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WGR550>Topics>>11/19 Steve Johnson doesn't care how the Bills do it, he just wants them to win

11/19 Steve Johnson doesn't care how the Bills do it, he just wants them to win

Nov 19, 2012|

Stevie Johnson with Mike Schopp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some appearance on WG yard full -- bills football Monday he's brought. Doctor William cap -- when -- final team and by northwest savings. Retail banking in the mid Atlantic. -- region three years in a row by JD power & Associates. Just because there was no game on Sunday doesn't mean we can't have a Buffalo Bills football Monday. Stevie Johnson is with me now hi Stevie. Or or are you today. Or where they're recruiter or Parker yeah. Bulldogs on here by the always gonna panic. Are very low credit -- -- a reporter and I know. I'm gonna say it I was in the senate majority did. So what do you spend your weekend. As we know them and LA dorm. Thanks so well mud on my agent so food critic who is critical here when we see that. Us we don't know well Christmas. You know -- On all worked on TBS. Here. I just wanna mention this real quick just came in Ed Reed has been suspended. Baltimore safety Ed -- suspended for one team for repeated violations. Of rules prohibiting its today head and neck area. Stevie how is that going this year with that with TVs or are you sensing and all that. Anybody's that guys general the little bit less aggressive because of all the talk of the summer off the concussions in the rest. We know I'll be nobody's nobody's been a real salt -- film of the BBB at all. They -- to be able called -- -- -- -- or tolerated people I think it says. They're read quote receiver in -- what do you like you would not -- interest Monday August Tuesday you know appears to the future. What happened earlier that it if that record. No one who many I have helmet helmet to the elicited in and I got myself -- let you know like I go out there. Without going out to enter into people follow me that's a good bit about. I watched that game last night we'll talk about you know the Thursday night game of course but -- watch a game last night and those two secondaries are rough. Do you as a receiver would when you're playing a team is is there I think there should be this is there such a thing as. You know certain teams you play them and you feel like you can in. Take more liberties go across the middle just. Doing your thing vs other times when you know you have to you do tend to think twice because of who's out there there reputation things like that. Not without it we thought we -- have respect for people who you know what you are here ability we -- we know how good these players vote. It seemed like her. At a Baltimore ever -- in the converse -- you noted these prisoners it is tough. But that guy is that intimately in the in competitively to that we -- about being. We all go to regain felt sick this without -- and let all of the beat cautioned that make the people who put band you know. To be the god. To have the public is about lefties he's destroying this. That if there's so I'll be blue to go in -- them all well look. -- you actually want you know you what you want computer guy that I would commit voter you've got to look. Yeah I understand that but would you say. Also that like Europe ball of being intimidated I mean is anybody really above that. If somebody if whether it's reader there's a better example you mentioned a minute if there's somebody that. You know is. Has -- rotation go ahead. I mean how many -- they aren't they -- comment I'll ride my little the little. Military. I am Obama go lookup say problem -- being intimidated or who doesn't mean cult we respect in anybody's game like. I was just over air read out there where the I'm not look -- intimidated by fire because there that is very good here in the notre Larry. But I would be Molly you buy it if they're they're they're the ball in the air and he's clearly got there and order. It destroyed me -- won't be Smart about it you know doubled that we will be Smart about it. In no doubt we're gonna make the play. People maybe everybody on me but -- gotta be Smart and here is that what -- that other people have respect and wars when he could -- it back. -- deeply hurt early in jeopardy when the economic player on the ball because -- the year where people are reported an army of Largo where are. Do you feel like you've got to protect yourself a little bit just you know. Comments that you need to do -- did did you staying did you see Dez Bryant yesterday what he got booed. And accuracy I've just seen that been more of a Mozart I don't know if we'll ever but it was a hole and then there's another. Oh yeah I was watching that game when that happened it's like a second and long he he caught a pass or two or three guys around him he just ducked out leaving 31 and here he got he got ripped for that. Yeah definitely and then. As we sit here off on the accommodative monetary. Looked at all receiver who -- mark -- in that situation. These Depardieu and it noted it was didn't go to -- without physical and value about what mark. -- -- You don't want for give -- -- give other browsers get milk and they play well in that situation. One -- to go out here to report got you got to put disordered -- out that the Belichick glittery forgot. Were saying look there are so open -- Maybe eight Stevie Johnson my guest Mike show here on WGR Bulldog is out today OK Thursday night. How did you like playing in prime time. A lot of we'd we need we need more pretty -- we need to limit the failure. You know opportunity after the play overall -- so there's really no other a lot of guys here. -- brutality you know -- -- -- political will -- go in you know I think are bigger opportunity to show. Well I'd move the -- group part of our. What did you like most about it was it just being under the lights thinking about the besides your audience. What was. Because your day -- would -- day would have thrown off. They'll do so a couple of the -- -- like a like the fact that one what you. Club at some -- you know it -- -- that -- there's nighttime in the same as our prayers light so is this whole different so little from players. Of -- earlier today here who's this is part of have been you know you -- -- -- California. Everybody does -- watch -- -- -- -- efforts of the reasons. You know everybody from Luxembourg called. Orders to build like another let another another game. I'm in candlestick you know or are we prefer without -- -- thereby. You know there's been an Orchard Park here in Mexico -- they got the in the play here. Right. Let's talk about the game itself you had a nice night the offense head -- of decent -- start but then edit the very tough time doing much you're holding the leader the rest the night. About how good a night it was it for the you know for the team for the players. Until the good guys because. You know could be that they're prepared girl would -- would -- because now Leodis. Governors go to put -- early in Italy and that is that is started started again while all right you know David because -- was. Players as open and aggressors. In certain dug -- running game. And then as often as villain you know we -- although we think it may have gonna talk under as a result we resort or outlook and reported about again. -- you -- for the most part I'm I'm happy to young people who play now how they played the week. We are Katrina Rita well let the fear of a Leo -- the other and and make in this player offer. If there was one. Complaint about the game that fans made the most I would say it was other bills did on third and short you had a few. Around hurting too -- plays one was even less than a yard. It and you know fans often say Stevie Y if the running running backs this team are so good. 18 is the backfield empty wiry spreading it out. And yet the coach but what do what do you think of that. The work. -- oh -- the -- -- by a Serb amid obvious you know we got her third award. Within -- -- -- and you know so we've you know total total ball would not. I mean. -- -- -- tiger over the revelatory you know somehow relate we made mistakes through. Because they were they also acknowledge they they -- overseas and is a little bit in some areas that visit. In the ballroom Latin -- quarterback and so so. -- -- them by country area. Well since you said that now I want to ask you this you you give me you give me an inch Stevie. What do you think this wildcat business you fan of that. Like if you like the other all right -- the locker you know I think we got players that. So we can make that they want to move quickly Tennessee's -- spread your brand. Rot on the controller that I think I figured if the group. Is this really is a good mixer for offers readers know that we haven't. We -- really put its summertime it somewhere you know we the players I can't make it work those. I liked the idea of it more if they feel that you guys will roll out of it some time I think it's on some of the idea here is supposed to be the deception of it rather than having to somebody. Take a shotgun snap and run between the tackles -- -- the one the one time maybe the only time this year you've done that was in Arizona. Revolver were wrong crowd or equipment for. It -- so I don't know exceed right dispatcher explode out left really doesn't do a lot for -- are here again tonight. Is that they're -- you know I think -- are are no longer -- Ford bothered to welcome anymore in previous outlook from the merger gave them and then compete bode you know -- The play they leave -- make a big player development is quite Beers said build out our thing I think it's been gun beer art market's volatility of Carlo we haven't done too much of its. What else did you catch yesterday. Who are prepared wrote a lot bigger really hurt so good out there jets are like -- overcoat. The quote from. In New England area there. Oh vote rather rethink about the colts. Care what I mean that they -- -- -- rather though that we want to be here so we wanna be a question actual foreign policy. On and we. We do the other. We go to China and we got to change -- you know another let's take them down there and the -- stay -- -- -- them and they're not there. No we got object to go only to look at it but we got we got beat the vinegar or C cup group game that we need to win and I think we have. I hit a great opportunity right now under normal on all the news -- meter and it'll know without. Well I'm not gonna blame you for looking ahead in the schedule that the Indies a pushover but just that. The schedule has been a big part of the conversation. With fans all year you know looking forward to. After that game in Foxboro it looked like. Easier teams in net point is not lost on you. It ME I mean every I don't know how we spoke about it. Who will fight it either chamber root root root culprits saying. Give -- and give -- a week. Are the real losses you know well we -- -- -- by -- -- Bull of the week other posters the New England area. Was to move up forcing Portugal that we want oh local respect -- -- -- a pregame notes. Team route usually put away and that's been that the only thing about the senate seat built select who -- tiger. That's the good -- Yummy dinner prepared back in doing -- in certain that we that we were not prepared military is so so game. That we in the mood and notably accusing him we have -- up -- whoever. Point where I really -- that actually knows that there's still open the season and I think says no that -- stretch where we have a budget discipline -- and we don't spend a disappointed by. You know we still back into it still can't be played no actually actually more Andrew. You know our -- -- compare to darker but you know other than your Saturday they they did that they want -- -- already delayed this season and -- -- salute to those who abolished they will go into Google whenever you know we got actually has been done before. Yeah I wanna hear you say that either -- because there's there's a lot for these guys for you guys to have to prove first. -- widow and for me this win like beating Indianapolis. This year is none. It's not winning in Foxboro it's nine. Beating any defeat defending Super Bowl champion or anything like that but -- still it's still quality mean really where you guys are we go ahead. You know we're not going to not -- -- Quality when do we we also it is blatantly -- right I I wouldn't care if it period as they live a JV squad that we still need to last them in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Earlier that the western which is why we play. The places other than I -- ultimately have a recorder back so we know how powerful it blew gently to get to where we don't put sort of -- -- Yes that's it that's fine you know its enemies saying what India is really what. What lies before you that you need to do is win a few games in a row and -- that's some thing I mean you had a over a short streak at the beginning of last year but really that's. That's a step up for you. -- Well you know Indianapolis for me. They've got a lot of credit for this season the inspirational. Value of that their coach's illness in the you know supported him and what's amounted what's come from that but really what what the difference in the bills the colts. Is for me Stevie is you lost to Tennessee and they didn't all close games. And certainly a winnable game for you and and there's argument over time. But really if you put those results you've both the five a five year before he. And yeah. It will be able to do that's so -- -- got to put the patent because of the pessimists who vote other try to build off an awful we have. Couple more quick things for you from last Thursday night before what you go here Stevie. Did you get to meet any of those. You know big shots from NFL network courier. Or or talk to any of them Michael Irvin falcon and those guys. Now where you are talked. The Michael and after the after the game without uncle anybody. You know euphoric very very good -- -- goes -- and after. We get the mind I think Michael Irvin is one of the most unpopular. Players in sports ever in buffalo to skirt you know the the Super Bowl with Dallas. Global credit -- from you know you madam and a guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- real about what he's seeing genuine. Is that what they're telling me to keep working he's he's he's sort of been going. And -- too much news -- the president and you know order that would be talking what seven -- In less -- did you hear that. Mike -- out announce in the game at a tough time calling you Stevie we've had. We've had this conversation one time in here before with you but I don't know if you knew that or what you what might think of that. He's not an uneven -- here angry about anything about an -- Well let them vote and some other -- without future guerrilla this year. You're OK with guys calling Steve. Here narrow -- All right good book by the nova record Stevie Johnson any questions for me before we wrap this up. -- -- -- -- -- all right we'll talk to you happy Thanksgiving. Is certainly what you'll hear her thank you talk to next Monday archer. Stevie Johnson and the bills off to Indianapolis. On Sunday the colts are 83 point favorite. Bill's point differential this year minus 69 Indianapolis minus fifty.

If the Bills release Tyrod, would you be worried he'd be really good elsewhere?
  Yes. That's a big reason why I think they should keep him.
  No. I think we have seen his ceiling.
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