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11/26 Whiner Line

Nov 26, 2012|

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    you'll be out. In the NFL the New Orleans Saints beat the Carolina Panthers 28 to ten rough night for Cam Newton just ten for 28 their college football. Florida State over Louisville 42 to 31 and the NCAA upholding the suspension of running
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    Carolina Panthers 28 to ten on Thursday night football rough night for Cam Newton goes ten for 28. Within interception college football game as Winston. I goodnight 400 yards and three touchdowns or a state beats
    ball. Reading was below. Below are about below. And about OK below Kyle Orton Colin peppard. Ben Roethlisberger Andrew Luck. Matt Stafford. Cam Newton Joseph Flacco. Andy Dalton Aaron Rodgers to appease. Russell Wilson Peyton Manning Eli Manning these are all guys who throw the ball deep. Less than Kyle or less than adults like percentage of passes the go over twenty yards. Per pass. Those are the guys there like those are lots of good names there. I Peyton Manning throws the ball three yards every past teams and the bills actually showed you it's anyone in that. He's a retirement it's better guys they're a little higher Tony Romo Tom Brady Philip Rivers Brian Hoyer and you're Brian Hoyer. Matt Ryan it's about 20% of the time. At present is that the guys that throw
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    Panthers when he did that on Thursday night football rough night for Cam Newton egos just ten for 28 with the interception. College football Florida State comes back to beat global 42 to 31. James Wentz
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    your on WGR. Yes I am. I'm ready CPI all in and Kyle Orton . The problem that I hear it is. My hesitation is what you see when you. Google his name. And I find it
    a compromising position either. Might the first thing I it is that Kyle Orton too along. OK you government drunk at the partisan offseason. I seriously dark beer. Mark every part of its annual battle is

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number is eight point 30234. This is hampering relief to the listeners of WGR. Sports Radio 556. Season. You GR -- underlying. -- do you buy that premier group wind may be easing. Well if you were really returned kicks were charged all wheel tumbled more -- that favorable slowly as a Black Friday. Andy look eight he left with but they're part -- Rick Karr has explored guys still stuck in the. Repeated -- -- -- Brian and mark are you aren't you aren't old. -- track. -- -- -- playing. -- -- -- -- If you thought that they're accurate and not -- not accurate -- what MW. Once again and our -- here are poor what do -- -- Spain. Very well play well you're. Wardrobe won't. We didn't -- but we didn't didn't. Obama or Edwards is yeah there at some point is that it's accurate what they get along ball but the fact. Not you won't -- you believe that anybody in here we will be back at some point that long ball. Could see all the different what. A great character -- art art field goal you know Kirk. Ex wife Steele should be fired people were thinking. Even through. We'll give it to check and a lot of water wouldn't we all want this culture. No but we're going -- -- so -- what we're we're Kurt pick me up what you're dead. If -- full force -- -- helping people and. And the people to do what is -- Driving while he fully Thanksgiving dinner you go along. -- -- Paying attention to that I think and then the video that I just went. I know and we're I haven't stopped the white line because that I didn't -- this -- anything that's been said it's been rather entertain so. You know I was not a hero in my life partner with -- you know whatever dollars we thought we got -- -- also -- all -- yeah. -- -- -- -- If everybody recruited according -- -- -- Covert -- people -- can give their compared to -- hours. But he can bite Bellevue. But -- two million dollar hit a lot of well go off the air where Hillary but all of our great. So we're -- that they're there -- -- line clearly thought that it bothered welfare. -- -- Don't forget that that's the that's on the league that's a Booth review at this point and that we -- -- in that we asked him about it earlier you said either. He did not get an explanation as to why there is no -- on the play. But he that they called forward progress that the play was over or they never suitable enough. Or would they how -- it would be hard to explain because all the bills were jumping around and yelling that they just fall so and they did them you'd think that would be a tip off. Elephant -- out -- they're always great place where I believe I lucked out -- Footer for -- is that you're so cute here but back. -- record -- -- all one collapse that was picked up there for all the all the outward oriented are. I don't money's part of was that in that spot. You know the snap and spike happens in the official runs -- like all he got his second. Don't eat all the up one thing he -- most times you -- that we're gonna go to the check just to make sure this guy I was like no. Andrew locks are. He pitches he gets his sacking -- holding back I follow you on Twitter yeah. You were going crazy that Rich Gannon -- are being -- how great how believable that it is a rookie you know did you know that Andrew Luck. -- despite the ball right there so you thing. No other quarterback in the league would know their clocks running out quickly lineups like and -- it and did you know. You know this -- Andrew -- shouts out the signals that line of scrimmage while and you believe that I think. We want -- all the war and what a revolutionary guy. This guy goes out there barks out to the playoffs I think god he she get royalties for being on the broadcast almost -- most quarterbacks most rookie quarterbacks discovered -- but I have a good job that's -- good that I still has carried over from signs though they can't hear what you say in the it's dead so he pretended not do that religious show well that's what you know all the leads that -- -- many quarterbacks as whispering calls the line here's the other thing about it CBS you know why we could hear on. Because he had a microphone. Now see that's unfair it. Everybody -- of chargers quarterback makes a difference. They're the people you're our borders are not here. Or horse or acquire all the ordered her boy now that trophy up we got edited questions asked -- -- -- it's pretty suspect to say. One good period as well it poorest talk about playoffs go well or. Fire and eat out fired now I am out -- or thought ma am. It -- scale of one to ten. How disappointed are you find out what Cyber Monday actually mean that's. There's a whole different definition middle school me would've told you give away wanted to Cyber Monday to absolutely. Out of Al I'm halo nor are gonna -- your ball with insulin shot ma plus. -- the council Cyber Monday it's Cyber Monday i.'s top. Every day like -- -- -- -- 1495 a month getting a year your money's worth up. That's OK and right wireline brought to by the mayor Kevin favorite site did not don't care sites now this is you we have to explain to you. I don't want even. Now let's let me just read that -- the model I brought you by the -- group wind -- to the premier group one of the week is Baker's dozen -- they regularly 1099. For a 750 milliliter bottle but only six dollars G-20 by two during the premiere group dollar sale.

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