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WGR550>Topics>>11/16 Jerry Sullivan shares his feelings on a much needed win

11/16 Jerry Sullivan shares his feelings on a much needed win

Nov 16, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So I'll take that morning are you -- very few hours of sleep. -- and sleep deprived him. Well I'm -- I'm not -- buying him out so let me ask you what do you take from it how do you feel about the win what does it mean to you. Well I'm one hand. They did you win Google they've talked go into the game about getting a spark and any kind of -- make -- the web and it. They -- any game on a playoff spot and may get the go to Indy. No one -- did you lose and knowing what they could be in another game. Plan -- team that they're chasing her wanted to and anyway and so I think -- encouraging enacted it lets -- give them. Only know what -- not a lot of questions that it can not look. I watch out there is -- playoff game -- -- didn't get here but Q -- you alive if he can spend some them the least stay excited about. December is right in something so -- so I. And that's the kind of game I expect it to a lot of this year as saying no they wouldn't you do when they're 1713. Type games so I guess I was -- You know they can't they just -- put everything together you know the defense will look you know give up 35 to Tennessee the offense as a big day. -- the defense plays better Houston the offense can't score the offense scores a New England the defense stinks. The defense plays really well last night the office gets -- touchdown they they can't put everything together in the same game seemingly. Yeah 928. Point agreement for the losses and have been times now and and outnumbered little misleading but I'm -- and try to develop -- the defense is too bad. At least they wanna game -- that mentality game where are you conscious right across the defense. The game. And let -- talk about doubt development in the same turn in the press box. At that thing has gone down the stretch and that I can't I can't write that column again. But -- written seven times on Monday let PayPal aren't saying. Upload them can you think that's I mean -- it this keep happening well Billy thought that. It it just Jamal I come -- you view -- knows from Sunday afternoon games as well I I. I said I tried to avoid that negative vibe as much as I could but how could you not. Towards you know past the halfway point of the fourth quarter start thinking oh god I've seen this show before this is how this story always plays out and the team I root for -- loses the game. And that I spend the next hour going. -- But yet there was a one there wanted to play it out to everybody that he handed out can only kept giving them playing and you know soft let him and get out of bounds and -- But but really -- NL it was only while most fraud and I would have little more concerned. Yeah I get you gotta be good quarterback. Some remedy -- use you know he was not very impressive and the defense played great. It's supposed to be that supposed to win that game at all that Merrill Williams mystique and fiesta rookie quarterback who's number one receivers and our quiet. And how can get that excited in -- It hit stepping back objectively and -- excited about when you -- aimed at the beginning supposed to win I doubt I'll reserve judgment. The next week at its fifty and goes and does that a lot he's a rookie so but you're you're out there. He's a polished quarterback as a rookie let let's see them play games looks at this. Are there have been up and focused way and indeed tackle and so this could be a pretend they get the bank pistol playoff game. But let let him do it out there and you look let him keep a good team. And then but I think if you -- -- -- -- That's what but that's the right that was all pointed this this game -- this was beginning to stretch of bad teams winnable games. Rookie quarterbacks the whole you know seven games smear that we thought even of the bills aren't good they should still -- -- to win some of these games instinct and. The other two opponents rookie quarterbacks mounted that the but through -- against sudden there's this makes -- big ticket Mexico and the Miami beat just admit they're reeling. And but it hurts just like a rookie -- second -- guy so. Is there we know this is apparently heading into the year and still hard to dig out as as jurors heard that the bulk they've dug. Let's see some of the defense that played and you know I don't know you're -- -- and can you come away thinking Weyrich catalog like acknowledged that the however they lovable product at the moment and I guess I'm a little. In general I hit eight there's a -- all -- -- yet so I think it's a travesty that think that -- commission has no right to talk about player safety and he puts players out there and three days' rest and I was doing it every week. -- it felt like the product and I. Not crazy about the build product and and I need to see more. It's hard to love the team's -- but what last night's win meant was. At least were not where we are too many times at this point of the season with a basically all over its post they have no prayer of anything at least we still have some shred of hope. Yeah because I mean they retreat into -- of -- the plans on the last night but and it's not a could be one game. I mean making up two games in two weeks so that that's exciting people you care about it whether their applied upgrade that. And how good is -- these negative net playing -- going on this week so we're assuming a loss there. And at another she might -- -- reminds me of hope for. Assimilate it seems that. Probably more elite type players. Look at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh got out six and three record and they have their back -- quarterback now. Yeah I. I thought enough faith in Pittsburgh to think that they'll get there at -- went against. I think it's about Indy really and them coming back -- that the bill to make -- against -- opposition generate demand seven. I opened to very remote possibility because. I don't think there's been good in one side of the ball. Well it badly enough and it -- police and sit there have been alienated -- absolute -- -- The colts play the Texans twice. Still. The patriots. And there's you know bill ravens twice you know maybe both without Roethlisberger -- play also the chiefs titans in alliance. Photos -- -- this you know you've you've had that phrase the heroic runs a play or take -- 89 and overwrought -- seventh place. There's like this and the -- -- -- seven but there's this. Conflicted bill's hat bills fans and often are caught and internally because. You want either of the draft pick or the playoffs and we talked about yesterday if they finish second in the division maybe they get by. Miami in the jets say they finished 88 or nine and seven and looks strong down the stretch here and don't make the playoffs. Is that better for them. Then bottoming out -- I think. You know this season was supposed to be about the playoffs if they don't make it I think getting close. You know what that that doesn't count but I think it counts for something. That this on this fan base could use a little bit of faith restored in the idea that Mario Williams can work at defense abandoned and they're not totally you know. Overmatched by every other team it's drafting in coaching they found a way to get to nine and seven I think it would it would mean something to a lot of people. And they were good -- any at Belmont but Bob I and a hundred million from -- -- that that's enough to make you large number of a bridge. Although a few pointers. It hit 88 or 97 to get a worst traffic and you know get back cornerback got something to think about it and to -- don't need quarterbacks I'd have to know. Who they a lot of credit going to be in a draft and edit. On the bill so we could not so optimistic that it allows. But that's that's next April on I yeah I do think -- -- -- -- believe that the current team is going somewhere and to believe but the Qian said. Last week or better yet but I didn't. When they got here. And -- attendance let alone you -- -- put -- a million dark -- and a GP better and you know last night's performance. Is there at least incurred. But again after some of the dependant upon is that about Teixeira I. Think you get too excited about judging by the body worked for the year and that's -- and that's they have com I'm -- and Indonesia about addressed. Why why have they played so badly defensively it's it's it's very curious. By the way he's up to five and a half sacks through. Ten games so the pace that he's on is pretty close to where he he's been for most of his career. And averaging nine yet average in nine. And that that you know. I wonder if if that injury. We will look back on it the next six games he gets five more Saxon finishes of double digits were called back and say. -- was the injury and then I think the story might be to the bills don't pressure for him to play through it highlighted to get it corrected earlier right at the surgical procedure done earlier. Don't I don't -- -- this she's very I don't. I don't believe there was a significant problems I think opened -- this -- and yet he's. It'll be a player like Aaron Schobel feet it is about exactly that that's actually another Aaron Schobel. I'm so excited about nine or ten -- or for that money in a guy who didn't show up for per game and whatever when you play I think I'm ready to many pets. Got up and ask this and amassed this honestly if he gets one and a half sacks in the first five games and then after that in the last eleven gets ten. When you think it was the injury. Not I don't think I don't think it's an the significant excuse. I guess I just don't buy it opened Elway went down I can understand. You know the coach that. Not knowing about it and at other than lack people with a minor injury. Time. He's got I -- is up four sacks in his last five games if he keeps that pace. But that's kind of -- just. All of -- -- -- shouldn't just look at sacks he should look at it pressures and and bad throws that he's forcing as well because those doubles when -- you pay. You pay for an impact player on every plane on a cellular 12 game. Yet last week that Saddam they actually quoted as time passes so they wanna protect what it doesn't say that that that. Makes it successful united auto body -- or -- but I just don't. Think big guy has been very good that he played well last night. -- history that playing well and then not playing well and is out of these playing into rookie tackle and looking quarterback I need to feel a lot more I'm not that a body injury had an excuse it is. -- recruit and and that voters to it I'm not helped. Doing not in the mood to purge out his sack total I expected great I haven't seen great. Solid -- 8030550. It is football Friday exiles in the league in Miami your own Sully and WGR right at. Morgan got -- sycamore so. No it unimpressive when you know. Apparently would -- you know update. You know they will not -- seven -- -- and let's get this straight up I don't expect them do that they award should disclose that it -- in the states while problem is. You know. If if if if they were coached better dual quarterback better you know the defense showed much more lights. The notes that you know this team and the slogan mad men. I just rebuilt from the -- gave me and let me ask let me just reinforce lump them -- this -- so. Yeah we never even got that -- we we we spent all his time talking about everything but. Another questionable night of play calling in the red zone Spiller coming off the field not on the field on third and one. So yeah I guess coming on Lee's comments about Chan Gailey. Now I think -- better I think you're very. -- -- -- and -- and I'm not inspire -- -- am I'm at the point where I don't. I'll be any better than Dick Jauron. And that's I didn't expect to get to that point but it's I'm curious moment I'm I'm. Mean I think in Houston say it wasn't ready for seven in the box against spread I mean I'm I'm not over that I was the firing -- It will awarded kilogram last week close -- Dubious. And now I'm not a very good night I'm gonna come on this first commented you know and are you -- -- -- -- wouldn't get to the negatives and don't seem like you have such rabbit ears there head coach and an adult -- A little embarrassing to wage amounts that bank. -- -- always saying you guys you guys think you're so Smart that they looked -- a lot of that kind of you know what in this knocks. You know snuck into -- from some. -- can be mapped -- -- -- -- -- but that's what I got from him and -- you can always. He's under fire here in like -- -- needs to show me a lot more you to go -- have a game wide and while that's right that's the charity -- are number. Got a couple games previously had gotten. Has commanded a game and and really -- on top of things as a head coach. Because he doesn't seem that way lately and and -- diamond in my. And I think many it'll be better just about everything to be here legitimate player out in the can you really it and people can get excited about. -- was he looking right at you when he started that press conference with the negative stuff. I don't know are not moved softer than most I called today it was actually upbeat I was worried about. -- -- Yeah I mean well you. You ought to hear about my life purse or -- slightly recovering and you know now you're at Florida before the game and but. But I had very low expectations that game. And I want to play off you know power and part of my opinion this bargain anywhere you -- possible. And the fact that. Look at the come out of -- -- worst and one new motto playoffs up to where they were yesterday really in doubt. And it's it's something -- who are all prepared -- also get optimistic future government. There won't let me yeah man that's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. Well how much ability got a -- perspective and it. I mean at some point you think. For the fan and you want them to have something. The root for and achieve and to expand at the end of December Atlantic and after that it's a long run. There except a bit real hockey -- in this town. And actually if you want is to really matter. And I. I guess I'm making an indie games -- to be some sort of stands for the game. But while a winning get the five and six and a heroic moment in the history of the ballclub -- but that's what we are. And I am I like the fact that we have nine days but -- this game is big and they're going to play Andrew Luck. And I. I really didn't think it just didn't you know this defense play so my expectations have been lower but it I want the game means something well. If they were eleven to aggregate after they've they've beat the colts which is the next big test this would it in -- this would this be a meaningful way and it's a six and a -- -- signature but it's a six and three team on the road. Now they can win that game they're home for back to backs against the team and -- down Jacksonville and Saint Louis these are two teams that do not often playing. You know cold weather conditions bill spends an exhibit themselves geared up of that and you know leverage -- -- the win if nothing else allows you to -- like -- -- about seven and six. And then Seattle in Toronto and their fields in the kick in the pants that the one game the probably like the home field the most. Is against the best team that they have left and it's CO. Yeah that's usually just a little better version of Miami are slightly and -- again I could -- a much excitement and losing -- and our. -- -- And -- wanted to build like ally -- -- out of they get that that it gave at all Michael Robertson up oil and jet team that's quit Tebow has brought as a farewell program NN. Well good speed gun rights that go look at that here folks don't I don't. Don't let itself all position look at it more heartbreak. Selling not only the whole concept of blowing a game at the end again but he well. Who got trashed last year comes back and it's revenge for when they they beat him up when he was with then there you go there's your story any more. Harry is Ben -- A very funny start writing it now. They knew exactly if you twisted into a negative prayer my amateur and now I intended here and it's if you let people go back to sleep. I don't do that are now thanks Ali.

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