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11/26 Jerry Sullivan on his way back from Indy, on Chan, Stevie and more

Nov 26, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're joined on the line by Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan who was in Indianapolis yesterday for the Buffalo News. Happy football Monday mr. Sullivan how are you today. I'm great down the road. I outdated and Stevie Johnson back there. Which what's what's that about the 63 yard catch but the -- -- people and the gulf oil. Yes we we talked about it with champ but honestly we're still dwelling on the fact that he punted from the 34 and they don't give the ball to CJ Spiller. And -- academic receiver. I'm Mike columnist warrants keeping -- they need to get better air -- lot of coaching. A pretty -- -- guy. I'm back where was that your honor -- -- -- depressing actually I didn't want to get there. You know -- visited that place too many times. The Parkersburg and -- under currently -- in the paint. These top and to coordinate kudos to our neighbors -- and not all slaves. -- -- I don't know I don't know -- -- just to creep or formed our coach Louis Vuitton cup was over Ted Nugent. The biggest problem I have right now Jerry when we were talking to him about middle all of the different decisions and they don't wanna kicked a 52 yard field goal because it's too risky. And they don't want to go four -- four alternate late because it's too risky but 52 seconds left in the half they wanna go for it. And I I just understand like. The perceived risk verses were perceived reward in one of the things Gailey said was that he views the end of the half differently from the end of the game well. I think the end of the game by the time to be risky and halftime lead at the time to not be risky. Yeah I mean that and I think pad at the tripled on the part of a -- Clinton spent a few questions about you know fuels. Okayed a -- a coat pepper -- kind of play calling -- Egypt you can play that -- know who they are Coates doesn't opiate. Don't know what kind of TV at. He has kept a fraudulent sort of aggression to him but the big moment becomes conservative and -- got up at like. Like that. It happened to one word or princes as a sense of like. Self awareness you Omar and what -- -- and they're going to be just scratched or -- that and you throw one stoplight. The burial in injury or he's going -- And it took it seemed and. I you know solid for me Indian fighting he said the Stevie comet we're actually we're gonna talk about an 830. In the next segment because we did bring it up which can suffice to say he said Fitzpatrick can audible sometimes you can audible sometimes he can't. And it was all about you know you it basically it was what the bills do the bills react to what other teams do to them. Rather than saying screw it let the quarterback audible I don't care he said you know well it's there's sequences of events coming up. We're setting plays up there's a bigger picture and he doesn't know that. While -- think and if it's -- if it's a good idea on that play. To change the play because it can work out better than just do it they just they react too much to what other teams do rather than. Dictate to the other team what we wanted to. That girl and -- becomes too rigid a waste so it's CJ Spiller. And due partly to -- to you. Well every Jane I look at a few numbers are my new permanent so -- when he went at fifteen errors -- 135 yards well 48 Al. That was stunningly average nine yards and simple all. It's seven point six again yet and it could -- and you cut that's -- your -- -- wanted to -- -- -- -- he did bought one yet they're like forty. So so why not you know what kids who all -- -- it took up the speedy victory or at Eric and forty yards out. Leveraging and it did or gravity. Let her -- and -- more content to play credible. And you know then minimize the top of that player who make that up. Well we asked him about that again this morning. It was the specifically we brought up the drive with nine and a half minutes ago when it was twenty to thirteen the defense just got a three and out. Mario and got a sack on third and three the drive begins in Spiller is on the sidelines and doesn't touch the ball to the tenth play of the drive. And it dancer was in part it was Fred turned to be out on the field. Well you're -- terms like a you know -- bigger soccer. That you've got a problem you know. And you've got a guy who's clearly demanding more touches you're giving a guy. Earned. I mean really. Who we not keep score either like like kindergarten or record your turn job and your turn to carry it all -- eight. In my -- and again and people are making likes color. I mean like Jack in a leader. But they're going to be asking the pain but of course I'm like they're the characters that -- air carrier but the urban and yet more parent. -- couldn't work up. Much as it has to -- you driving I'm afraid to get too too worked up if you're actually driving the car. A badge right Ari could I I can drive a car and you know that's my single. I'm a good aren't good looking guy you are correct create panic and and and on the road. Boca gut I'm with you I was done with -- weeks ago and I think Gailey I I you know yes I probably puts. You know -- if they are breaking point with -- a week or two ago but I just. They're just not good enough Jeremy and I've been saying it all morning when you look at this team. And and you look at some of the progress they're making. They're not good -- in two very important spots they're not good enough that had coached they're not good enough that quarterback. The head coach doesn't make the right decisions he coaches afraid that's what the guy out it did before him Dick Jauron. And the quarterback misses CJ Spiller for an EG four it's a touchdown. He mrs. Donald Jones he leaves too many points on the field and he throws critical interceptions even in games where he's having a good game. And he has never won a game on the road starter. In the NFL. It's in Italy -- now wants. It is not start to get in an old back or her own back and pick incurred in our -- Did not start at -- -- and -- But are much more evidence -- -- you can throw that aren't. Chan jet that had any future program on our broad infantry years. Against the -- -- a blend in public view YouTube and -- Pat. They guarantee they go on the road again but I consider a mediocre team and a -- I don't care what their record as. And they can't get it underscore how out of what of their yield two point. Perceived that he was ready to get keep it all out the week before and Andrew Luck is a heck of a talent. They were ready to go down Google's change a light that weren't able to do. Sully Willis and we'll take some calls to it -- Buffalo Bills football Monday 8030550. You would join us this morning 888550. To 550 I believe we're going to. Again next year and WGR Daniel I was so -- go right ahead. -- morning it's not opposites and yet I mean. Calls on. That long and patience has run in and doughnuts and so the ball around at the nightmare should have been in there are thirty. -- the beginning. That first drive. Semblance of that field goal that was until -- I think what was -- forward in -- I would Wexler you know you're you're trying to get in the play it's. What it kick a field woeful. -- -- -- I went down fourteen or fourth and fifteen whatever team kicked the field goal I just -- you brought it up earlier about. The players reacting to Gailey and I quite honestly. After he punted. They give up an 82 yard field goal drive into me I'm looking at the defense which had played well to that point. Thinking they've got to be look at -- each other on seriously we just we we just spot that we got to go out now because we didn't even try to get points. You re right spit guard on the end game -- -- equipment upon their -- brakes on nine Europe like. It he'd put Spiller an important fourteen not gonna try to appeal -- -- Try to field goal to dub this pillar admits he probably get well and stop on now you're at their watch. Twenty yard line they're really got such good ball girl a Latin. And you make calculate retrospect but we're gonna important fourteen parlor and aren't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In your your 46 you're on the road you guys could not be a player situation toward -- -- -- -- what. It looked at it that the one I'm not your side that is the that's really dark out here. And by the way -- -- -- -- PD didn't use that energy that you are so I have a little problem grow between our coach -- started here. You know I think so too -- -- he says something else on the long touched on the long pass to Stevie did not go for a touchdown. He cut it back in you know you being there you would know -- dubbed. You know we're not gonna get all 22 from the of the network that's asking too much so I don't know the safety would have been over -- my guess is obviously the safety was going to cut him off and he wouldn't have won a foot race. But it seemed like. Gailey made a little comment about how would have liked to score on that play and on the fits panic. That Stevie ultimately recovered the fumble -- I wondered immediately -- ran the wrong route because. But Fitzpatrick throws the ball nowhere near where it's intended. Generally it means that somebody made a mistake one that to mean that wasn't just day the guy jumped the route. That throw from Fitzpatrick that got picked was ten yards short of Stevie johnsons and that wasn't and inaccurate -- that was the wrong throw or wrong route miss. Are people to a lot of people are not -- -- about a moment that big speaker -- in your article it quite a bit -- but. After my eight who just sort them all go wrong spot not knowing what -- -- well guys good. A -- this year -- not. Let me ask you this because. You know it -- that they had. This happen against patriots TJ Graham guys you know running around they they've never run before or whatever is -- the explanation I wonder if you know but there's a read it. And in a spot maybe Johnson makes the aggressive read and Fitzpatrick is one to make the conservative read you got at a low. How that works or if Johnson takes more chance but when when Stevie says that about wishing that -- Patrick could make the play calls I get the feeling that. You know. Stevie is never called out -- Patrick he's always had his back and I don't I don't wanna get a whole lot of credit for that because you know your your teammates put. I think it's a guy who was being wasted in the -- you know I feel about him I like him as a receiver I like him as a leader elected as a as a guy that has. You know the CDs back there's a million things to like about Stevie and I think he's at the point. Where he's aren't a little bit of the football capital like -- use a local term he's earned some football capital and he wants the -- and I'm OK with it. Well yeah but when he was hurting the game with celebration. I'm Brooke but I wanted to moderate air but. He's earned a right and that sort of thing I agree with you did not he wants to help the thinkpad coach in the pot that's a big problem. And yet you are talking about that there are other included -- or are currently in disputed. Photo all slate so to speak out people and I'll tell you about it because he's not buried. A captain saying the right thing -- I don't know how he's gonna act correctly that problem well but yeah. Mean. Expect coats the problem -- what that Graham was was pretty periods each regret that. He blamed coat and a so yeah -- -- -- and also the -- the culture. Based apps are a book about last year that the lingering somewhere and backed. Well if it this way on that last play in New England the bill's call play for TJ Graham. That's the same line of thinking -- hands the ball to Fred Jackson's that a CJ Spiller. Let's throw to this guy well you've got someone guy he's got someone better right wired to giving it to the best players wired to put them in position so. You know with Stevie says that would Stevie says. You know that should be audible more. -- a big fans might assume that he means -- he might be like hey run it more kids that the CJ I'd like everybody knows it. That you be headed CJ more often so. In this offense to be feels like it could be something pretty good if it was about CJ and TJ. Are as QB CJ and Stevie SJ. But it's not and I don't understand why in it seems like they're in love with this idea of balance and tickets sold hew to. Like this visible that they're Malarkey decisions out there let's talk about from what we've been mentioned this today -- Kyle Williams little bit or are you out of gas. Yeah like you are soul. Obsessed but the wildcat play we can bring up because they got accustomed to die down and put Kyle Williams as the intended receiver on a plane I can you afford to bleed. You order a beer and it's buried a Oprah part I just want to bring a little Hugo I don't blame either I don't care where you're tired of the -- against I think it's somewhat stop being oh oh culture like always in the classroom and you don't get. About the quote. Where we were all just data popular patent situation about that -- explain why it. In -- 35. -- that the twenty run forty or perhaps a particular. -- -- And what -- actually -- broad impacts. You're still growing out of obvious at -- -- that the mind boggling and it got to the net income no well. We in the media and you are on a technical coach -- spot consult our senior actually Gerald. Probably -- some might skip perhaps stupid. Let me get another call before we have to look -- get going here could drop on the break Kenny accurate estimate but it's worth it for Celek. Kenny here on WGR which Jerry Sullivan her dad yeah. Yeah I that's what it -- to avoid dead even on the the -- to David Justice. He led the way today. I he had the -- that he wasn't able to school and early credit back and I can't set a positive note that the -- do have some good look at it Mario -- it. How more and listen. I didn't get to wait for that -- I thought it was the perfect shot at a key. Slowed a little bit and I wasn't as bad as some of its other I think he slowed a little bit. You also run the -- six so not well I don't consider come up and vote with -- number one secret but Jim. -- and state doesn't have been cheaper to get open and another team with a great quarterback probably Qatar. -- -- I think it'll be it the Jerry that made it compares now to start making his deputy could be Victor Cruz you know. Attackers isn't huge Victor Cruz isn't it might be -- Stevie it. They -- the fastest not the tallest about the past but. He gets open and that's what he's supposed to do we does his job exceedingly well in my opinion. So simple as that. I guess and one of the way they've played with at and opened the black and a period of very quick read it and investigate. I am open downfield -- but. They've already cited the third article would all those. This we gotta get rid of equipment out. And the routes that Cleveland is that many big play it and the crowds at the verse thirty yard pass on the road we'll write you all your thirty's not 6030. -- -- And TJ Graham's career along reception of 24 yards -- two point and I was on a pass that traveled to yards in the air and -- By -- safe driving are you on later today at five. Oh yes saw Peter -- more on -- rock. That Malone and Yahoo! about it -- keeping all little bit but I expect and look back a little bit but he utility that by the latter. But I like nice pick bills by ten right. A big -- -- on the highway there. -- Barack no way it's so I'll I'll. You know I was doing their idols -- strikes. Back.

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