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WGR550>Topics>>11/19 Jerry Sullivan part 2- The Bills have to keep improving over the last six games

11/19 Jerry Sullivan part 2- The Bills have to keep improving over the last six games

Nov 19, 2012|

Jerry Sullivan with Mike Schopp

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    in the plant outside I would not think of Michael went into Jay Cutler do you guys is that the whole thing you're gonna take part Rico where we're. A bad thing I mean that they've got a lot of that concert certificate out at the search. CNET rating upstart you don't. There was many bird. Or insist. Q who leaked out and have the draft that are electric sports you when that really good quarterback class. The eighteenth but you're really have to think about. Or we've got our list is no one else wanna add Vince Young . There's no one OK here bright and player Brian loiter Matt Cassel the O line Brian Hoyer he's gonna. Surely illegally records show Barkley. That's the ticket than ever for Brian earlier that this
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    defense of veteran bat in ointment which come show somebody who gave Jay Cutler chance somewhere. And FC head coach NFC had co. All right this I had to think about that. But can't predict. Tyler.
    in the corner up I would not think of Michael went into Jay Cutler do you guys at who the whole thing you're gonna take some time Rico where there. That thing and that. That got a lot of that concert certificate out at the surge. Mean that screen upstarts down. There was lady bird. Or insist. Malik Allen and half the draft better in the sports. When that really good quarterback let it. He's eighteen but you're really have to think about. Or we've got our list is no one else wanna add Vince Young . There's no one knows it and hear it right into the player Brian loiter Matt Cassel . You know on Brian Hoyer he's gonna. Surely illegally records show Barkley. As a ticket than ever for Brian Cooley editor of

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Indianapolis. Has just not very good despite the fact that there's -- to put it. But they have a lot of -- -- ask -- that's common to. In addition we are not so those winds -- also look at that comment this. Fair shot replay that a few times because he's right. It sounds completely. Screwed up but when he says. If you wanna find out how good or bad teams are how they compare with -- each other ignore wins and losses. I'm down Indianapolis. Jerry. They're almost the bills their point differential is the same they have a bad loss in New England. As do the bills they have a bad loss to the jets as do the bills this year anyway they have a a third forty point loss as to the bills. They're -- Chicago -- to the niners similar good NFC teams. -- -- You know the better record. The one thing stands out from his -- going thirteen for seventeen on third down against Miami. I have a lot of respect for that defense otherwise you're right it's kind of like argument about college you know it's like him forget the record to what are you really think. -- I was thinking come minute what do I really think of the bills right now and if I compare -- for the colts I don't. The records that shouldn't really matter -- where it where they relative to what you thought and what they are now. And I think I will say the bills' defense is improving that can happen during -- season. Again back to my argument for college basketball and playoffs that teams get better journey here. That's to be encouraging for bills fans have been did give up 37. To the pats and they have a lot of yards to Houston but -- If I look at these last three games and I've been at the mall mean am I missed some of the San Francisco. Those three as as in India as a group of games are better. To me than what came before. Making sense here and short they should have been this good all year long we should have been better. We should expect them to go win with this defense in -- but at least they're getting better and getting pressure from the defensive ends. Morse playing well over there. Mikey Kelsey back they've got Gilmore improving there are reasons to be optimistic about their defense ability to do with it was supposed to do. Carry the office we might eventually does come back to where we were in offices is that's good enough I think I mentioned this the other day. Four wins -- against really appear quarterbacks. And it might be good someday. This game might it come back down to me. How good his luck right now. Over the Amin their people there -- you gonna call that it fits it better than luck right now that's that's not true. I think -- is better than fits right now but. How much better. -- mean much except we might find out Sunday. I'm I'm eager to dig into it this week I want this. If if you're football and one of the things that's the most fun is to look at the standings late in the year and try to predict which teams will lose which games and so on in the AFC is in deep. But it's interesting. And if the bills when in Indy. It should be a very interesting. Sequence of games after that I don't know about the rest of the way but the idea of them. Beating the colts and pushing forward from that Jacksonville's Saint Louis Seattle only one more road game after this game. For the rest of the season -- Thanksgiving. Yeah let's do let's see that they have to be. That good that they have to be way better than we all how we all talk. For them to accomplish that I don't think they do. So I really want the indie game because I want it to. Read some light and the -- -- a lot of fans. To have wanna talk about this and I've still not sure they do stuff. I think many more fans would rather just sort of rolled her -- at this and talk about the next coach the next quarterback and that's interesting enough but that there. -- be there and the way the AFC is it that should be -- -- this be in the discussion in the -- Almost the end of the season I want the -- game to matter. No Obama fan I want the bills that you know having clinched some cloud -- -- six. But I would it be great at that man I'd toll that they'd go rule out the jets. And that was impressive win -- they might get on a roll I think Cincinnati is playing they've played they've blown two teams out thorough. And decent teams including the giants their team to watch and they put they might also hole. Create a lot of interest in situations in that division. With them and they could be -- Pittsburg. And jumble let things where you get a cup play mates I doubt it I think we're looking at two attendants six and a nine and seven there. And I think since he's done with Baltimore but they do have Pittsburg and he left the Pittsburgh has to with Cleveland left. I wanted to talk and play a tiebreaker is a definite right a year -- be really surprised divert more involved. For the six in May be the fifth spot he Indy. And they had been in the related to keep this to stay a 100% without it a lot so much to my pick the bills when the game. Well they are only a three point underdog you guys ought to be three on the road it's not they're saying there isn't. You know the that the odds makers get it -- though there -- -- -- at their -- like air or insects and I think they're more like -- and say you. You know Tim Ryan. All right here is met with a solo Matt. I thought that Michael. I describe it helped -- if somebody have an honest question air quality. It's been if she gets its objectives. Our computer yet to saturate it keeps active computerized system that. And our standard that now they try to take precedence or let go. Don't all don't the polls. Factory into the BCS. In some to some extent is in the poll part of a formula. I'm -- I'm a person that you guys use it's been awhile since. I can understand our -- you know. -- -- out but it's that sent it to be yet. I don't know are they this particular -- -- -- made them -- that's an active Notre Dame on credit -- sure they are ahead and over -- bail out. I mean that's got to. I mean I don't let erotic on its side Notre Dame are actually you are a lot of people like Notre Dame that say it's got the -- -- number war for some people bought. You are ecstatic and all the way and a -- -- met met -- -- the but you don't have to appear to the point is. Whether they are better than Alabama or not you can't fit in in my opinion and Jerry's you can't have. Sixty out of sixty voters. Say Notre Dame is the best team in the country. And have this. Whatever it is. Tidal wave this. Amount. Of opinion that says Alabama would beat them in -- in a game. You you can't have both. Unless the point of the poll is to merely identifying. All of teams that make it's a certain cut who has the best record in which case you don't need the poll that's it. I mean I I get hot but really all I think were exactly like minded on this -- that just that. If -- sixty out of sixty people vote for Notre Dame -- why is there this sentiment also that says they would lose. Now if this many people can be convinced their. -- the best team. When there -- beaten. What's gonna admit they lose to USC you would think would knew that some of those sixty. Would continue would pick them number one out of this picture maazel. One loss teams right -- you know that won't be the case if they lose the problem get any. I agree but how could that be if it was sixty -- -- when they were unbeaten and now they're in a pile and one loss teams. One loss so all what I'm saying is. All along they didn't really believe it. Right that the Google right Alabama -- Joyce you'll want to organize a one of those proceed. That all of them a lot and will I -- I would predict they would get no first place votes again I'm not saying they're not the best and I think this nordic team has. But be better than people think. Watch a lot of college football bowl just what I've I've seen and heard their defense might be. And SEC SEC caliber defense at that type of now. Yeah maybe. I watched the game they had against Pittsburgh the shuttle lost it at a 33 yard field goal in overtime to beat them I think that's bad. You think any of those sixty voters about that. Benedict is don't think there's not any not a beauty contest that's they have not lost so it doesn't matter. Right that's what I think in Gaza all of Alabama the close of poll that is so impressive don't matter close -- If you're not gonna think about it and you just gonna push a button because this team has no losses and that team has won in disposable. Have some self respect. Jerry are you like many are you excited about the toy offering rejection committee meeting coming up later in the show. I don't think words to express it. I want to be involved late probably feels snubbed as I am and many years all involved Eric Snow -- really -- -- you love that feeling. You know as something that is about it no I wanted to go public with this view you aware of this new phenomenon of people sitting in the cars. Every time I go to parking lot and give them my card that the person in the car next to me just sitting there and it nova. No I'm not about where counties are doing it just means that -- in this little. Jerry world where these things happen that the -- of the people I'm telling you it's it's it's scary what's going on their -- ball with the radio they're doing. Home markets has its own repeatedly. -- for driving not for living in. An -- sometimes I'll sit there. Now like you know my checkbook errors on them ominous there -- that the and then a little off and I. -- And how long when they sit there with a look at my car. Anybody out there that's noticed this could call and the last one minute. Take this blog I'm happy to have the story or he goes missing take this -- features desk but right Greg do you have any. Any comment on this can you explain it. Why did you notice there -- there is a phenomenon of people sitting in their cars. Yeah I. Mean the phone thing immediately arrested for talking. While driving at night and it has something and it was alone at the phone they don't always had the phone I still see they hiding I see people. Driving and talking on their phones than sitting with their phones. Animals now it's like I'll drive by als we start point and you don't get off and phone I'm probably causing more. And a greater risk for yelling at him about it on the news for being yes. Don't they know I think a law I think. There probably are -- people like this the only time I ever talk on the phone is when I'm driving. Yes it's not because of holding and breaking the -- I've just got a speaker -- but OK I should be breaking the law because the whole thing has always been completely stupid had to be illegal holding it would be the -- not like the cognitive distraction but that's just sort of typical the world. So is it Jerry that we just -- were just above the conventional thinking so of course I don't ever answer my phone to talk if I'm at home. I literally don't I never ever into the round but if I'm driving an election call this person that's what I do element waiter it's such a convenient time to talk to -- copper -- because I'm not doing anything else to. Forty minutes of -- there but -- right. And text as well start on other exit I just the ball brings in my house and I just let an -- every time. Being called home houses great in positions that's right is that when you talk in your phone. That's right like the just throw on the yearbook is plug plug and and there -- it. This is all -- also bad it's also a bad thing that we do this. Are we can analyze it where budgeting twenty minutes for the people were talking about that's right that's -- it's time it's going to be enough time to get that that on in Filipino people talk about the guys in the car phenomenon now I don't know instead of listening to you. That's what they're doing is sitting in their current listening to this on the jury's still sitting on their cars of socialism for taxes developing their listening to us talk about what they're doing.