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11/20 Whiner Line

Nov 20, 2012|

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    someone to call it. Saturday Night Live spoof the press conference from Tom Brady and bill well Jack. The press conference on Saturday about you know atmosphere conditions. And whatever else Bill Belichick was talking about. What. I don't know I'm at a point cell where like I just I think I don't care anymore
    I just think that. I think they were great they were they Tom Brady and they get really really great players are great teams and I don't think they want Super Bowl because they hate the team defensive coordinator yeah I just don't I don't think that to me that was much worse than
    lot of people try to say. That deflating Pope I don't. I'm Tom Brady hit it he's still great my eyes I don't I don't take oh my god. He deflated football so all these touchdowns and records and great seasons he had means nothing he still. To me that the greatest I've ever seen I didn't put him up there with I think Joseph Montana hammer the two greatest quarterbacks marina is with us passer I've ever seen but. I think Tom Brady to me even with this that does not take away and I know some people think everything he's done is tainted by the a lot of that. Is I hate Tom Brady because he's great he beat my team all the time so I'm gonna say that. Because a lot of that at all I think it's because they've they have cheated in the past and that was one of the more interest in parts of the press conference from the weekend as well was listening to Bill Belichick defense like eight. Like spike eight came up again and he got agitated and that 80000 people concede academic and most calls
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    this stuff I mean need to go back and back and watch Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to meet Eric I would get the senior bullets are we got John but to me. The most interesting thing here ias.
    videotaping things from years ago but also the fact that people expected Bill Belichick of either. Polling lines skirting the rules or or blatantly ignoring them but it. Now whether that's true or not about the
    was ready for summer to a couple of you can bet on bill Belichick's buddy fellows. You can bet on what color will be gray blue or red you can you can bet on whether he's going sleeves cut or sleeves and act. You can bet on whether Bill Belichick yes or no will smiled during the game on camera mystic and I guess at the end game. You can bet on
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    demand audio WG a five that the dot com as is the Bill Belichick presser. About eleven minutes of spine tingling stuff as is the Tom Brady oppressor and on demand audio brought to buy. And north with saving banks time mix which northwest paid for it calls for
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    wonder. WGR. Sports Radio 515. John Clayton so his comments on the New England Patriots story. He was on Clayton was not what my job to hold like yesterday if you miss the interview it's available and on demand audio. At WGR 550 dot com on demand audio has brought few by. Northwest savings Pakistan make the switch northwest in addition to that guess what else is an argument on the Bill Belichick press conference. And the Tom Brady press conference if you'd like to listen to both of those. And judge for yourself although. Most the world seems right now
    and that sloppy football practice and I got it just last week Tom Brady told another team to read the rule book. Yeah about the but the tackle yet read the rule book so they have
    right the headline of the New York Daily News is there's. Picture Tom Brady have a smile. My eight. And then there's a picture of a football so much for and it's my pick for the football bowl holds a perfect. The headline of the New York Post. Is a picture of bill ballot jacket picture Tom Brady and it says ball. This hash tag exclamation. T. Writing occasion once again with a beautiful. Front and back page at. David

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