WGR550>Topics>>11/16 Paul Hamilton gives his take on how well the Bills played last night

11/16 Paul Hamilton gives his take on how well the Bills played last night

Nov 16, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning mr. Hamilton. Are not good -- so what do you make of it I mean yeah it's not one of those games he would jump up in the parents say turning point moment signature win. It was more about. Sure they hung on to win but how do you feel about that victory. Well the one thing like this you know where play had to be made somebody finally -- want. And I was the guy who made one last time a plane had to be made that that was an Arizona. We have an interception I mean -- them the bills weren't doing anything offensively. And they give the ball back to. To the opponent then you're sitting there going OK. You know somebody's got to make a play hurt hurts. Earlier Tucker when the game and -- base interception in here thinking -- that that. Reference I think I know you don't because you -- -- that he didn't hear a thing to remember that. I thought it was it. I thought the scare was over at that point at. I doubt I'd get a first down all you had to do was get 11 they would have called time out on first down second down you got to get 11 down basically. There and they couldn't do that so you know they made Italy -- Interesting. And they got another reception Bryant Scott was there are so. You know there -- a couple of guys step up let you know winds -- one -- -- BI. You know wanted to be the person that. You know that -- the bill Cullen then you know I've said that time and time again though it doesn't seem like the bills have that person. And you know move the fact that a couple of guys finally stepped up I think this is a big thing for them. -- calls animal with Paul laid a 30550. We have been endlessly talking about. Play calling division of Carrey's. And everything going on the offense so give me your two cents worth -- actually you know what before we do that the bigger picture. Specifically politics you tweeted about this I wanted to ask you about I was at home last night not a game. So wanted to ask you about that last six plays before halftime Spiller gets the screen Spiller runs I think on a draw and then he comes off the field. And you said it looked like he was living at the time but you also said you thought it looked like he wanted to go back out on the field and -- did not let him go back out. Way he he pulled himself out there you know what is it -- there's going to make sure people. You know -- -- it was a big thing that you know choice was playing a lot more than any ever need to in my opinion. -- -- want people to know that you know CJ pulled himself by the game yeah. It just it was very very slight I thought I detected a -- But James really after the game -- there was no way very. You know he was just he said he was when he used choice during the week. He did that. I've just gotten used to wait too much. Made and -- with -- -- probably the -- No it was a maybe south. Kick -- perhaps forever. Six plays he was in on the on on the last explains. It's NC based sport I can't find any tried to come back and twice. And -- and really hold them back both times that's why I thought okay must be heard or something like that if you know he wasn't able to. Here is -- this -- out for weather and then why did go back on the field and wasn't. Allowed you and -- his explanation -- that was well. You know we're throwing the ball and he's a much better pass blocker so we wanted him out there for bad -- bush has. -- he he doesn't. In that great it yet but he is much much better -- They did they showed one replay paw I forget which -- was. I think it was a Stevie whatever where he came across and actually went low and took out Cameron Wake did a nice job on on on that. That pass protection plan anyway just one moment. Well I think. I think he's much better about it and you know there was that there is certain fire -- were drawing situation shorts -- group. Yeah -- -- -- that replay up. Right I'm. All our people were furious about that that. -- to. Go anywhere in the world the way offer for one of the past insult. It's just. I just don't. I don't understand. I think just don't do a good enough explanation why there has to be to running back to quarterback. Or whatever why you always see this -- when it. Following. We -- -- others when they look but when these trade go back and then he goes back. You don't have to have you know we've -- the person their big big pacers have met but the thing. I think you when you -- -- it when he's -- to please. Paul Hamilton let us let's take some calls to 80305 -- -- to join us. 888550. To 550 Joseph thanks holding on your WG ROK. Turn your radio down Joseph and we will get back to you John you're on WG jogger right ahead. Good morning you know and just like all the -- If it's it's really disgusting. Sort of play calling. You know I don't -- were thinking at what they're doing the -- beset backfield on the third charts. I -- I mean it's or something I'm missing about. Why they can't give their first round per expect for three years ago B ball I and Burton law and I mean it's certainly -- Is it July are they over faking it or is that kind of -- all too obvious but. I just I -- and what they want -- great that but it just look like they're coach people who. And it has displayed an inspired game. You know they they had the best game -- -- embargo on -- in should not have been neck well articulation regarding that I have up to forty at least open point. The way that they are playing a rare move the ball downfield. And they just. Completely stalled out what looked to be some pretty said. Calls them and not -- why -- to be that exciting going forward knowing about who we have our approach and and how he's handling the play called -- and certain situation. Yeah I think it I think -- a good point and and I'll I'll extend it. I had the defense was great last night but I'll extend -- to lines that I think that's part of the frustration quality even in victory. You know you walk away for that game. Again questioning what's been going on now for a month with the play calling from the head coach and even in victory with the defense being as dominant as it was. You know this season has been all about. What the heck is going on once that wise the defense that -- that you can address his point about the off. Well they're loose ball. We lost Paul. All right I guess -- -- Paul. -- we will again -- -- a clear out the line we'll take some calls and we'll we'll get Paul reestablished. Let's go to Chris here on WGR red Chris thanks holding up. But you guys that you. I've just -- -- matter -- desert just stop it about speller in the third thousands but then charge. I'll get but -- something went spell worse wouldn't it but. That's what's so wildly when that it seems like it's a pattern and it's a constant pattern and that's what bothered me. Let -- vote often hear a lot of energy a lot of weather spreading. It that's a little statement this guy should not be. Went that are not working exploit the top suspect it would here trying to (%expletive) up and that. But more like the game or I don't know -- well I think it's a pattern and it's okay. Think that's very but it looks like change all that there. If that guy -- because they're burning through art project that's been back here make it cheaper remembering -- -- but got. Some underlying reason that they are not yours and now -- that -- and Avery Johnson. And and Stiller and if that's accurate irons when you look and -- Thought not and it seems weird beat a good job of that up for all out. Are gonna bring this up earlier because Jeremy made a point and it it jogged my memory of something chance at a us and I forgot to bring ups and I'll bring it up. You were talking about balance and how -- and there are a -- -- balance yes. It I don't remember what Monday it was but one of the Monday shows -- -- game that we probably brought up something about why doesn't -- get more touches and his response was. A sexually look at all the weapons we have. You know look around the offense and look at all the weapons that we had Stevie and we have Donald and we have Chandler and we have TJ we have Spiller and we have Brad it was his. And and it reminded me when you said that it reminded me that response I think he feels that I've got. All these weapons and make it -- all. -- so I've got to spread the ball around as much as possible when clearly like you said they're the best running back option is CJ Spiller. And the best wide receiving option is Stevie Johnson or ten. They target -- nine times last night nobody else have more than four. But they still could have made more plays with Stevie Johnson -- but -- we walk away from the game saying. -- could've been more plays with CJ -- Yes he gets when did but our first possession of the game for the bills. They get a three and out punt return touchdown three and out they get the ball third Spiller runs for four Spiller runs for five. Third in one wildcat Tashard Choice. He runs he gets nowhere they punt the ball well. And -- -- -- at times and Adam wrote in its it was one of the better games they had all year put themselves in third and short. And they did that could make an -- I think of all the time they've been in thirty short -- it's happened money but. It was a consistent thing -- very successful on first and second down 8030550. -- will get in Paul Paul pretty much hung up on us for a little while that we thought we get him and put in the satellite -- up -- You know I just. But RB you'd just example nobody you know legs spread -- -- And a balance. Less -- before the break that I asked about defense and it it was a tremendous night for them. I'm I'm I'm not. -- and gonna make any statement here that it was a turning point for them that it was more so they played a rookie quarterback they played an offense -- struggling right now. But you don't gimme gimme that we -- roundtable the run defense has been better last that it was spectacular -- how much stock do you put in last night's defense of performance. What you've got to give him credit. And you know people -- -- boy you know let -- that's well wanted to talk about I'm so tired of writing about. You know that the coach -- that the podiums that I wish we -- would have done that which you did last night and you know how we cherish this CJ -- and then you know and Mario Williams and Justin -- -- I just I don't do that the only thing I wanted to write about yesterday were positive things that I you know what that's always read about. And these guys some credit. I mean they certainly have deserved. The avalanche of criticism that they've gotten all season long. When they come and do a good job. Give them credit for it in the and they had a mean pro war and again which is all -- the bill always -- bird. That's the better games that's you know it's safe to go a long long time and doesn't. Then he you know they started the -- -- but storage he blocked and returned. It is certainly not the first block the first very good block that sprung Mckelvin was the wrong. Your luggage you know what I didn't realize that Paul -- Jeremy was we were looking back the punt return and Jeremy sought and not only did he throw the key block. He gets knocked down by the daughter gets up and then takes the Gunner out to start that play. Exactly yeah who really -- So it wasn't just the phenomenal interception which is one of the better reception you're ever going to see. Where he lays out and dives and makes the catch. But indoors so many other things if he did in that game that would just. A phenomenal play -- published by the let you know get shot by two scores. Just a number of different things in my. Much better by Mario Williams and -- it seems like. You know he's improving now every game spread a little bit better -- so long now that it gets further away from the from that was surgery. Even dar -- -- -- this seems like his game is beginning to come around he's tipping balls he's making more plays now. That's exactly. And how -- they couldn't handle those two locked up the middle at all. Then they dominated the line of scrimmage. They were instead of getting blown off the ball like Daria that's quite often this year. There were dictating they were dictating the physical play of the line of scrimmage. And that's one of the reasons why Reggie Bush had nowhere to go they would collapse the -- play. And then there are other guys there are sometimes it was called himself but there are other guys there -- -- be very. And finishing cleaning up soul. You know just think that they've they've Serbs everything they've gotten this year and I don't think anybody's been unfair. But certainly I think you'd be very unfair. Not to heap praise on them but the kind of game they played last. Paul Hamilton -- us we heap praise on you for for coming on with four hours of sleep Max thank you mr. I've plotted to weekend.

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