WGR550>Topics>>11/20 Paul Hamilton discusses Bills injuries and defense

11/20 Paul Hamilton discusses Bills injuries and defense

Nov 20, 2012|

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The clippers it's dozen troops. That's why we get -- on the show all the right times how many times looking backing your entire broadcasting career as someone lied to you. Well Tom Donahoe is appropriate step vote in you know philosophy that if it's to protect its movement -- -- Guys think that way and that's always felt like well I'm not lying to you record it's protected the bill also. You know don't don't take it this far because there's well. But it doesn't hey listen you're talking to an Italian of its protect. If -- to protect the Stanley it's not alive all. Are -- -- -- -- PH. Well -- I'm good thank you very much so let's do injuries first what did you learn yesterday what's new with Kelsey and Jackson I guess for starters. Well Fred -- in these still attesting to do like vessels going well. But he had more to do that we'll finish up -- -- And Jane Gillis said if everything keeps going at the same rate there it was going yesterday. He should be back on the field by Wednesday. So. You know better off sounding good Chelsea got through practice and all he was -- -- -- -- planning on doing all we did. Where an individual to record drill. And coach -- said that oil well so nobody expects to war also long one say and tell C. You know talking to him expects to play me totally expects to place so. Today I think you would be very surprised if that didn't happen and so. And not -- Williams probably not this week Mark Anderson probably not this week. President Kosovo's. All year it's going to be put in my regular injured reserve. -- told the course is still only about 75%. And then push Gillis is but good enough. But he's so we don't wanna lose them so they just put -- -- last season ending IR. Paula is 8030552. Giants like get to our question of the day and get Paul's thoughts that in a moment. Kevin you're on WG -- -- with ball Hamilton go right ahead. -- did well. Don't -- agree it outlook while not certainly. I'm sure there -- you just heard -- you're part of a lot out. -- -- other -- that -- into -- about -- that -- talk about whether the defense is getting better I think it is I think the pass rush is getting better I think the secondary play is getting better in part one of the reasons why they're getting -- is -- Williams is -- -- quarterbacking was. I think that's sure and you know Mckelvin. Is that type of player that busted that thing Mckelvin ever since -- that has frustrated me. Is this maddening inconsistency. He can do it. They've done pretty well since since -- little system hurt but that it is absolutely wrong. And a whole lot shops. You know that. Today I mean just what the beginning of this year they could get great training camp and -- look like they've found their guy from you know to cover -- slot in the nickel and everything and then the first came as a complete disaster for him and -- like well we're gonna put in many -- we cannot do well they had to ruin. You know he's responded pretty well but. You know you just got to hope as the bills they have -- things keep going also warm and something doesn't happen because as soon as it does. It's trouble. All with what was that and that wool watch out now it's really that would actually Paul. Is the defense getting better. And I said it. Knowing all that with and how they've played over the first five games. It would be almost impossible to get worse because they were sold bad but -- I mean eyeball test do you think they're better. I think they're getting better I think very very better against the run numb. There is and you've talked about Williams not being in the line up well I think one of the biggest reasons to somebody listened to line up and that's how I'll more. Mikael Moore has there ever since he's been -- up every single game is around the quarterback more and more. And you know in other -- getting hit on the quarterback. Whether it's actually getting it back whether it's pressures. Pretty good against the run he has made plays -- knowing of the running game something that is not is specialty. So. I think the way she plays and you know when went calcium embassy in combat quite honestly I wouldn't change a thing. And named -- sort of 80% of the snaps. Just because I think he's -- that I think he's going out there and play better than healthy he's played better than Anderson. When the when they were healthy. I think he deserves to continue to play as much as he's playing now because I think he's been a big reason why the defense is better. No I I I agree on I think I'm with you I think he's been the most consistent guy generating any kind of pass rush pressure not necessarily getting getting the sacks. But getting the pressure -- you brought it up. The Thursday game I think. Was it Merriman get got the sack but it was Kyle Moore who got the pressure and creates you know makes ten Angel moved. So I'm I'm with you I think Al Gore's demonstrated that he should be on the field more. What -- -- Williams is he do you think he looks better post surgery. Yes so do my don't know I am totally where he needs to be. But I think guys know I think I've definitely seen improved -- I've seen him around -- quarterback. Game in the first. Affordable for the surgery he was. -- nowhere to be seen. It was like it to be in play. It means you're probably had to watch -- -- the -- and keep your eyes anonymous even figure out but he played itself he's made some plays in the running game. For losses. And you know he's -- around the quarterback more about. I expect even more to be quite honest with you. I think I think he needs to be even better. But I think the progress and certainly there has been improvement. All -- here again read his article the WGR 550 dot com on practice yesterday and the updates on the injuries with Chris Kelsey and those guys as well. -- all available on our website. Thank you as always mr. Hamilton and you have a marvelous Tuesdays are here.

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