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11/15 Buddy Nix talks about the Bills season

Nov 15, 2012|

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But it's Howard Jeremy good morning happy football Thursday. Good morning with a track birdie today. It's Bosnia nice steady guys got a nice break weather wise though that's not a problem for tonight's game. You know how to be a good -- anatomy and give my shipmate. -- big picture in terms of playoffs and where you know you guys wanted this season to go realistically you gotta have tonight eager you're really in a must win the rest of the way archer. Yeah we really are and you know it's kind of been that way our. With tennis they read you know whether Tennessee was big -- Houston wasn't enough of a woman and then last week and now certainly. As it goes -- their own they get bigger and maggert as far as Mike in the goals that we set when we start. -- you bring up Tennessee who knows how the season plays out but if there's one game I know that a lot of fans I look back on a lot of -- that back on. That Tennessee game I think is gonna stick in my crawler rest of the season as a game that figure to be a win. You before and five if you didn't beat Houston in new England and that game just I can't get that out of my head it just keeps drive me crazy. Let it hang in it it hangs on all of this you know you have to in this business you have to move home but. And that we knew that Japan how big that was then. Normally those kind of games. You go back and that it's the end of the year in and that's where you put your -- this is where. This is where the bad things started in. -- especially if you don't turn Iraq. But you rat three and three and now the three game losing streak what do you think has happened and why the three straight losses if you now have a chance to look back at everything. Well other than the Tennessee game and an infected and even that one. You know we're 11 player white one in the game and and we don't like to play. We're we're one -- two plays away from. Going brought down to the wired Houston obviously we're one play away last week. Against New England so. Two win in this league he's got to make -- play east. Those critical plays in and we have that and then and avidly as you go back and let it. Arizona. Now that that game. You know war is exactly the same panic gain weight. We might take place with doctor. Dr. Phil go. And then there is murdered might interception and -- -- -- knows. Those are things that have to happen for you do we have any changes -- complexion of the entire season and also changes. How you feel about. Football it with the buffalo real I mean it just changes you're. The whole perception of what what's going don't. On that note about perception complexion of the season what have you one of the many things that you had to deal with when you got the job was to try and eradicate the culture of losing around here in this three game -- do you sense any morale issues do you sense any here we go again going on. Well you know -- if we don't have morale issues when we're losing three straight we need to start you know we need to cult. Committee you know -- my rally women and we've we've ever gotten over that. I mean we we've got a plan. A way I'm an up like it was obvious last week. Yes New England it those jazz -- day. They that they they used to winning in and the only way you can -- bad is back. Making those play east and make him a couple of those big plays that you Q big -- and and you start believing you visit and -- that is. It's obvious I think that that we we never got it. That's it I guess it's like I was gonna say how do you get it and it's a catch 22 you -- win games the -- -- I mean like cult like last year comeback against Oakland come back against. New England or this year win against Arizona when it looks like you're about to lose the game I I how idea get that believe how do you do that. Laffey just like we did against Arizona except you gotta do that a couple of times -- And get ignored it -- last year when we started and we started Mikey no displays and one in those close games not -- we were hated. Or were -- go in and we've just. Devastated with the injuries. I mean we were wiped out and in but I think that kept us from getting -- the end of this year. Where you play any good app app feel good about the way. We're playing in this Bradley made. The last three games nothing in the first I am against New England. Well we won a fourth quarter every debit and we've played them even when we beat -- we got -- react and can make turnovers. But. For the first pan out how we. Basically won the fourth quarter and and that's government we have not against him so I feel good about. That. In the closing the gap so to speak on some of these guys this Faris. Players. I think that is that now that you know we got to step up and make a play music camp to win the game. But -- exodus out of your calls here 8030515. Year 888550. To 550. When you look at the season three and six obvious you're not happy with the record. But we -- taught about this earlier this week like the most confounding part of the season. Where does the defense ranked I mean you. You got to be stunned I would assume that the defense is at or near the bottom in many of the key statistical categories. At yeah without a doubt you know guest shocked really hit that the way we started out play in. And then begin to say he's not like it Guillen though. I think we started getting it together we had stopped against New England that most people don't yet. I mean wouldn't make him kick a field goal when he first and goal from the two. You know vote. Those kind of things we're getting better rate debt and -- -- I think it -- any pan am and I said this before any can you make it changed. That he cannot start over and and -- we did that week started out but -- years and that's very poor and when. Different coordinator and then we change that and it. It it's slower process than many elements. Like to believe include myself I thought it would be. Come together a lot quicker I think. I think we are starting to make straddle it certainly played -- night. Wouldn't do it again we played. Two of the best teams in the AFC and -- would played. Not great but we played solid and we've played pretty good so I think get it better but you're right it is say. I would never -- way to -- In this position. At this time. Do you think assess your line backing core body because it in you've tried a few different guys that won the outside spots now it's Brad I'm Shepard is their Barnett Barnett and there. It doesn't this doesn't appear that -- getting a lot of plays out of the line backing core of the season. Probably not as much. And as we as -- here we again I it would get plays made by. We're -- mistake state and you know it felt it all three positions. Better. You know we. Palin around -- are not in their right yap at the right and -- take one or two against Max black we play him tonight -- good action. And I. Tennis please McNamee knows gas all I need a little increased to get the second day just like speller you know then it's a big audience. And that's what we've had happened in my about a linebackers and some of the inexperience and some members disrupt. Being disciplined enough can be in the right place. You brought up Reggie Bush let's talk about CJ Spiller or Fred Jackson is out is this the night where you know we see a point plus -- Workload lean on the guy kind of game for CJ Spiller chances earlier this week he's not gradually can handle it so would we anticipate that tonight. Yeah I you know I've I've said from day one that. Seagate and they have every damn back and that. You know. When he came out talent people say could maybe he batted. He beat men are very -- And and -- obviously. He'll get. He'll get more the case tonight but we're going after he always got to run but pollen. And they gave -- he'll get a lot of a lot of the techies sit you guys man lot of as a member -- about alone Pannemon. You know maybe he'll respond take these. He's very. Exciting -- -- yet. Remember we said we would not get on your case if TJ gets a lot of touches so. Yeah I'm sort -- you guarantee program but yet which is terrible sign a contract this I've -- -- -- promise that. Well actually our and I forget about a lot of stuff but opt out it's whatever we we we will yeah -- he gets 2530 years. Right Michael you're -- with buddy -- here on WG jogger right ahead. They've bought -- on good morning the -- A lot. -- to your dual you know I like the way you are not. And Gary -- Atlanta -- give you got a lot of flak. -- likely to build and not all people aren't often blind people aren't -- that all go molecule that appear to start output. An animal unlocked by we impeccable record and look away want to toward a last year and I bought two tickets are not all of part itself actually flew in yesterday. The model in so excited to be happy that today com. And I sent. But I think that settles the quarterback. I know we need help there but instead. Drafting quarterback if I mean equipment started. Like that -- linebackers we elect but he's not a but Patrick Willis type guys went something like Beckel aren't that they'll be Smart perhaps maybe maybe the first the second pick. It is different dominant. Huge like nasty. -- -- -- the moderate pop pop pop and blind. I'm Michael your thoughts on linebacker body. You know I think he's right I mean you know we're we're certainly looking. -- -- Competition in at that position and we'll wait we'll look at that hard and we'll look at it and now offseason in free agency and also in the draft bad. But as about two or three spot I wouldn't give him that those will evaluate their hard it's the end of the season met. There's about two or three spots that. We relax him a little and and may be if we've. Which is not different than when we started but there's only about three spot that we think it that you'd have to upgrade considerably. That would would really make he has good football. What are those three spots. While I promise that I will evaluate there at the end of the year. And and make that decision man met and you know when you play makers. You can't have too many and maybe there's some spot that we. We need to upgrade it and now oil will look at debt Trotter addressed. But you feel pretty good about exactly what those are. Well not at this point is much. You know we got so -- they hasn't got some Palin's about it but I guess they had played out. Do you speaking of -- one of those guys could be your rookie receiver TJ Graham can you give me your assessment of where he's I mean he had he's enacted in game one in -- gets in the lineup the you know he said he ran the wrong -- get a New England but if you look at his numbers. Eight yards for catches the lowest average per catch amongst the receivers his longest play of the season is nineteen yards which is also. The lowest among all the receivers and obviously he's the fastest among the receivers so. Can you give me your thoughts on unwary is. Come -- long active thought slower than you thought what do you think. You know really I think -- he's probably under alone then we. -- -- -- It's -- You know hit that thing you don't know about a gap when you get him you know how much ability they got app price Iran all that bad. This gas toughness and his maturity as far as. How he's handled things. Has been better than we started maybe it's just it's a slow process again and than anybody want to -- I mean you'd think -- Actually gay and and and they began slamming -- you look at all I got Donald don't start today. Become more. He elected Scott Chandler those guys -- -- Scott -- years. They get their opportunity ended it. We don't expect that would. Obviously that alone with TJ -- Opportunities will come it'll it'll get more and more and and he's got ability to -- really. Exciting player in then and he'll get. Quick question can somebody called us about it this week and I don't know if you can or can't say. Did spikes get. -- behind the hit on Fitzpatrick as far as you know. You know the league -- Matt Howard here's and here's the in the process. A good legal public. Plan like debt but if you call. Part the media Collins -- they have talent. So that's that's the profit. Did you call. -- that the media we call underground. But I'm listen that that is the league -- that out that a -- it so I mean within the net negative about it anyway -- They'd they'd do a good apple police Internet may do a good job and. All right -- buddy good luck tonight against the dolphins then we'll talk again next week. I would I would do it thank you thanks buddy.

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