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Jerry Sullivan marveling at what could have been in Bills/ Pats

Nov 13, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For the bulldogs with -- Sullivan's special appearance. By the Buffalo News sports columnist is Jerry was a meandering. Through the region yesterday on his way back. When we need to know about your next few appearances cancellations re schedule things I think it's a rough year still having. Not to make light of -- and obviously the biggest trees definitely I at the comment Friday and -- today after a game that will be nice guys just like a Monday. The Buffalo Bills football Friday I think it should be but it usually is anyway let's octagon but -- like Buffalo -- football -- -- -- dramatic posing as Monday. That's going to be a paradox. Refuted Buffalo Bills football Friday we usually preview everything nicely varied offensive it's -- We'll make picks make picks. Or preview Thursday's game here are way. Yes the bills are favored by one and a half think that if they don't stay with New England in the press to an extent in New England while Miami is just flattened at home by Tennessee. The dolphins favored for this game one and a half I'm not surprised by the line I think Miami's legit. But you know we talk to these kind of terms a lot well what remaining games all the bills be favored for. One might have thought this one and they are but now I'm. Should you have Miami wins that game I don't know maybe it's a pick but. My experience the odds makers always had the bill's favorite home against Miami and of course for many years there was good reason -- But I I just think they believe. That the bills have a little home edge. And it's hard -- -- this is one of those games I thought to be three actually are not that -- gambling too badly in the paper. I mean it's a Thursday that that had a disadvantage to the other at the visiting team and it's the Miami team coming up the buffalo in the weather is going to be bad. Is -- the first bad weather I think for them right there and planes out of the norm play like 440 well a high temperature and game night but it'll be cool cool cold and only users Alex. Precipitation if they clear they've won here a lot late season this has to rally one last year including last year I think there's still a sense among them. The -- public also that the bills are better than their record and they've got this. Defense it's ready -- emerged in. They look at their numbers offensively and they think of them is better than they are Jerry then -- that if -- present though and that's perception isn't aligned to figure summon up the line is telling you the dolphins are the better team in the eyes of the right betting that I'll build our favorite and you've called field you could argue that now the way the defense has played that they shouldn't be against. You could they won't be favored next week. But what's next Andy in going out there. Well well that's -- -- other fixes rated ahead of Lochte outfit is quarterback rating is better than Rome all Eli Manning. -- -- That's the three or four others are Ballmer cars aren't like if you believe and rating and admit I'm. Obviously it is that has shortcomings that he plays interceptions. But rating does reflect the success -- -- passing game and back to what I said a lot of people said in August. But they keep it again nights at 44 touchdowns twelve X 85 ratings. Middle of the pack and scoring. It's pretty much right there. I mean there's a lot of quarterbacks struggle in this league. Don't forget that and they're all -- on your own guy and again I'm not saying that it's got to be the franchise guy and it you look what I wrote the other day but it's like. And it looks like it okay here certainly by his standards. Don't forget the fumbles fumbles -- in the Chinese term for over Cleveland. Houston New England I think one more at least three I think it's for an effort -- does its -- that -- Which -- when he gets sacked and exactly kind of the ball the way talks and on the -- so and so on numbers can be misleading. Here is -- with a solo -- I just wanted to talk about your be impacted those a lot of the two timeouts inside two minutes. Because of the injuries happened last week and in my estimation. It may be it can't. Admit that it because it meeting up politically correct or whatever but. I'm Donald -- that shoulder injury each county can't -- -- -- epithet and they get someone else in there he Italy there. Because shoulder injury only hopefully. That it's gonna cost them a mile and in fact committed. Forget and I understand he didn't really even know what probably what I'm -- and it. You know Donald don't we built refine it run up the field gets so much on the air and we don't constitute a deposit amount. All right I I understand here is that is that unfair I don't need I don't think it's unfair and if a guy can get off the field when you know it's -- -- -- time comment maybe should be more aware of the situation you can criticize the coach in the the quarterback from nine. Called about a player at the end maybe an -- anything's a program is get off the field crawl up the field would have been getting hate you need the -- -- -- -- -- like a catch there. Yeah I -- I and I think sometimes a sometimes I see guys down after. Fumbles are not make Eric and I think they're just feel sorry for themselves that they have a lot -- sports. And I'm not saying that and -- Jones there but sometimes there's the I just screwed up some of them. Exaggerate how hurt him and in that situation I hope that wasn't happening because that it is costly time. He did come back in assumed he was on the field for the last play. You wanna go there that's no I don't wanna sell its politically correct it just think it's it's I think you're asking a lot of guys guy and how bad or how do you feel like what is. With the rest of his body feel like I mean I don't know why wouldn't it be great if he had gotten off shore. But. On -- I would -- criticized because it is a -- hundreds of people suggesting that. Because I think that we'll get exploited and and it is in Pittsburgh to find the team and he totally that the end but it bogus at people. Fallen out of the huddle a couple of weeks ago the angles. But he -- -- violated that it was -- what he did. Border why can't you just. Do that but then also not charged timeouts. With the clock stopped already two teams late in games. You know that the risk would be if we think you're making it up will -- you. And hopefully that would be enough so that on a play like that if the guy were really hurt a team wouldn't be penalized. Time when bad enough that monitored the demons that's the bottom line there they don't want teams to do that league were. You know teams. New England. Cheated and got the two balls I don't want teams TI mean out I mean how badly is -- Jones is hurt badly enough. I happily honestly like the trainers had to come out there but like you said you know column how many seconds later he's back on the field and traders democracy sitting there all right. But so you could how how do you establish whether the guys really -- them. In order to determine what they're gonna find him and you know I mean Mikey he was hurt. They charged in the timeout and then he came back in the game saw them to assume that bills the bills have been fine then. But they would have been charged -- time now but they got the benefit of the clock stopping they shouldn't have. Blown their first time -- that Esther Miller -- Miller on around the left corner goes out of bounds at the -- they market at the five. For whatever reason I don't know where you're noticing something they were ready to get the playoff Gailey could bail them out throw the challenge like there they challenged the spot worst case scenario is. The timeout is lost but -- you have to be on it to know that or -- that could've just been -- Iran plays like that played it better that play went from the sixteen yard line that if it yesterday -- the five it's not like it was from the fifties or something and they had -- -- -- Run like hell -- beautiful ones scrimmage but they think maybe he'd scored there is that with when caused the delay I don't know what it it will what are the stadium. Recovery and you know there. I'm I'm still stuck on mine. Players linger on the ground after they've screwed up. And and I wonder what you think battle -- -- dwell on it and I think get a whole lot of watching football games that that guy down there is. Is exaggerating his pain because he just screwed up I really think it happens a lot -- thing and and the Dow Jones -- I think it's just so much ego in the sports that yeah that is these guys it's it's the inverse sort of of celebration. I screwed up I want people who think that I'm suffering here a little bit so they take a little you know attention of the packages dropped the ball. I don't humbled that you stayed down a lot bigger I didn't -- tell you I think that a lot I can't -- I can't say I haven't thought that. And it's so I don't know what did that happen on the -- again -- I don't know he was back out there soon moving up and John is next door -- -- -- -- I wanted to really get to -- first -- -- really loves Auburn and earn your game and we're really hear your commentary and ethnic and like the flag bureau part of the building and you make an improbable and and it's a lot of fun but are you -- work. -- did it -- like it it seems like a lot of people are really. You know put an all -- -- the baggage content that you -- and I'm gonna look like you drive me absolutely crazy. A lot of his inability to put the ball places that it really each -- but. Yet to the season really seen a linebacker make a play. Coming up to dispute I have yet to see somebody get on line of scrimmage. Our -- from these third and really nickel plate -- you know to change the course or we would either regain whatever. And it is too important this year I mean you walk. I don't know -- those optimistic people think we have any applicant to give -- I'm really trying to do. You look at the growing -- look at the players and you can skate and goes and until next hearing what you think we have contractual looking for a quarterback so we are we gonna try to do something about the defense of the wind -- Well they said. But he said he needs a quarterback so I assume he's looking for -- there and you can certainly find linebackers in the second round I mean it depends what you know you wanna. And outside rush linebacker. Those guys are -- to the real good ones. Jerry do you notice how easy it is or -- was on Sunday for New England receivers I mean even like the -- would head. To separate in a pass -- It's one caught and Barnett if he just he's off the screen. Justin Rogers is off the screen one cut would move that's the name of the game -- in in in pass coverage -- stick to your guy and just the same. Was little. It's been -- Iraq and that the way you lose us it's been that way for 67 years. Now go back all the tight end. Games that they've just been killed in the middle the field is always open George Wilson isn't making plays even noticed it -- as the original point. -- even noticed the linebackers are on the field and on tweeting a lot thanks. But it's just like they don't -- don't seem very evident with Barnett he makes it hit once in awhile of performance Pletcher. No I don't name one name one play a bills' linebackers made this season. And that's why would anybody do it now that's what are talking about 04 and what that team did. They were hell on wheels offensively against a lot of bad teams down the stretch. Lecture and spikes in order a third best Iowa thing here. Is better than anybody on this line backing core it's the worst climate or football even the point I'm making you even Gilmore they had a a replay of bullied. Just you know it's like 56 yards up the field and he cuts. Up toward the sideline and Gilmore is just he's just put it. I mean does that. But how he's going into and it's so easy to get open and what's -- we have set I've said the play better in this game. Then they had previously. -- -- close they were given a fifty point again mean Welker just flat out dropped that touchdown pass early and then -- couple other plays that it's in real sharp -- another drop. Wasn't Brady's best day only threw for 237 they still scored 37 points or penalties. But I am but when you're that I was -- the one on the Olympic -- could easily given up fifty again. Get a penalty yards could almost be added to the passing yards to the the offensive yards right 140. Whatever were on the defense you can you can do that pass interference in the end zone. -- -- -- drive is 6059. Yards out of the unfolds and then there was another penalty on that drive to. One or two of those in their in the forties that Welker catch that's that's one for sure.