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Jerry Sullivan Wants it Straight from One Bills Drive

Nov 26, 2012|

w/ Schopp + Bulldog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Out of they're not a bad I don't know. How much difference there is between. India and Jacksonville. And the rams mean that at this assume they're gonna win two games. But I don't know I don't know I don't think they -- decidedly better than those -- but I'd I'd be surprised that he went at least two more all five of their games could be. -- can be wins we know they're not gonna win the -- the they don't have any of them I think 8030550. The number here's mark on WGR I'm mark. I -- beyond Foleo and the moralizing and Google -- to talk about -- every week CJ Spiller carry. -- play calling the orient our thirteen years ago Casey. The play calling -- went out here and wide receiver back that they knew he -- Gailey. I it will -- do that. Don't stick by their statement but. How it actually relevant to build article from a lot people are. Living here in jets and our country they're ready to run wreck on how to count. Who they -- because there is -- game -- make season the ready to clean count and here. Foreign government like that got him and old -- my god it. It could lead you to bulk. And in nowhere where it no quarterback no no urgency to get 10. Strapped to guide you agree or that and your starter there -- so hurry to get that long they won't do it. The same recently when he -- -- apple Mike Williams is so scared themselves. You it would at least focusing -- -- about the quarterback I was thinking this before. But the extent they went to protect. Fitzpatrick from whatever threat they thought Vince young's presence posed he is not here to compete. All like -- you would have thought it was important. Or something that that that be that way. This is another thought I have to think about why they didn't pick other quarterbacks that just seemed to be sold. Hell bent on avoiding any kind of controversy. Which sold -- If knicks were to say -- Gailey needs a couple wins here or if it again comes back to the you don't know who really. Calls the shots. Cherry somebody's gotta say it the idea of Ralph Wilson and calling them every day at this point my goodness. I mean I why don't wanna see something's not right here he's not before. What they talk about. Just please stop insulting us all the time. Let's be real about this. Not just Ralph but in. Who cares if there's a controversy deal with it. Who cares. You bring a rookie -- Vince Young tart Paris Jackson Mike -- who cares whoever is let's let's play it on the field. It think Fitzpatrick -- that protection he gets by this organization. Yeah that coloring is that a mouthful and I thank him -- start to address with which part of it but. The jets compares in his soul right hall yep gesture -- woman bolted to a three and six. But the idea of of the jets are a couple of columns -- -- -- of the jets somehow be alive in the playoffs was -- laughed out of the city. But here you know we're I was just you know applaud all ready Ryan has to go right right Brian as ago right. -- -- -- I I am I applaud him for. In his own convoluted ways same resiliency tonight. Absolutely believe he's calling -- coach's play calling. And has the backtracked I think I believe fits double homicide it was by the way went down they want the reason I -- -- there that shows up in the locker room. Talks about it. Clearly talked to Stevie -- Steve becomes so there's been a calculated. Decision I think this comeback out and revisited and what does it walk it back where they and so Stevie says he and I knew it was coming you talk about audible and I'm -- that Stevie you know the word audible never -- -- in your -- yesterday the were audible and we you think we're stupid. And I think -- some way it wasn't that. Straightforward that he thought the whole play calling should be taken away from camp but he definitely. This question in the play all the smile when he said the that he -- -- his smile thing and but again. At least someone -- had the guts to say something in there. We CJ Spiller is only the nicest guy in the world is always tweeting biblical passages he's not gonna question. But even -- I think there's got there -- guys that room that are really losing faith in this coach an opinion that. Let's when I know many of these that's what I mean about the controversy point like just is it. The number one organizational policy that nothing negative ever be said about any anything else anybody else is that. Really the most important thing. So so what if the with the receiver thanks deal with that have a coach he's wrong I'm doing this is why does prove himself. Who cares. What the media make out of it big deal this isn't New York by the way. That's Iowa and Kelly. Wanted to calls all plays that it happened is that that was a team where they they spoke up. Mean if Thurman Thomas were in this position -- Spiller a kidney that's the place to be on fire every other week. Spiller has game that reminds me of Thurman it's doable 45 when went 15135. And I'm I'm still. And -- -- on here but that's the reside -- think mark Levy should be in the hall fame are you kidding me. This happens with Spiller every other week it's -- seven point six this is not a fluke that that is not integrated say it's 76 like every other week. People in the league must be laughing at them. It was 63 yard pass. And suddenly it's still is not on the field like this team's on its heels. We got a first thirty yard pass on the road all year to a receiver. Let's let's get our best play are the great player giving the ball in every -- shows up. Pass pass scramble field goal. You you don't think the guys that team like roll their eyes in Steve in -- to pass is open and after the 63 yarder but I think he's stand. What a lot that they can see he's being under used here. I'm among other things I don't know anything but I would be throwing the ball to plays in a row after he just had a sixty did and do it. Everytime I see it runs for more than ten yards on the bench he went thirteen 1120 and he disappeared for the whole second -- that happened all year it's that. But Utley learning -- is not changing. It's all so familiar and and Jerry Sullivan from the buffalo news with us Mike show in the --

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