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Jerry Sullivan says, if Bills win 5 gms vs. Rookie Qbs...

Nov 13, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jerry Sullivan. Meandering back from Sunday's. Which -- to meander. A definite meander. It. All players want a lot of that we're we're between now. All of auto that's old school Lee. Leave Massachusetts. On the hill not bad about the Woodbury commons have you been down with a wooden Erica it's. Perhaps for Nicholas for me later RR one of our fair grove city on the way to. Pittsburgh my uncle with -- -- is strong the lack of taxes and then everything about that paid tax in your whole life but in the women made that tax thing. No tax on clothing who. Yeah then -- -- as upkeep and up. But he tonight it'll crazy you know Michael while this thing with both the B 89 dollars -- Apple up than 30% at twelve that he had a ticket it's public they're ready to give you money for buying pressure. So -- all of well you've got your line for Bulldog and have -- -- go a mile line for both of -- Line well yours at least his original mine is the statement. There it is finally your current and yes in yeah I what you think that -- all but but somewhere in here we're gonna get to the other one which is Jerry. You've got to beat these people one of these times yeah I I -- you can ask under the deferred of that is sort of an amendment pass. Asked to -- which game -- -- to pass the Mike so he -- face -- they -- -- these people would you wanna be above feeling good about close losses. -- -- here just think about me which is what it's about and that I use the which I think to use. Too often like -- -- -- fall -- was coming how many of these can you take. And I usually save those for night games because that's a lot of pressure every night game IC coverage as it seems to me. Oh my god bills fans how could you take there's another crushing. You know last second loss and I had to use that Sunday. Like I mean I don't know some people probably their bills fans out there who like. That is the ultimate optimists nothing can shatter them that help we will win that game and I think that's a little bills fan out there had to -- thank -- what's gonna happen here. I -- are Brothers of -- -- -- you wrote that it was the first thing I I read Monday morning when I got up until in the coffee on. -- and I thought. I didn't feel better goal. The government. And -- -- yesterday announced it again look at the film probably could do it. -- I really thought. It's never gonna go -- I mean that that the dream is the right to me to drink the regular season dream ticket born five in Foxborough which. And shoot higher than what bright but what ever to game -- sports there are caught knifing through them and I'm just like they're gonna finish that off. Yeah like behind them all -- one of the more sunny optimists maybe it's more vain I think a lot of bills fans like they really wanna believe. That's human nature bull but afterwards it's like well I'm I'm -- -- comedies I know is adamant that all bats or stuff it sure -- Elizabeth Terry -- your fatalism well I don't watch your heart broken when it happens. You're not surprised you're not surprise me that's the bandwidth but yeah I'd have I'd I'd -- expecting it at at the top of that I -- -- jarring that they. Here's a look at it here's what happening in the year were in this room and the guys in work Greg sits during the week. The Sunday guys -- three or four guys they're watching the game about two seconds ahead of us. And he hadn't occurred to me all day that was true. But right before the interception I went to Bulldog. Remember those guys are ahead of Oscars you know what that means that means I'm expecting touchdown on this play. Like I'm gonna see those guys jump I don't wanna point out that way right I want to find out here. And what I I saw one of the guys in there just because now it's like. I'm thinking about it. One of the guys in there just turned and walked right out of the room. As Fitzpatrick is dropping back because they've got the Radio One in their -- you know they're running the station today and I don't know that means that well. -- ice that true this is from Sydney I saw that too but. He could be going to -- highly when he does that really light out of the room back I might depart I think was going to cut. Barely lose like that play was going to be a -- -- over almost as -- this is we've been in and out of where TJ Graham was post anyway whether it's this friend was so. Eric Taylor Lewis and most of the game when the common he's he's doing it for OPEC you know I think a lot of fits -- a great game. He threw two passes on the previous possession when he threw the third down touchdown pass that thing down zones that could have been picked off. -- -- -- close many marched in and I you know I'm. I'm not a fan but I I'm thinking. That way like it's coming. And then when it happens you know I'm I would like they -- that time ran second guess the other thing -- again is on the last to play. You -- irritable Spiller and a whip I wrote it down right at the yards -- -- some times Philip. Those last four touches concede they just can't act on those holes the last four touches your past 25 yards a run for fourteen. Left and eleven short left fourteen they're the fifteen yard line and thank him. Wake up and it and one of those with him I'm glad -- got a lot of letting -- get one more time every time he takes the ball on the left side appeal they can't tackle him. So bad a bad result here is like nine yards with what you like the six -- five is spike it and now. Because we're really fits -- when he got to get five yards -- -- -- -- -- that got to get the. The five for a first down it's it's third down otherwise and -- spike in your report counts I think you've you've got a million people applaud its its second ten. Its first intend to play before LA when Chandler right of unemployed before the media bright the played it the play before and then back to back them on third down. You take this like out of that you'll get a first down that I still wanna gets built smaller teacher physically he's running -- if not. Really tackled him on first or second contact them we've got to go out of bounds of the -- I do is I'd like yeah I like that at least every touches at least ten yards as opposed to. The timing pattern. And it with a lot of ways revisit that place and the last on the actual play how I wanted to do it with somebody else here. I wanna do it. -- it in sports the more the more other sports you follow the more. Obviously this is basketball guy over there has got to know this there are times when. What defense -- -- in what position in such and such. Just takes a backseat. To who is my hot hand. At this was one of those times you've got a defense on the road you've got Brady can't look. You can't look he's gonna lose the buffalo and home unthinkable. And Spiller is the guy who's you know you're gasping for breath in that stadium watching him run through your team. And then we just ignore it that's when an adjustment -- to be made that's when somebody's gotta have that the the presence of mind. To notice what's happening and see through. And you know it's probably -- -- this today or yesterday. Your head coach Chan -- coordinator thinks he's. I'm not. He's I think in my quarterback. I'm not. And I think he makes decisions based on the fact that he has a rhythm and he's the guy that calls the plays and he has the confidence. That. Sometimes he stops does not to think who the players are we're gonna execute. It's as if he's the quarterback. An event time that I really love that about him and that's that they've been in that mental mind -- that's been good. What is that throw on the ball that was TJ Graham and chance sometimes I think it's just too caught up in his own G. This -- he -- be sharp and and and he choked. Right let's put -- right up there well that's -- -- -- and Stevie Johnson today is let reality get in on this -- since the summer. And like at what is now. But he's -- joke now -- another letter of it where you've got like a marquee player on the team whose anti -- running with the coach is whittling it out there. But we -- it. A -- not mean make peace but at least you know what what do we know it. It is a joke it's that and the Tennessee game and the end of the New England game -- jokes. It's about the worst were the -- sports but that's what it is he goes too fast there. Just in both oddball plays the interception and in the Tennessee game in there. Is that the pressures not to him he's got more time is just what you do in sports I think when you feel nervous as you rush. That's to be what happened there and if he really looks of the laughter just sort of has enough. Calmness there to just process a little better he's not gonna hurry a pastor Graham he's got no pass rush to speak of release. That's how -- it. I was and a -- joked. But. The quarterback took too. -- -- And that was the point like he he's that this thinking together and neither man has the presence of mind at some point to say as. Kelly what is says her Brady years you know maybe some college quarterback who's really. Got -- did know or Jimmy Chitwood I'll let you set about who has my favorite -- up a make it. All right. That's right sometimes that's what coaching is a make it in maybe CVS to go up it's a throw me the bull put up there. We get two shots at a. That's really what I want but to be I don't want to fill their true but that's what I want Stevie Johnson there he says yesterday on our show I re signed for a reason he wasn't. So what's defiant about it I'm probably sounding like he was he wasn't the fine about it he beat. Walked away from it kind of quickly to. But men that's what happens in sports it's Jordan it's the it's the big spot there even beat him in twelve years my goodness passed to a rookie -- never gets the ball right. I want Stevie Johnson in the spot Graham then. Run that -- that's what I love and that's how would you want to they think they like that they -- that play -- practices that -- never in that spot. And -- they practice for those coaches. Or outlets that. Yet the same coach last week say seven in the box I need to go back to the drawing board and be ready this is this just piling up. And I know I've said about other head coaches now and expect to get you this guide and wanna get the here with channel wanna talk about that there early in a playoff race but. One week after that you get this. And least this week they've they've produced offense that's another discussion -- the -- actually doing some of things that gets the bad team. But I told you in August maybe sixteenth it's pointed fifth would be ranked pat -- the middle and that you could run that you could find a tape price and those things. Will you be happy. You know sure I did I listen I love -- we tried to beat the other gonna get the ten wins and I settle summer. -- is the exact same guy he was last year in their defense is as good as we think it's going to be there redundant. What's piling up are the losses right and his winning percentage is 317. That's. That's Gailey and as quarterback three solo yet Edwards there. The first. Couple -- it but it's Patrick is close to that that is -- Lee's winning percentage 370 is good not to get you beat I've Britain that a couple times I hated because it's an old cliche but. Sometimes that's what it is -- mean it's right there for that you've got to make this place. And. How many how many times don't you have don't you wonder too. Because they're been close games there. Don't you wonder what is it gonna take is gonna take New England fumbling at its two yard line in overtime or something is it gonna take some. Gaffe by the patriots took what the Wii and on a platter who's really. We've we've seen it all almost by now with these games in New England they're not all close either. But special times fumbled in his New England chance to win at the end. Fumbled the opening kick up one year and the bills could win the game. We'll -- and -- that that a passer in the end zone started a game wasn't good enough. But if you talk about just New England they beat him here last year just think about that if if he throws a touchdown. Fitz has beaten them tour the last four games thrown thrown 3834. Up there it's like. And we don't want a legal right yet but it's like. People would be revisiting fits based on one to roll a man that -- can't base your opinion of a quarterback a one role but. It would change some things. We certainly can't look at the points they've put up on the patriots in the last two years but it is one in three. You you -- hoosiers lose. You should hear the radio guys and -- and drive and now they're there they're probably anger and we -- the bill for the best hope that the team and lay there like they they're like the patriots just can't match up with Chan Gailey is opens its spread. We think it's played out. This speaks to the how bad their defense that up that they still think that they can't -- the bills. They might think they can't stop anybody right while there's more that they. They stopped and it -- Saint Louis. What's it like in this stadium on Sunday -- that's playing out I'm imagining the patriot fan sitting there watching that last drive. Thinking we're gonna lose at home to buffalo we lost at home to Arizona. What's what's going -- It's quiet as what it is in it was quiet for a lot of that -- like there. I think Brady said a few weeks ago they're they're a bit of a spoiled fan base now that sits there -- to be entertained by this team that used to never lose all. And now it's gone badly they're like they just sit there and they're unhappy. They don't get behind their defense -- it's weird it's dislike. It can't help the pats defense that. Get that feel that feeling that that the crowd is like just in shock and waiting for them to screw up. We'll Gerri what do we do now three and six it's an encouraging game to an extent. At least. You've got the easy part of the schedule that you were waiting for here it's almost half the season. The conference isn't that good you almost got up a Pittsburg lost title last night their quarterback goes down. You never know what do you wanna think like that or do you feel like a soccer for things like that. 08 years ago they leave New England have to get blown out three and six I'm calling the lost in the season's over. And they they tell you they're not dead and an eagle on Iran if you want them wrapped itself around that time I mean. Tells a much different team much different NFC west veterans to that's Jimmy first right lots of veteran guys -- and although I think fits right now better -- -- was -- -- -- you can argument on that Bledsoe sucked at that point. But. I think that another thing you can really get behind is that the plant those rookie cornerbacks they're gonna play they've only played one they're all in front of them. And Gabbert so if they beat all the rookie quarterbacks in front of them and -- that's five wins. So then he admits try to find another one. And many -- the Jackson there which I don't -- rams. Ran means that it's they start them if they're games if they're getting a little better and -- -- office has been a little better the defense. Has a little better as bad as they work that that they were better -- doing on this game than last game so you could paint a scenario. And asked to start -- them winning handily Thursday that there and getting better in the second half of the season. Give me just winning it all ganymede and I mean and we would make you feel better aesthetically. You know much in the same -- losing better. If you don't allow it makes you feel better about that -- you know do we really killed by forty points but just. They start winning these games I thought all along as bad as it sounds as down and then as I am. Until we start losing to Miami in Indianapolis and Jacksonville. It's you know the the schedule still airport. To improve to -- you can't beat both teams. There it is Thursday night dolphins and bills just a couple of nights away. Which way are you looking your forward thinking play off some big comeback like 2004. Or the draft or somewhere in the two.

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