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11/21 Joe Buscaglia breaks down the better play of the defense

Nov 21, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey mr. I'm glad -- think that they're letting -- -- out Thanksgiving or rubber and thank goodness for you that you don't have stand Fisher they're the vote off Turkey prematurely. -- as I tried to explain at these guys that their responsibility in the burden that comes with. Thanksgiving survivor because if you vote up Turkey it stays with you for the rest of your life. Right right it really does appear that that's for those. That's followed mark that just never leaves. Truth be told that's why -- off today I went to management demanded that he not work. In the event that we did play Thanksgiving survivor. Or you -- our -- -- as -- -- Steve is here on this go together. Joseph before we get the bills matters since they are working today and it is media day and they have obviously a very big game against Indianapolis coming up on Sunday. What Florida State moment are you going to use as your best -- favorite moment as a sportsman. But it will -- when Matt told me what you guys were talking about that actually won it it was one of the first thing that popped in my mind whether or the first okay because. Because the first thing that popped into my -- Game six of the World Series last year with the cardinals since yeah you know. Nelson recruitment playing that all. Giving giving -- new life from them. And then David grief getting -- game winning home run I mean I remember your your. Standing in front of my television for the next hour it uploaded because I -- I could not believe what I witnessed. And the fact though they're looking -- that made it even better -- Cellular that was one of my -- would definitely. It you've been in internal border state you know. -- at. The joke. Big Knick game in 2000 war on Labor Day. At a later date night that's. Where were they have lost six the -- road to Miami. And moved -- and ridiculous. It would tend. And they were there were up. -- up by age of global that Europe had -- seven and Miami had to had to Google opportunity in close. And they botched the -- And our member of the -- queuing. I guess celebration that happened in that and that's stadium because because you know -- -- look at. -- The April we'll beat Miami airport the first a very long time and they're being able to see if I was a critical moment. Because the is -- a -- to a remote -- permit. There were some really painful losses to Miami over the years like missed extra points field goals yeah. Really work like we kill bills like -- we have lied right here where they also have it there and in fact I think two years in a row maybe two out of three. Wide right Florida State losing to Miami right -- Joseph Louis 8030515. You wanna give us your favorite moments as a sports fan or you have any questions about the bills. Now's the time to call and ask them of -- sky at and we'll get ready for the bills difficult Joseph I want to ask you about. The offensive line and I don't have the note for enemy I did this. Before the Miami game. And the Sachs have gone up and and it can be I don't know Camille Little bit deceptive the -- could be -- it's Patrick. Senses I mean just decides to run it doesn't give back the line of scrimmage but there were more saxophone in the couple games prior to the Miami game in the world have first hand for the games this season. Numbers are up an issue -- all the offensive line have you noticed any problems with protection or anything in particular to be concerned about. Well I think. Again you know this is this is something that I accept or but it was a different than -- it was a different part of on the offensive line. -- -- the right tackle but the troops from me anymore about it. And Chris Hairston at this point he does the makes things in run blocking. -- you don't struggle against some some players impasse blocking. Am is that the past week Europe Thursday he threw a cup with. Truck copper -- and impairment wake. Because if you feast at the top political operatives but what else well there are some great. They're great because that's correct -- Which with a -- in terms. You know we are blocking a certain way I mean there were a few times against Miami where prepare that word -- entire life -- what. Block to the last yeah yeah then they were completely ignore him at wake illegal -- CJ Spiller we know that. Makes it politically though so. So maybe you know maybe that lead -- but that up let the -- look not Connecticut New England. Striker picked -- not play well that game. But but he had a are expecting him against Miami. And you know airport kinda what. A little bit to be desired against the patriots. The court record looked OK if you re -- was only for real what that what have. A solid and stellar game against the patriots a bit -- I'm -- struggle a little bit was more effort and everything that anything. So the -- up at the white has struggled the past. The -- a few weeks but. I think I can step by every let me get ready to -- what was great -- by having. What Petrie who was actually what mr. collective but he was he would certainly solid. And economic market that it had about -- game that is the problem to -- -- like a little bit as the entire Steven in. Or to see it for the troops from here. Well on on that then Joseph how concerned should we be about the matchup on Sunday with you know Hughes and Freeney. And math this I think the three of them have combined for twelve sacks this season what about the issues of of stopping those guys. Well. Look at the other way cares so much better passer who developed -- guys. So. I don't know that we should be if you should be adding more confirmed this week then -- war and up against Miami in every way because. Pace or that a goalie -- goal here. But couldn't use them and and efforts bring a lot to the table but. You know I I don't think. I -- weeks. Beat him and his. Visibility. To drop its -- bubble and -- number it under bicker clicked well. Tackle like Chris they're they're. I think that that's one of the things that make sense of approaching match up. But you know bringing it's certainly no slouch himself I don't know what we're gonna light them up well put it side but Obama would be. -- -- combo and it will orbit being if it actually has improved at all they've. -- Try that ain't got that deal bet that allows. The right tackle -- let -- -- or look after bypass it completely and we were reloading America. The -- so Russia by itself. -- it's. It's something that has happened throughout the year -- matter what the -- that. That might be able to aggregate it's true but it's something that the built up into adultery laws are quite frankly -- -- -- -- and that. Well Joseph this is this kind of now piggyback on all everything is said and say. That's why I am not as outrageous so many fans about CJ Spiller not being on the field. In the last few plays of the first half of the Miami game because they had no timeouts rapidly there's only fifteen seconds left. They knew they are going to throw they had to throw that no other choice. Is CJ -- is on the field you're putting in a situation where he basically has sustain a block Cameron Wake or you have to leave him free. Against the right tackle what was your take on that situation at the end of the half. Oh -- I mean if -- such an athlete. I think you're walking on the field maybe more so -- it TJ Graham. -- in interest that it have to take. The you know just -- And the offense cognizant of CJ Spiller because whatever he's out there they have to help for him and -- -- though that. Because because they like to get on the ball a lot of ways. So you put it in their fourth TJ Graham he completes our respect for our -- I don't care the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- could -- -- on the -- and and and make make the defense. Or or rather then. You know trying. To step drop. Quick pass to Scott Chandler 000 level up side that was pretty much pretty lucky that forty groups started. In this there's dirt -- I'm related to understand. Why don't like the rookie was out there and like -- -- Spiller wasn't. Mean this is the guy who you want out there at all. To pick apart all the rest of the players out there. Joseph this guy you this year 8030550. Of course -- big part of our coverage on Sunday builds on the colts from Indianapolis we started seven breakfast with the bills bills gained an eight. Count down kept up at ten. Merv Kelso was guy on the broadcast at one turned on the TV so listen to those guys show -- the -- on the post game shall follow my salad six for the overtime show. A judge thought we we talked about it yesterday and man brought it up with one love to get your thoughts on it as well. The bills defense getting better and I mean. How -- phrases. Statistically. It was almost a lock for them to get better after the first five games because they were so incredibly awful but. Maybe just you know looking at individual players Mario Williams wasn't playing well Daria wasn't playing well the cornerbacks were struggling they were giving up big pass plays the linebackers not making plays so. Statistically they're getting better but actually watching the players do you feel they're getting better. I think that the that the light had gotten a lot better power and everyday that is the reason that the team struggled. Through the first all the many weeks are all the -- That is the biggest reason because. That they -- that is willing to live and -- -- is different supplies because state that they that the old right right up front. They're not going to be looking through much. They're gonna go with the format -- a lot and and he -- those guys. That -- to get to record of actual. I think it's the combination of things. -- and that the solid all year but martial artists whose game has been raised up over the past. Few weeks because well everyone around him that's been playing -- Mario Williams. Since be in the surgery at the plate -- -- that. And he's got to activists in the last brigade and it'd be really consistent and against a -- I think for me that. He had been then you know the hell raising their -- apparently you you expect or that kind of money but. He spent a consistent portion of the peca that surgery but I think that they tied -- early. Helped amplify would be look at the tabloid hysteria -- Kyle Moore which is why I don't think it should take him out of the lineup. -- what Chris Kelsey is back this week or Mark Anderson and back the week after that. I like Al -- should be starting I think getting the majority of corrupt and -- because here right now he is their vote consistent -- structure. I don't that that you can take him off the field or limit it well sure because. You have guys that are coming back we play at the trial elect you read about their stroke that what that the that the light -- -- that old or whether the team. Then you know quarterbacks start look upon Gilmore has improved -- the C a -- on Leodis McKelvin has been barely got over the past couple weeks. As the starting quarterback -- he's been an upgrade over over here -- Williams. And linebackers have a there what are their best game -- -- Barnett had a solid game early out of the airport -- shopper played his best game of the seat they get by having. So so there's a lot of different reasons why the team has has been. Has been better on defense. But I think it'll start up -- The way things are rolling right now Faris they're buying Gilmore would you expect him to be on Reggie Wayne exclusively. Yeah I think he is that their match -- guys from here on out there I would expect Leo what the hell it could be -- -- like Hilton me into -- if you drop an apartment or whoever they'll go about Brazil. You know one of one of their Betty. Small little secret that stated that -- what do you. And Joseph real quickly -- Tim Graham has been his press coverage of the Buffalo News that teams playing after eight Thursday night. Our six -- well. The next week do you make anything of those numbers maybe because you know football players are creatures of habit throws up their routine or anything like that. -- But it's really no different route. By a week out -- -- Because it's because they they get that. They get that week off from so. In Ottawa gets too much credence to that I think it. I think it's interstate but I don't really. -- -- much. It really equal fact that built from the grip in the thing I don't know -- -- -- creature of habit -- that if they were saying well -- -- -- in. I think what push -- they've been you know the importance of of this upcoming gave -- think the fact that they practiced on Monday. And enhance the weekend off it's going to throw a ball much. -- this guy with -- still be out at one bills drive media day today check out did WGR 550 dot common. Listen for Joseph and now Paulson -- well they -- a great job covering the bills throughout the course of the week lot of content will be at our website getting ready for the bills in the colts. Thank you mr. -- guy -- have a great Thanksgiving you and your family and we'll talk to -- on football Friday. Got it up particularly -- view as well drove -- now thank you know.

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