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11/21 Colts broadcaster Joe Staysniak sheds some light on our opponent

Nov 21, 2012|

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To find out more about the -- bring in former bill now talk show host in Indianapolis at WF and -- 1070 the fan Joseph -- act. A nice enough to join us here on WGR Joseph what's Howard sell good morning welcome to the show. -- thank for have been happy Thanksgiving and and I think you should end the -- survivor rate there -- how to -- to get rid of anything off that list. This we have to get down to one reason why are so much fun that -- -- this is where. This -- it's really vicious quite on. Don't tape and -- -- with first there's nobody really believes that right. Finley has been voted off. Well. Is not a I guess has there been years and all this yeah this this is probably one of the better run your family we usually. We usually bode -- family rarely go out. I'm I'm Italian so it's probably survive a little longer here you know how that -- Outside last year our producer voted -- Turkey so you know that -- of course got a bad thing. So Joseph let's let's talk about Indianapolis and an -- a lot of people. Certainly outside of Indianapolis are surprised that the colts are six and four at this point of the season are you surprised. All were shocked absolute shock to me that introduced up the teams had never done this you don't go from heaven the first pick in the draft -- edit a winning record at -- this season. And now actually in position with the wild -- in the driver's seat them make the playoffs I mean this is on her up so. The people who are realistic which nobody expected this spot when you. When you see how average we have -- bed and then you see how quickly -- If you can remember into lucky back to school. He didn't have all the offseason training that most of the other kids at this. Are coming out the rookies. Were shocked that he was able to pick it up as quickly as he did it and I think that's just to credit to Bruce there and you know Bruce obviously had have been Manning early in his career he took care Ben Roethlisberger early in his career. This guy can make stars at a young quarterbacks and he really understands. He's he's done a great job tutor and -- prologue and an obviously interview with all the -- -- QB Andrew -- are for real this kid takes its that would not most people out. He aboard -- work is still throws the ball shot which it does whatever with guys draped all over. He's he's incredibly strong for -- he doesn't look at -- But you really really strong super fast just a great athlete and so he can put some of those things together there was you know the people it was totally remade. Taken Dwight Freeney and making him a linebacker really. That makes no sense whatsoever but it's worked and and if people -- Robert Mathis who was Steve you know there's -- -- is really tailored probably a little bit better in the old -- -- you know he's been hurt quite a bit so yeah it's shocking what they've been able to do but they're winning close games. And that it the other thing you look at the stats these these guys are negative thirteen or minus thirteen -- -- take away -- so luckily. A lot of those to her turnovers come in the in the in simple games. You know like you saw last week against New England. You know did it look at a hard time get out of his own way eighties -- those troubles on the road. But when they play at home there a lot better team and and so they've been able to win some of those games and in some -- -- in dramatic fashion. It just I want a fumble I look at some of the numbers last night the quarterback has thrown as many picks as he has touchdowns you mentioned the minus thirteen. Here's a team with a winning record that's been outscored 260 attitude -- And you know and I think the schedule is look at the bill's -- run in the AFC playoff race it's because they're hitting the favorable portion of the schedule. But when you look at Indy they beat Cleveland by four. Beat Tennessee in overtime beat Miami by three I mean do you do you look at some of the wins and look at the record and and are you skeptical I mean are they art. I guess are they seriously six and or are they taking advantage of the schedule. No you did get to this question but I know you well we comeback to beat. You know you win a home game maybe in the dramatic basket they were totally outplayed against Green Bay Packers which. Which came back he beat the pack now a lot the only -- Packers were picked good at that point of the season got out of roles and so that maybe doesn't wake up call for them. But -- taking care business where they've had to. So I I don't. I don't. Minimize any of the losses a matter fact you take what was -- early in the -- the first four weeks is -- your bit in the first three weeks is he do you lose to Jacksonville here at home. We have -- game one only had to do was brought up the clocked 56 seconds we give it up and if navy yard touchdown pass. There's one of our -- to back to hadn't played a lot overreact stood to a stake. You know they should be should have settled went. So no I I think you're looked at it this is this is pretty much. You know we we caught. People want -- part of me just play the schedule you got and in this is where we are at this point topic it's legit I mean I want to get I still would be ESP about being Mac break. So you know we and we have a base be used detect and yet we got two games with them here at the end of the season and of course the cream of the crop -- the Pepsi. And -- The Indianapolis Colts at fourteen. Running the ball only their fourteenth ranked -- -- route running the ball on offense the bills of course really can't stop the run they have many able to up until last three games they're doing a much better job. But really look at the colts team I wonder. Is it more that there are really good running team is it more based off play action from Angela because of what he sets up in the passing game. What you owe it to its receipt of epic that also goes to Bruce Syrian. What we played Miami Dolphins the dolphins were third against the rush. And you know he just implemented systems like we're not going to be our heads up against the water let's just you know what's most do an extension of that again it was just too short passing game -- -- -- -- If meg came in through through battle over forty. 45 attempt at a back over 45 attempts -- half of the games this season he had to. What's that two games worries throw fifty times already at a young career which isn't saying that every young quarterback but that much but I think that's -- the Bruce I think it's kind of which -- which you look at I think. They gotta give his arm rest he threw fifty times this last week 482 weeks or three weeks ago so I think it's one of those things where. Obviously you saw it talked about the defense we have thirty persuade them that -- and we've got a decent running game. We got some problems but what broke with the injury in the and we put I don't know we've we've started 89 different guys up there are so. I -- or get back to where we're a little healthier. And I think they're really would like to do it to obviously you know he did that later in the season you gotta be able to run the ball. So be nice to be -- get the ground game go on it should because you know you got all the I'll be options are literal building that it's conducive to being able call and check can get into the runs. I think we try to -- a little bit more in this ball treatment in legacy DB it is our rest campus because it views. Joseph stays at lists -- bill now working at WF and I -- seven the fan in Indianapolis still a follow up and Andrew Luck you mentioned you know how big and strong he is in the hit -- takes. I mean looking it is and taught what what else really stand out as you've had a chance I bet I'm sure you watch him at Stanford. A lot of us did but now that you see him on a week by week game by game basis what. Why is he not just your average rookie quarterback what makes him special in your mind. Well you know a lot of guys wanna win or say they want to win but he literally comes over the sidelines. It is -- -- -- -- And he died Jack he got absolutely -- with a big games earlier in the year. And opponent interception and it was I think it was somebody -- it was a a tight and it just totally reported in the -- is blocked. And he got absolutely -- threw an interception for a pick six up like that he goes back to the silences sorry guys my bad. You know -- -- hoopla it's my bed. If he'd -- takes. Every single one you take blame for every single thing was spat out there you'll hear he is a great teammate. And right away is a great teammate so and to look at him he's really not that big you talked to over the locker room. I mean he's just looks like a good athlete he looks you know maybe like a basketball players can help you -- you know. Hume major massive or anything like that he's just deceptively strong and and I think the other thing is he's such a good guy you know for different over a dozen years used to -- navigate go up here. Talked and always in the rate they get everything addresses certain way and he loves the game and brutally honest though patent was guarded. Payton knew exactly what he was seen a lot of in the theaters you -- -- -- answer for we want all the way to weeks sixteen and and it -- it would release. It just insert all I would agree deepens the players are great coach you know -- -- and completely honest and stop and he could goof ball I read an absolute -- army. He loves to have on what they see you never know what he's really gonna say he's nervous. He's you don't pay and cold and plan B when you shake it will be introduced you know you would beat him. You know and and he's he's nervous when he popped his -- a little bit or a bit nervous laugh. So he's just normal and I think that's the biggest thing here's here's the guy that's in the future starting at a felt. It is well that was -- -- guys ever want to meet he never did not the other in the commercial ship. Exactly a pretty good about -- -- -- I -- -- that I wanna I don't wanna be all over the place yet I want earned that right to be of people's houses you know for the Purdue. You know but that kind of social he he really is the most down to earth -- that you upper saint. Joseph what is the -- psyche like after last week they have this huge in front of them. Lot of the national spotlight on them they get their playing. The late game that most of the audience the national audience and they go out there have 59 point hung on them and really get blown out by knowing what's their psyche like now. Inspect every -- -- and I think that's the good thing they were used and any of the players admitted that they were used in this is a robber you know we. We think were pretty good. We're -- we're have a great see some of the guys -- ever really great season Soria got to release step it up but where are we really so what we went out there. So OK now now we know in relief if you take away the mistakes you know that to pick sixes. The third interception for -- -- bubble once -- turtle right they're pretty quarterback to take those away punt return for a touchdown. These kind of think you take these away if you sit there and -- played the game of football and if they get those touchdowns they get a -- make a myrtle this game a lot different and I think that's what they take away okay we can compete -- We got equipped to look stupid thing and it's so I think -- in one respect it was a confidence builder that they went up they started well. They held they held that'd be a New England rushing game which epic was just that. In the league at that time to really took that to about fifty yards. They have won in the -- that put him you know over a hundred it to pick up fifty or sixty yards on one play. But really they were able to shut the running game down and and it was revealed other mistakes that -- in the game with a perennial power a team that you expect to be in the playoff chase each and every year and we get to the super bowl of bibles comparable alternative. We don't know where we are we have no idea so from that respect you know it didn't sit well that this. This spanking they took. But they will definitely learn from and that's what Bruce -- did that was seriously ask him yesterday's like OK you know. He's trying to put this one behind -- -- about it musical don't know you. Think about this -- You precedent -- -- about this game and then you move on and so that's what they did Monday execution the -- of the film study and that took the day off yesterday and other ready to get back to work. With a renewed vigor because here's the other thing it. This team it's finally help but we have been healthy all year we lost pat anger in the pre season -- have him -- middle of season. Got him back a little bit but they -- -- the -- you know that the acquisition we got out of Miami he was hurt quite a bit. He's supposed to be back pull between the tight end who missed the last couple games of the shoulder injury he. He should be back this is the worst game all year long where everybody should be able to apply. And we're gonna have healthy scratches in this ball game and that it's a bigger means a lot if everybody's excited of what -- temple on a practices are spirited because a lot of guys are playing and and they all -- fight to. To get more playing time so big to go in the right direction that would they just need to cut down to mistakes and when they get that done that this team could make some noise in the playoffs they. Joseph thanks for coming all of us have a great Thanksgiving. -- my pleasure and a look toward -- because of stadium. That's just days -- joining us in Indianapolis 1070 W weaponized the fan and with the latest on the colts will of course all the action here on W -- beginning at 7 o'clock. Sunday morning.

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