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WGR550>Topics>>11/19 Jerry Sullivan "the Bills are supposed to be better than Indy"

11/19 Jerry Sullivan "the Bills are supposed to be better than Indy"

Nov 19, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll listen before we get the bills I got them but I wanna bring up with you you ready and water how much in Syracuse in Missouri football the other day okay. And you don't Syracuse in Missouri both known for their respective. Broadcast journalism communication programs to the better schools in the country. So they put up this graphic. Did all the famous journalist from Missouri famous journalist from Syracuse. Look for and there were five guys on each list where -- you you -- not listed among the makes most famous journalist out of the University of Missouri what happened. Well Colin Allred argue that in fact they realize -- won a major college football on the -- went the FCC I'm going to have very little interest I'm glad you -- -- -- college football -- do not. So and also that there's such a disparity between Missouri and there -- -- I I. I have a lot of friends went to Syracuse event. You can broadcast will print journalism at the they don't they're not even on the radar so I know that the TV broadcast that right when he when you talk about journals from the very fact about newspapers. You know back when newspapers mattered. For newspaper print journalism that is known holes in Missouri so I'm sure if I had. What I would have been outrage because I would have felt -- buyer against newspapers were channeled understandable I guess this country's. That but I think about pat Howard. It was there was there was you know with broadcasters it was your right -- -- -- from Missouri broadcasters were Syracuse it was. Marv Albert Dick Stockton Bob Costas Ted Koppel and Jeremy Akamai I was really has Tehran and created in that left yet. Obviously obvious that always ago did it to the other but Pete Campbell writes for the New York Times he went to Syracuse when he talked about your Jerry c'mon. -- wonder right. I know black go to major event they're elected Dalton Missouri -- in the press box I think some. But you know you could argue that newspapers that are alternates in this culture so look. Not even relevant but. A standup for Missouri any time. All right so are you standing up for the bills in the playoff race let let's what do you think are you actually thinking about are you as they as they comments at this week. Actually researching schedule strength of schedule quarterbacks and thinking of this is doable. -- -- that I mean that's my job that I I talked about. Rosenberg and move over the other night about the whole thing that indeed outright that during the game -- it was a night and that. They could gain one game income although the new England and anecdotes you can get into games in two weeks I'm not so. The big thing for -- important. What about me that it makes. My job our job. More interest and as we gotta we -- starters we parades this season. And I don't think they're they're good enough to do it -- the long and they sustain it in the great in a Democrat of mediocrity and owners Vienna pulpit and keeping alive until Christmas about what they want and we want meaningful games in December and I I get a Smart we're gonna get up a little bit and what you're always mystic Connecticut seven losses probably get there. Think that's -- thing Sully with you know we reconsider and for me obvious chipper if the bills are gonna get in the playoff race first off. They got to get back the 500 you got to beat Indian you got to beat Jacksonville. And if you're back at six and six then I'll start thinking about this seriously. I it's hard for me to accept that because their defense is really bad. Lot here's the thing you just touched on it welcome to the National Football League and the rest of the schedule the bills play. All the teams they player in the bottom eleven of offenses in terms of points per game so the weakest point of the of the bills is the defense but. They play you know pretty bad offensive teams the rest of the way. Innocent certainly -- -- back coming here and there are -- an element rookie quarterback. They could run the table against rookies they could be. Well now let's chat and nearly that was last week that made Jacksonville more dangerous but they had they don't have that knocked out. And a great quarterbacks -- -- way of saying Lewis that doesn't mind a little bit hopeful are just opened the exact -- and open to beat the defense. Is as good as the old Portuguese and I can't even go 51 but they're coming together and -- -- what happened yesterday realize what went crazy average league in the great teams in Houston. I don't know what happened to -- yesterday. So mean anything can happen it's important maybe maybe the defense is is comedy albums are -- playing well. And getting better peaking at right arm you know printed bills and -- -- holed out from. -- we can talk about them may be winning and losing one more game in nine and seven gets in but they can't lose of these AFC teams that I would say the only team that. They can't quote unquote afford. To lose to I think would be Seattle from here on out to be honest with the. Love you you'll -- ten conference game I mean it's gonna hurt they got to lose a lot of them still don't go back and -- I I think people are looking at Cincinnati up I think that's more entertainment. And India right now. I think if you look at just sheer numbers mean they've outscored the opposition. Just if you take up their records and look at first that they look like the -- expecting. I think they're gonna win nine games. So it's not like you're only chasing Indian Pittsburgh out in Pittsburgh and -- party here. Well since he does play Pittsburgh by the way so there's a little cannibalism that's gonna go on in the in the north. And they are only three and five of the conference I agree with you that's a kind of one of those teams that -- in the weeds but you know how this goes -- Airways gonna kinda. Play each other I can really see some sort of scenario though. Where the jets at the end of the year the coming here with their backups of they have not gonna play four or talk about 2004 all over again wouldn't that just be a kicker for the bills. I know I've been thinking about that a fire -- people like under point -- and I believe that's right and they're right where the build arm if you read only have one of those retrieved which formidable lead him to make a larger problem. The payment. 148 point eight opener. I still hear the -- a diet and fitness. At least as good as Sanchez but they did they still have a but more dangerous quality I don't know north to schedule looks like him back for the bill schedule and activists are dispute and you can't. Pick playoffs for the first time in twelve years with the schedule and then ripple -- it and then. They ought to make the players they ought to win in Indy. I don't really talk about it it required. That's supposed to be better -- -- right now and that is supposed to bailout plan. -- -- -- Mean that would have been interesting to the you open Tom Brady. Was fired up. All of us talk about other even record in the showdown with Andrew Locke really don't think Belichick was fired up. It's slightly as players on the field too late game got to talk about I'm more than willing to because Lebanon made three year. Going back Greg Williams had Bledsoe. On the field level -- player blow out. Tom Brady and fit football on the field at the end of the 5220. Game -- -- the coaches do what is different about running up the score. It's about the arrogance and stupidity of coaches who -- some pretty good. Don't pull players late in the game America and its former Connecticut her left -- right we replaced Thursday. Yeah against the jets -- yeah well as -- what he did yesterday. But let me get some calls about -- trying to back and I also wanted to talk to machinations and -- though as well 8030550. To join us Jerry -- the buffalo news with a stand here with -- on W Tiago right -- Yeah you guys pedestal as they get about. There every day. Am worried about the gets another reason put us -- -- -- I'm of the leery about how they'd play that. They want of these games is very important can't -- one if if you do in 97 issue it is -- and lightly. So yeah I was thinking that everything felt good yesterday accepted canceling. At least they -- a -- but. You know I think well yeah. It was game by game. I'm not I'm not worried about them at all guys I think Sully averted a -- I'm Italian I'm worried about the bills because their defense is just not good enough. Same thing about the jets' offense that that. They are just that's a bad football team and you know -- they still have the ability to implode all the crap going on each week with Sanchez and Tebow is a bad series all the Tebow stuff comes in again I think their running game is sub standard I think their receivers or bad without homes. I like Keller though but there receivers are nothing special and I think Sanchez is a black quarterback I I that offense stinks they have a -- light schedule. It's it's not that challenging but I'm not worried about the jets I think that's a bad football team. I'm Jesus -- my dad mediocre team not call mediocre. They dispensed or point seven points at Saint Louis and everything compared those people epilepsy. It scope scored 27 Indy which -- -- you should be able to do that. And the bill often still suspect although I mean they outscored twenty point four platinum losses in the all of a number can be deceiving I -- if you want act. Is that button on the boat people when you broke that the -- they're often performance at the jet you're you're just been. Because the open for the that anyway. Go go and do that and I still have and I am a big benefit I think you get the most out of the ability to pop and has had a moment. But. The -- games -- wanna bet against inferior quarterback. Bill that would at -- in Andrew Luck if you want you elect said. I would you want how would you want to believe that they are ready to Nicaragua and go Pete locked Kobe can be an anti -- scored 27 point on the world. There where they've played well I mean -- they may have problems on the rope but they played well at home this here. -- a real threat what you can do it for them at all and don't you think you've been joint team it can hold on to nine point. Injectable different about the feel like you've been built the -- I've -- that you don't think about it being -- -- the center in the box. And you know have a -- scratching his head at all. Mean the idea pick good way to spot at a fixed -- is really -- -- at that point populate I don't epic -- China. They're not good enough. I was real real 550. Noted she didn't say can -- should -- that time and obviously. Jim Miro with -- go right ahead. Lot of guys I don't. Oh my question is about the great couple. You know in crucial conference. Where -- pitched to choice. You know well look at what hampered our own I don't understand why they do that. David didn't pass that I mean you know they didn't they. Brett Smith wildcat Arizona anybody laughing at that one. Yeah I thought enough the other part of it for me for me. The big reason is the defense will hold the bills back but for a lot of people. That are sitting there at home listening to the discussion now they're probably saying. Forget about thinking about them being in the -- jays because they don't have faith in the coaches because of what -- what's up with Zhang -- this season and want to. And I get what felt that the third one but I'm sorry if you can Nevada on third one unconventional formations in buffalo. You're not playoff. If they can't do that they've got a problem. Probably the -- -- to go up and blogs that you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can run on third one who or what are bat file. Goodell about the only got about and in love and its spread that about stat that about Spiller. Because aren't there it was reported that a lot stronger. This year and he can run inside and and I think they can find a way to be able to do that and Patrick tell teams out there and short of the -- Here here's the stat for a journalist wanna tell you this they had this year so far. They had eight. Third and one runs they've run the ball eight times on third and one. They've gained a total of twelve yards on those eight runs an average of one point five yards a run if you throw in 32. They've gained they've actually lost four yards and 232 runs -- averaging point eight yards trying to run the ball on 32 or less. Well how what when they're running -- doing Brett. Does that out of legal unconventional way to do that and that they can't well aren't. But the problem they're grown at a go to a tiger and yet so I don't really work out their belief and that. If you don't have -- you can do that I don't see you winning a big game. Player looking back I can talk all players up and the idea of them play into new assault and somebody might go there. -- before you leave then let me ask you about deputies is bother you that you were at the game on Saturday. I try it I don't like the leap to use hyperbole and leap to judgment but after their first -- don't start in twelve years. I like the -- higher when he got the job and you know I think he is going to turn that program because quite honestly it's not hard to win in that Mac. But what did you see on on Saturday and what are your thoughts about -- in that program going forward. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When two games the term I think they're gonna get better as it got big and big guy and -- -- expand and will. Should get better. But forget it and apparel the bill that occurred to me the other side -- really care about these is that twelve years have done mopping Obama coaches too long. They can beat them compete against the matter. 210 at home to a local earth I'm in ten years is presumed excitement but excited. It was a nice you know there and thought well basketball -- the world seemed to be. Dubious story I just hope I hope they sustained at that they are going to be more on the watch a good outcome oriented players. All right Sully what you working on this week for the news. Can share -- That the usual broke up and I got a couple -- look at it Thanksgiving. When there weren't paid an amendment couple previous story isn't. -- -- -- -- we have a great Thanksgiving and we will talk to Friday morning. Apparent heart and appropriate one point thanks -- shared.

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