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WGR550>Topics>>11/19 Chan Gailey touches on beating the Phins, taking on Indy, and more

11/19 Chan Gailey touches on beating the Phins, taking on Indy, and more

Nov 19, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The wind changes everybody's outlook on everything. It private for a better weekend for you guys demanded that a lot literally keep it. -- you spent yesterday watching film are watching football other teams. Spent earlier in the day you got to go to church have been -- all so as -- noted is that -- Then. Watched as some other games they came only in -- sort of work him back on the Indy gets in the first half of that game. And then. Had to do some other things get what about I mean the one win you guys have lost three straight get lost by the six you get a win and not just the coaching staff I mean the players to. How much can one win do in terms of an energy boost or renewed sense of enthusiasm something like that. Well. Thank play. Winning does it create a sense of confidence though finalized. How we want. You know I think -- the dominant faction. The dominant way that our defense played. That's why it ill we didn't build and to try to get to that the whole year. So I think there was some posture is not just women but those some policies then you look in and you say hey. We we got a chance to get -- wanna go. What do you think it give me yet let's talk about your defense a little bit because it's a roller coaster ride they were dominant against Miami give up a lot of points couldn't get stops in New England. Bet really in Houston I mean they did better. But not so good against Tennessee good and Arizona -- not good in San Francisco how'd you get them to be you know more consistent. Well. What you try to do as you try to set the -- that to me every time you play to a certain level you set the bar. And then you -- hopefully you don't go as far back. That next that you're kinda. -- push in the lower part of the bar up each time and that's what we -- okay we played the way we played against Miami that said he knew -- bar. For us. Now with there's a certain level you can't go down to anymore and so I think that's what you keep trying to do is keep pushing the bar. The lower bar in the upper bar you keep got to please those. That's why. -- Offensively we had somehow bars so. You look at the game the other night his nineteen points and we move the ball especially at first -- have not second half but especially the first half. But we're not -- of the red -- weeks we've set the bar pretty -- for ourselves. You know what -- I was gonna get to center brought up let's do it now. The red zone the last three games fourteen red zone possessions. Four touchdown seven vehicles three possessions we got no points have you had a chance to look back and get any ideas as to what's been happening in -- well. If you go to three games I can you get once -- a stage so once had a stat if you got five games I got another set stats for. The problem is the consistency factor you set a date that we got the consistency factor all well and red zone. 'cause early and a year ago for the first it was really ever eight games it was really good -- said -- it is really good. Really the last two -- -- -- what he -- happened in the last couple. I thank -- Houston I think. The pass rush got us. I think this past week. We did next key I thought it was more Houston in the Houston game thought as more us in this -- Chant going into last week's game obviously the criticism was that CJ second the ball enough well because he had to by circumstance of Fred Jackson. He -- quite a -- a great job or nine ER is obviously. On the ground. Third and shorts eagle five flights a couple of times you throw the ball that's the criticism now I went back and looked however at third short this year. Third one or two -- pretty balanced ten runs twelve passes. But you're only running for less than a yard a carry out and third in short why are having trouble on those third short situations. You know you go back evaluate him week. If you miss one cut here UGU you don't block a guy like you ought to blocking the -- and all of a sudden it adds up to 45. Bad runs missed third lions. That's sort of -- out to the need you can't have those -- -- successful in the league on third down especially. They keep drops a latitude -- the team's office outlook failed. It's just third one you gotta make it and you know our goal is extremely how old third -- and we that we it would try to make. A united percent of those third out of ones do you think the keyboard do you think your team is built. Tube basically be more a power team in the situation considering -- more of a spread offense seemed really -- generally well it's hard yeah and that's. Egypt and as a coach you said yourself. Got more spread out throat on third one what kind of football is that you know old school guy like me. But at. The same time. You guys are not used to blocked all those multiple fronts with pages and everything coming up inside like that he. And -- Iran strike a balance of spread that out. And try to play some power football in the air in. Right now go to put jobless get that. Figured out. Which way we don't know. We've been talking this morning about the playoff picture you got help on the scoreboard yesterday Pittsburgh in the -- losing and you play -- now you can put yourself with a -- game of them are. Yeah I would at a game and as a coach I would suppose you don't do this as a fan I would I can sit there watch the scoreboard look at the standings ago. That's stupid Tennessee lost you ever get hung up on a game end like we only won that game or can you not do that necessary you can't. Do that I mean you probably -- done that at the end of the season before. I've done it in the season yet but just to make things can happen I mean. You look at. There's that is. Any game you can go back and look at it and say pleaded just done -- -- and -- -- to play again and -- wrote -- the first game -- -- point wanna suddenly. An -- there so there's so many things that. Bill alone in this season if you start. Waste of brain cells thinking about that if you drive yourself crazy. That's who we do yet so I I actually sat there yesterday wasting brain -- driving myself crazy going what if and that's again I don't have to put up a game plan for the -- I can do what it yet -- -- -- -- -- of the -- my job is to be -- that's right electricity guys if you take care your own business it doesn't matter what anybody else does it really doesn't yes that's exactly right. That's exactly right coming. There's people naked if they take care of their business we're still probably behind I don't know with -- teams are like that but. And though the one that we play. Is -- that's right now you control that we control that one and a fighter jets again have a place to do it again. Don't let let's talk record about injuries for Jackson can give us an update on his status also Chris Kelsay. Both a lot better. I would expect to see them both on the practice field -- not today but only in the expect to see both of them on the practice field and look like that will be. They'll fairly close to well at French situations they have to be 100% before they're back at their. I think she'll she'll be real close to 100% for gets -- Having had a chance to watch film on Andrew Luck and can give us your impressions of him he's. Really good. May be better out of the pocket that he is in the pocket. Great I really agree really a great athlete and it sees the field wailed it has great composure. Eighty he's very impressive to watch play. Hating Gypsies second half yesterday good. Satellite that was a rough go but a lot of people that -- -- you try to play from behind. And and play catch that's where interceptions happened we knew that we don't know that very well that's what as. We're a lot of -- come. What he's trying to make something happen again and again. Do you you know you mention the thing about out of the pocket. They brought that up yesterday I think Phil Simms talked about the must've talked to the patriots coaches and -- kind of said the same thing that they were doing whatever they could to make sure he stayed in the pocket so what do you tell your defense -- what do you do. To make sure that a quarterback doesn't get out of the pocket if he's more effective out there. Well. You make sure your head treasures. Whoever that is. Because you could still twist it doesn't mean you -- twist it just means whoever's got the outside contain has to get there. And make sure he'd let me mess that. And if you bring tablet itself is don't duck under a block let you go over the top the block in. You gotta make that. Hang in there and they get a great push into if you tell your guys to stay out sat on the outside guys that you gotta have gripe pollution side. Because if you have great collisions that they got runs at the -- there's another. Scramble lying right there between the knows the inside rushers in the guts of the thing about side. When you -- That perception is when you face a rookie quarterback that you can really screw the kid -- because they haven't seen a lot. Would you expect the same thing -- locker do you see something went to him that he's more advanced at this stage another rookie QBs. Well I nineties. Think he has been exposed to a lot more just because of his just because of a lot of things. Also a -- as a lot closer to a second year player that he is a true first game Ricky Rudd now he seen a lot already. You get to this time a year. He's seen a much he's -- to ten games it and like. 88 and understand what's going on that there's so. Eighties I think that you can you can still may be gated. Rookies hit a little bit but. Am not a time. For those of our listeners don't know is that Oliver luck played NFL now AD at West Virginia obviously. We just Mckelvin has played well coming in playing again and in the secondary now you have currently it's coming back at some point how that'll shake up the secondary. Don't know -- probably honestly don't know right now. We got to see what's going to they -- we got make Sharon's. Ready which I'm not sure he's gonna be -- this week it's coming close. But if he gets ready and able make the decision about where we are the and then and -- bedeviled by this week that it's -- a moot point but. And then. They're actually quill would decide the man who knows who Lou and I have a better idea about a lot of things by the time we get. And it gently -- to me. Plays. So much -- his his key roles with a confidence that he has a lot of confidence returning punts he plays better in the secondary and he makes badly the secondary effects is punt kick returning. Would you say he's that kind of a player that they it kind of affects and the way he plays. No I think a lot of players. No way their emotions on their sleeves and he's one of those that does. But I think he's a little stronger than people give him credit for really do I think he's mentally stronger I think he's on -- lot. Through the years and he's been through them enough ups and downs and I think he's been able to get dad. Better under control them that three years I've been here to may have seen -- him be able to be stronger mentally. Through ups and downs he I mean he handled not playing. About as good as I've ever seen one handle it. And especially a guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve and what can you say about his punt -- he's he's really at a historic level right now as far as the numbers he's putting up. Yeah how these -- there and the thing about it is. He does have a lot of confidence that. You know some ice -- somebody to. They take a lot of pride in that whole. Group that part return group is taking a lot of pride now in China the one of the best ever. They're they're take a lot of prodded. Nor do I wanna ask you about Harrisburg but ours on Twitter and and sell you brought this up and I know your head at. Twitter battle going on people yesterday you didn't see the second half of the -- New -- game yet other stuff to do it in New England blows that out you know it's 5924. And Belichick getting criticized for broke running up the score crack house he got hurt on the 59 point the extra point he broke his -- -- -- for six weeks. We I was going back and forth that's what are -- they were people who said basically accusing you are running up the score that's what you get. My thought is -- any NFL coach they're gonna say in maybe you can tell me I'm wrong. Our job to stop them doesn't matter what happens the -- -- right I was curious do you believe there do you believe in teams shouldn't be like quote two coaches run up the score do you ever feel that -- at their running up the score on someone. I think there's some people's nature's. They can't help but -- yeah I think there's people who did it. It's the same people cheat in golf in the same people that you know. They do whatever they've got to do to Michael point Mike you know. We and to win baked and not just went a little bit. So coming. At all. Nobody knows about it -- the court I'm not -- any teaching got don't get me I was gonna treat now and hello checked a cheater he's -- I adore Crowley already user now don't we just fine. Some people feel like. -- You score whatever you can the people don't feel. A personal thing. You say something to a coach after game never my job stopping. My -- -- and then I achieved when they're out to you know try to score not school a Cleveland we took a -- Anyway there's five and six minutes left which was in this game they were hitting the ball that third string running back who is. Who was getting are to mean it's it's he can't start dealing with seven minutes left -- and right you don't. I -- I got worked his -- off the -- to apply. They got a low score. I mean. Ever by a U wanna play your best. You know I should take it -- me you should be tried school. Would you take starters off the the point after team like would you make sure that gronkowski is not out here protecting on the 59 point -- you can't do it. And no you can't do that he'd I mean. It was at an extra point to get -- he got -- -- when you heard or matchup right markets are delighted whereabouts at a Colin Braun -- ground -- up for the season you don't really have two extra point team just some guys in if you have an inch right. That's right you don't have to two point -- and thing. You just don't like about that there and realized that before that to go there were two guys and when asked about on defense won his -- spurred one is Kyle Moore. When you went back and watch the game Thursday night and you saw his interception. You can clean it up if there was an expletive involved but did you look at that go. While I mean it that the ground he covered. Blow lounging out by holding -- move on contacted you just kind of look at that and -- that -- that playback know how to do that yes. Ill ill was an amazing place it really was an amazing place. If a receiver had done and it's an all pro receiver had done that you do still going while. I mean it was that kind of pitch it was amazing to go lay out and make K -- And down. There's a lot of quarterbacks senator's side to -- Scott Gump by receiver for a us you know because. That was really amazing. And he did he covered it on a ground -- and how watched. When he started to break. From when the quarterback started to look that way from when he started to break. He anticipated so well all they had in the and we talked about it. People have talked about his footwork he does away steps and then when he decides what his brain tells him to go that way. He is column without wasted steps and that's what allows him to get a great break -- cover a lot of ground and -- more you ask about. He's really. Really playing better not -- to play they honestly I didn't have this aspirations for him when this started. And he is exceeded. Himself in my opinion he he thinks he's now. Always has been touting was a good player. And but he president he's played a run better any Russian impassioned. But you get maybe get -- back this week and perhaps in a couple of weeks you get a Anderson back has Kyle -- done enough to say I got to find a way to get this -- snaps. Oh gosh yes yes he'll get. You know the rotation he was him before his numbers will go up. Is as as we get their -- -- quick David Nelson was on the side I tell his rehab coming Camille says hands he says it really well okay he. He he's walking in and start I don't know if he's -- did know. Full light -- may have jog in -- pool. Things like that but it. Sounds like it's going extremely well he says it's going well and no we don't get this call very much anymore because -- has played a lot better take care of the ball that. To -- Jackson how's he progressing as far as your rap singer getting them in at all practice nine OK again. That's. It's not Manhattan this year -- it can't happen. Was still have enough time to get that done and enough reps to get him Hillary needs to be. And you know we'd like to have him here if we can keep him here as long as possible with the Yankees talented player. But. You know if we got an injury. Do we keep giving small reps in a kid you know -- point Q what we're doing but right now we just -- -- You guys practicing on Thanksgiving you make him work yes. -- -- -- -- -- That's irony kind coaches don't serve Turkey -- of the players. I honestly thought you're gonna -- it they tell me you know -- circuitry duck Slavin over now pulled from the stopping him and okay. Fans almost -- -- -- football littlest because it that you you work I'll watch football OK all right thank -- thank and I can't get our our direct.