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11/26 Ryan Fitzpatrick talks about Stevie's comments and his offense

Nov 26, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- it's Howard and Jeremy good morning thanks for coming knowledge first of all. And a problem good morning they were -- we're gonna we're gonna have throw some different match I want you to hear. Something Stevie Johnson said in the post game press conferences yesterday we'd like your thought that I could we brought it up which -- do this morning and it comes to. Control of play calling first let me play with Stevie had to say that we will get your reaction after that go ahead and play the -- said. This year there's been -- been like -- a year where. It's been like control from from I guess you can vote -- or asylum or whatever but you know we got the right guy Beckham back in control office and was -- -- It was part of a series of comments Ryan it -- Steve was saying he would like to see you have more control over the offense especially. Pre snap you know you see something you could adjust and change the play call. Do you have less control when you have the last two seasons over the offense. I don't think so mean to him that there are great jumpers all of during the week just going back and forth input that I have there just you know placed -- a couple -- I don't feel comptroller. Other some leeway Hitler scrimmage with. The least amount played in some there's not dislike any offense. And I haven't talked to Steve up as common as president some of that he'd prefer reduces. That I mean we were trying to. It's a bald he's here at Fred and they've done such a great job they. You know last year your report -- that a little more. But no -- a lot of post up maybe to try to spark. Art director go a little bit and when that happens presidency Yates and it. I'm not get as many touches something that caused -- outcome that was this year. So it isn't as much about -- doubles are changing play calls as it is more about a philosophical. Approach of the offense navy. Dammit out this is about today bit. Yeah I mean I'm sure I'm sure that's. What he was referring to. You know it's just it's one of those things -- it's been frustrating the last few weeks ago and and so -- it's no hitter -- policy in terms of having games or go out and indeed there explosive on offense that hasn't games we're. You know walk -- drive down the field then just kind of stall out on drives -- over Google's. -- that -- this year. Would you like to have more -- in the -- you said you said -- gives you some leeway with a decent amount of plays would you like to have more -- I mean -- and I have a great understanding. Of each other we're trying to get done. I'm I'm very comfortable my role in the offensive. I think our relationship is fine in terms of on the field and Carter's discussions on the sideline and I think all of us as our. You know you mention you know -- -- that you guys are trying to get the ball to CJ and Fred. Yet you walk away for the game yesterday. 33 pass attempts fourteenth CJ Spiller carries you walk away from a game again thinking that's not good enough gotta gotta have more hand off to CJ Spiller on the day. When he averaged over seven yards to carry. Yeah I mean we. We ran was with some success he broke -- couple big run. Or try to get stopped him in the screen game. That they invaded and took out defending at times that are that are called for holding penalty and -- just see continued try to get him the ball because although he could do it sit. You know page that's hosting -- that would it make a conscious effort to always look at the end of the -- and wanna get more taxes or taxes but it. Sometimes. You know that the fact that or not hounded him and run it on every play between the tackles as it is arteries while he's like he's ever been. So -- Arctic areas like he's -- -- can't get some of those big runs is because of the diversity. Brian and I don't I mean no disrespect to -- when I say this. But right now I -- an even chance said right now CJ Spiller is the -- more productive player. For this offense so. I mean what do you think it is -- taken turns things that we brought it up which can let you guys. You're down seven you get the ball -- your -- 25 wood nine and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter and TJ is on the sideline. And he doesn't get a touch until the tenth play of that possession and we asked Channing said in part. It was -- turned to be on the field what do you think about the whole taking turns thing. -- -- get you very dynamic players that are think just looking at the numbers look at that. There -- yards for cuts and all that. These days I was ski. There -- great job this year and he's been more productive in those areas. But I'll just you Jeter reiterated reiterate what I held city in this. Calculate. Fred's such an under appreciated. That he does a lot of things that don't show up in the -- you know he does a lot of things and renters tackles in our yards. And I think it's imperative to have both those kind of proper to get them vote for -- -- Patrick this year after the bills lose at Indy yesterday. There -- couple throws -- ask you about one to CJ Spiller in the first quarter he gets down the sideline. And and another sideline throw in the second quarter the Donald Jones it looked. Brian on TV the played as TJ was probably going to be a touchdown may be the Jones play I'm not sure but procedure -- looked like it would. It would have been easy for me just go down the sideline do how much do plays like that. Haunt our quarterback after a loss how much do you think about plays like that. Meaning if they're cup you know -- wonder if you -- give. Him. Haven't. Watched them. I think -- stated what was an overthrow and follow once it was similar but there's more which some talent. Those those are tough especially -- game like that where. Area having trouble getting things in -- and -- -- to make if you -- -- musical field. This see what happened on the CJ just just to -- overthrow basically. Yeah we got him. Third down situation we got a good jump. Then come oxides that ripped through flag and you're ever since the get it down field and yes it is system. And that Donald Jones fight. That don't play -- play action. Take ball in my left and came out of it Mathis. It pretty hard off the edge and we have Andy look each report on that play that they got -- did a great job. I stepped up. Inside of Andy's lost and then threw the ball down the left sideline and then leading connect. Do you think you know -- -- airlines that have a pretty good job of protecting this season but it seemed like yesterday. They were having some issues is the team like Indianapolis was able to get. Pretty good pressure consistent pressure on you would what were your thoughts about that. Well I mean that's a tough team to play -- -- of the principal lines of faith is especially in their building at home you know the that's a country that has productive careers. And so we knew that was going to be tough go on him and you know going to be a lot trust to handle and you know they they did a great job -- you know at times. That they're totally got to mean there are times where you know maybe it changed my throw her altered how the ball game out there. Those things you just gotta be able to overcome idealists and having decided in the child. He knew that the interception which turns into the the fumble recovery with the Stevie play. What what did you see here what happened on that play was that a miscommunication with you and Stevie. Now that was. The game to play in the huddle -- recovered but I expected. This basically have a poster out the state he came down at his side. And it's one -- hit a bunch. -- look off to left and broke my mistake he's here with him breaking it on the post. And -- ever get carried above does it through it and it didn't amount -- wanted to -- Woody weird you go from here Ryan big picture now you guys that talked to -- you know you had that boost of energy there after beat Miami. And you know people talk about could you make a playoff push now and and and in the hunt for the AFC you guys talked about this like essentially being a playoff game. So are you losing your four and seven where do you go from here. -- -- So what's up well for us. We when we -- in yesterday and you can look at the standings where there are now in. That we would have been decent shape it's hard to say that. What it was you know five or six record but still live there in decent shape so now. For a seventh and he gets a lot tougher. We just got to continue to focus here -- Local -- one game at a time that's what it is and we don't pour everything we have into the state game and just -- went out now. The a couple of things on us about rhyme for that you go on one with red zone. You got a touchdown. -- three possessions got one touchdown but obviously you know you left other points on the field. Red -- has been an issue. You know of late what what do you think is the problem what happened yesterday. Pagliuca you know that with the red zone issues a lot of -- we going out. A lot of time. Teams who played differently defensively want it to about -- you know we'll start doing a red zone stuff. And that's where a lot of our practices are built around. Inside the twenty -- mainly 1510 side he can break at that point. And I thought a lot of our failures in the red zone late and -- Canada hi red zone area. At least. Twenty to fifteen where. We're sort of stalling out on drugs and not really you know to get into some of -- stuff that we do well in the red zone and when we get down there. Tied it up feel like we've been effective and so it's it's one of those things you've got to. Let me just put extra emphasis on when we get into our -- Making sure that we're being efficient with the ball. -- the Specter with a here on Buffalo Bills football Monday Ryan as always thanks very much for your time we appreciate you coming Soledad and good luck as you get ready for Jacksonville this week. Thank you.

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