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11/21 Paul Hamilton says the players know the Colts game is a must win

Nov 21, 2012|

Paul Hamilton on Schopp and the Bulldog

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody might show with a Bulldog here -- six producing today Joba Scalia on sports. The panther. Is here as well and now here's Paul Hamilton reporting in. On bills practice today with a pivotal game coming up Sunday at Indianapolis it's find out what the latest is with the bills and we've heard. Some of these things today like that Fred Jackson is better right -- you talked to him and how's that looking. Yeah he was clear he went through testing Monday and Tuesday everything went fine. Also is quick bid for everything totally cleared for practice interestingly enough. Can't really make a statement what I thought was come predicting. He did say that CJ Spiller is going to start on Sunday. But that they do need to back. And they both will play. And federal get significant time Bert anyway event that it said that the -- Because both will get a majority of the steps exactly that it will stop a whistle and play credit -- do so subtle to quite a few snaps but -- will start. And get the majority of snaps. I thought that was a -- contradicting. Because it sounds like he wants to say that both guys are gonna play a lot. Both that -- that probably quite a few snaps but. If you look at the majority of the snaps. I don't know I'm I'm I'm I'm all right Peter I think I mean it do this bill is gonna get more I mean -- that doesn't mean that they're still won't be. Quite a few for checks and night and there's 67 he plays a game. So -- -- 36 and 13 or I guess that's a majority. Well okay that's not -- Not what I'm thinking no no me either and I don't I don't think by seems quite a few I mean I think he snaps is still quite a few cents. -- -- -- would look at until he gets twenty the other guy gets you know forty. Year. It felt like it's definitely a change I -- all the sing at the -- who was starting. I mean that if he went Fred Jackson has been healthy he just -- there -- never started. So while and let the package that they happen happen -- some like that even then I don't remember him starting gamut Fred Jackson helped it would go. Solve that that definitely change. And Carty feel about that if it is that if it is now moved on to Spiller assuming. He plays a mean you'll probably. Play this out as he was we talked about it just how much should he play that's what I am trying to rescue. I think it's time. You know he's certainly I think has proven himself do. Be that dynamic back and he just continues to keep doing it and he wasn't quite as elusive against Miami but -- -- what our secure is nothing to see me that I still think it was a very good game to both procedure spelled. Well no I think he -- I think he deserves that I don't think it's a slap at Fred Jackson whatsoever. And I think there's room for projects and I think. Down near the goal line for whatever Fred Jackson does have a pretty good knack for getting up in the hands -- maybe one player looks to be stopped or something like that. Now on the court has spent a -- get an opportunity to begin near the goal wide and at the end of the first south in the Miami game insult. I wanna I wanna make. -- hear about doubt that all sports yet shown us what he can do we ever get the opportunity. -- And Fred Jackson clearly is better in short yardage I don't know whether seeded procedure if at some opportunities this year and short yardage. He got stopped in the Miami game he fumbled at the one yard log in to win one game I don't think there's any question Fred Jackson is better short yardage situations you just. I am I'm inclined to agree with that I'd I'd I'd probably should've made this point a lot of it nor was going to be -- Monday Tuesday -- wasn't here. While all the game from Thursday was the pressure in my mind but. It strikes me something. That Jackson is is I think better I mean I say I think equally as I'm not sitting with loads of stats to back it up. Is getting that extra -- getting to the stick. You know we had a few third and one situations that we dissect the play calls love from -- Miami game. And one of those was caused by Spiller going got a bones. Our play or it looked like he could've got the first down to just maybe didn't know what the marker was -- -- -- Immediately have to not get the first down on the play and he's -- one out of bounds. And then they called that empty backfield shotgun play which made me wanna shoot myself but. But Jackson's good like that like he he's under duress he's getting tackled but he finds a way to get to that stick it seems to me. Yeah and I admit it took me awhile to get to this place. I think. Always felt that should projection is should start at -- can do more -- -- I think -- all he can but he doesn't have that. Lightning. Web second strike in a bottle let's -- Yard run bang on that -- -- what he started a couple of times Spiller has about where he can score almost any time on the field. -- -- -- -- -- It certainly I think more than maybe a lot of fans to get -- -- -- got there and and I think he he deserves what he's getting right now. I'm with you there Paul to it took me awhile what I just said about Jackson being good getting to the stick was not to say I I don't agree with this -- point I think Spiller. Needs to have the ball more. I think that lightning. Prospect is is very correct. And that's. Just two other injured quite McEntire is just and that that does need a little bit the bill say he's not likely won't practice -- they may have to rest him tomorrow. But he should be Sunday Ron Brooks of course -- -- -- emergency dental surgery that he whenever that may be that that's like he was not practice today. That's horrible usually. I can only about what -- for me an emergency dental surgery Christmas night like fifteen years ago. I had a tooth it. Thought he might wanna put your feet up I attitudes in the back of right that maybe that the far this one back and forget the word for it it basically. It was cracking from the inside. So was super painful ending penalty call the call that. Cracking from the inside and restore option I believe was or restore option and the thing was just like. Imploding. So it comes out -- to. Following a listen they're all what happened to your colts. I we never talked about yesterday in my political deadlock to get there anyway and nobody spent all Friday trying to convince everybody that. Good to closely and there are very LL really good chance you're going to Indianapolis and when that game and and you're trying to -- -- the other wives and you look at. Not really I don't I don't think I was trying to convince you otherwise I just I like Andre in the daily Imus is making the point that errant shots was making pretty much witches. -- -- on their record when you try to figure out how good they are at six and three is misleading that's what he was our. Other a little six look -- I was more fixated on a lot of -- played. And he's you know popular turned the ball over three times and yes the that you're the rejuvenation Reggie Wayne and that's everything I just gave a more crowded than. I absolutely -- they have been I can I all of that you know I want to limit the mistake and I certainly didn't -- cabinet I want. Well I don't you know also though they played a top team the game got away you know they don't they don't have to fall apart and that saying -- saying that either but. That they could still be the succeed they've got the lead on that. Right they they stepped up in class of the New England whatever their works are on defense they are stuck up in class for the teams that are. Battling for wildcard spots. Now the colts get back in the ring with a team that you know we hope. The bills are in their class with a record they had with proper vision. The quarterback has been at times although I guess what he's he's reading news. The 26 in the league sampling what does that turnovers coming -- as -- incredible. His rating is quite a bit better home than on the road also have. So I don't know what I'm I'm still prepared to -- I'm I'm very much prepared to say the bill at every opportunity to win this game I'm I mean not totally. -- last week I wasn't really willing to say that but I I don't think it's a cakewalk and I if I -- real. Really -- me I don't like to make predictions -- probably would still -- Indianapolis with game. But yelled at the bills winning would not surprise me that I I expected to be close game of the -- to be right there one or the other. How much do you think their really feel and Paul like -- -- -- this game I mean I know they're they're they're talking about playoffs they started. The mentality -- few weeks ago when all this kind of thing but. But this this game I know from the outside look at -- like to me I think I think a lot of fans are are here. Win this one M like it's time to roll up your sleeves and like are -- thinking about this how do you think the teams view -- Sure there are they know. It's not mathematically over that they know all lost in this game. And let you know -- yeah. I mean. Don't go talk the talk that brought -- mathematically over you you put all the Florida barely hear all that if if they do lose that game but. Very realize that they absolutely know always leaving Gailey admitted you know we got to beat the teams that are all of us and it's something. That we absolutely have to stress that. If you wanna get what you wanna be. Absolutely -- you get an opportunity against that team directly upon review you have to win that football games so that's. You know they have to approach it says there's cities and and they pretty much got to do that every week now because even if they win -- still a game by the colts. Depending on what -- -- let's -- the -- -- -- -- -- I'm a Steelers so there's still a lot of work to do so it's going to be a week to week proposition. Well. You know that they have to consider certain. You know -- that that's a bunch of home games I don't consider -- all amounts to about a call that a road games so you still have to go to Miami. You saw the place the other world you wanna say it but it's not Orchard Park. But -- of a lot of your schedules and Orchard Park after that in and maybe you can get yourself unaware but this one as an absolute. Yeah got added I mean maybe your best case scenario here is that you view YouTube you win this game you both get to nine what's it like that they've already got six. By the day they can't deny you make your way to nine and you've got. But that's that's what that's dictum in them to me right now -- massively a look at. Then that -- I understand it fired into what he's replaced Roethlisberger but he still. He's still hasn't played the wild -- -- the third string quarterback the Steelers have been up and down this year. So you know I love. Barack Obama's Steelers had just walk you know what is -- third. You know they -- the game in the Cleveland which on paper you would think believe that that just quarterback they should be able to win that game and I probably would make that statement from what I resent. They'll all sorts of trouble playing that well you've got to Roethlisberger play and so who knows what could happen there. Paul Hamilton with us and Paul not that you necessarily care but you welcome to call the the bills game in Seattle a road game for the bills feel like as long as you call it Rudy Europe for Seattle but like you to use the but I consider using the term -- a year earlier. It's clear I would go without that in this one I think up the record and are had a big argument with many included hole. And -- -- to build digest when we're talking about affordability not a game on the they said I wanna get on the well that isn't -- -- -- was not what I. I was on the road. There's not a whole game I don't care very intimate but well. They can the end of -- they're Communist -- technically it says but I'm not calling it that's just -- and the -- Running game our own game and bloated -- heavily that was on game former otherwise Germany or Finland. I didn't -- that all your first home game for the sabres because there wasn't. They all realize I hardcore net stop and am I normal -- -- -- that point but I equated to block somebody that's in the media. -- what do you think the plan might be for Reggie Wayne. What has a favorite target is other guys he has Reggie Wayne and with that we've had the bills this year have. Big problems. In the secondary are we at a point now we saw a little bit -- of a shift in this you know. Recently where it's going to be Gilmore on Reggie Wayne and even that -- putting a rookie up against the top receiver who's been in the league a long time. Or would you sooner expect the bills to do what they do wherever he lines up he's gonna draw we draws wearing. No actually lately Gilmore has been going up against the best receivers pretty much ever since Williams went outside a couple of games now. So these there's no question in my mind Gilmore look at if Simon of Reggie Wayne and and got Reggie Wayne is a veteran. Interestingly enough Reggie -- and here we are. Only way hey you know we thought about two games left to play what is -- seven and he has already passed his stats from last year he played all sixteen games. Let them to stop -- members Joseph you. Having -- -- -- and you know associate back to being Reggie Wayne again as far as what you see on the football field so. That's yeah it definitely going to be tested on -- and I think he's been coming along lately. He hasn't you know he really has problems in the beginning of the year. But they've been playing more man coverage there's been letting a -- a little bit more than they did before and I think it's helped them. But the the straightaway we're talking about so. I think this. You know he could get taken to school but. I would rather have Jen -- -- the Mckelvin even -- Mckelvin is accounted for himself pretty well this Williams has gotten hurt too but the thing we noticed. When things go well he's fine and he always bad that -- he's got talent. And -- -- that's why he's so maddening to watch because you watch him while he's playing pretty well play pretty well guard. But when something goes wrong that is if he goes right down the tubes. And it happened against the jets where you know a couple of plays -- long and he was absolutely all collect payment. That's been hit them all through the year so. He just I don't want -- I don't think you want him on Reggie Wayne and you just hope things go well what the rest the receiving corps we're assuming he might be. Yeah I'm I'm what you Paula -- like the idea always have -- that the bills are Revis anywhere near that. Like was gonna put him over there are no more talk about it forgot about it I think they're gonna help. Safety help over the top whatever it is. But. It is it. I don't like to split in the field like whoever lines up where it gets coverage I'll follow your best guy around with my best guy. Gilmore to me hands down is their best guys so while even even though he's a rookie he's taken -- -- wherever to me he's my best chance to to sort of shut down or at least. Contain -- Yeah they get into an almost hand in hand to would call more. Really helping put pressure on quarterbacks and they're being more pressure on the quarterback I think that's why I don't want to make -- played better the past few weeks. Questions for us. I'm fresh out they'll start happy Thanksgiving we love you thank god -- -- -- -- -- and happy Thanksgiving you guys to -- -- the.

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