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11/23 Buddy Nix says the defense is coming together

Nov 23, 2012|

11/23 Buddy Nix

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    that certainly earned it 803055188. By 52 bucket you wanna get back. Trent dilfer's comments on cam Newton's post game. Are interesting and new and quoted Vince Lombardi. Fatigue with the wrong way to that next and a beach here.
    I applaud him for not panic you go back to 2005 when Peyton Manning lawlessness and it was a divisional playoff game. Made one comment decree criticized protection of his team he's still regrets those comments. Trent Dilfer speaking audience in radio he goes on to say after that. He's still regrets those comments to this day and talks about regretting saying that after the 05 divisional game he said. Let's just say we had some protection issues and try to be good team it puts it waited report. And Dilfer says that it was that. Comment sticking with Peyton Manning's speaking to him a little bit. That let Manning to be. He said he he changed he wanted to then beat the best teammate he put that. It was until 2005. That loss that post game comment. The Manning decided. I can't do that anymore I've got to be the best possible teammate and I'm gonna pride myself on being that best team so. You know for anyone saying that Cam Newton might have to mature. Maybe you are right. And Peyton Manning went through very similar process that in 2005. Learn a lesson and changed the way he approached him losses in post game press. I do think you can learn a lot from post game press conferences about a player about a person. I'm not sure you can really take much away from a Super Bowl loss when a guy's facing that after what he had just gone through in the level of frustration. I do give him credit like Trent Dilfer for not making excuses and not trashing teammates. Because if he had gone into a full analysis of everything that went wrong
    story's plot for many people's decided before the outcome and hypothetically. If Cam Newton and got up to his post game press conference exude in confidence will be back. We didn't play our a game we

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8030 football Friday Jeremy get off so Alan Matthew and -- me. Buddy coming up here to second and if you might -- the bills GM will take your calls. You join us and call in at 8030550. Ward commuted to -- number to get in touch with buddy -- it's 88. 550 to 515 bills and the colts on Sunday we will have coverage all day long and beginning at 7 AM. With practiced with the bills. Bills game day countdown to get up at ten pick up that one from Lucas Oil Stadium turned down the sound on the TV listen to Merv Kelso on that's Dahlia. My job the Bulldog with a post game -- -- we'll bring you the overtime show at six we sing happy football Friday the bills GM but he nixed the -- soured and sell. How are you today. Good morning I'm good. Guys. Yes sadly had I got a chance to -- my family and my kids and my grandkids and actually first Sam says to us so it was good. Annual actual football. Are out what stood out to you yesterday. You know. It really met and jumped out -- now don't yes may be. Robert -- it it really did -- -- embodies given that so we're talking about debt that. That really it doesn't surprise me too much enemy's got a lot of ability and and both those young quarterbacks. Drafted last year we have -- an iPod -- Yeah you but he was exciting at that the most I've seen him play in the NFL -- lots of a lot of Baylor but I really haven't seen a lot of them this year until yesterday and I. We're talking of aura about him earlier. You know his. He just showed everything buddy GE through the deep ball well he showed plays when Dallas was coming back. He threw -- Utah does a few weeks ago about quarterbacks that. Anticipate he did that. On the adds a nice touch on some of -- passes and certainly can run the ball it he's a really exciting player who watched a. Like I think he's the real deal but you don't want to thank and you mentioned it to him that -- -- Jumped out at you when you were about a waste amen college was -- Whaley been the big ball and and them -- -- -- these yet and I think those two things her. You know his maturity and he's being touted guy in the you know really really don't we have commitments for a long -- looks like. Buddy speaking of how you evaluated college quarterbacks how did you evaluate Colin -- predict what he did on Monday night. Was pretty remarkable the way he looked to get that Chicago Bears defense. Of course he was a second round pick you guys -- Aaron Williams a couple of picks before him how do you evaluate him as they -- -- great for college -- You know I actually went after it twice and what you practice and mr. with the men. -- he'd he'd he'd play then I'm not dance and the lack. Tebow played in Florida. And it was an option run attack -- dance and he you know he threw. He had one receiver you know it was start -- him he's not a whole run but also it was picked up but you -- take -- he had the head speed and he was a you know good aptly so. Thank your body bag weighed in about writing and he has. I think he will be a good one -- you know them but it's going to take and -- I am probably in. And I know we had a great night tonight that one games so you don't want to get too scared wait. Before everybody fell in love with RG three everybody fell in love with -- Andrew Luck. How often did you get a chance to see him again when you're watching him at Stanford what stood out about -- I'm I'm I assume you're not surprised that he is succeeding as a rookie. Now I'm not you know we again we you know everybody. Had him -- solely on as a junior so. You know when app platform as a union in storming in his senior in all of our scouts you know everybody felt the same way about the gag. -- if you can loses. There a consensus. And everybody's or I don't with a gap but I think everybody was only look out I didn't hear anybody that -- didn't think he'd be successful in this league in that. And probably the same time and RG three may be copied -- senators McCain didn't hear about a man. And it turned out -- both -- exactly what everybody expected. What what are the biggest attributes and Andrew Luck what stands out to you buddy when you watch this guy play. You know obviously applicant CNN end and you guys all know unique Enron he's mainly pro we make all the throws he's Smart -- that but maturity and always sir it's very unusual for two gas. Debate they are in the first year and you don't back -- -- may not decided that he wouldn't have been met. This is his second year he -- for the year and I failed kokin. And and that and doesn't -- worker or exactly what they're doing what they won't and but these two Diaz I made their first year so what they're -- an Israeli. Really unusual. But you know and now I'll bring up a question -- I'm pretty sure we ask you this before you guys faced Ryan cannon hill. That as much as a rookie quarterback and look good they're still rookie quarterbacks haven't seen everything. And maybe you can confused then is it tougher to do that against the guy like lucky -- just more advanced. Well I think he has more advanced. You know he's raised in a football fame million. And probably helped football it epidemic table and that cannot find so. He he's been exposed -- -- here in a battle Leavitt about duke thanks deal that. You know those guys are some growing pains no matter -- ideas where there's Peyton Manning here. Are either he goes out again as there's some growing pains in and some of these rookies or -- -- -- embody an exodus 8030515. To join us pilot thought about your quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has cut down on his interceptions. Two in the last five games -- both were critical one was Tennessee one was that knowing them but only two interceptions in the last five games do you think David -- work is paying off or is -- something Ryan has -- -- -- has done can you talk a little bit about that the drop in interceptions. You know I think it's I think it's all forgotten. I think it takes felt very -- men. Big day. We have -- -- back out -- not -- I believe. And gotten a point across not think we understand that if we don't turn the ball over no matter committee as we got a chance to win. And and they it'll come down to the last player to the and that's. That's kind of what we -- there. Yet in the not thanking everybody else's -- -- -- mean mayor he attends the city. What Matt they had I guess it was met I think is met rampant five interceptions and still won the game that won't happen. Once in -- years and we we're not. Good enough football team to turn it over. Not experienced enough to turn the ball over and stay away and we gotta we gotta. We got not make mistakes and that's that's where we're trying to get to got to play good defense and not make despite -- -- Now do you think that could have an effect. On the touchdowns through because like I looked at it interceptions but if you also go back. The last six games he's only thrown touchdown passes and two of those six games it was Tennessee into England again -- at the text so do you think maybe he's taken an overall. More of a cautious approach which has helped in terms of the interceptions but maybe he's lost some aggressiveness when it comes to the touchdown pass total. Well let me here it's a big delegate situation and it's a plan land you don't wanna take the when the rays who ran Fitzpatrick gave where he is as because he's. He's a gunslinger he'll cut it loose he's not afraid to throw it and you don't want to take out away from Egypt's war I'll work on trying to make. Intelligent decisions with the ball and and and go places where you've got a chance to -- you've got a better chance and -- and I think that's that. That's what makes it hard is not an easy thing where you say. Don't make a mistake don't exploited via -- don't throw it in -- you might turn it over you don't you can't -- that coming. He's got a baby he's still got to be a gap that'll. That'll that'll -- in a tight spot and that and that's the way this league he got a big day. -- general manager buddy nix on the line with us -- I'll ask -- the same question we asked both. Coach Gailey and right it's Patrick color this week and that is about the frustrations and not being able to the inability -- should say to convert as much did you like on third down and short and the numbers that go along with that. Is there a problem with the way that the team has built or with the -- the plays or designer executed or that simply a matter of people not doing their assignments and those situations. Well I I think it's. Mistake here in a mistake there I don't like obviously it so yeah. The plays -- -- plan to everybody runs basically. A lot of assigned staff and and ended just we've gotten in Pannemon grasp bail them out playing up -- -- now. I think we missed Korea you know that's just my opinion and I think that. You know everybody fuss is about -- Macs and Mac -- buying it and some people got different opinions about it that. We've we've meat free if we need both backs. And and an athlete that might have their. We were talking about that when we were talk about the third and shorts were bringing up the ideas of empty sets -- mean your your offense is based on you know spread the field lot empty sets for receiver whatever. Do you. I guess would you go back I mean you have got -- have formations where you could have two backs are to -- and -- huge show more power formations when your third short. When you -- it works at a and I. But you know that the one of the things that makes our running game different post about it looks like we are spread why don't impassioned attack but where we're pretty physical running. Attack also. And in one of them buying is when you spread them out when you -- -- create non underlying reason. And you creates lanes and that's for planes. That thing people don't realize when you bring him three guiding -- you're burning in three defenders. That that are -- staff and then you know when you go to Maxi you bring -- -- it. And so. That's just people you've got to block in the you know I think we got a mixture of both we do we do you go to tie Mac -- playing it -- that. I think it really views and speaking from a big hit it standpoint in deep trouble one. When they -- -- from sideline to sideline and then run the football at. You know it it it makes a difference and it makes it a little bit easier there's just let people -- to block. But when you go empty doesn't that I mean it kind of takes away the threat or the idea of your. Yeah -- -- and then Maggie and Maggie and you get the matchup that you won't and and you got to have enough confidence in April when he can't unit soccer. It's like a pile slowly coming. And that's the way up -- complete look at written any books. It does work in them there are complying him in the second -- don't -- don't. But we've talked about fit to talk about third and short get to the defense in a moment is there any aspect in particular as you look at this team. With six games to go. Is there any facet or aspect of this team you'd really like to see them improve on over the last sixteen. Well I idea and I and I go back that -- Coach Intel I guess but I think the big thing for us is is to. Cut -- colonel and I mean I cannot say this earlier in the year I'm encouraged about this pain because not -- would get did. Have -- been able to keep our offensive plan basically intact and that -- that's. A power Port Orchard that kind force and I think you know they paid him to land the older two times in -- -- on the video we get. Two really good running back -- like if we just. Gain consistency. It's just black eye mask a lot you know on my word about unity and in my word about well. I worry more about so our main we don't show up and play. Every week now the last three weeks basically we played hard and we. You know we've competed in we've been in every game and probably should've won two out victory that. But we didn't. So consistency I think would thus it is it is what I think we've got to improve will not turn it over. And and make plays when we got a Mike. The defense buddy out of he has been a weak point but it seems to be playing better the last few games do you think it's playing better and if so. Why. You know I think we've played three really good came to -- story. Three weeks and cannot do think we're playing better I think we're I think it it -- -- -- -- -- misjudged a little. Or maybe not a level I misjudged how much. And that was going type -- GL and play together. Gotten you -- you get you. Coordinator. And -- may be -- out that they it was going to be. Instant success but normally when you might get change and I've said this before. Even though he might have to make it change you take a step back to go forward and and -- You know it -- it has taken us some -- -- thank at this point we're starting to Mike plays with playing with confidence. And will play and reckless. Which is what you have to do big fans were -- and better we're more confident with what we've got to do. And I think it just take more than them up out it would they get there. You know you and it was -- who were talking about. Needs in the offseason and you brought the idea you know get and two or three spots we got to get more playmakers. Talk about Gerris bird. And and the role he has you guys are clearly he's. One of the best play makers on your team not just your defense -- your overall football team where do you think he ranks -- a play making safety right now. Well I don't go I ranks and everybody else but I know he's he's not one we have more swap. Or somebody else I mean he is a he is -- -- this -- he's Smart he knows but now he is again I gather it was raised in a football family -- around it. Always lap he knows that works but they interception he may then and you look back at the gains we've won. That there were close I mean he's company with a big life force and that's. That's what you -- -- -- -- and and you know we knew from his rookie year he was capable they happened. And started doing -- -- consistent basis so. Ninety -- you know ranks really he's a really good people. I think one of the reasons why you guys are playing better certainly I think everybody would say is the place of Kyle Moore. Did you did you like him -- -- to hold Genesis of bringing more in here to begin with was that done because you did you got a high -- on him at SC and and track tomorrow or what what was the story behind that. Do you have what you know our scouts lacking not be hidden in -- and I probed as kind of partly a gas Tammy Gibbons -- group that acting -- A here's the thing about cal cal was cal had that. Blackout that lack a lot of young guys -- learn how to be a pro out of work how to prepare how to do the things. You've got to do. The little things to be a professional and and he's done that and I yield. Do you actually have a bank and a great job with him. Bringing him along this parties say he's always been able to Russia actually likes to Russian -- I think of things he had to improve only GAO's. Display of Iran and and he's been doing that a lot better and you know he's got good apps and still got that. Wasting go to get consistently is getting easy candidate but I think he's headed in the right direction. We asked -- I ask you about bird. How to play makers do you think you have on the defensive side of the football right now. You know I think we got a lot more than men has shown up on May not like we got. Play makers so they're obviously out front bulwark. You know -- actually important for probably 67 can make plays forcing Abbott. Consistently but they are starting to and starting to be able did dominate some up front. And ending in dark corners act -- quarter. Obviously Stephon Gilmore who Leo really. You know I think he's just going to get better and better policies always playing good so we've got playmaker settlement on the big pitches sad that you got to keep bad. Yeah do you think you know I was gonna ask you about Mckelvin. Who obviously is has made -- you know makes tremendous plays from a special teams standpoint but the question on him was could he play consistently as a quarterback having lost that job earlier this season. Do you see any improvement from Leodis from that standpoint. Yeah Leo this lesson he has say. And he's really done everything you can possibly do. I mean he's gone through some tough times which we all do -- and especially. NFL players lay up and down -- He is he's really -- talented -- he plays really good in certain situations he's got wanted to do things that. Eddie has been improved home in. He works hard to do this so you know we're we're pleased when Leo listen and what he's doing -- special thing that I don't -- think. You mentioned three guys. Play much of the offensive line keeping them intact we talked about jurors bird we talked about -- Mckelvin. All of them free agent after the end of the sees somebody can get us any update at all about if you talk to their agents if you have any progress going in trying to keep any of them. You know eight. I'm not going to get into the atmosphere and a year here we we do our work we got gadget work -- -- -- get a every day he. You know and so when there -- certain to announce who -- But -- exodus bills GM here are good luck Sunday we will talk again next Friday. Yet thanks dad always play. Thanks buddy thanks buddy buddy -- for this year on WGR and judges every Friday at 8 am brought to you about it. Northwest savings bank ranked highest customer satisfaction with retail banking in the mid Atlantic region. Three years in a -- by JD power & Associates and brought you by the mirror group wine made easy when we get back. I want to revisit could we talk that I arrived -- -- good buddy we talked about the defense and whether or not they have playmakers and you brought up the whole.

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