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11/26 Chan Gailey describes what went wrong in Indianapolis

Nov 26, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back Buffalo Bills football Monday continuing from Ralph Wilson Stadium Howard Jeremy here on hander calls -- coming up at 803055888550. To 550. We are joined by bills head coach Chan Gailey. Jeff thanks for coming over is always on another typical Monday morning I wanted to start with TJ Spiller we've we talk a lot about him in the colleges I listen -- on the post game. Press -- you mention you try to strike a balance between the number of passes in the number of times you end up to CJ. But there are 33 passes and fourteen carries by CJ Spiller. You were not able to endure the play caller you were not able to strike that balance while I was at a more than 21 pass ratio when you'd like trying to strike that balance. Well. Does that thing that happens when you get dough ball game you kind of throw screens to see each day you're trying to do some things in -- taken those things away in. So there were a lot more times that you try to get the ball was ejected. Just didn't work out during the course of a ball game. Dumping the ball underneath some things like that we're in -- Golan some other places at times with the ball. Because she -- good receiver to initially trying to use him in that respect is whales and -- he sometimes you don't work out you get Freddie the ball then. A few times and that takes away from CJ and so -- you'd just don't get it exactly the way you ordered every week. But he I mean he was running the ball well I know is saying about the script but you can handle the ball anytime you wanna call handoff you can go -- you know you can't. And you still looking for the ballots that and you feel like hey if you just keep pattern and I've been there. Where do you take the shot for the play action pass to get the twenty yard gain that thirty yard gain and they -- -- of the EDT ten. And eleven and 44 like a guy yesterday eight yep no that that. -- those that don't start packet down in and that's what happens a couple of we -- -- two or three times and it to have began her. Or ran it again and win it with a modest two now we're second playoff. As soon does that you read it three straight times and he does well and then all of a sudden they packed it up in and give him honest and now a second taleo. But do you think -- -- -- you think your best offensive weapons right now he has yet. That's I guess you know take your best offer an offensive weapon and feed him the ball as much as possible would be my question is she trying to get in. We do we try to get him the football but can you talk about that in the fourth quarter you guys get the touchdown to make it to twenty to thirteen game to get the three and out. Mario gets I think a sack on third down at the ball back the 25. -- is not on the field. I don't know when he came on in that possession -- we didn't touch the ball to the tenth play you get through a screen pass while I was in the on the field. Well it was Fred stern the galactic -- great player ten now and when you talk about pass protection may be neat to throw the ball a little bit so. Pass protections a little bit more -- right there so. But it was basically we're trying to tell what kind of keep on both Frey -- that was. You know Fred turned to go out there and it was. That's that was situation. Fred great players analysts now like there's not a good player ten. And aliens play -- as -- as the all pro golly she's dealing CT is a -- liability when it comes to pass protection well. The first third down he he struggled to protect on that play and so it you know he's he start to wonder you know if this can be good day for him and -- When you talk about Jackson instability view. Do you view them as as equals at this point in -- had a big year last year teaches. Appearing to break out more than Sharon did last year at the end of last season as well. Today they're not equals. Because sea -- playing a little bit better in our opinion right now but we all know what fridge capable. So. Have a hard time saying there's a huge disparity. And in the world where it is right now but. You know 'cause. We all know what what Fred has done and what Fred is capable of in the -- a great player to do so. When we got we're fortunate we have to get back to -- is there more work. And it then just run the football terms like -- importance to with a team like as you know he is as you know Ryan's call them many times the heart and soul this team is that it. In your eyes does that mean that you need to make sure he's a part of it because it means something to the rest of the team. Idol thank you have to I think as a professional football you gotta do what you -- best to win football games you know. Is the intangible. Part of it that big. Idol thing excel I think Fred man enough to handle it if that week we decided that CJ was going to be in there every snap of every polite. Every snap of every gang but it. They did you have to do what you think is right as far as keeping them both fresh played them both in situations. Where. What they do is vital to our success and then -- the same time you have to look at. No what fridge have blood that was a gesture of love and have them right now Aussie guys play a little bit better. Has more production actions are playing better but as more production. So you your start and -- game by anymore Stan. As you look at the next five games. Going forward what what do you envision in terms of of the balance or who will get more snaps -- mean Fred wasn't available against Miami -- a lot of snaps. Now -- bowl thin should we expect more of what we saw yesterday thirty think you continue to maybe. Out of order start -- should take skew it more -- seat in terms of if Kerry's. I don't know when I have to see how that goes I mean I think it's a thank you look at 6040. You know sixty top thirty I think that's where you're looking at right now playing time now have a carries go depends on the gang. That. Well I don't see their billion a huge disparity in the -- -- Those head coach Chan Gailey with a fear of football Monday and WGR I'll sort of ask about the field goal. Not taken the field goal attempt the port 5152 -- whatever would have been clinical points there. You know there's yeah always look at risk. Reward and you'd give them the ball at the 42 yard line if you if you don't. Making it and and you gotta look at the odds of making a 52 yarder I don't I know indoor outdoor whatever you tell it about budget. They due to safety -- and I guess I've. We kicked -- we've done it that is been mostly before haves and you know at the end of gangs and stuff like that -- and general I struggle with only 52 yarder I don't know I don't care and yet. Well on follow up on that could we brought this up there was after the Arizona game you mentioned philosophically not a big fan yeah on attempts that there has been no fifty plus yard attempt since the 2010 season. Is that more your philosophy or are you concerned that -- doesn't have a strong and -- that -- -- Not. He can hit -- -- practice so it's not like Kiki and it is just. Data. I look at risk reward. I think we can get the ball mill normally inside the fifteen -- of the TN and thank which -- field position and so -- that's what that's kind of been the philosophy yeah. It doesn't limit you as a play caller to know essentially that if you're gonna drive field goal you've got to get to at least they're 32 yard lines -- you guys basically what you -- -- doesn't limit you as a play -- around her and bring in all now. It has. I wanted to ask you a little bit about the the end of the game three and a half left. Fourth today at the 49 of -- you've got all three timeouts got the two minute warning talk about your thought process of not going for their net punting the ball away in hindsight obviously they you know you don't get the ball backs or -- focus on that but why why did you -- Like he said they had three time outs in the two minute warning in. Louis. Three something left and I felt we would get the ball back to where it's about. Now I thought maybe two minutes then there maybe a little bit less than two minutes and have a time out or maybe nine and Baylor go. Have a chance when the game without getting no no thought at all they're really. -- -- not there got a night on dry air force there nodded not the 49 yard line I mean if you go far and don't Mikey. You essentially the game's over now -- at worst they punted down. All the way to your inside your 1015 yard line and you gotta go the length of the field so. Now this game -- data and think about it. -- at the end of the first half though you did up the Tryon maybe our goal like the field but. Less than a minute to play -- -- talk -- a risk reward the dispute throws followed by the hand off that ultimately gave Indianapolis another possession at the end of the past. And almost cost you seven -- it cost you three guys they got a Google so you know if you're talking about risk reward. YAY at the end of the first half did you go. The risk. I think have found little bit different than in the gang situations sometimes and it. And and I thought we kid. Hit a couple passes then. Have a chance to you know move the football and a failed to maybe all of sudden you get little field position and you we had some timeouts and use. You may get a play down the field somewhere have a chance to get the Yoko I mean if you sit -- there if you run it three times and make all that time out. And you -- it and they that I kick field goal from the 38. It's the same is kicking a field goal from the one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't want a -- it and so we just felt like we had opportunity would have to get the ball out there might imply he's. I wanna -- animal organ player comments Stevie Johnson made in the post game about. Pre snap and play calling with rockets Patrick. Do you look back configured you know you you feel you left points on the field yesterday that the ball this TJ he got behind the defense in the first quarter and then. Maybe a tougher play but still make double plated Donald Jones in the second quarter for sure the -- -- I think would have been a touchdown. If it's on target in the back of both those players -- thought -- yeah he'll. Yeah we do we can add at least they place and I think the one to -- yes -- could have been a touchdown and and Donald it would have been interesting to see what would happen with the British take them on a long way before this season so. In my return to a touchdown. And you would hope the want to Stevie you know would turn into a touchdown that made him. Let me let me play the -- we have Stevie -- talking about Fitzpatrick is about I think play calling and pre snap adjustments and and what Ryan Fitzpatrick responsibilities are at that point here's what he said. Okay we'll get to that in just the second apparently. Where -- let me know when it's ready to go. And we'll get to that with with -- Why do you think it is. This team to thieves may may be the Kansas City game with the exception to the rule terms of everything coming together in the same game. Like some -- the offense to work the defense -- or special teams send off defense to work but the offense doesn't and it seems like. This team can't get. All three phases together in the same game on a regular basis why do you think that it. I wish I knew the answer that because of I had the answer to that I -- -- solved the problem I don't have the edge of that week we seemed. I -- said is doing we get one out of three year two out of three and and seldom have we hit three out of three and that's. And that's the question I've got that's my responsibility that's my job is to get that done and we haven't gotten that done I haven't gotten -- done. Alas -- and I I want to have come through the way it's intended. With five games left do you feel like you do have answers for some of your obviously you know the answer that do you feel like there are things you do have answers to. We are searching far. What is the best thing and a lot of different areas we. -- didn't have managers definitively early in the season we kept asking about -- we played better lately because we've done some things better. -- -- Sporadically offensively we've price probably sporadically special teams -- we've got to. We've got to try to get more consistent and that's. That's where we are there you're always searching for answers everybody searching for answers I -- Every by the loss yesterday searching for answers. So the they get the same questions that we're getting this morning. Now why can't we did this why can't we do that and that that's the that's the thing about it you're always searching for answers and you might play could this week that -- If you don't geared you won't leave you won't play good and actually so we can find answers we can find them. Are they readily available not -- this -- -- That we have a speedy -- I'm ready to go so again this is Stevie Johnson after the game in Indianapolis yesterday. It to clarify I don't I don't think it was just general play calling I think he was specifically talking about pre snap if he -- media at the ability to inaudible basically right. Sometimes he does sometimes -- dead. You know aching collector intentioned things in. Depends on the situation and the play and what we're trying to do in. That thing that we're trying to do sometimes run the football we don't want attention to a past. Sometimes we take data passes to two runs and average -- -- -- runs to passes. Angel what we do it if you said sometimes against sometimes he can't why wouldn't the quarterback have the ability to you know PC something at any point to change a play. Because if you ended up doing that every time that he has to know every situation about pass protection he -- though. How many times you won't CJ Spiller to get the ball how many times do you do you want to run it here to set up. Third down you know. You need to -- -- you've thrown it a couple other times less from the football here and they more you know it's there's a lot more to it than just. See him what they do and Colin apply it's a bigger picture assure me that goes sequentially what's still to yeah. And he set up the next flight for the next play. And Fitch is good he is Smart he -- early years he is extremely -- can make adjustments on the field and see these things. And knows what's going home. But. We're doing things today just like we get them last year and the year before that. And leave that we had been successful in times past you we just need to continue to execute. In all places. What we're trying to get done and I think we can get back wearily then offensively. How much of this offense and an -- sometime. Is how much of Europe opens the way that it's designed is designed and getting Ryan the best possible pre snap Reid that he can get. Well. Very little of that is based -- -- -- not by -- that they think right Fred made the title. Then I'll go sit there just want to give you re. Usually those -- these runner around that day and -- -- -- in in and out and and the you can line up and one thing and sit in it. And say okay. We can get an idea what they're going to do they use it -- something -- -- -- They're kind of did some things that create problems for use. You've got to keep moving people around have moved in parts and you can sit empty and -- -- or worry about pass protection mean I had two pretty catastrophe yesterday got to worry about protection in there. There's so many things that go into it is it's not as simple as just atlas Culp played well. On this that the reason I ask is because the two with a -- just through the wanna see you don't Adonal that we mentioned. -- it's it's that play it's those throws that we've seen. A lot this year separate Cisco that throw those throws from missed wonder Stevie Wonder CJ and it seems like. What would you do what you're able to effectively do as a play caller when you set things up. A lot of times you'll catch teams that will make you sit one savior bring one down and you'll get those matchups on the outside and I I can just say watching this this team watching this game it seems like that's there there and the calls there. And the match up is there and Fitz knows that. And and it in my opinion like. It's that play that has been at the difference between seven form for a senate for the team it's almost as simple as. The execution of that play in your calling it and I'm wanna see you're getting that you're getting what you -- looking for. A lot of times we did get what we're looking for we -- is I mean Wheatley had. You know several shots in the ball game yesterday that it and you hope you hit it. A few level. Now we've got -- don't want that was run in -- fail lot of open and that. Leave a couple more than it we got a shackled one at the bottom -- open and then. And we missed one and Donald's I think it was close it could have been called my got -- in Colorado no -- you this there's favorite -- give him a drop and and quarterback coach improvisation have been a better thorough and -- debt can throw -- but we had our opportunities we -- Can appreciate coming down there by your guys as always we'll talk -- Monday of next Monday. January joining us bills head coach here at Ralph Wilson Stadium and we will have Jerry Sullivan coming up at eight. And at nine Ryan Fitzpatrick will join us as well we give back. We'll talk about what we just discussed which can get your thoughts as well you Ronald hang on.

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