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11/20 Whiner Line

Nov 20, 2012|

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    you'll be out. In the NFL the New Orleans Saints beat the Carolina Panthers 28 to ten rough night for Cam Newton just ten for 28 their college football. Florida State over Louisville 42 to 31 and the NCAA upholding the suspension of running
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    Carolina Panthers 28 to ten on Thursday night football rough night for Cam Newton goes ten for 28. Within interception college football game as Winston. I goodnight 400 yards and three touchdowns or a state beats
    ball. Reading was below. Below are about below. And about OK below Kyle Orton Colin peppard. Ben Roethlisberger Andrew Luck. Matt Stafford. Cam Newton Joseph Flacco. Andy Dalton Aaron Rodgers to appease. Russell Wilson Peyton Manning Eli Manning these are all guys who throw the ball deep. Less than Kyle or less than adults like percentage of passes the go over twenty yards. Per pass. Those are the guys there like those are lots of good names there. I Peyton Manning throws the ball three yards every past teams and the bills actually showed you it's anyone in that. He's a retirement it's better guys they're a little higher Tony Romo Tom Brady Philip Rivers Brian Hoyer and you're Brian Hoyer. Matt Ryan it's about 20% of the time. At present is that the guys that throw
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    your on WGR. Yes I am. I'm ready CPI all in and Kyle Orton . The problem that I hear it is. My hesitation is what you see when you. Google his name. And I find it
    a compromising position either. Might the first thing I it is that Kyle Orton too along. OK you government drunk at the partisan offseason. I seriously dark beer. Mark every part of its annual battle is

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. This is covering rallies to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 550 they -- the WGR. Are you underline that -- do you buy the premier group wind may be easy. They had -- trip to church and commuters. That bleed wouldn't encourage that big -- or it was kind of -- This is bird flu -- war. No way. But what we'll float are actually worse we've been -- you look at that schedule the children that are -- -- -- the -- I mean what we look -- and -- last year for example if he also later they had been playing it why not helpful. Quality good weeks and Walton saying it's. The bill wouldn't include me I'm not only by the -- whenever -- you started. The Bill -- -- at work but you won't fighters in the loss -- -- -- -- Well well we're here right here Buffalo Bills have had to play New England twice and Houston and San Francisco so that's. Four games against three division leaders. Same thing tough schedule. Ball striking couple quick error hurt -- -- -- or wherever jaguar -- will be our third one. Well let me ask who are also why. -- approached. Or -- part. Of it would wait period weren't sure what you -- A -- Wild -- what -- to get it. -- The kids in the water like. Okay. I don't know I'm supposed to say queries where it's about time to explain them and it never sorry that's it's not your fault. But the the joke wasn't good enough that they needed to explain right Leo unlike the -- you'll hear this Friday at the purple monkey which -- -- explanation or defy explanation. While votes well well well record your career what are your doctor Eric called the skirts are walking toward what those parts are. Our. Support work go burger. -- What -- also built rectal problems. Were and what it why don't speak out it. What he has well. But the -- -- that's out. The trade still -- -- trigger a work or not here after outlawed prayer. He prepared award in this verdict or a boarding -- who offered -- perhaps rare record thirty at night I would not work. By girls one broke up with me and didn't -- for five years. -- -- on the -- -- -- they called me about some culture and globally. Very romantic but it bartender now. Wanna live grudge about that from their group wind made easy the from everybody that we get fair and you're white zinfandel to state not a Magnum only 699. After the mail in rebate you could see all the premieres with -- specials at the airlines dot com.

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  I've seen enough. I know they're a playoff team
  Not enough. 4 games with Orton is too small a sample size
  I won't know about them until they play the top teams in December
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