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11/21 John Clayton talks Bills Colts and does an awesome Jackie Gleason impression

Nov 21, 2012|

John Clayton on Schopp and the Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The second segment we do each hours a little shorter so let's not -- around John Clayton with us now happy Thanksgiving -- -- -- Indianapolis. This week for the bills. Six and four best statistically they don't look much to be a better team in the bills what do you think. I'm super talent they'll have more talent the question is going to be how good your lucky is him whether he can continue to do it straight home. And that's going to be the case could become the shootout with the potential for him to be able to pull out again at the end. Defensively they're not very good during a transition from a 43 to a 34 you -- happy -- -- sensibly -- don't have a great running. Other top -- of why this aspect and we're going to get 34 new players on the 53 man roster. And so it's -- total rebuild but the one thing at the top is Andrew Luck and he's the one right now. That all the teams that you are probably should open foreign 60 he's the one mistake and that seemed to be -- -- four. -- and a couple of those games that packer game turned around certainly a mean dramatically. I mean he's just he's he is. He's he's everything in more I think the that they -- and -- reported that this record like any coal -- would have taken six wins armory to sports season right. Yeah I'm the grown up without my head right now this effort Sunday when I look at every one of the rookie quarterback and how -- did. When -- through 31 or more passes and believed that record says. Five and point one was a record because that would happen to the other rookie quarterback -- -- -- thirty -- last. Basically have to commitment points -- if he did that but the good -- should get a chance to win. -- -- what -- the exception because most of those five wins has come from him throwing over thirty at system that's how Gutierrez. Pro quarterback to be able to succeed -- -- throw -- over thirty passes every 34 years analytic and I guess technically it forces advancement he's probably at that second or third that your rubble right now he's just that good. So I wanna do on the bills noted this article play nickel and triggered a run game can hurt mean. Try to confuse him like what's what's the best way to try to defend. Because -- you don't worry much about the running threats because they don't have great running actually Donald Brown the former first round pick. He had -- show that though they have a couple guys that can kept out of the middle but not great so that allows anybody to play it down to play more resolve in the and I didn't go too tight and a three receivers and even though big. Not -- -- leader in this central challenge sensational back I would training I had Dwayne Allen was better think of people here. That he reminded me into Michael Finley. They've gotten really good receivers that we know one thing get in staying in a has grown vacant double opt Reggie White is an unbelievable season. And then. You try to worry about the other items are now the question is going to. Still what Dave Wannstedt -- -- forgo more resolve becoming this is the -- more conducive. And it probably better served to go -- song because you know these out and take away Reggie Wayne to a certain agreed. While the big plays and not allowed into Iraq to try to beat him. John -- with us John what is your latest. Appraisal of the AFC in the wildcard. Races -- well I mean. Ben Roethlisberger opened the door for -- the foreign sixteen source Cincinnati declined their way back up. Because -- in the key to this on Sunday because now you get Pittsburgh going to Cleveland now Cleveland lost 22 little last -- -- -- expert. It's not a whole rivalry between the people who live in a different cities and you know I'll. It's where people make Cleveland don't quote he picked it could spur people I grew up in -- and I know all the people that each other -- -- like. So you know where that is not a -- has been so one sided. This is the game where you know just like in Baltimore it's going to be low -- and it gives Cleveland the chance to try to win. So now equivalent does win. Do have a chance with Charlie back at quarterback and still I don't know Antonio Brown -- power politics -- play. That's going to be the case still that definitely takes a wildcard take eight. Maybe even just seven and I let Cincinnati continues to get hot. Then that opens up the door -- one of the foreign exchange and also says look you look at buffalo and he's in deep as three winnable games down the stretch if you consider buffalo wanted to winnable game. They -- that -- then they have Tennessee. There have been -- email last week against Houston where they can win it within differences Houston. But still they're not gonna win more than night at buffalo we infection Sunday and that they're gonna do it. And that opened the door now pro ball for the -- back and while my climb back and won two of the foreign sixteen to climb back him. About apple bug we've had a lot of different story lines in this twelve year playoff drought about a pick comes to the final week and you don't win in an -- loss. And it's yeah its Houston's restaurant isn't related down. You've got. Oh yeah you can see that happening I mean that's a little bit limited in Tokyo and they have this thing wrapped up than two weeks. And probably in three weeks. Three or four weeks up until that wrapped up. They they play on what they play them twice in the last three games -- -- four games they play up to it on what. That could happen two times theoretically against. -- -- also playing -- the last shim or whatever like freedom lab we still might need that one but that last game in the hole. Total indifference and all of a sudden you get TJ Yates. They'll maybe they play band aid if he's healthy and they're not gonna play Andre Johnson and you can see that scenario developed. It's excellent great. Jar do we know all how what kind of time primaries on Roethlisberger. My read on it and get her to read because. That I look at Danny Amendola and they know what I'm wondering how to start an entry into sternum clavicle RBC joint. And dangerous country because I mean you've got the -- the -- next city or you order and that Red Hat that evil and stay in place. Definitely 34 weeks -- came back from is. In four weeks missed three games and so I think you put Roethlisberger on the same time line. So that means -- -- both Baltimore and they -- the Baltimore and some pollute the Baltimore wrote this Cleveland an indicator. Now maybe you can lose one mortgage amount to the list for. But they could easily lose three out of four and the sitting there maybe 756. Insects. So they are in danger but -- -- -- a month. Against this is a big game this week then mean date they have the browns is the bills and patriots. And -- down two quarterbacks. If Cleveland. Kids can rise up it makes it that much more interest thing John how how did you react how do you react to what Jim Harbaugh. Said after the niners win about how he likes to go with the hot hand I thought that was almost stunning. Even for Harbaugh who is a talker to think that Alex Smith. Eighteen -- one in his last 43 starts might sit now. -- would -- continuing today I know because you're on the reading a chance to listen to a press conference. Compared it to right Jackie Gleason honeymooners because when asked about the quarterback position in the door and I'll look I'll. That's how he was trying to backtrack. And not even get a commitment and so you can see is we all are going on this one. He has created this quarterback controversy now again we get to quarterback to get that happened. But you have to block the. Back and he's not contained Alex who said he would not committing to college that's all he's saying I don't look at that is there any kind of a controversy. Blow -- the controversy and now he's opened the door for controversy and how he's going to control it is ultimately going to tell you where this team. It's going to finish at the end of the year I think that the chance of what he might do is go to Alex that once he's cleared and they you know Alex. Let's take another week or -- ago -- cabinet. Yes yes it is -- we had cleared yet for Smith -- he still are. And -- practiced. But he's not been cleared to play the anticipation that he will be cleared to play that's still want anticipated what happened last week in the. We've -- what last week he could probably read this week it where Alex was last week. And so they let go on the practice field with a black security -- all of a sudden flu symptoms started coming back and that's why they scratch them I mean really felt. So many of -- concussion injuries now. You can tell you what they think that they don't know because an independent person has to make that decision. Still if you would ask him are all he would ever tell you -- this fight got. He would probably support appears -- -- that it is also probably took it last week. But the doctors said lull and now it came down to cabinet coming -- out. And so he should be cleared this week because committee that pretty close last week. But there's no guarantee. And I I still wondering apocalyptic attack is that you know what a lot of good cabinet so we're saying that you're going to be helps the body of the confession. Time for one more the the bills are lucky to have any. Semblance of hope that they are in the AFC. The NFC you've got much better competition. The wildcard thing is a lot tougher. Who do you like their do you like the bears to hold up with their. Dallas may be what are you looking for. Once you can be once the playoffs start there's nobody that much better than the other but the way I can see it -- Happening now. That same princess -- getting really hot at the right time in Atlanta started move back a little bit Celtics Atlanta. And Sampras has got probably the best chance to have the one in to see. I think green -- gonna overtake Chicago but Chicago still gonna make it ten or eleven -- -- a wildcard. Out of that can't for the next wildcard at -- -- -- the giants will be able that's. Withstand some of the pressure down the stretch and you get through this November and have a good December and built in there when that didn't -- -- policy Dallas spilling its. I can beat the giants being up fourth seed and then you know maybe taking on Seattle on a first round playoff game. Plans tomorrow family the football job football hurt to even and then -- While family are -- -- -- my wife but it's like that. Are we going over to our brother's place in the evening. -- thirty restrictions your extended family have on contacting you on Thanksgiving because of all the football that's on like it is it is it -- owning your extended family John -- -- personal question yes. They are not not to call you not to call. John over yet the public that the late game goes to overtime he got over the. So yeah I mean they like for example I'll -- not call for sports center because he had the camera here at that policy and so are. The deal over at the amount of this place -- fire. West Coast time and bill is not that -- came into the 5 o'clock go West Coast -- senate -- -- -- -- come gauntlet few minutes and I'll do that. Yeah the game goes overtime -- if you -- played their detained they know me -- and -- for so long. The West Coast factor it's a key factor. Oh yeah -- -- -- you have no hope of seeing the second game and having dinner your wife's brother's house or -- -- That's certainly part about what -- -- to the West Coast you know almond -- east coaster from Pittsburgh. But the West Coast provide that opportunity and they looked at it this way they'll do not necessarily going to sleep after the Sunday night the money and make it occurred at 2 o'clock. 9 AM games tomorrow that's what I want. I get up on Thanksgiving I think all of got the whole day off I want that -- in game every year to start at about nine. That would be great at the parade on a year to be I don't need a break right yeah although there's some fun betting on the parade -- -- to talk about that we got a here. Oh we got will just hold on campus I was people who didn't permit -- Everything is giving John we love you we love everywhere we -- John and Paul here whoever's on next we love them that's a -- feeling today and.