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11/20 Whiner Line

Nov 20, 2012|

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    on the telecast van Gundy and brain and and Mark Jackson. And Jeff Van Gundy asked this question that play same play. It's Stephen Adams doing at the staff car. The Stephen Adams gets suspend. Well it is Stephen Adams just the stuff curry that might be different outcome I mean his legs are a lot right I never thought I Curry's a lot shorter are put science in the Alcan Stephen Adams. Kicks staff curry in the groin on a fall on a follow through on a shot does he get suspended better now. I think he does because he does that it does that carry I'm not so sure Dahntay Jones got suspended for one game I didn't think that want to suspension by comparison. And he did punch the guy in the old nether region haven't it was fast in his he wasn't looking at it either east thrown his fists he's just. He's making himself big east which when you grab a rebound in Europe trying to get everyone away from my swing in your hubble's one way if you hit a guy. And sometimes you do does mean innocently meant meant to do it was there compilation of video showing Dahntay Jones flailing his hands at any point I didn't see that and I think every time he shoots he does that fail on
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Should the NBA suspend Draymond Green for his kick to the groin of Stephen Adams?
  Yes. It was a cheap shot
  No. There's no way to know if there was intent
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