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WGR550>Topics>>11/20 Ryan Fitzpatrick on winning, taking on the Colts, Thanksgiving

11/20 Ryan Fitzpatrick on winning, taking on the Colts, Thanksgiving

Nov 20, 2012|

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    ears back why my dropping into coverage and yes I'm referring to Mario Williams of course but. That Google for anybody who is making a lot of money is used to putting up numbers but luckily that hasn't happened this year in the waits the entry now doesn't look like it's gonna happen. 8030550. To join us 888550. Q 550 DNN buffalo you're on WGR. Right ahead yeah. Question. For so should be considered rookie year. And we are regain coach. In making adjustments on the fly when the game in progress. Well it's interesting you know Ed Reed . Moved down from the box to the sidelines I think it coincided with the offensive coordinator switch as well Rex change some things around that was one of them I wonder in game stuff. You know if that really is making an impact of these guys but he's already making an impact whether it's in game or not. Even you know even now we know Byron Williams and his relationship and what he you know was. Getting from Ed Reed how much he respects him and things he said even still here we are 67 weeks into the year. Air so talks about that and how much really and influence Ed Reed is. You do Williams told me in the pre season having Ed Reed and the coaching staffs like Jimmy cheat code in a video game because he knows so much and he can help you. Tip off you know and one of the things these guys talk about a lot with a Ed Reed is just how key the preparation he teaches them what they can they can get. Just by looking at little things they see on the opposite side can really help them. I don't play has come laying figure out how to attack a certain play. So I think that's really where Ed Reed comes into play here for this team yet he he is on the sidelines Allen and Eddie it's really give them. But how much of a superstar Ed Reed as though in the sleek. So he's on the sidelines. At new England. And yet the second half and yet the bills
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    from Miami turned down the TV sound. It is. Tom McCarthy and Adam Archuleta . On the telecast this week so you you too much. Just hit mute analysts and immersed Kelso to popular bring bring to

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Element of power that's been paid for the find out what would be like fifty bucks. Yeah. A bit. More -- -- thought about. OK so we always installment plan to pay out the I DN Fisher makes that no -- here don't worry Ryan. There's 0% interest we could get that out eventually. Let's we're glad you're -- today just the same thanks for your time on an off day. You know we talked about what we we start the conversation which can talk about how different Monday felt after a win and I -- wasn't Sunday it was Thursday. But it did in one win put you in your teammates in a very different place mentally after losing three straight five of six. -- -- here. In India developed such an interesting. Mental game as well and I mean if you look at. Say that the chargers to I think it started to on line and then. Part three and one navy and then on one and five cents and are sitting at court six then you look at us. They just won our last game to get to 46 and just the mood of the team and where everybody that. Yeah I mean it's it's a big difference it's a big difference personal -- and we just kind of -- to to carry this momentum and keep winning games. How much -- I guess how badly did you guys need that because like you said -- -- up Arizona Arizona with four -- when you guys played them. And they have a wanna game since after you beat them they just get they keep losing. So how badly did you guys need a win just to keep this thing from really tailgating and going where the second apple last season went. -- really we really needed that and about a with a great effort. By everybody you know defensively they came out displayed great. But that was that was important -- Now that makes it won't even more important -- -- Big Apple -- -- Ryan asked Chan -- yesterday about why your team has a bit of an inability to run the ball on third and short averaging less than a yard -- carry. On third and two or less now granted those stats can be skewed because of one. You'll run that gets you know a big loss or something like that but. Do you feel that your team is built enough to power run in those situations when you really got to line up. And reduced down of the tackles and really go head to head with teams across from -- It's something that. We don't do a lot of obviously our run game when you lot just order. Him out. Let our guys in the state you know a lot of -- don't eat and there -- a little bit different and awkward on. I think over the last year you look at. The weighted. Compared to a few years ago. There are a lot bigger. Something that should be a strength of our. Interpreter got -- up there. And so it's Benedict -- you know it showed up in the last game a little bit. It would get better. How much of a problem is that in the grand scheme what you like to do offensively the inability to. You know third at 132 not even know what the league wide. Conversion rate is I would assume it's I would hope it's like around 70% but how much of a problem is that for you guys. I think the great thing is being in third and one of being able to get the -- all are down -- -- I think if you look. Like you're in the senate is third 13 to third got a much better chance converting. Are there some common struggle appeared. A little bit better on the fives. Are kind of -- so. Parker says -- the -- continue to get better attitude. I think I think credit. Great short down and distance runner terms of being able to various you know you're two yards. I haven't had that well -- Yeah I was gonna ask you that -- that the whole Fred CJ thing has been really. Crazy Ryan I mean everybody loves a lazy -- playing and if you say you love the way CJs playing. A lot of people perceive it as a slight to Fred Jackson clearly still. He's still a very good football clarity as he plays a key role on this team what he wants he -- to get more touches are not so. After a game ready office didn't scoring touchdowns what would it mean to get Fred back if these healthy enough to play Sunday in Indianapolis. -- -- -- -- -- And you know I think he has kind of been locked up or at least are on any attention. Outside. But the great -- -- -- I think he's done. President -- guy. You know last year the way you started -- year first and game. Arguably been. League MVP with the number is putting up at all that the latest Fred plays there's so many things you don't see that so org. Let it pass protection other pick it up -- are. -- -- in leadership on the sideline and huddle. But SS or are you whatever he's not able lately really viewed -- By we were talking -- -- Fitzpatrick Buffalo Bills quarterback I know you're not a Twitter your beard is but you are not. And we accurate accurate out there yesterday deceive anybody had any questions for you we get a tweet from the barrister who wants to know very interesting question here. Your interception rate is way down the last five games he started off hit eight interceptions over the first five only to. Over the last five so much was made about David -- coming in and helping with mechanics. Do you attribute anything to maybe those mechanics now kind of showing their form are are you reverting back to something you did. Before he came in to -- to understand touchdowns are down as well but the interceptions are down which is really the key stat here. -- You know I had I had -- game at could be happier -- they aren't better at. Oak. I think part of it in my mind a little bit. The mechanics that you feel like. Are they enabled system some a work on the arm. And I feel like it help. A inundated our -- -- you play it. Are any faster so I think. Is that I think you're all better. I'm so. How. The last time we brought this up with you Ryan we had we had talked about the idea of maybe like that that the analogy was. Changing your golf swing. And you could have so much in your head he could just messed you up for lack of a better way to put the question is your head clearer now as far as your mechanics and and in this instance the football thrown -- the golf -- And I think I think you're the quarterback in the -- -- during seat near that it never clear. Are always quoted things going on. But if it yeah and the impairment of mine mechanics. Physically. Yeah others I am not putting too much thought into that whatever happens -- there robbery at. Outside -- this is involved in the assessment of changes that were made. Start. Right do you. Do you do you check the standings at all I mean do you like delve into like -- week we went to work yesterday we're like they're four and six to two games out of the wild card. This team's play and that team you know that your eleven years. Eleven. Pardon me a -- It in the AFC and standings -- -- how much -- got that's okay no problem how are you get your Turkey day sterile early Brian how much do you look at the standings pay attention and know what's going on. I know the old cliche is one game at a time -- you guys know the what's in front of you you know that as Stevie said yesterday. He said were essentially playing for Indianapolis a spot here. They have and we know what I'm about. We review he's -- -- probably one game at a time but it is -- significant game. And the thirteen that is ahead of us from the standing. And the game that we have to win I think separate locker. Ryan Fitzpatrick a U plus quarterback joining us sort of tried did you watch their game Sunday -- Yeah yeah that would think. I mean -- -- or something and they. And on they don't need any help offensively. And the score three touchdowns. -- know what -- is special teams an interception. That was scored three touchdowns will be tough to beat them especially -- -- -- I know you don't watch necessarily film of the opposing team's offense Ryan but. What are your impressions of Andrew -- and what he's been able to do coming into this league as a rookie. I think he's been really impressive those first so they ought. The game vs patriots. It's not an easy -- on the stuff they put on him in the amount you don't turn at the line of scrimmage and the major you can see his plays. He'll come back permanent secretaries are created to continue to draw the ball. Eighties it had no fear kind of looking at. I was really impressed by the way it. Try to bring get the question -- we save the toughest one the last to erratic. What are the pies of choice at the Fitzpatrick Thanksgiving Day dinner table. He can. Is the number one got to have. There's plenty of -- in the wrong and there's a lot of whipped cream on top and page and the usually usually don't stick with those two there will be an apple -- been in talks surround. All of the -- tie and a -- -- economic. Right -- look I don't think I'm trying to think back in your career I don't think you've ever been a team that played on Thanksgiving correct. Are now not would you like to sometime I mean would it throw up your routine or would you rather not have to do that just spent time with him. Yet to be eating gave me. IBM beat but I guess I have to do -- -- game. Because that is their -- Thanksgiving here. Well listen -- we appreciate you coming on and good luck Sunday happy Thanksgiving to you and your family obviously and we'll look forward to get caught up with again next Monday morning. Aren't aren't happy Thanksgiving right.

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  Play him now because we need this win. We might lose to NE and Seattle anyway.
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