- okay for a player when a plague apt to be made but what separates it never is Paul put up 31 selling. Is powered when may need a way where it absolutely have to be made it never ever is made ever. Paul how did you say that on Sunday when they -- it's. -- the entire game post ABC dropped the ball. I have very good -- 52 to three Sunday. All out of -- it's never made ever. What may need to play to win a ballgame it's never made. On offense or on the. How they went three games. You know hope the -- need to play to win a game -- Yeah it did in Cleveland they needed a big touchdown in the fourth quarter -- and blow the game they yeah yeah. Because that the government because the defense played well enough that game for the often didn't have to cover their -- It's never away. Okay offense then it will agree to disagree mr. Hamilton. Policy on WGN got you quarterback of the future you know he's the quarterback of the content to sit. There. Arizona. They may not an Arizona they made big plays and Arizona exactly what they did they don't not to worry about often notice up the crowd never -- -- -- on never said that you know that what you're saying all I'm not you can get better quarterback I understand that then let quarterback. It is not why they lost on Sunday. I'm not. It's not balls Paul -- that bad. And don't give your trip to women and the defense forced two -- out of eleven knowingly and possessions. I don't let this type of data -- they have all I'm saying in my opinion the offense has done enough for this team and out of having ignored record out. You can't have it both ways. He was given they're good enough whether or not. Well no I know they're not they can be better and often that I know that. But it's more it's it's like 80% defense and 20% offense. Well -- 20% offense and urban problems spurring. I got a 20% problem I mean I gotta get I don't have to get better quarterback I think I think people are really. Going crazy. And like Nolan Nolan talking about the defense from Sunday everybody's saying. They lost because of -- Patrick they didn't lose because that's Patrick he needs to be better angle that he shouldn't throw an interception the end of the Tennessee game. There's another play that needed to be made that that wasn't made but at the defense didn't let Chris Johnson run for a thousand yards that day than maybe they -- they put up 34 points they've won the football game. The offense put them in position to win the game that day and the defense lost it. -- I just wish you would go through the last two years and and show me comedy plays are made at the end of the game when the right there to be ready when it's such. There's wide open receivers. There is guys drop the ball when it's laid right in their hands over. And how many of it's double. That's it's just ridiculous. Cutting hours talking about airs Sunday. And that you're talking about the last three years. They split hairs I pulled at the difference huge thank you as always for coming up all. I have had a guy -- this year and W -- 8030550.

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